Dragon Ball Super episode 35 English Dubbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 35 Dubbed: “”


  • Bahamut

    Hit’s dub voice sounds alright, but my God, I hate the way Magetta sounds. He sounds MUCH better in the Japanese dub.

    • lolcatz6657

      I have to agree. Not exactly a good fit.

    • dbzfan98

      They completely botched chopo… and why isn’t he still called chopo?

  • Zobale Zobale

    wth why is Super so stupid right now…a fighting fkn robot?? this better start getting real soon or I might go rewatch DBZ again…

    • Lank

      Yeah, a robot is so much more stupid than a fat pink magic Bubble gum man

    • Caleb Hastings

      Lol, in DBZ they fight androids. basically the same thing.

  • Benjamin Trosclair

    Magetta’s new voice… What the hell?

  • Angel

    Dead link?

  • Hunna Wattz

    Vegeta knocked tht mf out

  • Hunna Wattz

    Minkocka nipples tho ._o

  • Lee Walton

    Old Kai spitting his teeth out in rage; the wonders of comedy never cease, in this show!
    Even if they’ve damn near ruined everything else about it LOL

  • gokulakrishnan

    guys..will there be a continuation to db super or this is it?

  • Giovanni Hordijk

    There will be, around early 2019 when they finish their Dragon Ball Super movie at the end of this year.