Dragon Ball Super episode 34 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 34 : “Piccolo VS Frost . Bet Everything on the Makankosappo”


  • Saitejagoud Hearts

    Great! What you have said is absolutely right. How can he take such a strong punch from goku and stand. He must be having amazing power

    • ramven

      i dont think so because goku wasnt using his even half of his power

      • 0ZeroTolerence

        Still, if Frost is Freeza’s counterpart, that means that Frost is just as strong, if not just a bit stronger than Freeza. Goku would easily be able to destroy Frost if he was just a regular super sayian.

  • lovell_marley

    i believe that goku threw the fight you can tell because the music it plays when he winks at frost

    • https://www.youtube.com/user/kaarthuis Rakcoon


    • ForcedFarts

      There’s a huge difference between a wink and a wince you know lol

    • Celso Beo

      frost has a poison or venom in his arm that is why goku lost his fight

    • ijustwantbeta

      I KNOW you are a fucking moron. You can tell because you are a fucking idiot.

  • Ruben Berrios

    I hope, this new episode, explains what was the cause of Goku, to losing frost it makes no sense Goku had the fight won.

    • Andrew Granados

      in xenoverse i believe frieza has a stun move that frost used i dont know why people keep asking when it is so obvious then again if u havent played then i understand

      • Salvador Sanchez

        that video game sucked

        • Daniel Alkia

          Never played it but have heard that again. Why does it suck? I once considered of buying it

          • Sterblight

            1.you play the story : its quite fun
            2.then you got those side missions thingys that are just easy to beat
            3. level up
            4. grind for skills/items/gear (this is where it gets shitty because its just not even fun anymore you just completely annihilate your opponent and by this point u should be OP enough)

            all of this can be done within 2 days. I haven’t played since pretty much the release of the game because I got to max level really quickly, done pretty much everything except for having all items and such. pvp CAN be fun but when I was playing it would usually be saiyans spamming the crap out of skills that are hard to escape… and if you get hit even once then you’re stuck in an everlasting combo of super attacks.

            its probably different now since its been a long time but it was only fun for a few days when i played

    • 0ZeroTolerence

      The needle in Frost’s arm is some sort of tranquilizer.

  • https://www.facebook.com/imsongoku I’M SON GOKU

    Ok so I don’t understand why picollo was declared the winner, if it’s because Frost was winning illegally, that means goku should’ve came back… But afterwards I believe picollo asked to loose and then it’s vegeta vs Frost… For some reason Frost is showing his poison sting again and again and he’s extremely afraid from heat… Like really really afraid because he goes purple when you can see heats reflection in his eyes.. Idk what the F is going on.. Waiting for subs

    • Ernesto Castellanos

      Lol same here im so confused cant wait for the subs

      • Takasugi Shinsuke

        Frost tried to poison hit and it didn’t work cuz hit is a badass. And now hit is after frost’s frosty ass. That’s my theory.

    • Jared2608

      Can’t work like that in a competition. Once a fight is recorded that’s it, but because the protest happened during Piccolos fight then the decision was not final yet.

  • Renz Andrei Manalili

    I think because Buu was eliminated i think Goku will fight for the final battle or it could be Vegeta too.

  • aman gujral

    I guess we already knew that goku would loose the fight as he was chosen to fight first but that sucks!!! He lost only on super saiyan 1…. We were waiting for super saiyan 2, super saiyan 3, super saiyan god!!! And possibly even evolved form from 3 years training in hyperbolic time chamber… But fuck it.. He lost so soon!!!

    • Jared2608

      Hyperbolic time chamber was filler. But at least now we know there’s a clear cut villain again. Now it’s time for Vegeta to kick some ass.

      • Boruto_Uzumaki

        Time chamber was in manga so its canon in super

      • Sterblight

        why would they do that as filler lol.

  • Piyush Nagpal

    The count down is 0 but the sub is not yet available

    • DragonBallSAO

      Maybe they still have to upload it

      • https://animotime.com/ AnimoTime

        nope ..use cc button for subs.. unable to access admin panel because of load.

        • DragonBallSAO

          But im on mobile

          • https://animotime.com/ AnimoTime

            Now watch..

      • https://animotime.com/ AnimoTime

        Like this

  • Andrew Fisher

    Men i knew that he cheated.I guess Vegeta finally gets a chance to beat a Frieza(kinda).

    • goku_nero

      thank u someone see it

    • Atrix Saha

      It’s frost

      • Megaflare23ka

        Yes it’s frost but in vegeta’s mind it reminds him of Frieza.

      • Andrew Fisher

        Yeah that’s why i added the (kinda)part

  • panos-san

    i liked the plot twist but why werent both fight cancelled? and why the fuck piccolo chose to quit?

    • GregD474

      Cuz Vegeta told him to. They want to beat Frost even though he’s cheating, as a matter of principle.

      • Daniel Alkia

        Yes but shouldn’t goku get back in the tournament? I mean piccolo chose to quit but goku didnt

        • GregD474

          Vegeta getting his shot at Frost means they have to give Frost the wins. It’s their choice to do so. Besides, i think the call on Goku’s result is irreversible because they didn’t contest it before the next match started, but i could be wrong about that.

          • JokerFace

            apparently He’s taking Buu’s spot so he should be fighting again

    • AugustAPC

      Because Akira doesn’t care about any character other than Goku and Vegeta.

  • worldofpk

    Why would it be cheating if it is part of his body? It is more like a “technique”, I don’t care if he’s a bad guy, that’s stupid…

    • Super Cool

      that is why he is again in the ring

      • Daryll Smith

        you’re freaking idiot the reason he’s back in the ring is because vegeta challenge him, he doesn’t care if he’s cheating he’s obviously going to go Super Saiyan God against him

        • Daniel Alkia

          It’s just like talking to a wall lol

          • Daryll Smith

            Only idiots talk to walls

          • Super Cool

            lol and to whom you are taking..
            And you know what wall is my best friend.

    • Daryll Smith

      watch it again the referee clearly says he noticed a modified part of his body which means something was changed or added

    • jUB

      worldofpk watch the entire video before u comment, people like u ruin the internet RETARDED FAQ TARD

      • TwiZZZ

        Shut the fuck up ignorant piece of shit and get the fuck out of here you scum

        • jUB

          why…. im just saying what everyone else thinks on there mind why do u care? I just said that you should watch the entire video instead of commenting first. THIS ISNT YOUTUBE OK

    • the weird one

      its because it was a mod

  • SSJ2

    it is taking time to buffer

  • SSJ2

    i cant see it

  • SSJ2

    its embarissinggg

  • Daryll Smith

    are most of the people in here retarted or something watch the episode don’t just guess

  • Uzumaki

    I dont care if picolo won by decision and surrender! Goku should be in the tournament again because frost cheated

    • Ricky Farlon

      Goku will be back. He will take buu’s place.

      • chicken29843

        Moron, the test is part of the tournament, failing means you are knocked out of the tourney just as if you lost in the ring.

        • 0ZeroTolerence

          Beerus said Goku was taking Buu’s place because Buu failed the test.

          • Memes are for Nerds

            lol no he said they better win in his place.

          • 0ZeroTolerence

            That can be taken as what I said. I just assumed, I guess. Sorry about that.

      • Roc Chambers

        There’s too much build up for Goku and Hit, he’ll be back

  • erosennin

    people here are talking about the fight as if it were real, like a football game

  • tai

    Its simple guy. piccolo and vegeta both hate frieza to the heart and remember both have evil in their heart. That’s why piccolo giving up, so he can see vegeta destroying frost because frieze did kill piccolo before. I wouldn’t be surprise if vegeta give frost a painful death. It would be cool if vegeta act to be poisoned when frost try that cheap trick again, then vegeta completely annihilate frost while frost at his happiness point after thinking he won with that cheap shot again.

    • guest

      Vegeta didn’t want Frost to be disqualified because Frost is no different than Frieza and wants to take out all that bottled up hatred on him. It would not surprise me if Vegeta starts off by turning SSGSS and ripping off his right arm (Since that’s where the needle is located.) Frost will lose the fight and be killed.

  • Martin Steiner

    Goku should be in again.

    • 0ZeroTolerence

      He will be. He’s fighting for Buu.

      • Anthony Kennedy

        you guys suxk you spoilers I hate you guys the manga is for chumps

        • Duke Wellington

          They got mangas on this please point me to them this shit taking to ling for me

        • Nemesis2290

          That’s not in the manga, this moron just misunderstood what Beerus said about Goku winning in Buu’s place for him last episode.

        • 0ZeroTolerence

          The anime is actually further than the manga.

  • Liiban Abdulahi


  • Shamikh Merchant

    heh! vegeta can turn frost into trash just with a single blow..that is if vegeta wants him to die so easily 😀

  • guest

    the screen keeps flickering static on me 😛

  • Gregory palmer

    Holy shit i am so hyped for next week, the chills….
    and we all know that vegeta isnt as naive as fuck as goku and will not hesitate to kill FUCK YES

  • Ziv Galant

    piccolo is the best. considered most beloved and cool character by most, there is no one like him when it comes to cool and smart fighting. so happy we got to see some piccolo action, been waiting for this ever since android 17 lol….i only wish we’l see more in the future….too bad that ass vegeta had to humiliate him like this though:/

    • Tavian Armstrong

      I wish we had more gohan action. they were setting up as the main protagonist in the firast place… then akira’s amnesia just had to kick in…

      • Ziv Galant

        i actually think Akira did the right thing, which he probably did because he understood most people prefer Goku to Gohan as a protagonist. Personaly im not the biggest Goku fan, but i prefer him to that crying teen anyday:/

        • Anonymous Alias

          I know that lots of people would personally hate this, but…I kinda wanna see Vegeta as the main protagonist for an arc. For the Saiyan Arc, it was Goku. For the Frieza arc, it was Goku. For the Cell Arc, it was Gohan. For the Buu Arc, it was Goku. For the Battle of Gods Arc, it was Goku. For the Ressurection of Frieza Arc, it was Goku. Let’s throw Vegeta in the mix and say the half-a-year of training at Whis’s made him stronger than Goku. I personally love Vegeta as a character and would love to see him, for once, overpower a character and march happily across the battlefield, tears in eyes, screaming, “I FINALLY WON! I FINALLY WON!”, Goku looking up to him, smirking. I just want to see that, just once…

          • Kenwyn Nelson

            To anyone that watches DBZ Abridged, the creators pointed out something that I’ve come to accept. Goku isn’t really the main protagonist of DBZ/S (he is in Dragonball). Gohan and Vegeta take the role. They have the most character development and most of the screentime in DBZ. Yes, Goku is the strongest fighter, but he stays relatively the same throughout the series; he just gets stronger.
            Akira took Gohan and brought him from whining child, to calm, collected fighter, to awkward teenager, to the adult his mom wanted him to be. He took Vegeta from the series’ first real villain, to a proud fighter, to someone who cares about his wife and children, to a tsundere.

            tl;dr: Goku isn’t the protagonist; he’s the hero.

          • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

            Very well put.

          • Sean Write

            JUST YES!!!

          • Blaugrane

            I know right! Besides, Piccolo and Vegeta are like the only characters who use their heads while fighting; the sort of tactical, mind-on-mind action much preferred by many other fighting animes. For Goku (excepting this episode), ‘use your head’ roughly translates to ‘give ‘im a headbutt.’

          • Manored

            He doesn’t even need to be stronger than Goku to pull that off, as proved in the Ressurection arc, Goku is more than capable of knocking himself out of the game through sheer stupidity.

      • Rock Baba Yaga

        right gohan should have been the strongest he got played….but i think they will come back out with him as the strongest

  • AugustAPC

    …sigh. Piccolo should be fighting more… but Vegeta’s like, “You thought this show could be about anyone but Goku and myself? Ha!”
    Really, Goku should be considered victorious and continue fighting with PIccolo to step in again, if he were defeated.

  • Ichi-nii

    It kinda hurt my feelings when Goku said Piccolo couldn’t win against Frost, DBZ gave the impression that as it went on Piccolo’s Power grew to the point that he was more than a challenge for a Final Form/100% Power Frieza, which is the power range Frost seems to be at considering that Goku and Vegeta saw it fit to only use Super Saiyan against him, I know nobody but Saiyan’s matter in this series but goddamn it felt like a punch in the gut that Piccolo was considered weak for Frost..absolutely not cool.

    • Cjmils

      Not necessarily. Lmao you know how long they trained to make sure ssj was hella strong as the base transformation? Their ssj form now is way stronger than when goku beat freeza. So I wager that frost is somewhere between the freeza trunks killed and revived final form(not gold) freeza. Pretty strong but not relevant strong. Props to piccolo tho cuz he still managed to “win”.

  • Kartik Sahu

    Who Else Is Wating For VEGETA ???

    • Invalid Name

      me too ! the HYPE IS REAL!!!!

  • Zee

    Beerus happy or not happy

  • Zee

    so frieza is the reason why vegeta real planet got destroyed

    • HZGrenade

      You are extremely late on that. That was revealed like 20 years ago in DBZ.

  • Davit Natadze

    O pls vegita will now
    into a ssjg2 and kick is ass along with champa and the other fighters

  • Jake Long

    I take back about what I saw goku losing on purpose, now Frost is the sick bastard.
    P.S Shouldn’t Goku’s defeat be cancelled as well?

  • Jake Long

    Vegeta had that sick smile of his. That usually just tips off a person that he is totally fucked right now…….!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shiyanth Sritharan

      the problem is vegeta might just straight up kill him goku went into just super saiyan 1 and kicked his ass if he goes into super saiyan god he is probably dead

  • 1k

    Vegeta will come on top because of his passion and he has trained and I feel like he has surpassed gone in away that holy will train to get and that fact that vegeta has humbled down he is going to beat frost in episode 35 because of first the universe 7 frieza destroyed his home planet planet vegeta and now knowing universe 6 frieza is bad as the other one vegeta will beat frost. In the memory of universe 7 frieza. Vegeta will flash back when. Frieza killed him and humiliated by frieza vegeta will come on top

  • Walt Rivas

    Vegeta won’t kill froze its illegal in the tournament if he does he will be disqualified

  • ImTonyBlair

    can’t wait to see what twist comes next. i feel like Frost has one more transformation. He’s hidden so much so far and his face at the end suggests that he has one more card to play.

  • HZGrenade

    Damn Chi Chi has some skill she jumped all the way down from that high ass platform just to see if Goku was all right and she landed with pure perfection. And she don’t even know how to fly.

  • Anthony Kennedy

    in the next episode highlights you could tell frost was going to be 1 shot and you could see the liquid he put in goku and it also looks like vegeta is going to be the in the spotlight for this Arc cant wait first arc every

  • Renz Andrei Manalili

    Get the revenge that you have always wanted

  • Renz Andrei Manalili

    Vegeta you can get the revenge that you have always wanted!!!!

  • http://blazeti.me Max

    So many people fighting in the comments, wheres the love? :c

  • xIgnitionCrowx

    I just wanna’ see vegeta get in that ass.

  • Aditya Mahajan

    I hope to see Vegita kick some serious ass in this tournament, killing frost, defeating that giant robot and giving heat a run for his money ! i don’t want the freak with the big nipples to have the need to participate at all ! But alas it all depends on Mr. Akira Toriyama. I Just want Vegita to be a hero for once !!!! Goku, although born with a natural edge, is as stupid as the episodes are long, covering verry little of the story in their given time ! Go Vegita ! Kick some serious ass !!!

  • DaywoX

    chichi actually cared

  • Garnet Universe

    FROST WHY?! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?! Nooooo I thought you were sweet and kind, you broke my heart …..????

  • lol

    LOL when the referee got pinched by the needle.

  • jo

    Once a Freeza, always a Freeza.

  • campking

    is it wrong that I hate frost

  • Muhammad Haikal Zamri

    fuck you

  • Zeebawb

    This just proves Piccolo still has a lot of fight still in him. I hope we get to see more action from him in the future. Its not looking like it in the Future Trunks arc tho :/

  • MC3D – Join The GoldSeto

    Piccolo is naruto.

  • Skywelker

    SPOILER ALERT!??!?! Does anyone think Frost rose up Goku’s arm like that to take the poison dart out of his arm?

  • Josh Barrus

    Technically, if Frost was to be disqualified in the match against Piccolo, it should have also resulted in a DQ in the match he had against Goku. Which should have made it no losses for uni 7 and two losses for 6. Just beat his ass Vegita!

  • Damon Albarn

    So when they found out Frost is cheating why then they do not let Goku fight again? Only Piccolo? He was cheating on both fights so shouldn’t Goku have another chance?
    Also I don’t believe some poison would cause Goku to faint… Maybe slightly weakened him, but still…

  • Manored

    I wish DBZ did more fights like this where techniques and strategy actually matter. Usually its just hitting the other dude harder. Or techniques and strategies are tried and never work, and then someone powers up and hits the other guy harder.

  • Abhinav Banerjee

    Loved VEGETA’s stuff XD