Dragon Ball Super episode 33 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 33 : “Astonished 6th Universe! This is Super Saiyan Son Goku!”


  • Chris Brandvolden

    There’s no way the creators spent nearly what like 10 episodes of Goku and Vegeta training with Whis and the hyperbolic time chamber that at least 1 would not be in the final match. I don’t believe that one bit. I will say that Vegeta is in the final match. I think that would be a perfect moment for him to finally show to everyne that he is actually stronger than Goku now

    • Yonatan Azuolay (GamingTube)

      monaca is in the final match
      beerus said that in episode 32

    • dd

      remember that Beerus team have 4 members only they still miss one maybe goku will be albo to fight again at the end to save us all 😀

  • Towa


    • Svetlin Nikolov

      You are talking about yourself.We know don’t worry 🙂

      • Towa

        The Manga for Dragon Ball Super showed off a much better fight than this pbs kids cartoon watered down crap.

      • Sūpā Saiyajin Goddo

        Oh yeah, he didn’t like this episode, so quickly jump in and insult him!!1!

  • Wong Yik Chun

    Goku is down now.but buu is sleeping so I am sure that goku will take buu’s place

    • SneefMeBullet

      hopefully cause the poison or whatever was complete bs!!

    • Shalinda Dissanayake

      I agree

  • Jermy

    Wow frost is a weakling I’m sure that Son-Goku would’ve beat him if frost would’ve never punch Son-Goku so that Goku’s vision would have never gotten blurry//////// F_R_O_S_T [email protected]_B!t h

    • Yonatan Azuolay (GamingTube)

      goku lost on purpse..

  • https://www.facebook.com/imsongoku I’M SON GOKU

    NOOOOOOOO GOKUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wtf you had a ssj2,3, and God to gooo!!!! Nooooooioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

    • Shalinda Dissanayake

      Goku was way stronger than frost even in ssj but it was that dizziness which messed up everything.dammit

      • Yonatan Azuolay (GamingTube)

        he lost on purpse..
        read my comment

        • Sūpā Saiyajin Goddo

          No he didn’t, watch the episode to the end. “”What was that?! I ain’t got no idea what kind of technique that was!”.

        • Shalinda Dissanayake

          No he didn’t

  • Benita

    no sub???? 🙁

  • tim

    Frost smirked as soon as he hit Goku at the end. Must have some paralizing punch special move or poison attack punch.

    • Jacob Nielsen

      I know it probably has no bases on the show but doesnt the frieza race have paralyses attacks in the xenoverse game?

    • Yonatan Azuolay (GamingTube)

      lol man what paralizing special move your’e talking about…
      The man was half dead, he could berly stand on his feet (which were shaking)

      • Michael Crosby

        lol i think goku threw the fight

    • Zachery Farren

      Looked more like a damage transferal to me. Frost was barely able to walk before he swung and once he made contact he was standing and moving perfectly while goku became drousy and unable to move around

  • jalensayian

    Where are the sub titles

  • Sky Hora

    Not even subbed.

  • Shalinda Dissanayake

    I think frost will have a golden form too

  • Aditya Mahajan

    dexter !!!!! subs ?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • patrick lemp

    where are the subtitles?

  • Renz Andrei Manalili

    I think Frost has some poison from his skin that’s why Goku became dizzy.

    • Yonatan Azuolay (GamingTube)

      Not a possibility..
      Frost did hit Goku couple times before with same punch and it did no dizzy or poison..
      Goku faked it and lost on purpse

      • Sūpā Saiyajin Goddo

        It doesn’t matter how many times you repeat this, you’re still wrong.

  • mrinal chatterjee

    Goku clearly let frost win . When Goku blocked frosts punch he winked at him and then acted of feeling dizzy

    • nakapawa

      No goku didn’t let frost win. It wasn’t a wink, it was some sort of technique used by either Frost or maybe the mysterious Hit on the sidelines. Goku had blurred vision and was sent out of his SSJ form. That wouldn’t of happened if Goku let Frost win.

      • Dewanata Sri Budiarto

        he did let frost win, technically he could’ve won way before he did that so called “technique” that made goku dizzy
        i mean, he did say “you look like a good guy, i wouldn’t want to hurt you. So please just give up”

        • sd

          after all he wasnt a good guy, he played dirty trick .

        • Baylor Bear

          Boy what? how did he fake having blurry vision?

          • This one whos evil XD

            Goku was on LSD acually… chill 😀

          • Baylor Bear

            Piccolo does too lol

        • Martonio Jamar

          I agree, it wasnt a wink and he didnt let frost win, frost either used some weird technique or some sort of tranquilizer on impact of that punch, gokus vision was blurred, you cant fake that.

          • lovell_marley

            i can make my vision blurry

      • John Lin

        Goku let frost win he did wink if u hear the sound and Jaco saw it

        • Djgolddurp

          that or jaco saw somthing that frost did and didnt know what it was-also goku had very dizzy vision how does a man(saiyan)do that-andat the end goku says that was some weird technique or somthing like that

          • lovell_marley

            he did that so that beerus wouldnt think anything

        • Charles Akinsemoin

          Goku is an Noble man. Frost said that the only reason he’s here is so he can fight for his race and get the support of Champa we all know that Goku could’ve easily won if he used SSJGSSJ But he was holding back Goku fill sorry for that pitty universe.

        • Nemesis2290

          Still think Goku let him win? Lmfao

      • wѕ pre$ιdenт cнrι$$$ #υ$a

        Goku took a dive, just like Android 18 did for Hercule in the world tournament.

      • Jordan Chung

        /champa cheated !!!!! Remember the eggs goku and the others ate

        • Djgolddurp

          yes but because they were in the chamber of spirit and time they where in there for three years(so your telling me that egg poisons your after three years)nice theory but debunked

    • Nickyle Harris

      Why would he risk his earth to let them win and there was a purple spark when frost touched gokus hand. Gokus vision also went blurry it’s kinda common sense really

    • Nigami

      Boy what? how did he fake having blurry vision? lol

      • John Lin

        Clear it animated I think it can do almost everything

    • sd

      im afraid you are wrong.. 🙁

    • chicken29843

      Goku is waaay to proud to do something like that

    • Devil

      I think HIT or CHAMPA did something to Goku

    • Pregnant Woman

      I think he did let Frost win, because he wanted to come back up from the losers bracket, and fight Hit.

    • Pyranthos

      As Ive apparently had to say several times now, HE DID NOT THROW THE MATCH… Geeze, so many tards claiming its a wink.. He did NOT wink. He winced. You know, that squinty thing your eyes do when your hurt, or feeding chocolate bars to the porcelain god. He legit lost bc of some secret technique Frost uses. I really wish people would stop assuming it was a wink

      • Pyranthos

        To go along with that, heres some visual proof of Frost using a technique, there was a flash of energy right as Frost’s fist hit Goku’s hand, which had some potent effect, instantly made Goku wince, then get all dizzy and blurry eyed. Have a look:

        • Oxid

          Or someone other could do this to Goku ? There are many guys on this tournament who could do such thing. I dont believe Frost have such attack.

          • Faloon

            if you pause it a couple frames after, there is a hole on his arm guard where he couldve been tranquilized

        • Charles Akinsemoin

          Omg it’s the Other Frieza race guy in the sidelines. Like the one who look like Cooler? I mean he can supply the other guy with energy? Like how in the 1st broly movie.

    • John Lin

      Agree lol

    • Kamehameha

      I agree.

    • Sūpā Saiyajin Goddo

      “Goku clearly let frost win”

      Clearly? Is that why he had blurry vision and turned back into a normal Saiyan? Or is that why he sais “What was that?! I ain’t got no idea what kind of technique that was!”. Or how about the fact that he was hell bent on winning the whole match? He even asked Frost to give up and then kicked him around a bit more.

      He clearly didn’t let him win.

    • Muhd Hanif

      In the manga, i could see Frost released something through his fist when his hand was trying to punch Goku. Yeah, there’s a very small hole on his wrist. I think it is like poison technique or something.

    • E-Trey

      I totally agree ,I was hopping that fros would get fired up and be able to unlock he’s new transformation such as when goku first turn super sayan ,their was a resembles between the two of them

    • Ricky CallmeKing Bias

      Yeah that was incredible, almost made me teary eyed!!!

      • disqus_kfjkYKvIV8

        On the game frieza has a paralyzing move, so it’s no secret that maybe someone one else from frieza’s race could have this technique also

    • lovell_marley

      omg thats exactly what ive been saying @mrinal_chatterjee:disqus you can tell because the split of the music some people need commonsence

    • goku blue


  • itswaris

    people abused the guy who make the subs for fun when he don’t get paid so he stopped end of story

  • Shamil Bubzz

    hey guys i’m new here

  • Farhan Mirza

    wtf Toei Why make goku lose like this.

    • Xclusive Asn

      U R DUMB! Toei doesnt make DBS dumbass its toriyama.. -_-

      • Sūpā Saiyajin Goddo

        With your grammar and spelling, I wouldn’t call anyone dumb/dumbass. You’re just ridiculing yourself.

        • Xclusive Asn

          I was just correcting him tbh, though i shouldn’t have called him a dumbass my bad

  • Ashquar

    yeah..!! you are correct …Goku let Frost win..!! As when Goku blocked frosts punch.. he sort of winked at him..!! But i think Goku will later.. again join the Fight …

    • Baylor Bear

      Boy what? how did he fake having blurry vision? lol

    • Pyranthos

      so many tards claiming its a wink.. He did NOT wink. He winced. You know, that squinty thing your eyes do when your hurt, or feeding chocolate bars to the porcelain god. He legit lost bc of some secret technique Frost uses. I really wish people would stop assuming it was a wink

  • 胡 チ ョン

    first freezer then cooler and now we got frost

  • Jason Caruso

    I do kind of feel like goku lost on purpose here because he winked and he was kicking frosts ass throughout the episode and plus both frost a Jaco were surprised a bit about this immediately But I listened a bit closely and frost said something champa and because the subs are not out it leaves me to think frost said if I lose champa will kill me and it looked like bulma and chi chi didn’t want to see frost get such a beat down or they felt sympathetic for him. But I could be wrong but that seems logical until the subs come out

    • Nigami

      he did not lose on purpose… how would he fake blurry vision?

      • Jason Caruso

        Anyone can fake blurry vision if you squint a little bit just try it

        • Nigami

          literally, goku was never a goody goody two shoes. Akira never meant him to be that way. your eyes don’t get blurry when you squint if yours do? get that checked out.. there is no point into making it seem that way for the audience too. Maybe you are right but your reasoning is really off.

          • Jason Caruso

            Look if you squint your eyes to the point were it’s almost closed it will seems blurry and yes maybe your right on the fact maybe I should not take that to literal but in the episode it makes sense and yes goku was never a goody goody but you see chi chi and bulma literally crying for frost because frost is a good guy. And I wasn’t implying goku was a goody goody I was just joking saying good guy goku. Goku probably felt sympathetic or had mercy that’s why he didn’t kill frieza until ressurection f and he even said to frost I don’t want to beat you more than I have to, or something like that but I guarantee that goku lost on purpose. And if the eye thing aim true I should get that checked out lol but I have good vision.

          • Nigami

            Actually bro I re-watched it. I think he didn’t let him win but he went easy on him. maybe he went to easy on him and frost used an attack on him because say he squinted his eyes why didn’t we see the screen squint as well? say what he said was true do you think the z figthers would let that happen? if they won?

          • Jason Caruso

            I agree he definitely went to easy on him because he has all the other super saiyan transformations and stuff but I still think goku lost on purpose even though goku has never tried to lose on purpose but I think he genuinely felt bad for frost. The only other thing it could possibly be is goku dropped his guard like in ressurection f but I don’t think that’s what happened because he was ready and he blocked so that’s why I think goku would give up on purpose because he had his guard up and he would have destroyed frost very quickly if he wanted to but like said the wink and gokus kind nature plus Jaco and frosts reactions to the wink just made everything easier to understand on why goku let frost win

          • Nigami

            I don’t think he felt bad. Super’s goku is written more like how Akira wanted goku to be. Cocky and self-centered… if you look at his hand there is a clear spark there from that the vision he had got blurry. if he wasn’t really hurt they wouldn’t have animated it that way…. was my initial thoughts but after reading what you said and watching it, the pause was to long for it to be a wince at the pain. but at this point goku is risking the team.. im not sure about the rules but isnt it true that once you’re out? you’re out?

          • Jason Caruso

            Yes that is true I’m pretty sure one your out your out but remember they still have monaca and vegeta and piccillo which piccillo will probably beat frost and vegeta will beat his opponent and so will monaca most likely

          • Jason Caruso

            in my opinion a couple of things that may back up my thing more is the facts of the wink and the fact that goku was merciful throughout each series and the fact that he is a good guy means he possibly could have felt bad and let him win because frost is a good guy and goku is just a good hearted guy remember he has always been a pure hearted person that’s why he could ride the flying nimbus. And which quote are you talking about though?

    • sd

      maybe ur right but it dosent make any sense why would champa kill frost…and after knowing this goku would have helped him but im sure goku didnt lose on purpose he would never risk earth for frieza’s duplicate .

      • Jason Caruso

        I just watched the sub version now and I know now goku did lose on purpose because he winks at frost and once he heard that frost won’t give up to help children goku felt sympathetic for him and lost he’s good guy goku lol and plus piccillo will probably beat frost in the next episode so that just proves my point more

        • Sūpā Saiyajin Goddo

          Nothing proves your point, you didn’t even watch the episode until the end. Goku said to the viewers (us) “What was that?! I ain’t got no idea what kind of technique that was!”. Yeah, he’s lying right? Just like he faked blurry vision even though he’s the only one who can see though his own eyes, right?

          • Jason Caruso

            I watched the entire episode from start to finish so how are you going to tell me I didn’t. I saw that part and I’ve been seeing a bunch of things on Instagram and Facebook and stuff like that but I still think goku lost on purpose if you saw my other posts I didn’t just say blurry vision I think me personally that goku is faking it because goku heard his back story and saw his dedication and felt bad so now I think he’s just trying to pull it off like he beat him fair and square everyone was shocked even frost and Jaco when goku first winked and than started acting wild. So thats why I think goku faked losing and that’s what I think I’m just saying its a possibility that he lost on purpose

  • Sky Hora

    Where the hell is the sub man..

    • agheil

      Yeah 🙁

    • InfDaMarvel


    • InfDaMarvel

      Honest watchdbzsuper probably has them already. To bad to blocked the site for me where I’m at.

      • sd

        nope they dont have it yet, just checked..

  • sd

    still no subs?

  • nathan

    fake not subbed

  • Humberto Romo

    I think that goku saw the moon
    Either that or he let frost win

  • luke findley

    Maybe it was somet to do with the food lol

  • Yonatan Azuolay (GamingTube)

    People.. Its so clear that Goku let Frost win on purpose..
    Like seriously.. Since the begining of the fight it shows Frost as a pure and goodness man.. Goku of course noticed that and it did somthing to him exactly like it did to Bulma. Guko knows there is a loosers bracket so he doesnt risk 100% earth(and btw in episode 31 or 30 he said that if they loose it will be the same for earth…). Anyways the things Frost said about the responsibility of helping the children in need made Goku loose on purpse in order to let Frost do this with champa’s help..
    In addition, Goku WINKED!! its not a tecnique its a WINK. And im sure that if hes capble of doing such incredible things like he did in the fights in the past, so yes he can fake dizzy and blurry vision. so stop making stuff up. Its right that Goku is very proud but we all know that hes abit dumb and has a big heart and he definitly can do such thing.(also a possibility that he wanted to keep the Frost fight ,which he saw how easy it was, for Picollo that is the weakest person in their group and he wanted Picollo to have a win and not get crushed by the other strong fighters)
    I hope you got my point and i cant wait for next episode 🙂

    • Georgi

      look carefully … Goku was poisoned

  • jay

    You guys are funny. of course Goku let him win. Don’t tell me you didn’t see the wink before frost hit him. Goku was winning the fight clearly. Goku is a nice guy and he let frost win so he could possibly win the tournament and therefore have Champa help his wishes of peace, that’s all frost was going on about. as for the blurred vision and hair change. its just effects to make it seem real for the spectators watching the fight and frost himself. The wink says it all c’mon guys lol

    • Sūpā Saiyajin Goddo

      “as for the blurred vision and hair change. its just effects to make it
      seem real for the spectators watching the fight and frost himself. ”

      Ah, so the spectators and Frost can see through Goku’s eyes then? Or is that why he says “What was that?! I ain’t got no idea what kind of technique that was!”?

      Not to mention that as soon as Vegeta jumps in he’d obliterate Frost in a heart beat, Goku knows that.

    • Sūpā Saiyajin Goddo

      You clearly don’t know what a wink is. Goku winced because he was poisoned by Frost, just like I said.

  • Martonio Jamar

    Goku did not let frost win, after careful replaying the footage over and over i believe that frost some host tranquelized goku. Goku didnt wink, a wink is rapid, goku closed his eye and then started to wobble. also they showed his point of view and his vision was blurring confirming that he was about to pass out. If you want the clip right when the punch is about to happen at 20:57 for a brief second when the punch connects you can see a purple glimmer and then goku closes his eye and then they place the camera on jaco who is clearly been observing everything thats been going on that the others havent been able to see. Goku has to much pride to throw a fight in that manner.

  • Renante

    Havent you saw the purple spark on Goku’s palm when he block frost’s punch? that made goku dizzy…

  • cory washington (doc)

    these episodes are to damn short! 🙁

  • Kamehameha

    Goku will own Frost if he transformed into ssgssj.

  • Kamehameha

    Goku would of rekt Frost if he transformed in ssgssj.

  • https://www1.dragonballtime.biz/ DB Time

    1080p Uploaded. ✅

  • Checho

    Therory 1. Goku did not want to hurt Frost, he told him to give up, however Frost would NEVER give up. The only way not to hurt Frost was to fake it and lose the match against the HERO. Perhaps goku knows vegeta can handle the rest.
    Therory 2. Goku really lost the fight due to a secret technique from Frost or Hit. Hit clearly doesnt like goku due to his expression (minute 17:30) besides goku is eager to fight the strongest opponent, why would he give up against a “weaker one”?

  • SSJGodLeo

    They mentioned that weapons are not allowed in this tournament..maybe frost used some sort of tranquilizer that makes goku dizzy; and he will probly tries to use it again on piccolo but he’s gonna get caught red handed. And hence goku gets a 2nd chance cuz of the violation.

  • Pyranthos

    Why are there so many people that see that look Goku made and assume its a Wink?? Its a freaking WINCE ffs! Frost uses a technique right before the effects hit Goku. And if you’ve seen the subbed version, in the preview for next ep, Goku even mentions said technique. It also seems that the lil Guardian of the galaxy was the only one that noticed to me. The moment Frost afflicted Goku:

  • Mdot2158

    I’m so mad Goku threw the match man

  • Mdot2158

    Frost was just as shocked that he won.

  • Georgi

    It was poison … look carefully on friezza hand there is a hole ….

  • dd

    goku and vegeta were poison by the eggs they got from fat cat (god of destruction no2)

  • Norman KroNic Ng

    Is everyone going to ignore the fact that Cabba just said that he has never seen super saiyan before??? Wtf?? That saiyans in universe 6 can’t transform? -.- Also, the manga is still better because Goku and Frieza actually fought a lot more, here Goku in his ss form is taking on Frost’s final form like nothing even though Goku still lost. This is making me lose hope for this series

  • kyle

    I think the meat he ate was poisoned

  • Mario

    it wasnt poison in the eggs because when vegeta and goku were given the eggs they were stiil in beerus planet and if youll remeber they were training in the hyperbolic time chamber for three years whih means the poison should have warn off

  • Jake Long

    Goku, that sick bastard, lost on purpose. I can’t believe it man. I wouyld have liked for him to at least kick the robot’s ass!!!!

  • Jordan Chung

    Champa cheated !!! Remember the eggs he gave goku and the others

  • Gasner Geffrard

    Well if you listen carefully, Frost needs to win in order to get help from the God of universe 6. So Goku let him win so he can get the help he needs. Goku’s character is sympathetic to good things. So seeing that Frost was relentless in saving the people of his plant, Goku faked his defeat.

  • paul

    wtf goku should win wtf just hapend

  • disqus_X6IzM0QQtT


  • disqus_X6IzM0QQtT

    No goku did NOT! throw the match frost hit goku with a paralyzing move used by his people as a last ditch resort but hey that off the top of my head. ut if you look there is a purople spark when goku blocks the hit that lets you know that there was a move their and some people just didnt catch it. replay it and u will see

  • Kamehameha

    Goku is such a good guy.Lost on purpose.

  • Anonymous RapGawd

    Clearly when frost shook goku’s hand he put something in his body he did it because he is trying to get the help of champa for his planet very smart move but it’s still cheating

  • metalpants

    I kinda completely despise when they “normalize” Goku in his base form as if he was some kind of amateur. It’s like watching Ash in Pokemon going from region to region beating everybody, and starts from scratch in a new region as if he forgot all the experience he just gained.

    OK, I get it that we wouldn’t have much of a show if Goku was written as OP’d as he should logically be, but to make him seem like he forgot how to fight is just irresponsible on the writers’ part. Even as a kid he showed more dedication and technique in his fighting style! It’s like that stupid “normal laser” incident during the battle with Frieza… he’s been less hurt by far more dangerous stuff with his guard down before, yet he almost got killed by that thing *smh*. Toriyama has some serious lack of attention to detail.

  • blablabla

    One can clearly see a tiny purple flash appear on Frost’s fist the second he hits Goku’s hand. After that flash Goku immediately seemed to get sick. That can’t be by chance.

    (Also: remember when Goku first met Monaka. Beerus didn’t even want Goku to talk to Monaka, let alone spar with him, and when Goku punched Monaka in the face Beerus was really mad. Since Since Piccolo couldn’t sense any power from Monaka and Beerus was so concerned about him, counld it be that Monaka is the strongest fighter simply because contact with him can make his opponents sick and weakens them somehow. Goku just touched Monaka once with his hand (very little contact) – and when Frost hit Goku’s hand some time later, Goku just passed out. Also: during the opening credits each of the new fighters gets to show off their respective fighting styles somehow. Except for Monaka. Coincidence?)

  • kartik

    but how goku defeated by frost, it seems to be impossible as goku has not shown his powers he only went to ss he didnt enter ss3 so how?

  • qujamerican

    You noticed once Goku transformed to SSJ, Chappa asked Kabe if he can transform. …Kabe said “no,” he didn’t know a transformation existed…so I wonder how strong is he actually?

  • Ricky CallmeKing Bias

    Goku let frost win because his cause was noble

  • Jason Caruso

    Ok so you guys are right about the frost thing at first I thought goku was being a nice guy but then I saw the hole thing on his wrist and the preview to episode 35 and I was like yeah no frost beat him fair and square but I do think goku would have obliterated him if he tried using all the transformations. Don’t get me wrong frost is strong but goku is stronger and I will admit i was wrong but I feel like goku should have tried harder

    • Smash .Sama

      yeah i know i was right lol (this is nigami)

      • Jason Caruso

        Lol I was just coming up with ideas and theories I just watched the sub now and it was a good episode and now frost is a bad guy and he was using a weapon to knock them un conscious but vegeta wants to get his revenge on frieza by taking it out on frost lol. Goku stole his kill now he wants to beat down frost

  • vineet gaur

    hahahahahahah the first fight of goku was funny!

  • Ban バン

    It’ best for goku to use his older forms than super saiyjin god to fight

  • Garnet Universe

    Universe 6 Frieza is such a nice guy I love him!!!!

  • oge

    Lol, Universe 6 nice Frieza.

  • oge

    Anybody else feel bad for Frost?

  • MrSaporito

    Okay so I have NO idea what the fuck just happened.

  • Ninja_Ghost_BO3

    i feel bad for frost

  • Zayn

    goku is so kind to let frost win……BUT FUCK FROST I WANT GOKU TO WWWWIIN FUCK U

  • Elliot Faulk

    omg i love opposite freeza he is sucha a goood dude if it were vegeta fihing he wouldve known he wwas opposite. Universe 7 freeza is great.

  • Josh Barrus

    The only way Goku let Frost win was by not taking him out when he had the chance and the obvious advantage. Then he got tranquilized. Whether or not that can be considered to be a technique or a trick is another story.

  • Broly

    I’m glad Goku lost.

  • Naoe ◘ ナエエ

    Well that was convenient for him wasn’t it… pff, you can’t even be mad about Goku losing here.