Dragon Ball Super episode 32 English Dubbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 32 Dubbed: “”


  • C-quence

    That’s bull crap!!!!!!!!


    Why is the page up to just tell me I have to wait another week, If I cant see the episode then dont make it seem like I can lmao.

    • Flipper

      Haha so true! Getting me all hyped up for nothing

  • Lerrari

    Screw Labor Day. It’s called “Labor” for a reason. It means you guys need to work so we can watch our episode. Don’t be lazy Funimation. All you have to do is dub one episode per week. You don’t even have to animate or come up with the story. All you have to do is speak English! Seriously…

    • Sandesh Padhmanabh Td

      Don’t blame funimation bcoz funimation may have already finished dubbing universe 6 erc completely.
      So it’s adult swims fault for delaying episodes everytime

      • Sarah Jane

        They haven’t. Check Sean Schemmel’s Twitter, they only just recorded ep 39 the other day.

        • Martin2603

          Or he did was recording screaming for SSBKx10 they do this in the end.
          They are already in Mirai Trunks arc and doing basic dialogs long time ago.
          Also blame Toei, they was holding back Funi dub and others.

          • Nickie Jones

            dude just chill yelling wont make them work faster just take the delay its a win win situation

          • Mason Maini

            Being 70eps behind the Japanese dub is killing me! Can Netflix not take this on and release a whole arc at a time? We don’t even have it on UK tv :o(

          • Adam Jensen

            Waiting a week for a subbed episode is actually much more painful, I gave in and started to watch the subbed episodes but waiting for those is even worse.

          • Brady

            how is that a win win, its a lose lose, they dont get the revenue from ads if it isnt up, and we dont get an episode, its not even an win lose

  • Emanuel Pugh

    These delays seriously need to stop.

    • Lunar Strike (Lunar Strike Gam

      tell me about it my damn package was delayed for a damn week

  • Jerome Woof Reefman

    how many days now??

  • Bejitto SSJ4

    Damn, i wanted to hear Hit

  • Adam Jensen

    It’s already a pain in the ass enough to have to wait a week for a new episode, why do they think it’s a good idea to delay episodes by two weeks?

  • Kaibishin

    The date of episode releases can be found on this page; for future reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Dragon_Ball_Super_episodes

    • abel

      it says it airs today but it hasnt

      • Kaibishin

        it has, you need to look elsewhere

  • Martin2603

    No delay this weekend!

    • Stufd9087

      Then why isnt it up?


    why the fuck isent it working

  • nugget

    Thats just a cliffhanger..

  • Mr. Burns

    I thought for certain that they would censor out the nipples thing.

  • Hunna Wattz

    Nigga.. Is that winnie the pooh?

    • Lee Walton

      Yes, that’s Protein Pooh

  • Lee Walton

    NAMEKS DON’T EAT FOOD, WTF, AKIRA?!?!?!?!?!?!?!