Dragon Ball Super episode 31 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 31 : “To Lord Zuno! Ask About the Location of the Super Dragon Balls!”


  • Adam Emmanuel


  • Adam Emmanuel

    Just wanted t be first to comment 😀

  • S

    ITS NOT subbed

  • Parker OBrien

    not subbed ?

    • Dexter Fox

      Working on it.

      • Parker OBrien


      • Filipino Food

        Be patient.

  • Carboon

    When will subbed be done?

    • Dexter Fox

      Before the timer.

  • Abdel Hanan

    there is no point watching this eposide.. waste of time..

  • Crimson

    Just be happy dragon ball is back again. remember the original series, there will always be filler episodes. Looks like you guys have been spoiled too much with recent animes smh

  • Aditya Mahajan

    how long !?!?!?!?!?

    • vegeta

      3 hours to see my awsomenes

  • Aditya Mahajan

    Please upload the subtitles Dexter.ASAP !

    • Dexter Fox

      70% work complete.

      • Aditya Mahajan

        Come on bro ! all of us are counting on you !

        • Dexter Fox

          90% completed.

      • aye

        is it up yet?

      • Aditya Mahajan

        Oh Dexter !?!?!?!?!

      • Aditya Mahajan

        Any more status updates dex ?

  • Fuego

    Is it finiiissshhhhh?

  • Dexter Fox

    Click on cc Button for subs..

  • Dexter Fox

    Click on cc Button for subs..

  • Dexter Fox

    Click on cc Button for subs..⬇⬇

  • Dexter Fox

    subbed IS live.. Bookmark this site ..IF you want to…????

    • Kapil Sood

      man ur the best

    • Aurora

      please learn english….

      • Dexter Fox

        Sure.. ????

        • Vincent

          Agreed. Please learn English because I’m pretty sure this translation wasn’t English.

    • Sahil

      Great work Dexter! 🙂 Thanks a lot

    • Sahil

      I want to ask a question. I dint understand what Vegeta meant by this line.. “Those who have saiyan Blood women only have strong character. Could you please take out a minute to explain.


      • Demise

        I don’t think he does either. I’m surprised he talks English here. Speedsubs are usually regarded low-quality because the subber doesn’t always understand the Japanese but these subs aren’t even English. This is unwatchable at this point and the stupid part about him uploading is that the first ‘subbed’ version spreads to most sites.

        I’d rather you don’t sub in the future to be honest Dexter Fox.

    • Dexter Fox Hater

      Congratulations Dexter Fox. Youre a retard! Keep up the Google translator work!

    • Soulspeaker

      Maybe is I respond to your post you can get this fixed?

  • Kapil Sood

    This site is actually pretty awsome man ! love u guys! keep up the gud work

  • Nihilum

    Super broken & nonsensical English translation… 5 minutes in and I decided to wait for a better sub in a few hours. Sorry. =

  • https://www.facebook.com/imsongoku I’M SON GOKU

    Hey dexter, you should also insert a download link..

    • Dexter Fox


      • Abhay Singh Rawat


        • Lucifer22


      • Towa

        Dexter, Don’t ever translate again, find a new hobby.

    • vegeta

      kakort first of all link for what and second of all ur name is kakrot

  • Neel Mehta

    terrible subbing….

  • Melanie Dabney

    I have no idea wtf just happened…horrible translation

  • |S $ J| lUciFeR

    Where’s the link for 360p

  • Jay

    I’ve been okay with all the other episodes up until now, this episode was just a waste of time. Waited a whole week eagerly for this crap.

    • queso

      How is it a waste of time? Not every episode is going to be fighting and action. I actually though it was a really good episode with lots of humor. But the terrible subbing took away from it.

      • Jay

        Maybe the subbing took it away but I don’t think the episode had that much excitement and that doesn’t always involve fight/action scenes. Nice to see they were talking about Bulmas boobs xD

        • Brian

          just wait until the anime catches up with the manga, than you will be waiting a LONNNNNGGG time for episodes considering the manga is a monthly manga. lol

        • no name no game

          oh come on, jaco beating up that burpman guy was awesome!

  • ZettaiRyouiki

    I know this is a speedsub but this is beyond terrible. It is not even identifiable as English at times, and a garbled mess the rest. Whoever is doing the subs does not know how to translate.

  • Solio

    thanks for the subs, the translations were terrible, but i still appreciate the effort, watched the entire ep and it was understandable for most parts, but will definitely still be waiting for Kens release in a few hours,
    Thanks again.

  • Roronoa FunkDoc

    “I can not find the ki-sama kaioushin it anywhere.”

    “women! perhaps you think i am one thousand service?”

    I know you guys get these out quickly, but that doesn’t excuse the atrocious quality of the translation and simple errors.

  • ethercloud

    good work Dexter Fox, keep up da good work.

  • playr543

    I’ll wait untill a different translation is out

  • Mohsin Sohail

    Where the fuck is monka dude beerus was gonna meet, i was waiting to see that cunt, maybe next episode now. gosh soo long u gotta wait 🙁

  • Dexter Fox

    Video Updated.

  • Sam Miller (MinecraftBoost)


  • http://drewmaru.deviantart.com/ Andrew DeCrescenzo

    Great job, but the translation isn’t very good. Will there be an update with actual English? :/

  • Cleve

    Thx been looking for a site I can watch these on

  • Zee

    next episode is the tournament gfyeuiwfog 80 AA YAYAAAAAAAY

  • Kobie Berkhout


    • https://www1.dragonballtime.biz/ DB Time

      Read subtitles carefully.

      • Kobie Berkhout

        And what does that mean??

      • Cz JahLey

        so, what did he say? because I understand the same, that Chichi was a Saiyan

  • https://www1.dragonballtime.biz/ DB Time

    1080p Uploaded.

  • https://www1.dragonballtime.biz/ DB Time

    1080p Uploaded. Anime RG. Subtitles.

  • CloakedArctic

    Why isn’t Gohan shown in the Mystic Gohan form? Didn’t he have his powers unlocked in the Kai planet?

    • Golden Galient

      he was so focused on his life he never trained and he became weak

  • vineet gaur

    i am just fucking happy ! atleast the series restarted
    for any ups & downs just wait till
    FUN ANIMATION dubs & master it !

  • Ian Hunter

    They’ve completely forgotten the old Crone! Master Roshi’s sister! The old lady who could tell you where anything is with her magic ball!

    • Kaka carrot cake


    • Manored

      Ha! True. She probably can’t find things outside of Earth, but they should at least try.

  • an fajet

    frikin Gohan, never fails to dissapoint

  • AndurilWielder

    “One with an impossible dream”? Vegeta has one about being the prince of a dead race…so… (granted I’ve always wanted the Saiyans to get a second chance given their betrayal by Frieza)

  • MrSaporito

    Omg guys, how could you misunderstand that.
    It’s the fact that Saiyans are attracted to strong willed women.
    That’s what is being implied guys.

  • Tamanna Akther

    Wait… did Vegeta just say Chichi is a Saiyan too? Or do the subtitle’s really mean to say that Saiyan’s fall in lvoe with women who are strong-willed, not just strong-willed Saiyan women?

  • Patrick

    30 and now 31 got black screens…

  • Soulspeaker

    Hey, the video wont load!!! Can you re-upload this and eps. 30?

  • U_Naff

    Where is this video? Looks like it’s file had been deleted. Same with episode 30.

  • Manored

    Not sure why Bulma is worried about Beerus using his wish to destroy the Universe, when he can already do that without wishes if he wants to.

  • Naoe ◘ ナエエ

    Are the women strong enough to attract the saiyans..
    Do they become strong after they f the saiyans what am I missing??

    • Malachi J

      Perhaps XD