Dragon Ball Super episode 31 English Dubbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 31 Dubbed: “”


  • tahsim akram

    this episode is not running…😑😑😑😑

    • Johnnn92

      The episodes only release after 11pm EST on SATURDAY. You should know this by now. Same way it’s been going on for the past YEAR….

  • Soy Capitán. Obvious

    What’s up with the intro and outro songs? Their Japanese now I thought it was in English to match the Funimation dub?

    • Marshall Law

      The intro is still dub but the singer is the same we hardly understand his singing because he is Japanese! The ending yes it still Japanese singing.

  • Jamie Legends

    So many ads in the video when you’re on mobile.

  • Marshall Law

    Bad news guys tonight it not gonna be your night because toonami will have a marathon party means no dragonball super English dub

    • ItsBallistic

      no if you go on adult swim the episode pops up

      • Marshall Law

        Dude I’m not lying there not gonna be a new episode of dragonball super because of a marathon

      • Marshall Law

        I bet you watched the rerun of it so stop lying

    • ItsBallistic

      im watching it right now

      • Marshall Law

        Hey where is the new episode Dragonball super English dub it not out on site?


    Vegeta: Yo Jackass!
    Jaco: huh?
    Me: XD

  • Hunna Wattz

    Bulma is hot

    • Lee Walton

      Go get a body-pillow with her printed on it, then. Fucking weeb!!!

      • Hunna Wattz

        Let me borrow yours fam! Lol

  • Lee Walton

    Meh, this was filler

  • Antik

    Piccolo 😂