Dragon Ball Super episode 30 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 30 : “Training for the “Martial Arts Tournament” Who Are the Two Remaining Members?!”


  • Roberto Obrijanu

    i cant wait to see episode 30

    • https://www1.dragonballtime.biz/ DB Time

      Same Here..:)

    • Siddarth Sms

      when is realese date of episode 30

  • Siddarth Sms

    when is the realese date episode 30

    • https://www1.dragonballtime.biz/ DB Time

      7 February. ????

  • Ahmmad Yusuf

    come on please download

    • Cazval Asakura

      why post a picture?

  • Robert Stever

    Now we wait patiently…

  • Fadel Saad


  • Jeff

    The only thing i think about is “The next episode for dbs.”

    • adi

      Same here, Weeks are passing out so fasssstt

  • vishu

    When the sub episode is coming?

  • jon

    How to download???

  • Bhavya Shah

    When the eng sub episode is coming.??

    • Mowally Jeune

      In 1-2 hours

  • https://www.facebook.com/imsongoku I’M SON GOKU

    – Ken xyro / peace

  • Brahim Bencheikh

    ffs this is even worst then waiting for lol patch to end

    • https://www.youtube.com/user/XFightexRXx BusyGamer

      Good one 🙂

  • https://m.soundcloud.com/joedei-setoute/rich-nigga werld9legend

    they ruin this show

  • https://m.soundcloud.com/joedei-setoute/rich-nigga werld9legend

    fuck explaining things to krill

  • Adi

    Ken Xyro(Translator of DBS) tweeted “Many complicated lines in #DBS30 might be important later on so I’m being extra careful & triple checking translations.”

    • Adi

      He tweeted and 6:49 and said there will be a delay of 2-3 hours.

  • Mowally Jeune

    Why in the world is it taking so long to load

    • adi

      Your Net is to slow, Slow pok

  • Mowally Jeune

    The ending song is touching

  • Michael Hunt

    hmm so anyone see sub or no sub lol

  • http://Sites.google.com/site/keithmyersproductions Keith Wayne Myers

    the subs are not even there liar

    • https://www1.dragonballtime.biz/ DB Time


      • Oshabot

        hold on it will be delayed

    • Oshabot

      It will be delayed

  • osc

    no english subs yet?

  • Prince

    its been more than 3 hours where is the subbed episode ?

    • Ggollywhiz

      Don’t be a dick

      • Stan Robert

        Fuck off I WANT subbed IT NOW!

        • Kevin Lewis

          first of all learn speak bro. second lets see you make a subbed episode in great quality. because if you cant then you really shouldnt be talking.

          • D2289

            He can complain if he wants. Its stupid saying why dont you do it

          • Kevin Lewis

            no its not because unless he does it he wont understand. so thats why i said it…

  • Daniel MacDougall

    Its not translated

  • beerus 2.0

    *********Spoiler****************was that vegeta daughter at the end?

    • karissa510

      What time in the video?

    • Ventix Bourne

      It’s his teenage daughter from GT Bulla

  • Umer

    come on still waiting

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/XFightexRXx BusyGamer

    Cmon this episode doesnt even have that much dialog just a recap from the old ones whats the big hold up!? I have seen episodes with much more dialogs translated by now!

  • NaruKe

    I’m waiting…

  • George

    Having subbed in the title doesn’t make your video automatically have subtitles, either put the subs on or change the title of the video.

  • Aziz

    Title says subbed but its not..

  • SkateTape O-So

    Thanx for Japanese. English speaking muthafuckas can really understand it………Where are the fuckin subs

  • GodOfTheHolyHentai

    Come on man, don’t make me wait

  • dassh

    some how it already translated in spanish (and event uploaded to youtube), but not in english? How much do we need to wait? 🙂

  • Robert Jorge

    What a waste of time on this episode, it just a recap of last episode

  • Chungor

    oh man, looks like next episode is going to have no tornament arc or gohans training again…. disapointed in that. so 4 days till the tournament which means 4 weeks in our time. ugh…

  • Robert Stever

    Bitch and whine, bitch and whine.
    That’s all I hear.

    Great up, thanks for taking the time out of your lives to get this translated.

  • MathMan

    ugh… recaps…

    • The legend

      shut up fool

  • _Jonathan_

    Was I the only one who’s eyes popped out of my skull when I saw Bulma’s daughter?

  • zander

    crappiest dragon ball episode up to date … literally nothing happened in this episode….

    • Max

      it was the best one because at lease Buu featured lol

  • Brayden Edward Booth-Ahwong

    Are the subs ready

  • Tapan Adarkar

    Strong urge to use Baka-sickness?

  • Davit Natadze

    hope the next one is better

  • vegeta

    i cant watch lag is real

    • Dexter Fox

      Are you trying to watch on phone?

      • vegeta


  • J.G Blur

    hmm why didnt goku take gohan with him into the chamber, then gohan could be stronger and be ready for the next big bad after the tournament

  • Chirag Mondal

    what theme song is this between 12:40 and 15:19 ?


    Ended up spending my money, ordering a chinese because of this show… THANKS ALOT DBS! LOL

  • Joshua Hurst

    I keep forgetting Piccolos arms can doe that.

  • goku blue


  • Jamie Legends

    This episode is offline

  • Soulspeaker

    Hey, the video won’t load!!! Eps 31 doesn’t load anymore too. Can you re-upload them?

  • Nova Star

    this shit isnt loading.

    • Awe

      Mine loads, but then crashes, all of a sudden, when watching any episode on this site.

  • Asteroth ViLe

    Where is the Episode?

  • Awe

    So this site doesn’t allow addblock, nice…

  • Tom Booth

    Anyone know why I can’t download or watch the episodes? It says I have an adblocker enabled (but I don’t) and get permission denied if I click to download. Need help, I’ve only seen 29 episodes 🙁

  • Sean

    There was parody db episode that had the same concept of a fighting tournament between different universes! Damn

  • oberdamujigae

    so the recap episodes have come huh

  • Manored

    We sure needed those recaps from things that happened 2 episodes ago =)