Dragon Ball Super episode 3 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 3 : “Where Does the Dream Continue?! Search for Super Saiyan God!”


  • jt

    got some final fantasy music playing around the 16 minute mark

    • Jacob Mule

      I was thinking asagao academy

      • Pringle

        the same thing crossed my mind!

  • JefferyMuterx13

    King Kai’s voice is tripping me up lmao

    • http://www.facebook.com/karrskorner Joshua

      Right? Totally doesn’t match his actions, reactions, and sure as hell doesn’t even remotely sound like his English counterpart.

      • Jr Junior

        yall do realize the Jap voice actors are the standard and not the English actors being the Jap voice actors voice all anime material before international distribution is made of the anime? smh…English is not the center of all languages smh…just like whites are not the center of the colored people and their cultures smmfh

        • Mahoni

          lmaooooo jesus dude how are you drawing up these conclusions? Are you so obsessed with pushing your own narrative that you are honestly going to talk down to these two guys because they grew up with the English version and arent used to the Jap voice actors? Even if they preferred the English version of king kai over the Jap version how does that then bring you to the conclusion that they are so sheltered and uncultured that they cant appreciate anything outside of the English language and white culture? Grow up junior, because I’m willing to bet you wouldn’t show the same blatant disrespect to a young Japanese man/woman saying they think the English version of Sponebob Squarepants sounds weird.

          • IG: Morpheus314

            Nice Mahoni! u sure put that junior in his junior place haha lol i mean what an egotistical troll just wanting to show that he knows of the jap being the original..any even casual anime fan knows but like u said we all grow up on the english or jap so hearing the jap voice acting will sound off to anyone even me and i know the english isnt original lol

        • IG: Morpheus314

          Really? guess thats why ur a jr Lol ditch the ego. just wanted to showcase your knowing of the jap vactors being the original which im sure we all know

          • Jr Junior

            Ditch Deez nuts out your mouth pussy…clown ass fuck boy taking pics with your hand on your dick fucking fag….stay in your place taking fag pics for your male followers on IG….

        • Jimmy

          Yeah sure bro bring race into you fucking dumbass

          • Jr Junior

            Bring my kids out your throat faggot ass

    • Muffin Button

      Muffin button

  • FricoRico

    the fact they still haven’t wished king kai, bubbles and gregory back really is selfish XD

  • CN Shana Hedaego

    this king kai is the most painful, he’s so off…. the english one is pure gold talent, this guys like, a boring old man their desperately trying to offload…