Dragon Ball Super episode 3 English Dubbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 3 Dubbed: “”


  • Luxion

    Whoever thought reorganizing the opening was a good idea should be shot

  • Who Cares

    ._. Did Chi-Chi say “Happy birthday *GIRL*?” That’s not Chi-Chi. ._. They fucked up with the dub on that part…I cringed so hard when I heard it, too. Her voice doesn’t even sound right. That’s not Chi-Chi. ;-; That’s not Chi-Chi…*cries*

    • Dylan Smith-Cole

      You’re looking into it too much.

    • Isaac Orr

      Maybe rewatch the last few episodes of Z – that is very much Chi-Chi at a party

    • http://www.wrestlingn.inc.com/ A double Abdul Aziz Memon !!!!

      you videl?

    • Edward Woodward

      it is Chi-Chi and shes still voiced by the same VA

  • DanielaTheGreat

    Not much happened during this episode and I can simply wait days for the next one :,I.

    • Kurukuruchanfan

      Is this your first time watching DBS? If so don’t expect much from the movie arcs. But the original arcs are good.

      • Daniela The Great

        I have seen the movies and I believe your right. Thanks 🙂

  • Ocean Javelin

    SO its confirmed that earth is on the other side of universe from beerus’s castle. So basically Whis crossed the entire universe in an instant in the episode when arale came. And that was pure speed, not teleport or warp or any trick.

    • ChocoPancakes


    • GuyWIthAHoody

      that is FILLER. google “filler in anime”

      • Nathan

        Not just filler, non-cannon filler.

        • PRIVATE

          Its 100% Canon. this isnt even filler these are stall episodes because the anime 100% canon debunked.

          • Nathan

            If you think the Arale crossover was canon, I’ve got some bad news for ya.

          • Lee Walton

            If only Akira Toryama got his shit together, this time 20 years ago 🙁
            There would be no conflicting theories, that’s for sure

        • Ocean Javelin

          shit terms like canon / non canon are fanmade and are not used officially. I watch the OFFICIAL dubbed anime so I know the facts, I know what actually happened.

          • Keimarr ?

            They changed some things like
            when trunks test goku’s strength
            Goku *english dubbed* “hah I sense you’re fillings”
            Goku *japanese (original) dubbed* “you’re ki is not of a killer”

      • Kurukuruchanfan

        Filler or not, whis is fast af though.

      • PRIVATE

        The filler is canon so your point?

      • Ocean Javelin

        I don’t need stupid fan theories and terms pulled out of their asses. I watch the OFFICIAL dubbed anime so I know the facts, I know what happened.

  • Matthew

    It feels okay for this episode

  • http://www.wrestlingn.inc.com/ A double Abdul Aziz Memon !!!!

    Just want future trunks to go back to the cell saga and pick up super sayin 2 teen gohan and bring him to dragon ball super present timeline, getting sick of grown up gohan it ain’t the same.

    • Keimarr ?

      FeelsBadMan if you watch the subbed version A.K.A every man child hates about jap

  • Joel Almestica

    I can’t stand dragon ball super animation. The characters tend to look emotionless and some scenes look like still frames.

    I wish they would ramake the entire first season

    • Kavi Amalakumar

      This show is practically a high-five to DBZ. Like let it live on but not as serious as DBZ. People’s attention span etc has got to a point where they wouldn’t be bothered to watch DBZ and how long the episodes were. So this show wasn’t made too seriously. Probably didn’t get an insane budget either since it mostly appeals to the audience of DBZ which may have grown up now, and may not even have time to watch it. I don’t like the animation too, but understand why it won’t be on the highest level and just accept it and watch it because well… it’s DB!

    • Jermaine Smit

      mmm I like it, only part is that sometimes the fights are… Not that great, martial arts is not really a thing from time to time and that is something they should fix! I mean that moment Goku get’s mad at Black the fight itself could have bin so much more but because of the way they where fighting it was… ok… i geuss

  • CiscotheSoto

    The dub is alot better in my opinion. It they really work at it, they might just be able to salvage some of the several flaws with witty dialogue and good voice actors.

  • Luke Daniels

    Did Beerus fart in his bath?

  • Richie

    Everyone sounds fine get over it

  • Dbzfan 10334

    Why is everybody’s avatar ssj bardock?

    • Nathan

      I’m pretty sure it’s the default avatar for this site.

  • DanielaTheGreat

    I cant view episode 4 dubbed, why?

  • Chatterbox

    This is episode 2, not 3.

    • Raoul Azzopardi

      I guess they made an honest mistake XD

  • Andrew Holaway

    The audio is seriously messed up in this video. Can’t really hear any of the English audio.

  • Serge Albers

    This 1 isnt loading.. as well as episode 4

    • Uchiha Mariku

      wtf do I just download it?

  • AuStistic gaming

    episode 3 dubbed is down folks

    • Ausaf Ahmed

      is there any other website where I can find this episode dubbed in english

  • Victor Rodriguez

    yes please fix!

  • Ausaf Ahmed

    could you please fix episode 3 dubbed


  • Sagar Dalvi

    what is these no video

  • jossmac
  • Lee Walton

    Beerus is OP A F, but the character has quite a lot of depth… Makes him a lot of fun to watch, indeed