Dragon Ball Super episode 29 English Dubbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 29 Dubbed: “”


  • Addzy K

    Quality is not changing! It’s playing in low quality. 🙁

    • Chris Latella

      fine for me, its probably auto scaling because of your connection speed

  • Hillmor

    “Honey! The dragon radar, bye!” Omfg, that execution was amazing!

  • zach rhea

    Best episode of super I’ve seen for the English dub

    • Salman Ali

      coz movies ended

  • Skylake

    Poor Shenron lol

  • Marshall Law

    Why the comments is deleted and why?

  • D10 porco

    Broken link since ep. 21

  • Lee Walton

    Awwww…. Poor Shenron, I’m guessing Beerus has been giving him shit for millennia 🙁