Dragon Ball Super episode 28 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 28 : “The God of Destruction of 6th Universe His Name’s Shanpa”


  • Luigi

    it is not subbed…. criminal!

  • DragonBallSAO

    Thank you!!

  • fred

    This was a great episode. If this is a taste of things we’ll be seeing in upcoming episodes, than ‘Super’ is going to take off like it has not done before.

  • Nogui

    I’m calling it right now: Goku team loses, but they find out Earth has the final Super Dragon Ball, so they can’t make the wish to switch the Earths, making the whole thing irrelevant.

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    • Cire

      Champa said they were planet sized. How could it be on earth?

      • Veral

        If you’ve read the manga, you have to blow up the planet to get the Super Dragon Balls. Champa basically is destroying planets to get these.

        • Nicolas Almeida Ferreira

          This time anime is canon, manga is only the adaptation

          • Veral

            Well the newest episode shows they’re the size of planets and Champa is basically blowing up the planets to get the Super Dragon Balls. The manga is still ahead of the anime, even if it only comes out once a month. Both are basically the same thing, just anime goes a bit longer in pace than the manga.

    • Zeebawb


      • Nogui

        you’re 7 months too late

  • http://google.com G. Grodd

    it will turn out earth is the ball

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    1080p Uploaded.✅

    • Oliver

      wow, it’s you

  • Zenexo

    OK. This is getting good again and this episode actually had decent artwork throughout.

  • Lennis Reed

    I really like the new dragon ball super cause it mind boggling and jus waiting to see how the future episodes are and hope they turn in to super sayain 2 God form , its all good Go goku and friends

  • DZHemlock

    so, basically… this saga is going to be one big PokeMon battle between two Trainers of destruction?
    Awesome 😀

  • http://www.reginaldfinley.com/ Reginald V. Finley

    I’m I the only one that’s getting hungry as hell watching this series? lol

    • Kliever

      You aren’t the only one. After Vegeta showed Whiss the cup noodles, I had to go and buy some for myself because I had this monsterous craving for cup noodles. Pretty sure the makers of this show knew this would happen

      • Tang

        Well mau-chan or whatever is a sponsor p.s watch Toriko that shit will get you hungry

        • Kotsuryu

          Both this serie and Toriko make me hungry, I admit that.

  • Illuminati confirmed o:



  • Confusion is real!!

    You know, not to hate or anything, but I’ve been binging these episodes, and I finally made it to this episode, and I couldn’t help but realize something, wasn’t the last few episodes from movies, I could have sworn I literally watched frieza’s resurrection and when goku battled the god of destruction all in DBZ movies that came out like last year or the year before. lol

    • Flamoy


    • Damon Albarn

      Literally all episodes (except few fillers at the beginning) up to 27 were retold stories from two movies: Battle of Gods and Resurrection ‘F’.

  • Chewonmybacca

    So this Saga is a martial arts tournament for the earth… So Mortal Kombat. Dragon ball mortal kombat tournament … Okay, im on board

    • Justin Cassard

      Pretty much

  • Psycho Sodier

    Is no one concerned about the fact that Goku basically pushed Beerus to PUT EARTH ON THE LINE just to fight? Beerus was going to say, “Nah, not interested” and Earth would have been fine, but Goku’s like, “STRONG FIGHTERS, OMG!” and now Earth could get fucked by being swapped to another universe. Way to go, Son.

    • Kaka carrot cake

      why would it get fucked? the earth and its inhabitants are still going to be intact. if anything goku and friends can always stay on the planet and teleport to the new universe if they were to lose the tournament. if anything beerus and whis would be fucked out of that deal.

      • Truth

        Practically what was put on the line were the wish orbs. If Champa wins, then he uses them as he sees fit, he merely specified what he sees fit, what he wants, which is the earth. And if Beerus wins, he gets the wish orbs and he’s able to wish for whatever he wants, but it just so happens that he didn’t actually specify his wish out loud.

      • Justin Cassard

        To be able to teleport (instant transmission) Goku needs to sense energy in the area, and he can’t sense energy from that much of a distance.

      • Manored

        They would be separated from their namekian friends who have the namekian dragon balls which they end up needing from time to time. Also its unclear if Goku would be able to teleport between universes, I’d hazard a guess that not.

    • Justin Cassard

      Never have doubt on Goku, he 99% always finds a way to win

  • goku blue

    y doesnt he just wish for their earth to be like the one in universe 7 am i the only on who noticed he has to be retarted

    • goku blue

      who are the other three on beerus s team?

    • Manored

      He’s obviously competitive, he wants to beat Beerus and this gives him something he can bet to make Beerus participate. If he just wished himself a new Earth that wouldn’t be as satisfying.

  • mohib

    i am not able to view episodes in any browser in my pc

  • Exkalibruh

    Blue spiky hair and food connoisseurs… Is DBZ turning into Toriko??

  • Teddibeer

    Dude why does it say i have adblocker on:((? I disabled it on this site and double checked too :/

  • oberdamujigae

    um are they forgetting that they’re not exactly Earthlings themselves ;D

    • Manored

      I think “humans” was a mistranslation, Champa probably meant mortals in general. Its not like he even has humans in his universe, since his Earth was destroyed.