Dragon Ball Super episode 28 English Dubbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 28 Dubbed: “”


  • Cameron

    This is just a fandub. I hope you’re still planning to post the actual dub

    • https://animotime.com/ AnimoTime

      Official dub in 3 Hours

  • Creative Copycat
  • Sharon J. Hawkins

    “Hey, now, not cool!” I think at this moment, I got over Champa’s questionable English voice, and started to like it. XD

  • Ayleid

    Even though I do not prefer the Japanese actors the Japanese version of Champa sounds much better than the English version.

  • Jamie Legends

    Since when so many ads in the video? It’s almost unbearable.

  • Lee Walton

    Had to rewatch this
    >They were eating ramen
    >I have some
    >I wanted to cook some
    >had to do so and leave the damned episode to play, in my absence