Dragon Ball Super episode 27 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 27 : “Earth Explodes?! The Decisive Kamehameha Wave”





    the quality wasnt bad wile most sites i had trouble loading the video this site wasnt that hard to load.

    • DBT

      So. Do You like this site.?

    • Madara_ Uchiha

      probably because they are using a video play system similar to youtube or the same one as youtube

      • Andrew Nell

        They upload the video to youtube and then download the mp4 file and upload it here.

        • Madara_ Uchiha

          figured as much

  • https://www1.dragonballtime.biz/ DB Time

    zws seswa

  • Lav Karri

    The anime has officially taken over the manga.. 😀

  • Manglo

    nice subtitle better then watchdbzsuper

  • Woregrim

    yeah well…

  • One Punt Man

    I like how the gods just don’t care

  • Oliver

    Bulma-F*** this, I have bluer hair then all of you
    Vegita-But does it glow?

  • Ryujin Jaeger

    vegeta is such a good friend. always kicking goku to safety. XD seriously though, how many times has he done that?

    • Matt R

      Thanks best buddy!

  • reat

    Goku fucks around too much that it gets annoying. Vegeta gets to the point. Well done.

    • B Wayne

      true but vegeta had to give a little speech before he killed frieza

  • reat

    Holyshit wtf, I didn’t expect that. This is bullshit, wow.

  • Bruhhh

    okay but now im wondering if vegeta can turn super saiyan god super saiyan at that point in the story how come he cant defeat cell in his first form in the future and teen gohan super saiyan 2 can defeat him in his perfect form…

    • Hao2k

      what? you do realize that this frieza saga is a different saga than the original one right? this is years after that battle and he already surpassed that form a long time ago

    • Kat

      Yeah what Hao2k said – this is not DBZ. This is Dragonball Super, which takes places well after the last arc (Buu saga) in DBZ. This isn’t a remake, it’s a continuation.

      • Tx Kidd

        I get what he’s saying, its in the future and vegeta already has the form- so cell shouldnt’ve killed him

        • Zeebawb

          No. The androids popped up at the same period of time in the main timeline and Trunks’s timeline. In the future, Vegeta was just a normal SSJ against the androids, he wasnt even close to this power.

      • B Wayne

        in that future goku dies from disease or what ever before buu saga, so there were no super sayain god yet, even though vegeta did it on his own he still needed to witness goku do it first. I know what you mean trunks is already a teenager and everything, but you have to remember this future is altered because goku lives, you gotta remember everything goku contributed to cell saga by just being alive and vegeta needs goku to become stronger. in teenage trunks future they were dealing with cell for years before he traveled back in time.

  • Raddish

    Blue Carrot vs Golden ice cube
    Find out next time on
    DBZ Kai-ooking

    • Madara_ Uchiha

      more like golden ice-box

  • Kat

    LOL that Trunks moment was hilarious. “If he comes back to life, I’ll cut him in half!” Everyone just stares.

  • Cymeer

    Why are they trying to make “hell” look like a good place?

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkV8jGpslkDb9m5PBEoQUCA Mz Kegz

      I think they are showing how hell depends on the persons perspective. Frieza doesn’t like rainbows and sunshine, he loves destruction so that is his hell as punishment.

    • http://www.ryuanime.com/ ♆-ⓁⓊⒸⒾⒻⒺⓇ-♆

      it a personal hell

  • Zedenin

    The end of this episode gave SO MUCH FALSE FUCKING HOPE for Gohan fans, those who are marothoning DBS, keep your expectations with Gohan as low as possible.

    • MrSaporito

      . . . oh, well shit thanks for crushing my hopes before they went SSJ like they were about to! lol

      • Matt R

        He has a whole new form in the series. Instead of super saiyan blue. He is super saiyan Yamcha. Or just Gohan ‘Yamcha’

        • Manored

          What’s with this Yamcha thing I have been hearing, wasn’t Krillin the designated weakling of DBZ? I mean, I know technically Krillin is stronger than Yamcha, but he gets curb-stomped more often than anyone else.

    • Madara_ Uchiha

      my little brother was watching this with me, he got soooo hyped, how am i gonna tell him?

      • Flamoy

        you dont

      • idk

        tell him what

    • Larkspur94

      so mystic gohan again then?
      tbh gohan was at his prime in the fight with cell. been a dissapointment in fighting ever since.

      • Julian Bush

        gohan was at his prime during the buu saga and right now i say he is maybe half of what he was at mystic. But damn piccolo is way stronger than we all give him credit for too he is probably stronger than gohan and gotenks right now.

        • Matt R

          Half of what he was at Mystic? You are crazy, he is weaker than when he stepped out of the Room of Spirit and Time.

        • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

          You are absolutely right. Gohan was at his prime during his fight with Buu and he has been on a steady, but understandable, decline ever since.

    • Max

      I’ve been having secret hopes for buu 🙁

    • oberdamujigae

      now there goes my hope 🙁

  • RZK_2000

    This show makes me hungry.

    • Madara_ Uchiha

      i know right? i just ate like three cups of ramen

      • Truth

        Damn son, you have ramen there? I am jelly, as in, jealous.


    Wtf, ks, report goku

    • sri siva sai srikar

      Dota2 player detected. Player Level: GoDlIkE!!!!!!!!
      Well, not to mention mate, I registered to this site just to write a comment here. 🙂

  • goku blue

    whats up with the kekekeke when they shoot things whith their hands

    • goku blue

      with bad spelling

      • kiosimoto09 .

        Lol right? It’s like they’re trying to make lazer sounds with their mouths. I would at least say pewpewpewpew.

  • Kotsuryu

    One thing we have learned from Frieza? He is really sore loser…
    Moment he realizes he is going to lose he blows up the Planet!

  • Johnny Llewellyn

    That moment when Trunks references cutting freeza in half xD he has no idea about future trunks doing just that! hahaha that cracked me up

  • http://botanbutton.tumblr.com/ botanbutton

    Gohan going back home and hugging Videl and Pan….x) Aw, that was too sweet.

  • Phoenix Fire

    The DBZ writers sure are getting lazy…

    A SSJG is expressly stated to only be created when 5 saiyans join together and pass their spirit into another. Seems they just decided to throw that idea out the fucking window and just made Vegeta a god without doing any of that.
    I dont care how much he trained, Gods and mortals are entirely different entities, a ritual required to bridge that gap. No amount of simply getting stronger should allow you to become a God.

    Again, laziness and not paying attention to their own rules. The hallmarks of a poorly written plot. I can see why a lot of people really do not like DBS.

    • Mr. Make Yo Dookie Twinkle

      Wouldn’t be the first time they neglected their own rules so it’s whatever.

    • Legendary Trolly

      I got the idea that they did the ritual with Vegeta, and once he became God, like Goku he was able to tap into it as well

    • Manored

      I think the ritual was more of a shortcut than a requirement. Also Vegeta was already more powerful that most of the show’s gods anyways. The Kai are all technically gods.

  • Tech Joe’s Populism

    : ) Donald Trump 2016 : )

    • Anthony

      No one cares you Trumpanzee, do us all a favor and commit seppuku.

  • Elliot Faulk

    dbz hell is awesome lol

  • Matt R

    Still hate this end. I really wanted to see Vegeta hit a Final Flash and see Freeza crumble

    • Manored

      I know right, Vegeta never gets to kill anyone good.

  • oberdamujigae

    yes Gohan will be buff again!

  • Manored

    The’re kinda lucky no villain ever decides to just blow up the Earth as a first move rather than last. I mean, if a new, pragmatic villain shows up, he can just fly his ship next to Earth, stick his hand outside, shot a beam from space, and call it a day.

  • Manored

    From the moment this saga started I was looking forwards to seeing Freeza’s reaction to being back in hell. Did not disappoint.

  • Pulkit Nagpal

    hey guys do anybody of u know which is the official channel of dbz super where it comes live ,or should i say official channel of dragon ball z super episodes

  • Joel Almestica

    There something with this episode wont load

  • Joshua Ogunmefun

    Even though vegeta didnt get the revenge he deserved that final kamehameha was so cathartic

  • James Waldron

    So fucking stupid.

  • Wisal Salar