Dragon Ball Super episode 26 English Dubbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 26 Dubbed: “”


  • justoboy13

    can you not have adds with trojan programs 😠

    • Burton385

      use adblock

      • justoboy13

        Doesn’t it not let you watch the videos if you have adblocker?

        • ssgss 4 vegito

          it does. i have adblock and it still works.

      • justoboy13

        Either way having adds that could screw up your computer is gonna give them a bad rep (in my opinion)

  • Marshall Law

    One more episode of recap movie then we finally move to something new.

  • Jatin Chiller

    Please upload dragon ball super episode 23 in english dubbed

  • Lee Walton

    TFW Vegeta tells Kakarot to stop hogging Frieza lol
    Felt very much like the start to some messed up parody-porn, so glad it stayed wholesome, though lol
    “Wait a minute! This isn’t DBS, you dirty bastards!!!!”