Dragon Ball Super episode 25 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 25 : “An All-Out Battle! The Vengeful Golden Freeza”


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  • Ed Cedeño

    Bulma-san is such a fine MILF <3 i'll bang her if she was real.

    • Vincent Gnanaraj

      sry she like vegeta type like me, not yamcha types like u

      jk 😛

      • Daniel Wood

        He’s gonna need a senzu for that one.

      • NineString

        Says the closet Krillin type…

  • Ivan Salazar

    This is what i hate… Just for the sakeof argument well number “levels”. Frieza was at a level 10 when he was defeated by a level “11” super sayan. Now goku went on to a level super sayan 20 before he became super sayan 2 yes? Gohan was a super sayan 2 when he defeated cell. Now this Cell guy was extremely powerfull at that. He was powerful at his first stage, very powerfull second stage and super powerfull third stage. Then you have manjin bu. Ur talking level 40-50 by this time compared to the frieza fight… Let alone how much more power to fight the rest of the bozos until this time not to mention berus which is a god at let say level 100. Now, ur telling me that frieza surpassed all those power levels by training 4 damn miserable months?! What took Goku decades to
    achieve!? What a joke. ????????

    • Maggie Jackson

      Dragon Ball Logic :

    • syed shuja

      frieza doesnt surpass beerus, he still looks afraid while addressing beerus

    • pancakes

      I felt the exact same way! Beerus is a god.. Goku went toe to toe with him and came pretty damn far.. then also got extensive training and managed to surpase god form and internalize it.. now this douchebag freeza comes along with his 30 minutes ab workout and almost kills the dude.. Righttttttt

      • Ivan Salazar

        I know man! so frustrating. But i guess thay have to. Lol. At least your comment was also logical not like the baboon who commented earlier ????

        • mario L.

          you have to remember, in one of the earlier episodes Freeza said that he had never trained a day a day in his life before his first battle with Goku, stating the he (Freeza) was a natural born prodigy. He admitted that he had no clue what he could actually accomplish if he were to actually push himself way past his limits and kick his own ass (training wise) for 4 months. Obviously if he was to have trained for way longer he would’ve probably been a match for even Beerus himself!

          • daegs

            This still doesn’t make sense… his dad told him not to touch Majin Boo, and yet obviously by training he could easily have taken out Majin Boo, and seemingly is headed towards taking Beerus himself.

            If you know there are only two people in the universe that can beat you, why wouldn’t you train for 4 months!?!?!?

          • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

            In the Dragon Ball universe, I’m sure you know that’s it’s not uncommon for a master to underestimate (or at least not fully understand the power of) his student–take Master Roshi with Goku or Piccolo with Gohan as a good example. With this in mind, perhaps Frieza was told to avoid Majin Buu and Beerus because his father underestimated him. Frieza, as confident and sociopathic as he is, still followed his father’s advice for the most part back in those days, so I’m sure he saw no point in training because his father told him not to bother with the only two fighters he would need to train to defeat (besides Goku, obviously, which was very unexpected from Frieza’s perspective). Now that Goku has defeated or matched those two fighters, Frieza saw the need to train and he, being arrogant and overestimating his own ability, being worshiped as a prodigy his whole life, only felt the need to train for a short time. There you have it. It’s really not that unbelievable that he would have reached such heights of power.

    • cacacaca

      what the fuck dude, Goku acheived super sayian god 4 months ago, 4 MONTHS AGO,
      do you fucking understand?!?!?!,goku and vegeta went with whis to train, and frieza trained for 4 months,so if frieza trained for 4 months, then goku and vegeta trained 4 months too

      • Ivan Salazar

        Are you ok? You need to understand this. Frieza was dead. There was no training, no movement what so ever. Goku was far beyond an imaginable point of power level. EASILY Over 10 times the level Frieza was before he died. Then Freiza gets resurected and trains for 4 months to almost beat Goku?…. Pff please Read comments carefully before making ridiculous remarks.

        • cacacaca

          frieza was still alive, in hell. frieza STILL had his powers.

          • Ivan Salazar

            HE WAS NOT MOVING! He was tied up! What did he train his eyes!? Im done with u man…

          • Edgard J. Arriola Jr.

            i got your point Ivan Salazar. hmm, yah. wtfuck is that enemy was always that fucking strong. it makes Goku’s effort to train to nothing ._.

          • Jon

            Well, Frieza IS a prodigy of sorts, he was naturally the strongest in the universe third to Buu and Beerus. It’s sort of lazy writing, but with that, it would account for his sudden spike in power if he finally got off his lazy ass and trained a little. If anything the plot hole in all of this would be; why, rather than fearing Buu and Beerus, wouldn’t someone as arrogant and naturally powerful as Frieza have just trained a little in the first place with his drive to conquer the universe by dethroning the gods? He’s so inclined to destroy those who COULD be a threat to him, yet never makes any effort in dealing with already present threats that he’s fully aware of.

          • B Wayne

            Your exactly right, if you remember beerus couldn’t even believe goku beat him. And yes Frieza was a prodigy and actually worked for beerus. He was basically as strong as a super sayain at birth. The first time he ever even had to transform was when he fought one. And beerus wasnt even close to his full power, remember he lying about the 100%. Goku and Vegeta together cant even touch whis, whis says he is not sure if beerus can beat him or not.

          • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

            Jon, you have to remember that, back in the days when his father was alive, Frieza was his subject. He listened to his father, and his father told him to never bother trying to fight Beerus or Buu–they were the only beings in the universe that were off limits. It was only when Frieza was resurrected and learned that Goku had beaten or matched these two that he felt the need to actually train. There is no plot hole here–if you look back at the previous canon, it’s all easily explainable.

    • leon wolfe

      Lol, i felt the same way about that, but basically wht you’re saying is that .Freiza died a long time ago ..While goku was alive to train,pretty much every time he thought about it. Going from say about lvl50 to lvl99. Which took years upon years to reach. But now You’re telling me freiza comes back and goes from lvl49 to 100 in FOUR MONTHS!?!?!? Nd wouldve beaten Goku!? Out of all ppl, had he trained one more day! -__- Gtfoh That part is bullsh*t lol

      • Ivan Salazar

        Lol. Exactly! ???????????????????????? This world does have people who use logic…! Horray! Lol

        • goku blue

          well i have a theory i havent watched dbz in a long time but before i remembered that there was a room where a year would equal one day i forgot what its called. if he didnt use that then this show is bs

        • Kaka carrot cake

          callate pinche meco

      • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

        Leon wolfe, you’re forgetting that Frieza is a prodigy who has so much natural power that he has never had to train a day in his life, and still conquered the universe. Goku has trained his entire life and barely beat him, back in those days. Sure, he has trained extensively since that day, but Frieza still has unquestionably more natural ability and power. Now that he saw the need, Frieza decided to actually train, something he has never done before, so he achieved vastly greater power. It’s really not that bs and not that unbelievable.

    • João Victor Mazzei

      Freeza uses the in-game cash shop.

    • Martin Pirkovski

      freeza here reminds me of a paying user in a free to play game

  • Ninja_Ghost_BO3

    i get chills every time i see the theme song

    • Ninja_Ghost_BO3

      BTW whats the bonk sound

  • goku blue

    stfu freeza just do whatever ur gonna do hurry up

  • Max

    technically, even someone like Tien should’ve been able to wipe the floor with Frieza at this point in time….

  • Truth

    Truth is, when you just begin a training it happens so that you evolve extremely fast if you’ve been stagnant for a long amount of time. You regain, or gain, a lot of strength quickly at beginning, and it’s when you’re already an elite and in the top that it’s harder to evolve and you progress at a slower pace. That’s what my martial arts and workout experiences taught me together with the stories of my friends and info from some teachers. So, taking into account that Freeza never trained in his entire life, he’s COMPLETELY out of shape, so the first few months of his training are bound to bring the biggest results for him.

  • Gerardo Kosonoy

    what i don’t get is how come the guy that frieza used as a punching bag survived 4 months if supposedly frieza became this strong yet vegeta was able to wipe him out in one blow

  • Antik

    Hm, Frieza looks retarded when he’s golden. ._.

  • Antik

    Seriously, why golden AND PURPLE! Well at least now I get to mock him.

  • Alex Bouslama

    so if freeza trained 4 months back then, then he would be so strong bull shit 😉

  • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

    For those raging about Frieza’s power spike and the fact that Goku vs Beerus is followed by Goku vs Frieza, keep these things in mind…

    1. Frieza is a prodigy of the most powerful species in the universe. He controlled the universe without having to train a single day in his life. His father always told him that Beerus and Buu were off limits because they were simply too powerful (these were the only enemies that he would have to train to come close to defeating, aside from Goku, which Frieza didn’t expect, and he paid the price for that). Now you might be thinking that Frieza is arrogant and obsessed with being the most powerful in the universe, so why wouldn’t he train and then challenge Beerus and Buu in the first place? Well, you have to keep in mind that Frieza, back in the days when his father was alive, was a subject of his father and he listened to him. When his father told him that Beerus and Buu were off limits, he listened. It is only now, long after those days, that he has been resurrected and heard news that Goku either defeated or strongly contested with these two, and being free of his fathers control, that he feels the need to train. It is only due to his arrogance that he only feels the need to train for 4 months–he feels this will be sufficient to crush the Saiyan monkey.

    2. You also have to remember that Goku DID NOT DEFEAT BEERUS–he only gave him a good time in battle and entertained him, inspiring Beerus to refrain from destroying the Earth. That being said, you can eliminate the whole “Well Goku beat Beerus, so how is Frieza contesting with him at all?” factor. Frieza, being as powerful as he is, is on an all-out mission to kill Goku by any means necessary–Beerus was only looking for a good fight. In no way does the progression of events here intended to suggest that Frieza is any match for Beerus, or anywhere on the same level. They made it clear that Beerus was holding back throughout the entire fight with Goku, even through to the end. Beerus is clearly stronger than Goku–that’s why Goku was so excited to learn from Whis: to get as strong as Beerus.

    I hope this helps to clear up and dissatisfaction for how they’ve chosen to organize the plot!

  • Sangeeth Balakrishna

    beerus is a god and goku is jst achieved to get tht power first from other saiyans and the training from whis helps to concentrate the power to stability… jst dat.. hes not a born god like beerus

  • Manored

    Not sure why people are trying to apply logic to DBS so hard. This is a world where two kids are powerful enough to destroy Earth. In fact, Goku is so far above the “I can destroy planets” level that the fact he can even exchange blows with an equal opponent without destroying the solar system is absurd.

  • Manored

    DBZ’ universe seems to be food-centric, the gods are always worried about food.

  • GamerMax MC5/UT

    Frieza has a hyperbolic time chamber T_T

    who agrees?