Dragon Ball Super episode 25 English Dubbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 25 Dubbed: “”


  • Z

    the audio is assss on this one

  • http://www.geddieimages.com/ Joseph Benjamin Geddie

    15:56 Beerus has a Siezure and destroys the entire episode.

    • justoboy13

      XD I think something went wrong when they uploaded the video or something lmbo.

  • Marshall Law

    Where the episode?

  • John Jonk

    26 ?

  • Ben Dover

    Where is 26!?!?!

  • Mithras Kuipers
  • Hunna Wattz

    Lol when they all bunched up next to lord beerus

  • Lee Walton

    Again, that power-scaling is shit! DBS has a lot of non-canon mistakes in a canonized series