Dragon Ball Super Episode 24 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 24 : “Clash! Freeza vs. Son Gokū! This is the Result of My Training!”


  • Blaugrane

    Why is Goku headbutting a guy who has a fucking helmet for a head?

  • Manuel Rojas

    why did freeza look all fucked up at 2:50?

    • RZK_2000

      The animation for this show is really fucking shitty

    • RZK_2000

      Maybe even worse and cheaper than NARUTO

    • SuperSaiyanGod


  • Jack Limmerick

    mine says the number of playbacks has been exceeded? what?

  • goku blue

    he looks sick

  • Zsnake Pliscon

    I dont get why all the other Z fighters were so wimpy. did they just all stop trying to get tougher like 200 episodes ago. not even piccalo was much stronger then like krillin and he stated that he gave up martial arts a long time ago. but thats no excuse for the rest of them to be so wimpy. i mean by now any one of them should be able to kick freeza’s gimpy ass… especialy piccalo! you mean to tell me No one has been practicing besides goku and vageta? wtf lame!!!!!

    • oberdamujigae

      they’re on peace mode for a long time

  • Skywelker

    Why haven’t all of Goku’s friends fucked off yet? I thought they would have been able to see that Frieza constantly targets them to distract Goku.

  • Devil killer

    Great episode.