Dragon Ball Super episode 23 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 23 : “Earth! Gohan! A Desperate Situation! Hurry Back Son Gokū!”


  • Cojaga

    episode 23 and we still ahven’t seen Yamcha….

    • Oliver

      he was at the party

    • Matt R

      Gohan is Yamcha now. Even The real Yamcha makes fun of Gohan

    • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

      If you mean we haven’t seen him yet in the series, we totally have. He was there at the party when Beerus first arrived. If you mean we haven’t seen him yet in this fight, that’s because he’s fucking useless lol. He has hung back in important fights like this practically since the beginning of Dragon Ball Z.

  • 5 Star Stunna belie dat

    i dont get it why sooo many dislikes this is a great anime

    • Dark Goe’s

      Goku’s Voice Actor

      • 5 Star Stunna belie dat

        ohh your right the voice acting does suck maybe the english dub will be better

      • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

        I absolutely agree. Every subbed voice (especially Goku’s) except for Frieza’s is terrible compared to the dubbed version. I like Frieza’s subbed voice better though, cause he actually sounds like a guy. I never understood why they feel the need to cast females to voice male characters, and vice versa. Kills the vibe a little, if you ask me.

    • Larkspur94

      animation sucks. keeps being inconsistant to the plot. voice acting not as good in jap, just look at king kai. gokus grating child voice in jap. plenty of reasons.
      being a fan of dragonball, i’m watching it. doubt i’ll be rewatching or buying though.

      • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

        If you’re talking about animation, I have no idea what you mean. If you’re saying that the fight scenes are shorter, that’s true–the writers received a lot of criticism for their habit of making filler by creating fight scenes or power-up scenes that last several episodes and they’ve worked to fix this–they’ve done absolutely nothing wrong, they’re just listening to their fans. If you’re talking about general animation quality, then you’re flat out wrong–Dragon Ball animation quality has done nothing but improve over the years. If you’re talking about Japanese voices versus American dubbed voices, then of course, everyone knows that the dubbed voices are way better than the Japanese ones (except for Frieza–his subbed voice is better, in my opinion), but that’s irrelevant–it’s always been this way. Just wait for the dubbed version if that’s the problem. If you’re talking about plot inconsistencies, I haven’t really seen an inconsistency yet–you’ll have to be more specific… They are certainly retelling a lot of the stories that come from the latest 2 movies, but that’s not an inconsistency. I don’t see the problem here.

  • Jammeldnwlamqjjejdkepoejrirjej

    5 star stunna lol I agree

  • Victoria

    Now I really get why people see Gohan as a huge disappointment.

  • vk

    You are using too much ads buddy…. reduce popup ads

    • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

      THANK YOU!!! I already liked their Facebook page–I hate that it keeps popping up.

  • goku blue

    y would they attack freeza separately wtf thats reatarted

    • Prymark

      Um, they’ve always fought that way, from Frieza, to Cell, to Buu. Saiyans value pride above all else, and fighting your opponent one on one is as prideful as it gets, proving that you won due to your strengths, not because you simply had more people. Vegeta more so then anyone else. He’d either fight Frieza alone, or watch Goku do it, he’d NEVER fight together with Goku. Goku is the same, in a less intense way.

      Goku and Vegeta train, not primarily to “Save the Earth”. but to become stronger, and fighting your opponent one on one is the best way to test how strong you’ve become.

      • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

        You have a good point…. but when they realize that the threat is too much to handle on their own, they are willing to work together. Fusion is the perfect example of this–almost every fusion in the series is two saiyans, even Vegeta and Goku.

  • http://botanbutton.tumblr.com/ botanbutton

    14:46 That dad look tho.

  • Abishek Radan

    Gohan suck your father dick as well then you’ll get some power to have defeating the freeza. Big disappointment about gohan.He is such a nerd.

    • Elliot Faulk

      i can’t wait till buu wakes up or better yet i whis whisp would come back he would probably just kill frieza lol.

      • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

        Exactly. The only reason the writers kept Buu asleep and Whis unreachable so far is because either of them would rip Frieza to pieces effortlessly.

    • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

      Blame Chi Chi and Goku letting her run all over him and his family. I fucking hate Chi Chi–she prevents the savior of the universe and his fucking son from training to protect the world for the sake of “Gohan becoming a scholar” and “Goku being a good influence on his granddaughter.” Chi Chi is fucking retarted. Being a scholar don’t mean shit if the universe gets blown up and being the protector of the universe should iconicize being a good influence on your grandchildren.

  • Dylan Keiler

    so where’s the video


    See how strong the right hand man of a yonko is? At least admiral level! But mofokers will insist no…smh

  • Saiyanelite

    How did first form frieza kill super saiyan Gohan?

    • Manored

      Frieza’s base power increased so much that his first form is now more powerful that his old last form, basically.

  • rambabu

    gohan is shown absolutely with out power of super saiyan.his role is not good at dragon ball super.he must be given more powers equal to goku and vegeta,the amine has weak spot by concentrating on only 2 important person leaving others out but in dragon ball z its very good to see the role of everyone clearly.