Dragon Ball Super episode 23 English Dubbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 23 Dubbed: “”


  • Brendan Louis

    when will the episode be up here? it just shows a blank spot where it should be

    • Brendan Louis

      there it is

      • https://animotime.com/ AnimoTime


  • ross

    its not working for me its saying there is an error

  • Unknown

    It keeps telling me the file can’t be played and there’s and error

  • Kaltham Alsowaidi

    When the next episodes will be up in English ? don’t want to see it in other language.

  • Kaltham Alsowaidi

    Ok now I understand how to now the time for the next episode, it is ok

  • vfffgfghg

    you get so hype on a fight starting but then the episode ends

  • Marshall Law

    Just to give everyone a heads up Dragon ball super episode 24 English dub is next week not tomorrow because the marathon!

  • Deathstar

    Fuck you unFUNimation.

    • Abdûl Ghani Alhindi


  • Lee Walton

    “Spare me your morals, Kakarot! I was eliminating a threat!”

  • Lee Walton

    Vegeta – best trash-talker under Beerus