Dragon Ball Super episode 22 English Dubbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 22 Dubbed: “”


  • Alex

    You cockteasing motherfuckers…

  • RagingVegito

    Episode is basically just the Namek saga.

  • CrashOver Ride

    why is dubbed show different then the subbed show i swear they aint show nun of this is subbed?

    • Chris Van Leersum

      Because it’s english and nog japanese

  • justoboy13

    i dont understand why the audio skipps when i use headphones i wonder if it is the adds.

  • Andrew Micallef

    i cant believe ive watched all this about 4 times and that’s without watching the same episode but counting both times i watched the movie in and out of cinema

  • Corey

    Damn Frieza is awesome

  • izonexe


  • Lee Walton

    Raging, they fucked up Piccolo’s power-scaling!!!!!
    DID THEY EVEN RE-READ THE DAMNED MANGA?!?!?!?!?! Piccolo should be more than enough for Ginyu, and Frieza should not be that powerful in his base-form