Dragon Ball Super episode 21 English Dubbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 21 Dubbed: “”


  • Marshall Law

    Buu is a sleep funny how the creator Akira treated Buu I think he doesn’t like buu character

    • ssj4gotenks

      I think buu is just too strong to make this entertaining… only frieza is probably strong enough to defeat him and im probably being optimistic here.

      • Deathstar

        I doubt that, both Buu and Cell are considerably stronger than Frieza even with his powerup in mind.

        • Hostile XY

          Yeah no, Frieza is stronger than both of them. Especially Cell, and perhaps even Buu considering that Goku & Vegeta are both powerful and Frieza is now rivaling them. If you only watch Dub than you wouldn’t know how powerful Frieza actually is right now. Frieza is crazy strong right now.

  • justoboy13

    why are all the words in Japanese?
    its like you took the Japanese version and just slapped the English dub on it.

    • Jhgh

      Thats what english dub is they dont reanimate everything

      • justoboy13

        but the past couple episodes werent like that.
        the episode names were in english now they are in japanese.

  • Ocarina Of Crime

    Buu is way too strong, they continue to make him fall asleep as the arcs go on, i feel like they don’t want to have them rely on Buu and make the characters have to become stronger on their own

  • D10 porco

    Broken link

  • Rit Mondal

    404 error olease fix it cant watch

    • Lee Walton

      video 2

  • Lee Walton

    Frieza’s new right-hand man has some depth to him that the Ginyu force lacked in DBZ, not mention power