Dragon Ball Super episode 20 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 20 : “Warning from Jaco! Freeza and His 1,000 Soldiers are Drawing Near!”


  • yaj

    Lol, Freeza’s such a bitch. Cooler was better.

    • Elliot Faulk

      whis is so sweet

    • Biteme

      Pretty sure Cooler is non-canonical though… i mean i prefer him over Frieza 100% but the cooler movie doesn’t really fit into the timeline… since Goku can’t transform at will.. but after returning to earth after leaving frieza “to die” he is more than capable of doing so.

      • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

        You are definitely correct, Cooler is non-canon. This quote from a commentator on a thread that debated the topic of Cooler being canon or non-canon sums up the evidence for this quite well:

        “When Goku fought Cooler, they were both on Earth. When Goku landed on Earth he immediately met Trunks and Goku could transform at will. In the movie, Goku had to transform by getting real angry then transforming in to a Super Saiyan. So how can Goku have a fight on Earth when he never landed on in? (Going back from Namek. Not literally never landing on it) Recap. If Goku could transform at will when he landed on Earth then how can he not do that when he fought Cooler. Let me remind you that the both of them happened after the frieza saga. In “my” opinion both cooler movies are alternate and noncannon.”

  • campking


  • Cz JahLey

    One Piece intro on the Krillin’s cellphone :v

    • LilJaySavage_345

      I knew it ????

  • Zeta66

    “Unable to play this video at this time. The number of allowed playbacks has been exceeded. Please try again later.” – Can’t watch the video because of this error, which is unexplained for some reason on the internet (as far as I can tell). When I get it I have to wait a day or two before I can watch videos again on this website. I hate being pushy but if you can then please figure out what causes that error.

    • http://mindfreakblueeyes.hi5.com mariusmac85

      What browser do you use?

    • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

      Oh lord, I hope that’s not one of those “this is a free site! just kidding, you’ve watched enough, now pay us to continue streaming episodes” things…. Sometimes, this can simply be an error on the website’s side. In simple terms, their servers might not have been able to handle the traffic they were getting at the time. But I am watching episodes just fine now, so you should give it another shot!

  • James Manbat Ba-oh

    lol Freeza only has 1000 soldiers? what he do? get a soilder per planet?

    • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

      As stated in the last episode, when word broke out that Frieza and a majority of his forces’ commanders were wiped out, rebellions broke out on several planets and they lost a multitude of soldiers. That’s why they brought him back in the first place.

  • Mr. Make Yo Dookie Twinkle

    Bulma looking foine.

    • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

      There is always at least one person to comment this…….. Yes, she is attractive.

      • Carson Barry

        Yeah, but y they do that tho?

  • Max

    Where the hell is Buu?

  • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

    There’s one thing I’ve never understood about the Japanese Dragon Ball… Why do they call him Son Goku? Is “Son” part of his Japanese name, or is this some sort of Japanese courtesy, calling someone by this name? If it is his name, it’s weird that they never mention it in the dubbed version… I don’t get it. Can someone explain?

    • Zachary Bartell

      Son Goku is the mythical Monkey King of folklore. Goku being of a simian race is loosely based on that fictitious character.

      • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

        Oh that makes sense. I wonder why they don’t call him “Son” in the dubbed anime though?

        • Zachary Bartell

          No clue. Maybe they figured plain Goku sounded better to western audiences, or that we wouldn’t get it. Look at Hercule for instance, in Japan his name is Satan. They changed it because western audiences are much more sensitive.

          • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

            Hahaha, that’s a good point. I always laughed when I was a kid and I watched the sub version of DBZ and they called him Satan. As a kid, I always thought, “I don’t get it! He’s not evil!” lol Either way, I’m glad that, if they change anything, it’s just the names of characters and not the plot!!

  • Manored

    Freeza’s is so painfully effeminate. I’m used to the Brazilian Portuguese dub where he has a proper manly voice, and actually sounds threatening.

  • CiscoThongSong

    Ive never eaten so much in my life

  • Madeley

    For some reason it won’t load. Anyone else having this problem.

  • AbedTh

    it’s one piece openingg on krilin’s phone XD