Dragon Ball Super episode 20 English Dubbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 20 Dubbed: “”


  • Husain Asghar

    I really don’t like the english version of the intro

  • Blofeld

    I wish TV shows these days would go for the full half-hour like they used to.

    • vineet gaur

      mee too!

    • JEEBS

      You do realize that the shows don’t have ads, right? The TV show itself is about 20 minutes, but the commercials make it 30 minutes.

      • Blofeld

        I said “used to” implying they used to in the past last 30 minutes, part of the show would be cut off just to fit the ads in, that’s the way ads worked back then.

  • ben ingram

    how many more episodes from now are basically just Resurrection F

    • Jackozzy

      i think it goes to 27

  • vineet gaur

    start dubbing faster!
    93 episodes to go!

  • Marshall Law

    Anyone think that toonami would have another marathon on fourth of july weekend which once again postpon dragonball super english dub?

  • Joshua Carnine

    Damn Bulmas titties tho

  • Collating

    jago voice sucks

  • Milos Djordjevic

    cyka blyat!

  • ImJustSayian

    What is the release schedule? Once a week? What day?


    fuck, bulma is so hot

  • lol

    Where’s the download link

  • Lee Walton

    Not gonna deny it, if I was in Frieza’s hell, I’d be angry, too….