Dragon Ball Super episode 2 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 2 : “To the Promised Vacation! Vegeta Goes on a Family Trip?!”


  • Yan

    Lol i do not like how people look at punchman, He is better than any of you lot!

  • Oliver

    After 39 years, oh my so long!! ooh no!

    • Doge_Gamer

      and Goten and Trunks havent changed in 39 years ….

      • SnowBeast420

        Goku is 39 years old dude! Lol Like goku and vegeta were not around when he was awakened last time! Do u know anything about listening ?

        • Jacob Lopez

          well vegeta is 49, last time beerus was awakened he was harassing vegats father. remember?

  • NineString

    I really, strongly dislike this portrayal of Vegeta. I get that he is supposed to have that PTSD, battle-hardened vibe, but the only real indication here that he is ever nice to Bulma is that they have a kid…

    • Mr. Make Yo Dookie Twinkle

      Ain’t nothing particularly nice about that lol.

    • Mazmusic Ornament

      i dont have prob with the voice acting. it changes the energy about them, but still same character. still the same heroes

    • Momo0000

      You’re giving him traits that were never mentioned in the series. He’s not ??????? to have a PTSD, battle-hardened vibe. Maybe in Dragon Ball Z sure you could make that argument.

    • Kr1spness

      As the show goes on you’ll see he’s actually a better husband than Goku, it’s just that Saiyan culture didn’t really have loving families and he’s embarrassed to show it in public.

  • BISP Secrets

    vegeta should be some pretty romantic with bulma

  • Arihant jain

    download page not working 🙁

  • Talha Ch

    Tell me please when dragon ball super dubbed in English

  • Shyam Kadian

    This video isn’t playing and neither downloading please help

  • Jesse

    Finally no sign up bs but where to find English version

  • Raven Gutierrez

    how to download?

  • Ahsan Khan