Dragon Ball Super episode 2 English Dubbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 2 Dubbed: “To the Promised Resort! Vegeta Goes on a Family Trip?!”


  • Ibad Ishtiaq

    First Comment

    • Ibad Ishtiaq

      Actually nvm im fucking stupid

  • CrashOver Ride

    the video isnt loading !!!

    • bigcountry

      same for me

      • Lee Walton


    • Dani Orochi Azimuth

      The video doesn’t even have a play button for me….

    • Hurrley

      Turn off your adblock for this domain and you’re good

      • Dani Orochi Azimuth

        oh! it’s working!…though I don’t get why it’s working now my adblocker was already disabled for this site…

      • Xxfrakin Gamer

        you like vegta when you talk OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

        • Chahino Saiyan Guy

          my adblock is enabled and it works fine for me

  • David An

    good thing this King Kai isnt dragon ball super Movies king kai, i HATE that voice actor, his voice isnt even enthusiastic, hell i like DBZ abridged Kai better, i think alot of people does

    • kawaiisammy

      Sean Schemmel, has always portrayed King Kai in the FUNimation dub. The original Japanese version lacks the same vigor, though.

    • http://www.wrestlingn.inc.com/ A double Abdul Aziz Memon !!!!

      How does he not have emotion? the dragonball super movies are shit anyway, everything has to be about goku and vegeta so gay

      • Marcus Shaw

        There are no Dragon Ball Super movies.

  • David An

    and i love that Trunks kept his original dub voice actor, he sounds perfect

    • UnknownSSoldier

      Interestingly trunks was the only voice actor that was replaced. Although they did a great job replacing her with the new girl.

      • darkracer


      • trixualz

        trunks’ voice actor is actually a woman and also no she wasnt replaced xdd

        • epic marco

          Lmfao yeah, the voice actor for kid trunks in the dbz dub was replaced for the super dub. But the new va sounds so good, you need to do your research to find that out.

          • A120

            No it wasn’t in the credits of the very episode it has Laura Bailey credited as Kid Trunks which has been kid Trunks all the time really.

  • Ashvind

    I really don’t like vegeta’s voice in the dubbed

    • UnknownSoldier

      It’s the same person they used last time though.

      • http://www.wrestlingn.inc.com/ A double Abdul Aziz Memon !!!!

        Same person they always used

    • Razer

      Chris Sabat has always voiced Vegeta for Funimation. His style for Vegeta has evolved over the years. Vegeta used to have this higher pitch to his voice but i prefer this new deeper sound

    • Technocality

      Die then!

    • Matthew

      It’s fine buddy .Why do you need to complain

      • Matthew Singh

        are…are you…yo……………………ARE YOU MY DOUBLE GANGER ????????

        • Matthew

          Of course not .Lol

    • remco

      your just wrong

  • Sam Kelly

    I set a weekly alarm on my phone for this

  • Jonathan M

    Why is it such low quality?


    • Tyler Ross

      720p isn’t too low.

      Also the sooner you watch it the lower the quality.

  • Vegeta

    Why don’t they do episode previews in the Dub?

    • ChocoPancakes

      They do, it’s just not on here.

    • Shariq

      They actually don’t do it. Not any case of it not being here but they don’t even do it for a reason we don’t know. Well they didn’t do these for Z so I guess in keeping with that.

  • Ecks520

    Video says it’s playing but its not… at 17+ minutes. so lame.

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100014495400042 Ashley Saiyangirl

    This ep. was AMAZING. Although, some of their voices were shit.

  • Omegus

    No, it’s over. The sub is just better. I swear they cut the part with Beerus destroying half the planet…why? It was much longer in the sub.

    • OmegusIsFuckingDumb

      wasnt that in the first episode?

      • Omegus

        No it wasn’t. Maybe they are trying to build suspense…who knows? Stupid though since it was a good scene.

        • Swazy Plus

          it was the first episode dumbass
          lol smh go check if u want

        • Kurukuruchanfan

          Omegus is right, go check for yourself. It’s in the first episode.

    • A – Kuma

      That was in the first episode…

  • qwertdoogle1357

    The damn timeline keeps popping up and won’t stop! >:(

    • Yotam Wolfsthal

      That happens sometimes when you tamper with the space-time continuum.

  • dulucas123

    why dragon ball super is on adult swim?

    • qwertdoogle1357

      Because Adult Swim owns Toonami

      • qwetdoogle1357

        Lol just kidding, you really stupid ass!

    • zerosteel45

      They paid to have the right to show it in america

  • DLER

    When will download available?

  • Bradley Ellsworth Nicklaus Pol

    The intro was cut differently and I think the original cut was better.

    • Chris Sun

      Me too

    • Matthew Singh

      me too

  • Black Dynamite

    Vegeta is not father material at all.

    • zerosteel45

      No shit dude what gave you that idea? All the time he spends with his one and only son?

      • Black Dynamite

        I can tell you watch this all day

        • zerosteel45

          pff i wish I watch anime very rearly I once ever few months will i sit down and binge watch something

  • Yo Gotti

    i prefer the Portuguese dub

  • Ian Humpherys

    The narrator in the intro sound like the narrator from the first pokemon series doesn’t he?

  • Eragon Pry

    It’s dragon ball super Tamil dub how many days..?

  • fagg

    Why download for episode 2 took so long up?



  • Matt Shillam

    I’m pissed Bulma isn’t Bulma.

  • Conspiracy Brother™

    Goku always transmits to the worst possible spot lol… he needs to work on that.

  • David Simmons

    No problem so far

  • Jack Danger

    Kaio-Sama, you were going, like, five miles an hour. Chill.

  • That Guy

    Where the hell is the download link?

  • moe

    The Jap version ruins everything

  • Hakimul Islam

    did the different intro trigger anyone else?

  • Goku

    hey plz can anyone tell me how can i download these dubbed episodes

  • Foxcheetah

    Alright, after viewing the comments there’s one thing I really need to know. Is the subbed version or dubbed version better? I’ve only watched dubbed for this whole time, but now I’m seeing a lot of people say that the dubbed is bad. Is is? Personally, I’ve always liked the dubs, but I really need to know which one I should watch. And please don’t start a war over this. And don’t be a sub elitest, either.

  • Sagar Dalvi

    best of best DB–S

  • Andreas Hoekman


  • DBZ

    the video is not downloading even with thw download option !!

  • DBZ

    the video is not downloading eeven with the download option !! what should I do

  • Lee Walton

    Ah, man! So glad I found a DB streaming site with DisQus on it! Yuuuus!!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5915eb11d285cd4b0e17b5b42277b4d39d2d0955fc2e002bc1cca80f9bcadc9b.jpg
    Even happier than Pancake face