Dragon Ball Super episode 19 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 19 : “Despair Once Again! Resurrection of the Evil Emperor Freeza!”


  • PIKACHU 11

    i dont see anything

  • Gia

    the pilaf team are so cuuuteeeee 🙂

  • Zarbon

    Frieza brought back to life just so he could get his ass kicked again. Haha.

    • Elliot Faulk

      would be amazing if buu was the hero for once lmao

      • Gohan

        I never thought buu was going to be in good side.

    • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

      Every time. xD


    i feel so bad for the pilaf team

    • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

      Not me!! Did you watch the original Dragon Ball? Pilaf is fucking awful! xP

  • M

    Dude nowadays even Krillin can one-shot Freeza man C’mon.

    • Max

      lol exactly!

    • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

      Indeed, Frieza has fallen so far behind in the natural DB power level progression lmao.

    • Manored

      Krillin is sufficiently useless that I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s actually still weaker than Frieza.

  • http://botanbutton.tumblr.com/ botanbutton

    Piccolo is Green Dad.

  • Phoenix Fire

    Not really a fan of the fact that they’ve literally just lengthened out the movies to make these sagas…

    • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

      I’m sure there will be additional story.

  • Larkspur94

    i didn’t see the second movie. forgot about it or something, will watch it after. so i don’t know how frieza could possibly be a threat yet. but in all honesty, we have beerus. who can level a universe by accident in a fight with goku. getting beyond silly with the power levels here. whats next? being able to destroy the entire multiverse. time and space itself? common. theres only so much milk in the dead cow horse. (didn’t know how else to phrase that)

    • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

      Yeah it is getting a little beyond comprehension, but honestly, I’m just glad they’re still producing content. And it’s better than GT 😀

  • Ĵîñkêz

    Its kinda annoying how he keeps coming back.. over and over again…

  • asdfasdf

    uh. Not to be a nit picker, but didnt all the scouters just blow up because of freeza? so how does the guy still have one?

  • That guy that posts stuff

    So they get 3 wishes yet Goku and them get 1 when they wish for super saiyan god?

    • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

      Shenron retreated when Goku made that wish because he was terrified of Beerus. That’s probably why they didn’t get their other 2 wishes.

  • Ricky Wayne Jenkins

    As much as I hate the subbed voices for most Dragon Ball characters (especially subbed Goku, fucking EWWW)… Frieza’s is sooooo much better than the dubbed voice. I never understood why they feel the need to have girls voice male characters and vice versa.

  • Damian Meneses

    I don’t get how they resurrected Frieza from being chopped up by older Trunks if in this show Trunks is still a little kid

    • bump

      that trunks was from the future and a separate timeline where the androids took over