Dragon Ball Super episode 19 English Dubbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 19 Dubbed: “I’ve Come Too! Training Begins on Beerus’ Planet!”


  • We Got Deathstar

    And yet we are still forced to watch through each episode once a week even if we saw the full movie. I miss when shows aired once a day and lasted a full 30 minutes.

    • Yehlemna

      The only reason we have dragon ball super dub so fast is because of this whole routine of waiting for a full week for 1 episode. If dragon ball super dub was a daily episodic show, then it would catch up to the original Japanese version too soon. The Japanese dub also deserves to be watched by viewers, animation doesn’t come for free. Be happy that we even have the Dragon ball series being made by the original creators. It could have ended for good with dragon ball GT.

      Have patience.

  • Aiwin Diniz

    What happened to episode 20

    • Blofeld

      It was delayed. -_-

      • SSJ Blue Dude

        When will it be out?

        • Blofeld

          Looks like it already was, the next button goes to it.

    • Lee Walton

      21 stole it’s thunder!