Dragon Ball Super episode 17 English Dubbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 17 Dubbed: “Pan Is Born! And Goku Goes on a Training Trip”


  • Ben Mackey

    Cant wait to watch the trunks arc in English its gona be sick

    • LegendaryUub

      I watched trunks arc in Japanese over 5 times. imagine for english version xD

    • Kenny Beam

      Damn right

  • Jaden LB

    Maaann.. an ENTIRE episode wasted on some bullshit, all that filler :[ I understand the build up but damn 🙁 ..you already KNOW the waiting time is insufferable enough you AT LEAST could’ve shown me vegeta training or some shit at beerus’s residence for like ten minutes. -.-‘ Sigh.. another hopeless FULL WEEK of waiting. Lmfao

    • Max van den Elsen

      Haha i bet it was as painfull back when dragonball z released xD
      Since dragonball has always been notorious for draging things out immensely
      Its quite the charm of the anime but sadly when you have to follow it weekly it kinds sucks

    • Josh Ramirez

      You mean like an entire episode of vegeta charging final flash lol

  • lloyd carman

    I think that I talk for everyone when I say this. But Chichi shut your big mouth and leave Pan to be raised by Gohan and Videl.

    • We Got Deathstar

      Chichi gets what she wanted with Gohan but she just isn’t satisfied at all.

  • Tranen

    Vegeta’s doing WHAAAAAAT??!!!?!?? Love that part XD

  • We Got Deathstar

    Honestly I find the filler of the new show less as bareable than the filler of DBZ including the new anime gags.

  • Eric Lavallee

    where is today’s dubbed episode?

    • Graeme E Bradley

      Been wondering this myself

  • xyz123

    chi chi is retarded af. egoistic selfish little fuck twat. i hope chi chi will disappear out of dbs.

  • Lee Walton

    the intro sequence music got shit, didn’t it?
    Remember the DBZ music? Badass synthery that still can’t be matched today… Clearly