Dragon Ball Super episode 16 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 16 : “Vegeta Becomes a Pupil?! Take Down Whis!”


  • Gia

    what no comment on this episode……ROFL

  • NineString

    I really hate Vegeta’s portrayal in this series. He hasn’t changed at all from when he landed on earth… at least in some other representations he was tender with Bulma.

    • Gregory Gan

      I think this portrayal makes more sense: before being tender with anyone, Vegeta needed to learn some humility, which began with the Buu saga and seems to have come as close to full circle as it ever will with this episode. And although “tender Vegeta” does not necessarily imply “tender-in-public Vegeta,” we’ve certainly seen him give it his best shot.

      • Itay Bashan

        exactly, there was a moment of humility in the boo saga, but later on and in ‘GT’ he went back to his old ways

        • Preston

          GT shouldn’t even be considered. It was garbage.

  • Victoria

    i am not saying I don’t think it’s hilarious but seeing Vegeta act like makes me die just a little bit on the inside. It hurts me right in the childhood.

    • Decklo

      I know right XD?

      • Itay Bashan

        Vegeta was always very competitive and wanting to be the stronger, and especially stronger than Goku, so it’n not surprising he’ll be willing to make a fool of himself in order to do it

    • Rationalific

      Yeah. For the sake of slapstick comedy, he humiliates himself. I could understand if it was a “funny” character, but Vegeta is not supposed to be. At least the animation from this episode (and in recent ones before this) has been very good. Sometimes, the animation quality slips. In this case, the writing quality slipped.

      • Elliot Faulk

        vegeta is like sonic’s shadow the hedgehog or knuckles it makes sense hes mad

      • Andre Rodrigues

        you mad bro

      • JacoveSeagravy

        It just goes to show how powerful this Beerus really is if even Vegeta cowers. Vegeta has seen him before so he has known how strong he is and thats why he acts like this. For a little bit he wants to fight Beerus and then realizes how dumb it would be. I said the same thing when I first saw Vegeta acting like a bitch, but it really helps put power levels into perspective after such a long time away.

    • James Manbat Ba-oh

      I actually love it since it contrasts with the character that was originally introduced to us, I guess characters go on a arch and change, it was really funny seeing him advocate the food on planet earth as if he was an earthling himself, you can see how he’s adjusted to “being human” despite him being too proud for it. I see him making a fool of himself shows how he’s matured and knows that he isn’t the ultimate/cocky fighter and that there’s a greater force in the universe which he must play to.

  • Cazval Asakura

    LMFAO One Punch GOKU!!!

  • David Servais

    Vegeta can’t even crack an egg LOL xD

  • Epic Sigh bro

    Yeah, Vegeta’s losin a lot of edge in the series as far as I’ve said. But…then again, this isn’t nearly as hardcore as DBZ was to begin with. So…-sigh- what can ya do?

    • Epic Sigh bro


  • Jamie Legends

    What the fuck did I just watch with Vegeta XDD

  • Anastasia Tang

    Why does Vegeta have to act so goofy like that. It aint right. This is not him!!!!

  • http://botanbutton.tumblr.com/ botanbutton

    Vegeta worked so hard to get that opportunity, lol. I love OOC Vegeta.

  • Mike

    Am I the only one who noticed, that the newly born chicken in vegeta’s hand is pointing along with him on his dramatic reveal at 19:56? ROFL!

  • Christian Guevara

    holy fuck whis is hilarious LOL

  • Manored

    Goku could easily turn his solar-system-destroying power level into mad profits, too bad he is too dumb to think of a better job than failing at farming.

  • Chance Stephens

    well i think that dragon ball super is the best of the dragon ball series