Dragon Ball Super episode 15 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 15 : “Brave Satan, Cause a Miracle! A Challenge from Outer Space!”


  • Lu

    This Satan guy is really annoying. I don’t know why Goku doesn’t receive the credit he deserves. It would be better without Satan!

    • djfjhf

      i use too think that but then i thought that would kinda of suck then no one will try and mess with goku and he will be on tv all the time and just show how the character is humble.

      • Matthew

        I sorta thought it would comedy .I mean how do you expect vindel the girl who is gohan’s wife

    • Matthew

      I guess it’s comedy that the author wanted to put

    • Elliot Faulk

      but buu!

  • :P

    Na, I think its MUCH funnier WITH him, and it shows how giving Goku is

  • Gia

    that Snak thank you dance though………….

  • doo doo man

    i made poo in my bed

  • Decklo

    Well… looks like they’re worshiping “Satan” lol

  • lumocity

    There should be a cringe button

  • Flamoy

    F I L L E R E D

  • Jamie Legends

    Satan should be removed, annoying prick

  • SamAnd Steffi Breidinger

    That vajayjay on chi chi must b some bomb for Goku to stay with her lol

  • Zeno

    She ALREADY spent all that money?!
    Good luck with getting to college, Goten. Your mom will probably be stealing your paychecks before you turn 18.

    • Chris Soprano

      right what she spent was like 10 million usd worth how in the hell is that even possible in a few days xD

      • Manored

        Feeding Goku.

  • Mazmusic Ornament

    most unentertaining episode. now i will just ddos the site because im god of world wide web destructor.
    lol just kidding, but i dont like this kind of tackyness, its very childish.
    original dbz was more serious.
    i guess new animation techniques via computer speed up the work, thus more comedy and more action.
    sorry folks, just my two cents.

    • Elliot Faulk

      haha come on its dbz we had episodes like that trust me

  • Mhmmd

    IT’s so funny that this website is ad free and faster than crunchyroll ,WTF im i paying for?

  • Manored

    I wonder if Majin Buu will ever be relevant again or if he will just be the big fat pink guy who hangs around in the background.

  • Alex Evander Dreyar

    Never thought I’d see Gohan trying to cook…