Dragon Ball Super episode 15 English Dubbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 15 Dubbed: “Make a Miracle, Satan the Hero! A Challenge from Outer Space”


  • ssj4gotenks

    yaaaa… finally no more movie arc. Only took 14 episodes to finish that off… now its gonna become sweet. 😀

    • T-Doggg

      We still have the freeza arc to get by pretty soon! fortunately they changed quite a bit and gave it more depth so it’s a bit a lot less tedious than the gods arc!

      • Sanford Bassett

        I assume you can’t stand the japanese actor’s voices either? (Krillin is the worst. He sounds like that one brat from My Neighbor Totoro)

        • Skydevil10

          funny how you think that, Krillin’s jp voice actor is the the voice actor for Luffy from one piece.

        • Saeris

          lol so many bardock pictures

          • Lee Walton

            they’re not even canon bardock pics, either

    • fucku

      was it just me or was the voice acting suddenly improved on this one?

  • We Got Deathstar

    Why won’t episode 14 work?

  • Audie Gutierrez

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAA I forgot my tractorrrr aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Xfing

    Lord Biebus <3

  • Swagershager

    an ad keeps tryna download a virus lmao. my virus protection can track the source

  • Peko Vujovic

    Yeah, Japanese voice actors suck ass

  • Lee Walton

    Ah, this felt like the first filler episode, sadly. 🙁
    Some good funny moments, but this is about it

  • Lee Walton

    when’s the next dubbed season?