Dragon Ball Super episode 14 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 14 : “This is the Last Bit of My Power! Conclusion! Battle of Gods”


  • Cojaga

    Goku Has No Problem Breathing In Space, But When He Is Under Water Suddenly He Can’t Hold His Breath….

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3ynFz-c4NI7EhJhyjyNiEg?app=desktop anditwould

      True that

      • Circles in Mind

        doesnt solve the water drowning mystery..
        if he doesnt need to breath he shouldnt have problems with being underwater..

        • Jeff Holley

          Saiyans can breath in atmospheres that Humans cannot… Goku and Beerus were still in the outer-layers of the Earths atmosphere so there was still oxygen to breath.

    • jack

      yeah he wasnt able to breathe in space in the past. After namek blew up he mentions how he had to go planet to planet while holding his breath. Which is why he tried so hard to use friezas ship. He probably could fly faster than that ship could

      • YorKeY

        bull shit, GOKU NEVER SAID THAT. LMAO ” going from planet to planet holding his breathe? “

    • Alpha

      Its because he turned into a god, gods don’t have to breath.

      • Kartik Pourush

        If he doesn’t even have breath, how can he even make sounds?
        The most logical explanation is that the creators did not think about the physics, but rather went with effects.

      • Christopher M McHenry

        If you went with what you just said, how do you explain about him almost drowning when he was underwater?

  • Oliver

    That would be a badass way to end it.

  • Steellz

    is this official sub, or was it fan made?

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3ynFz-c4NI7EhJhyjyNiEg?app=desktop anditwould

      Fan made, obviously.

      • Vaib

        wait u srs that its fan made?

        • Itay Bashan

          The subtitles, not the show

  • NineString

    I told you to use a condom, Gohan!

  • yot

    Holyshit, this has to be the most Goku has ever pushed to. Fucking so crazy that it made me uncomfortable.

  • Sasha N


  • Mr. Miggle

    I just loved how beerus said that goku falling back into orbit was a cool way to end it lol

  • Larkspur94

    videl has a pan in the oven.

    can’t believe i only just thought up that joke lol.
    pan means bread to those who didn’t know.

    • https://disqus.com/by/animulover2wins/ AnimeLover2Wins


  • Ĵîñkêz

    So far this is good i just wish it was in actual English instead of looking at sub titles

  • dasdasd

    false thuing in real movie beerus only use 70 percent of his strength and beats goku :/

    • Christopher M McHenry

      Whis confirms that Beerus was lying about using 100 of his power to draw out all of Goku’s potential as a SSG.

  • Manored

    Not sure why there is a shot that focuses on Vegeta’s crotch. Eh.

  • Phuc Yu

    damnit goku teleport outta the water!!!

  • FR3D

    Anddd of course when goku falls from space into earth he falls perfectly onto the boat right where everyone is standing.

    • Christopher M McHenry

      Would be silly for him to fall thr a random house in the middle of a city on the opposite side of the world. If you remember, when Beerus and Gonu are fighting, they primarily just go Up, rather then Out and About.

  • PA Gaming

    Damn. Vegeta waited all these episodes just to catch Son Goku falling into Earth’s atmosphere. Now that’s a bromance.

  • QuiteMan

    People can argue about the things they don’t like but they don’t say that they enjoyed it. Just because there are some little mistakes?!
    Know the efforts they do to make an animated series, and voice acting.

    I just enjoyed this episode as I did in my childhood, without caring about animation, laws of physics and other scientific things.