Dragon Ball Super episode 13 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 13 : “Goku, Go Surpass Super Saiyan God!”


  • Oliver

    I love the look of regular super saiyan

  • Decklo

    Anyone else just love the background music :3

    • I Am Seth

      especially when Vegeta interrupted Piccolo. I felt 13 again

      • Decklo

        lol! I mean the old music was great too but it’s nice to have variety, you know?

        • I Am Seth

          ah okay 🙂 I was talking about how they made the music more tense and powerful on that specific moment

  • SamAnd Steffi Breidinger

    I’m just curious why he can’t go ss4….

    • lolol

      i guess you didn’t know about GT not being cannon

      • SamAnd Steffi Breidinger

        What do u mean cannon gt was awesome

        • bob

          gt not being cannon means its not real. its not by akiriatoriama and it wont be real. another person made it. awesome or not its not part of the story therefore its not cannon and never will be. cannon is another world for part of the story so gt is not part of DB story

          • SamAnd Steffi Breidinger

            Ok thanks

          • Ĵîñkêz

            I still think he can go ssj4 if he wanted to and i do think its apart of the dragon ball z series but if the creators and akiriatoriama could i think he’d agree to make him go sssj4 in super god mode but that’s just my 2 cents..

          • Jacob Anderson

            It’s not canon man. It was never in DBZ. The creators have said it themselves.

        • Chris Soprano

          did i just read GT was awesome ewwwwwwwwww no

    • Mr. Make Yo Dookie Twinkle

      He doesn’t have his tail obviously.

      • SamAnd Steffi Breidinger

        Has nothing to do with it…..

        • Mr. Make Yo Dookie Twinkle

          Sarcasm is not your strong suit.

    • Bounty Hunter

      because gt is not considered cannon

  • Damon Albarn

    Strange that he survived in void space beeing “regular” ssj despite in freeza saga when he fought freeza there was line that he cannot survive in void of space… Quite inconsistent.

    • Mohammad Arham Shah

      well thats because he was still inside the atmosphere, not completely out of it

      • http://sekcjazdrowia.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

        When Vegeta fought that magma robot he had trouble with beathing because of shortages of oxygen, so how Goku could breathing is so diluted atmosphere (let’s suppose there were still inside tha atmosphere, but stil… the oxygen there is extremely diluted).

        • Josue Torres

          hes a god…

          • https://dietarths.blogspot.com/ ddark

            Makes even less sense because Vegeta at this point absorbed God into base form. This anime has seriously broken logic.

          • Christopher M McHenry

            If you were using logic, logic would tell you that if you crash into a mountain from 10,000 feet up you are going to die. Logic will also tell you that people can’t fly or create balls of energy using their inner Ki.

          • https://dietarths.blogspot.com/ ddark

            You clearly don’t get the point what I’m talking about. I’m not talking about REALISM. I am talking about INTERNAL LOGIC AND CONSISTENCY. The author set the logical rules of his world, but then he should follow this rules for the world to be consistent. If You don’t follow INTERNAL LOGIC (or rules – name it as You wish) then You can pull out of Your ass everything and don’t even bother to explain, because show has little to no consistency.
            So, if You argue that God doesn’t need oxygen to breath and then You see identical example who shows something different then we have situation of internal logic dissonance which is rather indication of bad writing – not the matter of realism or lack of it.

  • Manored

    So apparently Beerus can destroy the universe with less than a 100th of his power. Sounds like he’s overqualified for his job =)