Dragon Ball Super episode 128 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 128 : “”


  • Donivan Biggs


  • Bryan Eduard


  • ‏‏

    Oh great, 129 is delayed by an extra week, sigh. -_-

    • Gamertrayy boss

      that is so true and my mid term if ending on monday now i have school again :/

    • ‏‏

      It looks like the English dub is also following suit.

  • PokemonLeader

    Why the hell did they delay Dragon ball super episode 129 by another week.

    • Annilynn

      Because it’s a major battle that shouldn’t be rushed less it turn out looking like shit?

      • PokemonLeader

        they might upload 2 episode at once like last time(When goku fought Jiren)

      • Danny Zum

        Be quiet u little turd

        • Aaron Soldier

          cry kid

        • Annilynn

          Says the person that got their jimmies rustled over a little comment.

      • Azure Flame Kite X

        thing is…because there was no announcement…to me it sounds like they are going to ruin it with too many comments from the side bench…like in every f*cking episodes.

    • Omark

      Marathon in Japan and no, not two episodes at once

  • Beerus Sama

    https://ww2.dragonballway. biz/dragon-ball-super-episode-129-english-subbed/

  • Egg_Runner

    69th ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Alex Gogue

    How come Champa’s gone but the other Gods with no more players are still in the stands? Nigga you were suppose to be erased.

    • Ahmed Osama Basil

      Because those are the gods of the 4 other universes that are not a part of the tournament of power

      • NutsCSS

        Your are half right, those are Angels, even gods of that universe will be erased when losing. They explained numerous time in those episode b4.

        • Omark

          No. Those gods do not participate in the tournament because their mortal level was high. Exactly like @ahmedosamabasil:disqus explained

  • Devin wong

    As long as Goku stalls Jiren till the end, universe 7 will win. Don’t forget that Freiza is not off the fighting stage

  • Arman Nazaryan

    gets on to watch next episode
    *hello darkness my old friend*

  • 0.o

    >How to ruin everyone’s week

    • Filma24HD.com

      by not posting the next episode LOL

  • Denis Mehmedov

    or maybe some of the team who make the animation are sick and cant draw an thats why the delay

    • Omark

      Marathon in Japan that´s why no new episode

  • Burak Murat Görmez



    Lol. Love how the subtitles at end are like “who will be last? Jiren or Goku?”

    Not a single mention of Frieza. This tells me that Frieza will be last standing.

  • LJ VPN

    i cant w8 for the next episode, i hope not draw


    may be they do that like last time but dnt think so it could happen


    may be possible


    i also wait 129 but they delay it

  • Smith Dan

    it delayed cause of chinese new year

  • Lee Walton

    Of course that ever-so-illusive Ultra Instinct would kick in at the last second, of course!!! What a fucking piss-take!!!

    • James Waldron

      It’s the third time he’s done it this tournament; they foreshadowed this scenario super hard. Shouldn’t be a surprise.

    • Swirly

      Exactly… It was obvious. The only “piss-take” thing was when Vegeta was saved when his boot clung onto the rock.