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  • Muneeb Ahmad


  • Alexander Vd Meulen Mr-Quest

    NO 17 ur the ulitmate android

  • jack

    Android 17 is rlly the true mvp here

  • Syed TCB

    Vegeta was badass in this! Dayum! However I wish they gave a little more build up before his last power up thinking about his family n cabba….it seemed too rushed.

    • Rouge Krama Macaluso


    • The Legend27

      Probably bc DBS has only 4 or 5 episodes left?
      Just sayian

      • Natsumi Sadatake

        Good joke, but it’s pronounced Saiyan.

        • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfKcyCPs2y03dBSweQjnWwQ Yo It’s Shannon

          it’s spelled that way. You never heard it pronounced through his comment. XD

          • Natsumi Sadatake

            Derp.. wasn’t paying attention.

    • d3rd3vil

      It was BULLSHIT from top to bottom. Getting stronger is ok but destroying every destruction attack HELL NO impossible…..

      • ShadyLoki

        You fail to see Vegeta has some of that shounen main character which allows him to power boost from just thinking about his friends and family in tough situations

      • Ko Ki

        but goku doing hakai even tho he is not god of destruction is ok? gtfo goku fag

      • Natsumi Sadatake

        I normally respect the opinions of others, but YOU’RE the one who’s FULL OF BULLSHIT from top to bottom. ShadyLoki has a point. Saiyans have something called a ZENKAI BOOST and something called PRIDE. Vegeta mostly has pride over his Zenkai Boost, though. (Even though that’s what helps him, Goku and any other Saiyan get stronger from one second to the other easily.)

      • Ryan Nichols

        Except…he did it. So it’s not impossible lol

      • Mark Sidney Foster

        People, it’s the god ki. It has certain properties, it is the ki all gods (including gods of destruction) have in them, and use to fight. It makes sense for it to be impervious to the destructive effects of hakai energy.

      • Aaron Soldier

        Yeah how the hell did Vegeta crybaby beat a god of destruction??

  • Dimas Wahyu Prabowo

    But where’s Frieza tho ??

    • Donivan Biggs

      i think he is hiding, either waiting for a good chance to strike, to recover energy, or both

      • Dimas Wahyu Prabowo

        Guess what. In the end, everybody get knocked off the stage and Frieza will appears to be the winner. He’ll ask super shenron whatever he wants.

        • Akaalis

          most likely that or….. he might be dead…. for good….

    • Milan Babic

      I’m expecting he will come back at the last minute and shoot his one finger blast and somehow win. lol

      • Prem Somani

        lol i thought the same

      • Jens Ingels

        Nah, I’m sure they will just win because the time runs out and they remain with more people on the battlefield.

      • Frank SPIFF

        there’s NO WAY Toriyama is ending DBS off of technicality(more players left in the arena)

  • lolegaia

    this site is getting worse almost 10 ads in one click what the heck.

    • a

      im also getting more pop ups than usual

      • http://www2.dragonball-time.com/ DB Time

        it was coming from the video host. its fixed now.

    • DaHell

      Man Im saying tho

    • ♔King_Sims♔🤑👌️💪


    • Mr.Sinbad

      If you use chrome go get the extension Popup Blocker (strict) and ublock origin

    • Anivia

      Use Ad block lol
      For your own sake.

    • oculairmedia

      0 pop ups for me

  • Nancy Sara

    **Here the full episode english subbed HD , also you can download it : http://cuon. io/ oh2p999

  • Bszelda

    Holy crap. So 17 may end up defeating Jiren. That would be one hell of a twist lol

    • d3rd3vil

      Yeah right….^^ Would fit the shows development just end it. Or maybe Jiren eliminates himself steps of the arena or sth. I hope that happens its all fucked anyway. 4 on 1 now….yeah right……Either 17 and Vegeta get eliminated next episode (Vegeta lost ALL his energy here against Toppo….easy for Jiren) or fuck them all

  • Visual

    Android 17 is Awesome

  • goku

    Jiren smiled !! Never thought I’d see the day

    • ShadyLoki

      it scared me lol

    • Bruno

      Exactly same thoughts!

  • redi

    this episode really sucks 4/10 , wtf this useless return of frieza?

    • ♔King_Sims♔🤑👌️💪

      it had a lot of repeated scenes too



  • Rouge Krama Macaluso
  • a

    is it just me or am i getting more pop up ads then usual? like it took me 6 different ads to get to this page alone, not even starting the video

  • ♔King_Sims♔🤑👌️💪

    Next episode with 17 looks sick

  • Harvey Azra

    what an important episode and character to mess up

    • JUSTAnAdvocate

      I see no messed up character or episode. Is this the part you tell me I’m missing something?

      • Harvey Azra

        Animation was crap in comparison to the last episode and a God of Destruction (whom is trying 100%) should be able to dispose of android 17 in a second without even trying. Also its annoying as hell that they brought frieza back again.

  • Shook

    goku and vegeta fuse mak vegto then vegito fusion dances with android 17 and makes a strong as mother fucker with infinite energy

    • Donivan Biggs


    • ShadyLoki

      lol I know you’re joking, but Vegito would have to lower his power level to 17’s lvl making No. Vegiteen (idfk lol) weaker than just doing a potara stack onto a potara fusion, though we don’t know if a potara fusion can potara fuse with another being..

      • Jaykr8

        Vegiteen!!!! Hahahahhahahhahhaaaaa bruuuh best comment ever!! You just made my week with that shit!!

        • Jared

          And the opposite fusion is Seventito.

      • abir shoukat

        Potara is not like fusion, the power levels don’t need to be the same.

        • ShadyLoki

          Lol he said fusion dancing with 17.

    • ShadyLoki

      how many potara fusions could a potara fusion do, if a potara fusion could potara fuse with a fused? lol

  • Akaalis

    So is Frieza dead….

    this time……

    for good… ?

    • Syed Talha

      He must be hiding, waiting for that right moment. Heck! he got a straight hit from jiren’s attack jiren must’ve been disqualified if he killed frieza :3

  • Seif97ify

    So there’s like 2 minutes left and somehow Vegeta gets his powers back and turns into SS Blue again? Yeez, the writers needs to put in at least some kind of logic, been so much bs in dragon ball super.

    • d3rd3vil

      He powered up to the new Blue form he then powered up beyond a god he lost ALL his power and half a minute later there he is back to top form! DB SUPER GOD BLESS THIS SHOW 🙂 Thank god it ends after 131 they need to get back to proper storytelling with slower powerups.

  • Christopher Lewis

    BS! Using last episode’s minutes to fill this one..

  • Akaalis

    Oh Beerus, you better start talking to Vegeta as a normal peer from now on…

  • Boom244

    Jiren: How Pathetic. I expected more from you.
    Goku: Hey, you can’t say that-

    *roundhouse kick into a pillar*

    • Bruno


  • MrLogic

    lol vegeta fanboys sound like happy school girls….

    • Mzima Mortensen

      Hey I’m a Goku fan, but Vegeta was badass in this ep.

    • JUSTAnAdvocate

      You don’t like Vegeta and/or his fans. Got it.

  • Steve McCord

    Why do they intentionally try to give us spoilers? Is that just an anime thing? Do the Japanese love spoilers? I’ve wondered this for a while. The episode titles are spoilers. The episode previews are often times spoilers, going as far as showing a fusion/transformation when it should be saved as a big reveal. And now they literally show a clip of the CLIMAX OF THE EPISODE just before the opening theme song. Am I crazy? Is this normal? Is this okay?

    • The Legend27

      Pretty sure you get previews even for western movies for example trailers or next episode previews for season based movies like game of thrones pretty sure its not only the japs involved

      • Shambles1980TRealOne

        i think he is saying. “nightmare on elm street” isn’t called..

        child murderer comes back after being killed, in peoples dreams to kill them then gets killed at the end by the people he attacks.

        but if it was anime it probably would be called that.

      • Frank SPIFF

        hes referring to SPOILERS not previews bro

  • QJ2032

    whose that other destroyer god sitting behind krillin @ 10:55? could there be another hidden fighter from his universe ?

    • Roshi212

      He’s from universe 5, they didn’t have to fight because of their universe’s higher power level

  • Md Alt Ahmed

    Man if goku and vegeta fuse to defeat jiren that would be dream come true . My vegeta is so powerful he dont need ultra instinct he is a god now caz he beat the god . Vegeta the true prince of all saiyans

    • JeffBrian

      Toppo obtained the powers of destruction but he’s not there yet. He’s just a candidate.

      • Md Alt Ahmed

        That means Vegeta can also be candidate

    • d3rd3vil

      No fusion or fuck you all! ALL the buildup with Ultra Instinct and now the fuckers cant bury it like that because blue gets bluer and bluer and darker and better and everything every second its BULLSHIT. Ultra Instinct is TOTALLY new unlike that blue bullshit its just another powerup like all the transformations before like ALL of them but UI is absolutely new from top to bottom. Now show the fucking shit now!

      • Md Alt Ahmed

        Now it’s time for Vegeta to shine . He is equal to goku . I would love to see either both of them defete jiren or none . I wanna see Vegeta fight and a whole episode dedicated to him

        • Feelmetal Edwin

          Greedy Vegeta fan, you already had this episode. This is the Goku show, y’know?

  • wowlock

    Soo considering Beerus was a 10 and Whis 15. I would put Goku and Vegeta at 8 with Toppo 9….and now Vegeta at 9. Goku with Ultra instinct is 11 and jiren 12 because I need to see a serious angel fight to determine if Jiren can actually challenge one.

    • Zanyar Mahmoud

      Powerlevels are bullshit

      • JUSTAnAdvocate

        Good for you.

    • JUSTAnAdvocate

      That 10 and 15 thing was scrapped once Super came out.

  • Shdhdh

    No 17 is actually quite awesome 😎

  • The Legend27

    RIght now everyone who did DBS powerscaling is getting their scale thrown out of the window where they put jiren and UI goku around the same level

  • VINit

    i am not digging the ending song

  • The Legend27

    I have frost vibes for jiren
    He is turning to be more of a villain than a warrior of justice
    At least from this last 1 minutes of the episode

    • Mzima Mortensen

      ikr lmao

  • Novex

    dafuq toppo think himself is strongest & very arrogant. Lousy character same like the Riben.

  • Omark

    Logicial error in last episode:
    Toppo said: I am beyond good and evil now, only survival counts

    And yet Toppo threw a ball of destruction energy to Frieza and said afterwards: I am surprised you survived this. –> Dude WTF you would have been erased which means a lower chance of survival

    I really hated that part

  • JC

    Doesn’t seem unrealistic that a max power Vegeta at SSB+ could beat Toppo. Toppo has god of destruction powers but he has not mastered them yet. He’s still a trainee and a candidate, not a full fledged god yet.

    • Omark

      Yes but Vegeta was weaker then Frieza when the tournament started and he got his ass handed by Toppo.

      • Luxion

        Not true. There has been a full arc between the Frieza saga and this one, and Vegeta during it has had a training trip in the time chamber. If Frieza was more powerful than Vegeta in the Golden Frieza mini-arc, which he was, than he’s just as, if not more, powerful now. The only reason Goku and Vegeta fear him now is because he isn’t as limited in his Golden form and is still as crafty as ever.

        • Aaron Soldier

          I agree with Omark, Vegeta beating Toppo still don’t make sense. Golden Frieza full power couldn’t even put a scratch on him

    • Mark Sidney Foster

      It hasn’t been explicitly stated, but it isn’t just about raw power anymore, well in this case anyway. I think it has more to do with the fact that he is using God Ki. He punched through Toppo’s destruction energy field, which is supposed to destroy anything on contact. It’s the god ki I tell you.

  • richard

    This anime is terrible what is the point of Vegita wasting so much energy for an unnecessary attack just because it looks cool. In Z it had a purpose he stood no chance of beating Boo but here he was wiping the floor in a fist fight with Toppo he could just have punched him out of the ring. This is the kind of stuff that makes this anime terrible they just toss in all these fan boy attacks with no real purpose. We’ve seen Final Flash like 10x, it looks terrible in comparison to Z and it has never been very Final in this series. Anime War is far better than this and its fan made go watch that instead.

    • d3rd3vil

      And even now at least he should’ve died but no ofc not…..just blast out the godpower Toppo like that, easy

  • Milan Babic

    This episode was intense!

  • Okabe Rintarou

    Can’t believe Freeza and 17 thought of defeating toppo by dropping stones on him. Wow. Lets just consider Dragon ball super to be a parallel universe to Dragon ball z.

    • JUSTAnAdvocate

      Lets not and just go by the DBS manga cause its, ya know, more consistent with the original series than the Super and Z animes.

      • bios

        Yeah right, the dbs manga in which Goku somehow knows to use hakai. Both manga and anime are total bs.

        • JUSTAnAdvocate

          Why is him using Hakai bs?

  • d3rd3vil

    I shit on DB Super just end it now. Thinking of Bulma and Co. OF COURSE made him stronger than Toppo and even able to ignore the destruction stuff….BULLSHIT!!!
    And now it WAS LITERALLY 17s barrier HAHA what a damn noobjoke 🙁 I hope 17 and Vegeta get eliminated next episode or there is no special fight with Ultra Instinct vs. Jiren anymore just some 4 on 1 noobbashing 🙁

    • Mzima Mortensen

      Yeah I wanna see UISSJB vs Jiren

      • JUSTAnAdvocate

        I hope UISSB is never a thing. It should never be a thing. Just like SSBKK should’ve never been a thing.

        • Kanji

          SSBKK is dope so I totally disagree with that completely. However, I agree that Ultra Instinct should be a standalone thing.

          • JUSTAnAdvocate

            It being dope is not a good reason to contradict the prolerties of SSB and KK.

          • Kanji

            It doesn’t contradict the properties.

          • JUSTAnAdvocate

            Um, yeah it is dude. Look into it.

          • Kanji

            If your only rebuttal is “yeah it is dude, look into it” then you’re not worth taking seriously. It doesn’t contradict the properties, get over it. SSB does not function in the same linear manner as the SS chain from DBZ does.

          • JUSTAnAdvocate

            Which is exactly why it wouldnt work. I said look into it because I dont have the time to explain. I dont need you to take me seriously to know Im right, and there’s no “getting over myself” necessary.

          • Kanji

            “Which is exactly why it wouldn’t work” what part exactly are you talking about here? Very vague. You’re just doing a cop-out saying “I don’t have time” to the hide the fact that you cannot explain it whatsoever and if you can’t even source it then I’m automatically obligated as anyone to believe you’re talking absolute nonsense. This is basic as it gets.

            tdlr; it seems to me you just don’t like the form and seem to have a bitter grudge against the way Goku is advancing himself. That’s it.

          • JUSTAnAdvocate

            Lol dude, I don’t know what kind of petty individuals you’ve interacted with, but I’m certainly not to be lumped in with them.
            I have no issue with the character, and I marked out when the SSBKK debuted in ep39, but after the research into how SSB and how KK work individually, they contradict each other in how they work. I really can’t afford to be putting this much time into replying to people with extensive and detailed explanations just to get blown off cause “the forms cool and I just hate it”. Really, no. Get over this perspective that this is just some vendetta of mine. Assume if you’d like, but perception is not reality.

          • Nwttp

            You sure do a lot of replying for someone without the time.

          • JUSTAnAdvocate

            Not really? It doesnt take but 2 minutes to type what you say when you know what go say. Also, I was home when I sent that last reply.

          • Mark Sidney Foster

            They don’t contradict each other. Goku couldn’t use KK with SSJ, because super saiyan energy is about rage, and there is no control, and when you don’t control your ki, Kaioken destroys your body. SSB however, is about perfect ki control, not just super saiyan with god ki. So SSBKK makes perfect sense: it isn’t really an asspull. Even though this series has been full of them.

    • Kanji

      You have to understand that Toppo hasn’t mastered God Of Destruction powers yet, he’s barely tapped in to it. So it made sense for Vegeta to overwhelm him in this instance.

    • Mark Sidney Foster

      Vegeta beat Toppo because of god ki. simple. That is all there is to it. It is easy to dismiss SSGSS as just another power up. The way he surrounded his fist in ki before punching through the hakai ball is significant.

  • Jimmys Bregasi

    don’t you fucking tell me that no 17 is goin to beat jiren WTF ?

    • Omark

      single handedly bro!

      Total joke this inconsistencies.

  • Shambles1980TRealOne

    DBZ went to far with power ups.. And then some how finding stronger and stronger enemys, and then powering up again..
    but this??
    Really has to be a line some where.

  • BigHomieFlock

    All you people complaining, why do you keep coming to watch if you don’t like it?

    • DBZ > DBS

      To keep up with the Storyline. Nothing is wrong with wanting to find out what happens next in a story. its the suspense, but in this case, the action just doesn’t match it, so thats why people are complaining

      • BigHomieFlock

        People have literally been complaining since the u6 v u7 saga

  • SSG Dissapointed

    That was the WEAKEST fight between two important powerful fighters I ever seen in the entire dragon ball series, from DB, to DBZ, to Super. A God of Destruction vs Vegeta, who reaches a new level of blue and all we got was a kick to the calf muscle and a self destruction???!!! Super has no intensity or fight choreography whatsoever. just repeated motions and “ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta”. Where are the detailed moves? They really dropped the ball with Super when it comes to intensity and action. The storyline, twist endings, and new transformation concepts are cool, but dragon ball with no detail on the action is basically a drama. They definitely need another animation studio to do Super or this will go down in history as worst than GT

    • Kanji

      Nah Super is definitely better than GT. It will never be bad as GT. However, Super’s inconsistencies do drag it down a bit.

    • Omark

      What pisses me off is the sudden increase in power from Vegeta, No 17… I mean wtf

      Another fail was that Toppo said in the last episode “only survival counts” and yet he said; I am surprised that Frizea survived the ball of destruction. Now Toppo said in this episode that he could destroy Frieza right there but it would mean disqualification… I mean wtf

      Where is the logic

      • Tristan Lewis (Trista)

        He was overconfident and cocky in his power?

  • Omark

    total joke. First vegeta got a massive power boost ot ouf nowhere in the last episodes and No 17 who already had a massive boost will get another one.


    • Adam Jover

      It’s a Saiyan thing, you should know that by now. They get a massive power boost from their emotions. I mean that’s how Goku got to be SSJ, that’s how Gohan got to be SSJ2, that’s how Kale got to be legendary SSJ and Cabba achieved SSJ through a hightened emotional state. If you’re still surprised to see power bursts from emotions you were watching the wrong show.

      • Omark

        good arguments! I think i agree with you regarding the power spike

  • Akaalis

    Jiren vs Aniraza

    Who do you guys think would win.. ?

  • ultimatevegeta

    Anyone Noticed Friza is still alive 😀

  • James Deveaux

    So, 17 will be gone next episode. Then it’s Goku and Vegeta. Shin had better throw his earrings down there or they had better do the fusion dance. Then Ultra Instinct Vegito/Gogeta.

  • DChoff

    This comment section is pathetic. Moan, moan, bitch, complain. Grow up its a cartoon.


    i think we gona see vigito or gogita in ep 128

  • Ryan Nichols

    If you don’t believe fusion will take place now…you’re dumb. There are only two outcomes that might happen aside from the stupid “goku wins because he pulls Ultra instinct out” :

    Either fusion will happen and 17 will protect the two long enough to get their earrings in (or for frieza to do it for them lol) OR

    They’ll all be blown off and Jiren will think he’s won and frieza will kick him off and win. But if the arc is over, they have to do one of two things….end it nicely…..or super evil with Frieza getting his immortality or whatever he’s wanted to wish for, and then going on a rampage.

  • Redouan DJeebet
  • ‏‏

    If this arc ever turns out to be the last of Super then I will likely find the whole series to be very disappointing overall. The Goku Black arc is the only part of the series so far which stands out to me.

  • ILikeManga

    The show is clearly rushed. Is it ending soon? They upped the pace about 5-10 fold. It’s making a lot of these power ups and fights seem unearned.
    Also, why did they make Jiren a dick? He never seemed like a dick before. It was actually cool having the main antagonist seem like a genuine guy who cared about his friends. Now he’s just a super strong asshole?

  • http://kissanime.com/MyList/855025 zackros

    Wait. If frieza or 17 gets hit with a destruction attack…that means Toppo is automatically disqualified. And when universe 7 wins the tournament, they can revive the dude who sacrificed himself right? If you are able to reverse zeno sama’s erasure, then a God of Destruction erasure should be no problem to reverse.

    • Omark

      I kinda agree.
      Toppo said the only surivial now counts because he let good and evil behind. The stupid thing is that he still threw a ball of destruction to eraze Frizea. Toppo said to him that he was surprised he surived it.

      WTF where is the logic there because he would be disqualified.

  • Misael Mendez Och

    puto tiempo banned youtube live gmhn

  • Kody

    IF there are only 2 universes left can anyone tell me why there are three gods in the spectators area

  • Lee Walton

    YES!!! Ascended Vegeta is something special!!!!
    Goku can have his Ultra Instinct indeed

  • Akaalis

    10:17 for whatever reason is coolest moment for me in this episode.