Dragon Ball Super episode 12 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 12 : “The Universe Crumbles?! Clash! The God of Destruction vs. Super Saiyan God!”


  • Cazval Asakura

    The amount of times Goku uses the same sound as he screams is cringeworthy!!!

  • zach in the back

    a thousand freakin ways to pull off the Kamehameha… but no just the same ol’ predictable stupid.

  • 5 Star Stunna belie dat

    I just hate the voice acting but other than that its a good anime

  • Jamie Legends

    Please Japanese voice actors are so fucking annoying

    The english versions are much better I hope that they will bring dubbed episodes for Super

  • mP

    I feel like this is only anime that I have ever seen, or even heard of, that sounds better in English. Every anime I watch, or have watched, (and thats quite a bit) is simply better in Japanese. But Dragon Ball always sounds better in English.

    • jose

      thats because you haven’t watched it in Spanish.

      • Camilo M Park

        Hhahaha! that’s so right!!!

    • Christopher M McHenry

      I would agree but can’t based on the fact that when they use English voice actors, they COMPLETELY change the dialogue.
      Watch the first appearance of Zeno Sama in Japanese and then English. Japanese is articulate, where the Americans sound like they are stuck on a Groundhog’s Day loop in the 1980’s.

      • James Waldron

        To be fair, the entire show is basically like Groundhog’s Day. Super powerful antagonist intent on blowing shit up -> Nobody can believe how powerful the treat is. so Goku and gang train/achieve new forms to match up -> 10 episodes of screaming ensue -> Shit finally pops off -> Regardless of the outcome, everything is restored by the dragon balls -> Rinse and repeat.

  • Aditya Ramnath

    when is it coming

  • League Of Bronze

    Not yet wait another week

  • Deepankur Chopra


  • disqus_IGamVCXj8I

    When trashy fans don’t know good voice acting the only bad voice actor is King Kai’s one lol

    • Chris Soprano

      really no im watching this cause im a fan but there is no way in hell your telling me goku’s voice sounds good in jappanese stfu

  • Anonymous

    I choose you, spirit dragon.

  • oberdamujigae

    I’m kinda getting used of Goku’s voice acting but the voice the seiyuu does for Gohan is really out of character