Dragon Ball Super episode 117 Subbed

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  • Randell Edwards

    seriously no episode this week?

    • Gray

      There was no episode last week due to the holiday. There should be one this week…

      • Randell Edwards

        i hope so…

  • munib

    ive been waiting for this episode to be dubbed since it came out so much fucking better love it

    • luoi sant

      You and me both my friend, this is my favorite Super Episode.

  • Sidney Crosby

    cant wait until next episode with zeno

  • Stephen Moyer

    Sean makes everything sound fucking awesome when he screams.

  • Tim Holthuis

    What an awesome episode!

  • Xeph

    Hit’s voice is very fitting
    and H O L Y S H I T goku’s voice during Kaioken was absolutely amazing!
    Thanks dbs for the dubbed version of hit vs goku!

  • Epidosode 39 is awesome

    I missed the Kioken, and for good reason. Such an awesome technique and that red aura mixed with blue was so nice. First episode of super iv actually been really impressed by.

  • Rizwan Vasavadvala

    When is the next episode? Can’t wait to see the result.

  • SHADOW54312

    Oh hell yea, now I really wanna hear zeno’s voice, then vegeto fight, then gohan v goku fight.

  • xander

    I actually prefer the Japanese dub of the last part of the fight. Couldn’t make out Goku saying x10 and the screams didn’t bite for me and the epic music didn’t chime in at the right time. Shame as this is the episode I’ve wanted to see in english dub the most, since I watched the Japanese episode. Hope they do it better when they do the ultra instinct english dub.

  • GamerMax MC5/UT

    Goku was like… KAIOKENOATACK (that’s how I say kaioken in a cool way, It is the hardest thing to say ever irl)

    • Phaj Thoj

      “its Kaio, its in my friggen name as in Kaio-sama thats it, none of you are learning any of my techniques, not the kaioken or the genki dama”

  • Midrulean Hero

    EASILY one of my favorite episodes

  • mahmoud

    wtf why he’s so weak now

  • James Waldron

    This love bullshit from Universe 2 got stale like 5 episodes ago.

    • Spookie Boogie

      it got stale the first episode it appeared. reminds me of friendship power, bleeergh!