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  • Unofficial Release

    Thanks dude it saves my time

  • Scrotie McBoogerBalls

    Japanese commercials are so fucking weird

    • tjm

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      • Damian Abreu – Lopez

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        • Bruno Afonso

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      For real af

  • lol

    i dont get shit


    from the end of the preview for ep 114 it is making me think that kale ans caulifla might somehow fuse

    • Dominik Lux

      they do

      • Jeremy Rodriguez

        I thought for a while that Goku and Vegeta may fuse to take out Jiren. If they decide let the clock run down without another round with Jiren, I will be very disappointed!

        • Orthanius

          Maybe we’ll get a Goku/Vegeta and Kale/Caulifla fusion to take out Jiren, though that’s an incredible stretch.

    • Mofiz

      What made you think that? The fact that there is an obviously fused Caulifla and Kale?

      • In Bushidos Kopf

        Shut up

        • Mofiz

          Whats wrong scrub

          • Sebastian Gio

            hes tryin to be apart of the discussion pointing out the obvious but ur being a dick….

        • Mon09f9

          Kill yourself.

    • Carlos Ramos

      holy shit really. FUUUCK man. This is one spoiler I would’ve loved to miss.

  • Sinan

    So where is the sub lol

  • Adam Emmanuel

    where can i get the subbed?

  • In Bushidos Kopf

    I can’t get no satisfaction

  • Matthew “Mallithis” Berry

    It’s not showing for me

  • Stephen Moyer

    Wait… was that a potara earring at the end of the preview?

    • Jeremy Rodriguez

      did they fuse??

      • Sonkun79

        Looks like they’re going to do some form of fusion

    • Ish

      So confused

    • Rohan

      Yes it was

    • shadowecho02

      it looks like they are going to do the fusion that is supposed to be permanent but if I recall they retconned it to have a time limit now when saiyans do it.

      • Orthanius

        It’s now an hour I believe.

        • Riko Hitsuya

          apparently now only if a god/kai is in it the fusion is permanent

          • Max

            It always was, its not really retconned. There was just never an explanation since the Kaioshin of U7 are terribly informed(which is why U7’s mortal rate is so low, incompetent gods).

            The kaioshin of U7 never let mortals use the potara, hence they never knew of the time limit. Back in the day, Goku first thought of the magic that Buu has, but if that was the reason, why didnt they defuse before that? The defusion of Vegetto didnt have any explanation untill someone who actually does his job as Kaioshin(gowasu) came with the answer.

      • Parveer Johal

        For gods the time limit is forever, however for mortals it is about an hour.

    • Ghita Iulian

      It seems to be, but isn’t that against the rules? No suport items shall be used.

      • Nathan

        not a support item if they learn it like how trunks and goten do it

        • arcylado

          it’s still against rules to use external item … but if osama decides its “safe” it is “safe” … just like they did with roshi’s bottle for “MAFUBA” techniqe… if eternal item is not a weapon or shield .. it is not forbidden

          • Milan Babic

            Osama? really?

          • Max

            The rules of external items is based on fighting and healing items only. The potara and the bottle are neither fighting items.

      • http://www.gigatech.xyz Shivon

        Ho healing items and not weapons. It’s neither.

  • In Bushidos Kopf

    Why didn’t they just make Broly Canon instead of putting Kale into the story

    • Mofiz

      Because it would be fucking retarded. Brolys movies don’t add up at all with the canon. It would create nothing but confused BS

      • Jeremy Rodriguez

        Broly would also be part of the same universe as Goku and the others.

      • Boogieman

        Maybe it is just because you are fucking retarded, ever thought that?

        • Mofiz

          Cry me a river, Broly cuckboy

      • Tha Skaah

        They’ve introduce Beerus through movies first and nobody bats an eye so what’s different to bring back Broly more mature or a way to pay him a tribute without degrade his image with kale as ”the female Broly”

        • Mofiz

          Are you this dense or do I specifically have to explain you why Brolies movies don’t fit at all in the series timeline while Beerus was canon the moment he was interdruced.

    • JUSTAnAdvocate

      Because Broly wasn’t a very good character, repackaging him and his background would create confusion, and the canon would face one of its largest contradictions to date.

      • Boogieman

        Broly is an awesome character. He is one of the most popular characters. What are you, a retard? Lol.

        • JUSTAnAdvocate

          No. Just someone with a more objective perspective. I dont see how I’ve demonstrated any lack of intelligence, so no need for the immaturity. He was once one of the most popular characters, and why? Because he was a hax. His background is rather one-dimensional, with him having nearly nothing to his character other than his PTSD.
          As time passed, the fanbase started to grow more mixed on Broly, as over time, he simply became a marketing scheme (one that, too, was limited). Now please, provide objective reasons why Broly is an “awesome” character, seeing as I was so kind as to induldge you despite your immaturity.

      • Tha Skaah

        Wasn’t because?
        Broly was suffering from a trauma caused by the explosion of his planet,backstabbed by his father while the cries of a baby were forever grave in his cells the day of his birthday.Then mind controlled again by his father for him to be the servant of tyranny.
        Kakarot,Vegeta,Broly Force,Pride and Rage

        Kale is fucking weak,looking for ”sis/lesbianism” approbation just go berserk mode for no goddamn logical reason.
        Caulifla,Cabba,Kale both first are passable but kale got me off again.

    • Boogieman

      Because the creators/writers are dumb as fuck. Nobody likes Kale, EVERYONE wants Broly to be canon.

      • Mofiz

        No. Only cringe Z fanboys want Broly to be a thing

  • Ravi Ravi

    we just getting to watch only little minutes…. the picture motion take 4 minutes….then review..2 or 3 minutes… its getting disgusting

  • Carlos Ramos

    For some reason I want to have Kale’s babies…
    Is that weird?

    • 🍺DrunkToaster🍺🍞


    • Carlos Ramos

      Me and kale being in a tree.

  • Bruno Afonso

    remember c17 and c18? yeah

  • 🍺DrunkToaster🍺🍞

    Fucking stamina

  • Colby Scipio

    Caulifa makes me cringe so bad, I wish someone would beat her already. She is so annoying, always telling someone what to do and crap, and goku is pissing me off not knocking people off. He literally making them stronger . I hope they show vegeta kicking her A## so badly….(and I’m not done with what I have to say)

    • Boogieman

      yep, caulifa getting super saiyan 3 is bullshit too.

      • Tha Skaah

        well,even if i kinda agree with both of you,to not be biased toward the fact Caulifla is our goku from Universe 6 with already a small potential of fighting(not as much as vegeta at first but still)i might not like her childish(goku-ish)persona.but i hope they’ll improve her in the upcomings arcs.Saiyans gets stronger in every fight and if i recall,only vegeta lived side to side with his race to learn battle skills,goku learn martial arts from a simple mortal to Earth’s god,than with a kaio,then with the king of kaios until beerus and whis.So for Caulifla,gaining that much in one fight is the same goku did is entire life.Let’s just see where they’re going with this

        • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

          But gaining that much power was not only making fights for Goku but also extensive training to gain more stamina and just simple muscle power to maintain higher forms. It’s just bullshit that Caulifla can go in couple of minutes from SSJ to SSJ2 and Goku even told he might go above SSJ3. This forms are not only mental states to achieve but also requires enough strenght and stamina to sustain and use.
          Remember Goku climbing Kirin Tower? Remember Goku training before Namek? Remember Goku training on Time Chamber? His every step to unlock higher potential within him was preceed by extensive trainings which at the times puts him at his limits and some time was always needed to adapt and master new strength after breaking his limits. Look at the Kirin Tower climbing. He was exhausted after that. He needed Senzu bean to recover. The same with training in gravity chamber before Namek. He needed properly eat and rest for his body to adapt into new strength and stamina he gained.

          Super is just bullshit for telling us that battling for 2 minutes can make Saiyan break his limits and then after couple of other minutes Saiyan MASTER his new form (I dont think You can gain that much stamina level during couple of minutes…). Not to even mention earlier tingly-tangly to become SSJ…
          So, Caulifla might go beyond SSJ3 within 45 minutes. Goku start his serious training (with one of the best Earth martial arts trainer Muten Roshi) when he was 12 years old and needed couple of YEARS of hard training under unique masters of martial arts and even training in underworld etc.

          • Pure Shqiptar

            Yes it’s bad writing they should have shown Caulifla as a Super Saiyan 3 in the beginning with a different story. She wasn’t even a super saiyan and now she want’s to become super Saiyan 3 wich took goku 300 + episodes when you coun’t Dragonball. Pretty lazy writing.

          • Tha Skaah

            Can you explain to me why is it bad writting?
            Goku’s been OP since day one and nobody ever said something about that.Vegeta been using Goku to surpass himself over and over again until he realise that guy was made for battle.Now you got a whole new Universe 6 with their own abilities and Saiyans.Is it legitimate to say Caulifla have the same hidden power than Goku and just needed to been showed the path to attained it?Isn’t selfish to think only our z-warriors can obtain that much experience from a fight? Like i said somewhere in this thread,Saiyans who fights other Saiyans developp more instinct than any other battle AND near death(Goku and Vegeta already surpass that state tho)they become stronger.So Goku SSB vs Caulifla ssj2 is kinda the same as Jiren vs Goku.Analyse,counter,overcome.

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            Goku was OP in first Dragon Ball as a child because he was Saiyans (race from another planet) and his opponents were mainly humans. As a Saiyan he was pretty weak. Vegeta born with power greater then some of fully grown Saiyans yet Goku has power level 5 or so when he born? Pretty lame.

            Caulifla might have the same hidden power as Goku, but she hasn’t the same character type beeing outcast while Goku agreed to be obedient towards his masters and been overall modest and kind person. Caulifla seems to not be a person who agree having someone above her and call him master which might take away from her many oportunities to teach something new like Goku always does. Goku didn’t acheve his power only from brainless fighting. Vegeta was fighting pretty whole his life under Frieza, yet it wasn’t enough to achieve SSJ form. And Vegeta got pretty impressive base power level when he was born.

            It’s bad writing. They might came with something different to underline U6 uniqueness. Maybe different path of transformation through geat ape or something like that. The way it is now – it’s just lazy.

          • Tha Skaah

            Just as a reminder,it’s not because they can rival their powers that they will immidately surpass them.And even if she does turn SSJ3 it won’t be for long.For fuck sake’s during Buu’s arc,Trunks went angry against Goku because vegeta knocked him out and had SSJ3 in reserve,He showed him and Goten the technique and what happen next? Gotenks fucking turned SSJ3 completly out of his mind thinking he was the one and got his ass kicked.How is it lazy to finally introduce some real challenge for Goku and Vegeta?I don’t like kale but Cabba and Caulifla seem’s to have a good potential to evolve into Universe 6 z-warriors.If you’re a real fan,just this should get you excited.Otherwise we are not watching the same show.

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            I’m not getting excited for fucking up whole original concept of many things.
            1. Goten & Trunks were half Saiyans/Humans. We knew from previous series that Saiyans needs great emotions (not tingly-tangly) to help them achieve higher forms.
            2. Goten & Trunks were heir of power that was in their fathers veins. Their parents were the first Saiyans that went SSJ transformation and higher. They have pretty formidable base from them.
            3. Goten & Trunks were the point in which they start ruin SSJ glory and uniqueness. They are not good references of proper, consistent and original writing.

          • http://watchdbzsuper.com/ Raymond Kazim

            Bro other universes have there own way of gaining power and i guess sayians in universe 6 have a tingly feeling in there back just like the wolfs in the other universe they dont need ki to have power and the another universe needs love to power them so that means universe 6 sayians need to gave a tingly feelung in there back to power up

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            Then explain me, if it is so easy for U6 SSJ, then why no one in their universe don’t get that idea earlier? It’s inconsistent and stupid as shit that no one earlier didn’t heard about SSJ transformation and all of the sudden – BANG! – tingly tangly and here comes SSJ. And then, 5 minutes battling – SJJ2 & master the form. Next 10 minutes, maybe SSJ3.
            Why do You need so desperately seeking excuses for bad&lazy writing? It would be better if they give them some unique power/transformation from the start rather then doing jokes from SSJ transformations.

            Go on, and find some new excuses to justify this rather poorly executed – in many aspects – show.
            Let’s face it. Toriyama just gets old and so its clear from what we’ve seeing his writing skills has severly downgraded. There is no feeling of inspired mind coming from Dragon Ball Super anymore. It’s just tingly-tangly, relaying on tranformation all the time to grab attention (and mostly for merchandising…). Overall, sometimes it feels like on big advertising device.
            I know, I’m ranting a lot this days, but every time I see Caulifla & Kale doing some ridiculous stuff I have that urge to write how stupid it is.

          • Gannon Kendrick

            You do realize that emotions aren’t magical things, right? We have actual brains, and while we don’t know exactly how brains work and what creates emotions (neuroscience is a developing field – we know how things work, but not what makes them work), that shit isn’t happening in a vacuum.

            It’s perfectly reasonable that you could find a nerve that could send the right electrical signal up to your brain to achieve basically the same thing as having an extreme emotion. It’s also perfectly reasonable that Goku knows how to do this too. He hasn’t really had to explain how to go super saiyan since the early parts of the Cell saga, to Gohan, up until now.

            Also, bro. DBZ is not some goldmine or originality. You can find plenty of clear influences in the early days, and the writing was utter crap to almost nonexistent sometimes.

            If anything, Dragon Ball is the one you want to be comparing things to, because it was the one with the interesting stories and character development, not DBZ.

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            Don’t push yourself for that pseudo-scientific babbling. Please.

          • Gannon Kendrick

            It’s pretty basic shit, not pseudo-science. Do you know how nerves work?

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            It’s high-school science. Trust me, I know more about human biology then You think. Besides, It’s just what writers want’s to be. It is not based on factual story, you know? It’s pointless to dissect this… childish anime on that level. It doesn’t need to be logical nor reflect real world facts. There’s no object that have mass which can surpass light speed, you know mr Science? What’s the point of this? I don’t need this story to be “scientific based”. I need only “internal consistent” of this world. I need some “internal logic”. Logic that was placed by writer throughout whole story.

          • Erwin Banaszkiewicz

            Ja robię stronki ale w zamian też coś chcę …napisz na [email protected]

          • Max

            See, the mistake you guys make is simply thinking Caulifla doesnt have the stamina. She already has. I mean, in terms of stamina and base strength, she rivals Goku and Vegeta. Goku and Vegeta just have more martial arts and life threatening battles to beat them. People always comment on that and refer back to when Goku was relatively weak. See, Goku NEEDED to gain a certain level of strength and stamina to reach new levels of power. But just as with Goten and Trunks, Caulifla already has the power and stamina. Remember how Goten could become a SSJ but couldn’t fly yet? This is a similar situation. Everything that is required for SSJ1-3 is already with her, she just doesnt know how to get there.

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            Because Goten and Trunks were sons of Goku and Vegeta, but on Caulifla universe no one heard about Super Saiyans transformation, let alone Super Saiyans 2 or 3. That means, no one reach stamina, power and unlock higher levels of Saiyans potential. So from where comes Caulifla base power level? If her parents achieved higher level of Saiyans potential (aka SSJ, SSJ2, or SSJ3) then this form should be known in Universe 6. I know she was portrayed as a prodigy, but so was Vegeta at the times. Yet Vegeta still needs extreme training to gain Super Saiyan form and then Super Saiyan 2. You tell me that one of the strongest Saiyan warrion known in Universe 7 was that weak compared to Caulifla? So Saiyans for Universe 7 must suck really hard…
            Yep man, SSJ1-3 is with her, because SSJ forms aren’t about breaking someones limits right now, they’re about that tingly tangly feeling at the back. Don’t give me that shit, ok? I am fan of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z and You tell me now that it’s story about lame Saiyans who must train to overcome theirs natural limits in order to ascend into higher levels above ordinary Saiyans because they were simply weak? Now, Caulifla had strange tingly-tangly and casualy went into SSJ shitting into Frieza form Namek. BECAUSE Universe 7 is so lame that they feared Frieza. Oh man, enough that bullshit for today.

          • Torey Erskine

            Youre wrong because look at goten and trunks. Goten got hit and got upset and transformed but trunks just said ill go super

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            Goten and Trunks are sons of Goku and Vegeta so they inherit many things from them. They were pretty first Saiyans who goes into Super Saiyans transformation so it’s only natural that their sons inherited some of their potential. You know that Saiyans born with different power levels? Even if You give them only few percent of power from parents when they born, it’s enough to give them pretty good start.
            But regardless, Goten and Trunks were pretty broken at the times too.

          • Luke Linahan

            And by that logic, it’s understandable if Caulifla and Kale can reach that power at this rate, since we don’t know their fucking parents, but if Kale IS THE LEGENDARY SUPER SAIYAN…then it’s VERY safe to assume they share blood with some powerful fucking parents.

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            Still no one heard about fucking SSJ1 transformation in U6. Weird, huh? And now they achieving SSJ2 in few minutes of fight. This parents must’ve been fucking OP, yet they still didn’t went even SSJ1? Someone should at least heard about it if they did. Now, Goten & Trunks was sons of insanely powerful Saiyans – the first known to went SSJ multiple transformation, they’ve seen their parent doing that transformation, and You don’t know how much times it takes for them to learn those tranformation.
            Yet, Kale & Caulifla saw SSJ transformation and 30 seconds later doing it by tinlgy-tangly. Then went SSJ2 after 5 minutes of battle (Vegeta needs 6 fucking months in Gravity Chamber with multiple hundreds of gravity levels).
            It’s fucking logic right? No. Inconsistent as fuck.

          • Stefan

            I know we don’t yet know much about planet Sadal.. but it could be like planet Vegeta where it’s 10x earth’s gravity. Imagine if Goku grew up in that environment, he would have been pushed further much much earlier in life. He encountered that gravity for the first time as an adult on Kaio’s planet, and his progress skyrocketed. Maybe the U6 saiyans are incredibly strong in base, but have never had the opportunity for the intense rage it takes to become Ssj since they live in relative peace.

            I feel you on how easily they attained all these forms, but it also wouldn’t be very exciting if we met new saiyans and they couldn’t use these powers which are now pretty basic lol.

          • Margarito Cuevas

            I think that it’s ok they made it this way, think about it, Caulifla´s universe didn’t know how to go super saiyan. They had lots of potential, just not the knowledge to do these type of things. Learning from a teacher is always a lot faster than learning by yourself, just like Vegeta, he never got to master super saiyan on his whole life until he saw Goku. It would take quite some time to write about Caulifla’s story and describe how she gains new powers step by step, so they probably decided to do it like it is. It makes some episodes a bit cooler because you see some really powerful beings reaching their max, fighting agaisnt goku all out, powering him up more and reminding us just how powerful Goku is.

          • Luke Linahan

            That’s the only t hing I don’t agree with, “how powerful Goku is”, if you’re talking Blue and Ultra, yea. But I mean..they tried making SSJ2 and SSJ3 look strong and i’m like…he’s easily still weaker than Blue which he achieves without hardly flinching now lol.

          • Luke Linahan

            You also have to remember..despite them making him “non canon” , it’s obviously connected. Kale is that Universe’s BROLY. The LEGENDARY super saiyan. Caulifla is her sister. They share the same blood. Both of them share the blood of probably powerful fucking saiyan parents considering Kale can reach that Legendary state. It’s no wonder that Caulifla is a prodigy along with her sister. Plus I mean..you saw how Caulifla was right? She was a natural fighter and a hot head. She’s gotten pissed off and angry enough at shit, and fought enough to at least achieve the form.

            I also believe Caulifla is not really the Goku of the Universe, but the Vegeta. Goku, while normally staying strong than VEgeta is only because he DOES NOTHING BUT TRAIN AND FIGHT. Literally nothing. Every waking moment he’s able too, he’s training mentally and physically. But Vegeta..Vegeta was of royal blood and was able to adapt to training and catch up with Goku fairly quickly and easily. Vegeta is basically a prodigy. He achieved Super Saiyan God/Blue on his own without needing the ritual. All on his own. He didn’t need to get brough to near death , or super pissed tha the snapped.That’s why I believe Caulifla is more like Vegeta than Goku. She shares Goku’s love to fight, but has Vegetas talent. She’s basically the love child of Vegeta and Goku if there ever was one.

            It’s understandable if she achieves SSJ1 with a bit of training and concentration, and SSJ2 just as easily fighting someone like GOKU of all people, BUT….I WILL SAY THIS…the way she got SSJ1 was fucking stupid. Goku got it through anger, stress, and rage. Caulifla probably could’ve gotten it easily just training with Cabba and Kale for a week before the tournament (or however long time they had) and that would’ve been acceptable, but NO..THEY CHALKED IT UP TO…JUST TINGLE YOUR SPINE AND YOU’LL GET IT! WHAT..THE FUCK.

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            Kale is saying sister to Caulifla which don’t mean they are real sisters… All we know is that Kale is protegee of Caulifla. Caulifla never spoken about Kale as a sister. It’s just Kale having some weirds crush on Caulifla and saying sis to her is some kind of expressing her feelings, not necessarily literal fact.
            You know, japanese have it’s own culture and language rules. Saying “onii-chan” might just indicate someone feeling close to other person and the word has more affectionately then literal meaning. I’m not japanese language expert though.

            Didn’t read rest. TL;DR. Probably some forced justifying of lazy&stupid writing.

          • ssj4gotenks

            Have you considered the fact that they are from different universes? same rules dont need to apply in both… thats why some universes are stronger than others.
            The reason why goku needed to train so hard is because the universe hes from is one of the weakest ones as explained earlier in the arc.
            No need to go apeshit when theyve explained so many times during the arc that the universes are not equal in power.

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            Not necessarily weaker, because living forms are weaker, but because there are not many planet on which are living forms in general in U7. I don’t remember exactly but how many planets with living forms they counted before tournament? Less then 20? Plus, Saiyans planet and then nearly all Saiyans were annihilated. So if You look at this from that perspective, that doesn’t mean Saiyans from U7 are weaker in general. It just mean that god of creation from U7 don’t do his work properly (is too lazy) and god of destruction do his job to well (not to mention Beerus is one of the strongest god of destruction from what we’ve seen in other sources like spin off manga).
            U6 meant to be complemented to the U7. They are each other reflection. You still babbling about differences in strenght but no one in U6 seems to even know about SSJ transformation and then has instant access to nearly all forms nearly without any effort. It’s just stupid.

        • Keinz

          (as a gamer..)
          Goku was the Base game and u need to download and install the DLC constantly to get the potential, and Caulifla is already fully downloaded game that just need unlocking as u progress.

      • dab

        you stupid people goku is trying to go back in ultra insinct so he need movement to back there to fight jiren that why goku ask kale to fight to to practice going to ultra insinct
        colby don’t say that stupid question again

    • Vegito Blue

      why cant i like your comment lol

    • Omark

      yes Caulifa is fucking annoying as well as that fat love warrior bitch

    • gohan

      how the fuck is this bitch on par with goku when goku’s been super saiyan before gohan was born wtf..

      • Milan Babic

        Yeah that’s a sad story, but she did acknowledged his powers when he went ssj2, she knew that their powers are not on the same level but somehow she gives Goku hard time.

        • darkracer

          goku is the king of holding back

        • Tha Skaah

          Goku told her that he havn’t recovered from Jiren’s fight and still went ssj3 just to show off cause Caulifla gave his saiyan senses a boost.I kinda like the fact both Vegeta and Goku have now the opportunity to share their knowledges and learn from the same encounters.

      • Xavier Gordon

        wait what ?? do u mean before goten was born cause gohan was on namek with goku when he went super saiyan

    • KnetikTV

      Gotta realize Goku is training himself and he cant get stronger unless he gets other people somewhere close to his level.

    • Jolteon_Gaming564

      That’s why I just want Frieza to 360 notail them off the stage because he’s the only one that will. Vegeta is fighting someone, Gohan and Piccolo are fighting someone, Androids are nowhere to be found, and Goku is just gonna train them, Frieza is the only one that would actually knock them off, feel like Golden Freiza could body Berserk


      i feel like people are missing that kale and cualifla in base are probably atleast around the power of goku in base during the buu arc the only thing is they just never knew transformations were even a possibility but now that they know they can transform it will be alot easier because they already have the power needed to transform they just needed practice in transforming itself

    • Abrantes Cabaca

      yeah but the stronger she gets the stronger goku gets

      • Colby Scipio

        I’m not a goku fan…

  • 🍺DrunkToaster🍺🍞

    Goku super Saiyan 3 is bad ass

  • stealthy one

    was gonna watch here but then went to gogoanime cuz during the 1 hour special a few weeks ago the chat mods are all, ‘screw you viewers trying to help others find the special’ (they were 2 hrs behind everyone) ‘if you cant watch it here then suffer because we need ad revenue on our unlicensed videos!!!!’ so nah i wont even come here without adblock anymore and go to gogoanime or animotime

    TLDR during the 1 hr special this site was a jerk. dont support it. this comment is likely to be deleted soon due to UTTER FACISM OMG so REMEMBER THE ALAMO PEOPLE.

  • stealthy one

    im afraid i cant do that dave

    …well i guess i can give it a shot

  • Not Believe

    Both Caulifla and Kale definentyl fuse in the next episode due to the structure of the face have the lashes from Caulifla with the body of Kale, although not sure were the patara came from.

    • Rohan

      Yes it will be fusion

  • Prateek Aggarwal

    Why isn’t the download link available??

  • http://www.mofos.com/ Killher Cervix

    Wake me up next saturday

  • Victor Jimenez

    Um, guys, I’m pretty sure they’re gonna fuse. Look at 23:30 and you’ll see the supreme kai’s potara earings, and I know these are not Kale’s because they are circular. And potara earings are green, no matter what happens; I’m very excited, as the animation has gotten spectacular!

  • MrJ0shua

    I love it, only 1-2 minutes went by 🙂

    • Vegito Blue

  • AllphaBllue

    wait, if the can fuse, does that mean goku and vegeta can. hope so so the can gogeta blue on jirens ass

    • wowlock

      Vegito Ultra Instinct. Probably even Angels would have a problem with that.

      • Adam Colquitt

        Vegito Blue Ultra Instinct. Fusion would last 30 seconds tops

    • Ghita Iulian

      The fusion dance should be legal, but the potara fusion shouldn’t because it uses an outside item.

      • Orthanius

        Well, I mean, Master Roshi brought in outside items, maybe they retconned that rule?

        • Nathan

          I feel like when they said outside items, they meant ways of recovering from fights quicker. I don’t know if jewelry counts, also I thought potara earings were only worn by kai’s. Didn’t a kai give goku and vegeta an earing to put on each during the black saga? Would that be considered cheating, also theres the fact that they are being trained and probably never knew about fusion until goku tells them or something. Like they didn’t know about ss2 and ss3 until an ep or two ago.

  • wowlock

    Champa is really an idiot if he thinks Jiren would just sit back and do nothing about the numbers rule. I mean he probably wake up the last minute and knock everyone out of the battlefield because he is OP as shit.

    • Adam Colquitt

      Was thinking the same thing

    • Vyom Jayaswal

      haha exactly

    • darkracer

      my thoughts exactly

    • Adam Baker

      he’s a god of destruction, that job roll doesnt require intellect 😛

      • Vyalek Grg

        Being an idiot G.O.D will also be a problem for the planet of concerned universe! lamo 😀

    • Mudather Salem

      he is not real so he cant be an idiot or anything else lol

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  • Cory

    Dude, this fight makes no sense. Goku’s base form now is stronger than his super saiyan 3 form during the Buu saga. Yet he has trouble against a super saiyan 2 that never had to fight Frieza or the androids. Unless Caulifla has had some serious unknown training, her strength make no sense. The three saiyans on the universe 6 team shouldn’t be any stronger than vegeta from the saiyan saga.

    • Fluffybacon

      depends entirely on circumstances and upbringing. In the saiyan saga, it took Vegeta a year to travel to earth. A year with no training and no pyshical movement makes the body weak, if that’s the natural circumstance of a U7 saiyans, then it’s that’s why they were so weak. U6 Saiyans on the other hand are similar to what Goku and Vegeta are now, always looking for fights.

      A Saiyans power is limited by his/her lifespan, Frieza didn’t give a fuck about their lives or how many of them would have died in the process of conquering a planet, and their rulers wouldn’t have cared either.

      >Goku also had suck trouble against Caulifla because he’s exauhsted. Being tired really does weaken somebody.

      • Ricter

        I don’t think he had much trouble really. It looked like he blocked most of her big attacks and was just having fun really lol. At one point they all stop, and Caulifla and Kale come at him hard from each side, and Goku didn’t even move. Just threw up both arms and blocked each attack at the same time like nothin. i thought that was OG as shit!

        I personally think Goku sees some of himself in Caulifla which is why he’s having so much fun fighting/training her. At the same time, as he’s sort of training the while regaining his stamina, he’s takin’ back to his roots and going thru all his forms honing in on that ultra instinct.

        • Tha Skaah

          To those claiming it’s bad writing just don’t understand the spirit of dragonball.
          Interactions could have been improved but the fact Goku and Vegeta know’s other Saiyans exists and can fight with them/train them while getting an unbelievable experience from all this is what i was waiting for.We are far from Raditz and Nappa and it feels good to be back to the roots like you said!
          I wish he’ll get ahold of Ultra Instinct and mastered it in front of everybody.(All we know is that blue heat was only cause of the spirit bomb,the real Ultra is still waiting to be discovered and i’m thrilled!!)

    • Boogieman

      Yeah, the creators keep pulling shit out of their asses. That’s what you get for watching this show.

      • Parveer Johal

        Why are you watching it then?

    • SM

      its not that she went through any training, she just has the natural talent that’s why whis says that she had to potential inside of her, Caulifia just never had an opponent strong enough to bring out her true potential and Goku is purposely training her to become stronger and hone her abilities as they fight.

    • Nitin Rajagopal

      Saiyans from sadala are stronger than planet vegeta . It’s that simple.. but still goku’s base form holded up to her ss2 .. remember when vegeta said that cabba’s base form matches his own?..

      • Parveer Johal

        Vegeta never reached SSG, he only reached SSB. SSG made all of Goku’s transformations incredibly stronger.

        • Riko Hitsuya

          Vegeta can go SSG too, though it’s in the manga

        • Tha Skaah

          He learns it in the manga and he will do it in the anime.Since he attained SSB SSG is in him,he’ll just need to train and figure out why he needs that power boost.

        • Nitin Rajagopal

          Oh,actually Vegeta did reach ssG .GOKU said that himself that “Vegeta reached this god power on his own” rather goku borrowed power from 5 saiyans.

    • Parveer Johal

      Bruh…. he clearly said he is tired from fighting Jiren and needs to regain his stamina.

      • Mando

        How? We been told from day one “Saiyan’s get stronger with every battle”. They’ve literally never even fought anyone. This storyline with universe 6 is simply bullshit

  • Lilly

    Umm isnt using outside items cheating, why do they have the potara earrings

  • Alex Lai Hon Cann

    Spoiler Alert: Did anyone see them fused together at the end? Wah so nice.

    • Keinz

      they can fuse….holy hell….

  • Max Kay

    Nice 😆

  • Rick james

    Did they just fuse

  • http://pzuh.blogspot.com pzUH

    They’ll use potara earrings? Yeah. Screw the rules… XD

    I think that 2 namekians will fuse too

  • AugustAPC

    Hoping this is the episode where Kale and Caulifla get knocked off. So sick of them.

  • AnimeDubbed Version

    Next episode we will see fusion. Not really that interesting.

  • Aris Setiadi

    The SPEED is 2 minutes per week.

  • Escanor>

    High Priest is final boss.

    • Vegito Blue

      high priest???? u high bro ?

  • Vegito Blue

    aw shit its wiz khalifa time

  • Varun Gupta

    How can i download this episode in my mobile..can anybody tell me

  • Omark

    Another fucking episode with goku fighting only. Bullshit!

    I wanted to see Vegeta vs Toppo

  • Wrath

    This episode was really unnecessary…Typical japanesse get you mad as shit..it’s a couple of bitches that are giving Goku a smackdown (Jiren doen’t count, the guy is just really OP, so receiving a smackdown from him is the same as feeling God’s wrath) but these lil bithces with shitloads of potential being brought out in such a short time ? If you take a look at Goku starting from DB and up till DBS – t took him forever to get where he is now.

  • Nat$u Dragneel SG

    Well the power that goku took months of training to arrive at
    Simply being granted to that idiot caulifla is just mockery of super saiyans

    • Orthanius

      It’s a mockery when he literally explains what they need to do in order to achieve it?

    • Tha Skaah

      Universe 7
      Universe 6
      Both are a mirror of each other
      Our Earth was supposed to be rid of z-warriors but Trunks changed the course and led to amazing heroes.
      Their Earth was extingushed cause of the savagery of the Earthlings(Might call it saiyans fault or a mixed of real violence)
      Beerus made a wish and a whole lifetime came back from the dead(how many years those saiyans have lived to this day?)
      Our heroes fought for the greater good at the cost of their lives multiple times
      Universe 6 still had their saiyan planet,with a king,subjects,army just like Vegeta did at first to be smashed with the truth at his arrival,a mortal had gotten beyond his own power.
      Cabba was in the elite force and Caulifla was with thugs.Both were maybe unaware of the potential inside them but you can’t ignore that if it is indeed in their dna,someday it’ll appear and it will wreck.
      Cabba who was looking weak af ran into Vegeta and He showed him what a real saiyan should look like.If the Prince aknowledges your worth,might as well go all in cause suddently people from the same race as you show you that ”limit” is just a barrier to be broken as many times as they want.Goten and Trunks didn’t need nothing to become SSJ(which pissed me off at first,but remembered half-blooded had another kind of boost under their sleeves)
      Let’s just called this evolution.
      They might get experience fast and become a further threat but one thing is sure our Universe will always have a couple moves in advance.

  • Varun Gupta

    How can i download this episode in my mobile..can anybody tell me

  • Will Amian

    who would’ve thought goku would piss off a god lol.. a lonely saiyan with no inherits.

  • Alvis Lavrus

    Lol they were amazed by califle in super saiyan keeping up with a non super saiyan goku… that was retarded

  • Ricter

    Don’t think Goku really had any trouble in this fight. He looked to be having lots of fun while simultaneously regaining his stamina and pushing himself. He also seemed to be sort of training Caulifla and Kale (I think Goku sees a lot of himself in Caulifla). But if you think Goku actually had trouble with these two in this episode, then I refer you to the 18:10 mark.

  • won love

    did that fight only last 1 minute

  • dav maengkom

    what the fuck…dragonball like shit….. since the universe battle started, i didn’t saw the warriors from the other universe fighting each other, how about 17 and 18 battle scene…?? i didn’t saw they fight with the other warriors from other universe, it’s boring, this battle scene always son go ku…son goku…son go ku…..FUCK….I wanna see 17, 18, vegeta, or the other warrior battle..

    • derp

      its like saying wtf i watched the spiderman movie and i didnt saw any other heros fight other villains…. and what about thor and hulk and all the other avengers, where were they ?! yeah buddy, keep in mind, goku is kind of the hero of the story and has always been. the only time where the spotlight wasnt on goku is when he was dead.

  • ‏‏

    Caulifa and Kale are a huge waste of screen time, I can’t stand seeing them anymore.

    • ‏‏

      Stuff it, I kept on skipping parts but as soon as I saw Kale go Broly again I am just completely skipping this entire episode.

  • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

    So now Caulifla might go even beyond SSJ3? Yep, because downgrade SSJ forms even more and make their importance even less significant…

  • d3rd3vil

    Very nice episode 🙂 After their fusion next week maybe Goku goes Ultra Instinct?! Probably not for another few weeks….:(

  • Taz Cockerill

    Isn’t it funny how each episode last for about 20 mins yet the games seem to take up only about 1 or 2 mins in that time. So unless in this realm a minute is equivalent to 20 of planet earth’s minutes, when the narrator says there’s 22 mins left, does that mean that there’s 22 episodes left??

    • Tha Skaah

      the way i’ve saw it,each episode go down 2 minutes so either 11 or 22 episodes left for the arc,my opinion tho

  • NumbZkull Noise

    So they went with the name ”Legendary Super Saiyan” SUCK IT HATERS! IT’S CANON!

  • FU

    I died when he just swatted the rock away…

  • Danielhana21

    U mean to tell me that all that fucking shit was a minute 😑😑😑😑😤I’m done

  • Big Papa


  • Sayem Ahmed

    Hope they should give Krilane a SS3 form too..😠


    Bullshit episode.. No way this bitch should be gainin power so fast… Regardless of the potential…. Basically she could learn SSB in 5 more episodes or so… Garbage writing

  • Anthony Cao

    Correct me if im wrong but isnt ssj2 200x power boost
    in that case Goku was either holding back about 190x or they made ssj2 weaker by alot
    there is barely any idication that califlura gained a large amount of power so Im just confused on the power scaling they used in this episode

  • gino williams

    Anyone Notices How Whis Made A Big Ass Jaw Dropping Speech About Goku Maybe Achieving Ultra Instinct Now He Acts As If The Shit Was Never Mentioned Out Of His Mouth When Roshi Asked If Goku Had It.

  • Dr. Pingas

    I got more goosebumps from goku busting out SSJ3 then I ever did with the underwhelming forms of ssg and ssgss

  • Oshane Brown

    I think frieza didn’t kill all the sayians in the universe this is lame universe 6 sayians are so strong.. While U7 had to die and wish back to make them stronger… Who’s writing this story if Califau is so strong to go beyond Ss3 so that means its SS4…
    Why can’t goku go into Ss4 ?
    Why Goku doesn’t have is tail and he knows with it he’s a lot stronger

  • Carlos

    Why do they keep calling it Super Sayian Beserk when Kale is obviously the legendary SS of universe 6. Like Broli was of universe 7?

    • Jolteon_Gaming564

      Because Broly isn’t canon

      • Carlos

        They are introducing the legendary SS here, it has the exact same characteristics of the Broli saga – even Kale’s personality is the exact same of Broli – shy, reserved. So it has to have some canon importance now

        • Jolteon_Gaming564

          It’s based off of Broly, but Toriyama said that he wouldn’t put any non-canon things in DBS or DB in general. Goku and everyone else never fought anything similar to Berserk in the canon series, so berserk is a new transformation to the canon series. LSSJ and SSJ4 are both non-canon transformations

          • Carlos

            Didn’t you listen to Goku at the very end, in the preview of the nest episode! He clearly mentions that Kale is becoming the Legendary Super Sayian.

            And as for the SSJ4, I still have some hope that they will bring it back somehow. It was the best transformation int the entire DB series, despite not being canon

          • Jolteon_Gaming564

            Yeah. I’m just saying what Toriyama said. I don’t even know what Goku is refering too. he could be saying Legendary as the trasformation or as a complimant like saying “Super Saiyan Berserk is so legendary”

          • Carlos

            Hmm, I’m pretty sure Goku wasn’t using “legendary” as an adjective. It would be too awkward. He would say what he usually says: “sugoi” (awesome) or something like that. Not legendary!

          • Jolteon_Gaming564

            My main statement is that LSSJ and Broly are both non-canon things.

          • Carlos

            That doens’t mean anything! Pan was supposed to be non-cannon too! and Vegeta’s daughter too!

          • Jolteon_Gaming564

            I’ll believe that when Toriyama puts Gogeta in the series because Gogeta is way more requested than LSSJ and Broly especially since Vegito got blue

          • Jolteon_Gaming564

            Doesn’t really matter if it’s called Berserk or Legendary it’s just a transformation. They have changed things in the past like blue used to be call super saiyan god super saiyan

  • Angella James

    Shit got new meaning through this episode! Wtf!!!! Is wrong with the creators of dbs. are you fucking kidding me ???😡

  • lordz dmo

    caulifa is being a necessary evil as far as the writers concern.

    YES its a bad script for her to be so OP so SOON.

    howerver, Goku needs this in order to figure out how to go instinct again. Hes literally using them two as training so he can fight Jiren. The more op kalifa and her sis appear to be, the better training goku receives.

  • Crimson Chin

    To me dbs is stupid af and one of the worst animes ever. I just watch it when I’m bored. This tournament holds the livelihood of your universe and you choose to waste time and energy training people and not knock anyone off. He’s never fucking serious and you can’t say “that’s just goku” goku used to joke and play around but he would get serious and since his universe is on the line this is fucking silly for him to be wasting time and doing dumb shit. Goku raced to earth to save his friends and raced to namek for the same but now he’s just wasting time when the universe is on the line? Nah. Then these females reaching lvls fast af like that’s cool. Ppl saying, “oh trunks and goten did it.” But you ever know what Vegeta did to Trunks for him to reach that level. Vegeta didn’t. And then you just go “super instinct” cuz you need to? What’s next? Another transformation? This shit stupid as hell b. To me, all the people who say “I don’t like dbgt but I like super” are sheep and just follow the masses because gt made more sense then this dumb ass shit lol.

  • Crimson Chin

    And wtf is everyone else doing? Just sitting there? There should be atleast two fights going on at once but they think the fans are so stupid that we’ll just sit here and watch whatever bullshit while they make whole episodes of nothing. Nothing has happened in this episode except a minor throwing of punches. It’s like an episode is just 3 minutes in the super world. And the Whis choreography is straight ass cuz he just says some dumb ass plot protection shit and everyone just sits there like “omg, this is amazing”. Wtf is Ultra instinct and how tf does Jiren knocking back a spirit ball make goku transform? And why tf did Hit not take advantage of having the strongest person in the tournament frozen? He said don’t help? And wtf, why don’t goku and friends team up against Jiren? There is a rule of fighting one on one? I swear the shit just don’t make no sense what so ever. Like wtf, they smoking crack in Japan and just writing shit? The universe is at stake and these guys are doing this? All because goku “wanted to fight”? Nah b, if I was in Goku world he would die to a mortal, because he’s too immature, wreckless and doesn’t take serious shit serious. For the sake of the universe I would have to put them paws on him. Then, the messed up part about it is, he’d probably think I’m trying to train and be willing to fight cuz he “just want to fight” and I’d find a way to poison him or something. Silly. This isn’t the Goku I remember. I wouldn’t kill all the z fighters, just Goku.

  • Waleed Dar

    Goku is getting stronger again and i think its his strategy to fight both kale and caulifa to be back in the form ultra instinct just like fighting with jiren

  • Matt Lampkins

    You guys keep talking about caulifa when we should be talking about how Kale is always going berserk and has all that hidden power in her

  • SuperShit

    wtf is this bullshit, with the amount of training goku has done he should demolish that little brat even when she’s ssj2 and he’s in the standard form. this “Super” shit is making everyone stronger just like that, without training involved or anything like that. even GT is better than this crap.

  • Gotenks

    So wait Did Kale & Caulifa Fuse???

  • Babyjthefourth

    Ive been reading the comments and have a few things to ask/point out.
    1. WHAT IS EVERYONES PROBLEMA WITH KALECAULIFA. I personaly like CAULIFA,( kale not as much) i do however agree with broly fans about not having him doesnt really make sense,kale is obviously the legendary ssj of u6 so WTF. I also agree that all of the u6 sayins are just being handed transformations ones that took the orginal cast many feats ( and deaths) to achieve. For the record i completley understand the whole difference of universes stick, i do get it for those using that arguement, but its still in the end bad wrighting.
    2. The gotentrunkscaulfiakale ssj comparisons.

    Imo you can’t compare one group to the others for multiple resons. Kale/caulfia and cabba all have years of experience above goten and trunks.
    There from a different universe.
    Goten and trunks are half bloods, there potential is different compared to full bloods,( which is why we have ultimate bs-han a form toriama should have axed. Thats Right i effing HATE ultimate bitchan and gohan in General cell saga was his true crowning achievement its the only time he was cool.)
    Goten and trunks inherited ssj, cabba learned it from vegeta and taught it to kale/caulifa. For those who dont no or remeber, bardock IS THE ACTUAL LEGENDARY SSJ NOT BROLY, his second movie explained this.
    3. Lack of other fights.
    Now this has been a problem with this particular series since the start. I know that goku is the main attraction but COME ON REALLY, Vegeta,17,18,picclo,even gohan are fights waiting to happen ( i intentionally omitted frezia.) Not to mention the plethora of other universes warriors. Having goku get his azz beat for the past few episodes had REALLY bumbed this show for me
    Jerin shouldn’t have even been fought until most of the universes were taken out ( at least not by any of the remaning z-fighters).
    4. The item debate.
    Only weapons and healing items are banned. So the fusions in the episode next week are within the rules.

  • Aiyaaaaa

    Its a nice change to see female warriors. Also, caulifla sounds much manlier than Goku during the “TA TA TA TA TA TA” offs.

  • Amaan

    base goku with SSG absorbed should have been stronger than what U6 expected. calling out Cailifla for hacking. i dont know why he has to power up for like 5 minutes to get SS2 but can go blue in 3 secs. (some filler training i guess with Vegeta and Whis).

    • Amaan

      “so this is what happens when two super saiyans 2 battle” –Krillin
      After Goku and Vegeta going blue… the fight against Jiren… Hit, Dypso, and toppo arent interesting enough? i dont mind the universe 6 saiyans but they just arent great enough to feature again in +episodes. . I dont feel tension watching the fight, it feels like there are no stakes. They’re probably going to end up training them when the show ends or have them in the next arc.

  • Izham Yazid

    Despite battling caulifla n kale, i think like goku is more like teaching them to transform n showing them how to achive thier true potential i guess..

  • Anderson Silvestre

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  • Anthony1324576890

    I’m really not a fan of these new saiyans who get handed power ups like they’re Gohan 2.0..

  • Neil Nabil Il Saidawi

    What about the fight between Vegeta and Toppo? did they forget about it? it’s not even in next epiosde’s preview lol

  • ClebGaming

    Looks like a Caulifa and Kale fusion in the next episode

  • Migglelopadoyeffrinon

    First after wipe!

  • Migglelopadoyeffrinon

    Kalfa will go super saiyan 4, a tribute to GT.

    • Guy Dangerous

      I doubt that. Caulifla is probably just gonna fuse with Kale.

    • Damian Abreu – Lopez

      Dragonball GT was crap.

  • Krishna Agarwal
    • Ryan Nichols

      Yeah no one is surprised by that since Kale in her Berserker form beat Super Saiyan Blue already. So ….yah.

  • Krishna Agarwal

    When will ep 114 come

  • Shania Eka Puspasari

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  • James Deveaux

    Oh come on, Saiyans like to fight one-on-one. Why would Caulifla double team Goku?

  • Ali

    23 minutes is like 3 episodes

  • Wafflepiezz

    wtf that 114 preview

    • Antik

      Woah! It’s a waffle!

  • Mike


  • ‏‏

    Awful episode.

  • Tony the Great

    Goku is using them to sharpen his skills while training them to get more power.

  • http://xphantom.com/ xPhantom Cs Go Hack

    That cauliflower chick is learning way too fast, getting strong way too fast … it doesn’t make any sense … as most things don’t make sense in dragon ball anymore

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    • ‏‏

      Because it’s PC crap.

  • GhoulKiller9001

    where’s the video?

  • Akaalis

    what happen to this episode?