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  • Battulga Enkhbaatar

    Anyone knows ? why they’re flying ? when Jiren vs Goku(ultra instinct) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d592557c93c6fa971b119ed8f9c4eaebee5c99bf5f332a72e7cc71cd1cac55d2.png

    • DuckOnQuacks

      Even the laws of physics are bowing down to them

    • DbzMonk

      All the energy they’re exerting from their bodies are keeping them up in the air

      • Shambles1980TRealOne

        that is how they fly anyway. according to the rules they cant do that…
        should a been disqualified.

    • Muhammad Nauman

      They are not flying , they are just punching eachother in a single frame what we are currently seeing is them in a single frame in the sky , basically the time around them is stopped for us to watch , if it was not stopped we would have not even seen those punches look closely you can see jiren and goku’s hand in the same place it was even when they were punching

  • Beerus Sama

    watch dbs 112 here
    https://dragonballway. com/dragon-ball-super-episode-112-subbed-33/

    • feel like god

      Thank you so much for the subtitles

  • SHADOW54312

    ayy ssj3 gonna return next ep. noice

  • Wubla

    daaaamn vegeta got called out as second fiddle lol

  • JD

    I thought the ring was stronger than katchin. Now we have SSJ1-level people casually smashing through walls of the stuff.

  • HolyCrap

    Jiren will win and be the one to wish the rest of the universes back.

    • anjuan yourhero

      lol right, like what frieza think he going to do agaisnt jiren lol! although he was able to control that destructions attack… does he still have it? probably saving it for jiren…..

      • Nikkolai Norrell

        I bet you he can fare pretty well against Jiren He is extremely powerful.. His golden form is remarkable.. He showed his power in ep 95 He is a true savage

  • Akaalis Aristorenas

    This episode was downhill from the previous 2.. !!

    • Vyom Jayaswal


  • Parth

    Saiyans united!!

  • Uzair Abdullah

    Jiren is such a show off

    • Aditya Thakur

      Agreed, I hope he gets punched in face from Vegeta. 😛

  • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

    So, Frieza is bound to hunt those poor Saiyans from universe 6? That’s too bad because there rather won’t be any good fight out of it. He should fight with someone within his power range like Dyspo so we could see his full potential in battle. Confronting U6 Saiyans is not fight. It’s butchery.
    I get this grudge against Saiyans but it’s seems more like humiliation for Frieza to even bother. They are simply not in his league.

    • Nikkolai Norrell

      Dyspo? NAHHHHH maybe Toppo or even see how he fairs with Jiren.. Frieza is def TOP5 in the Multiverse.. Jiren Goku Hitto Frieza Vegeta Toppo.. No one else is in their league in all the universes

      • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

        Whatever. It’ll at least something more than few shots.

      • Trench

        Frieza knocked out by kale Culi fusion

        • Nikkolai Norrell

          HELL NO lolol Golden frieza a savage

  • Aaron Soldier

    Bruh this episode just made me love Cabba and then they eliminate him…wow.

    I hope VEGETA gets his ass kicked by the bearded dude, and can’t wait for Goku vs Caulifa/Kale

    • Dark Firzen

      nice spoil, thank you.

      • ‏‏

        Why did you read the comments before watching the show first?

        • Rohan

          They might have their reasons.

      • Kevam

        It’s your fault reading the comments before watching the ep. Even a kid can figure out there will be spoilers in the comments.

    • Scrotie McBoogerBalls

      Ffs I was just gonna watch the episode. Ah well I already watch spoilers from Geekdom so np.

    • Nikkolai Norrell

      Kale needs to go Broli form and get her ass beat.. tired of seeing her in that big bulky form and being able to whip everybody ass when we were taught that the form she is in is not effective but somehow for her it is so “terribly” powerful… that shit blows me… especially when she whipped Goku Blue ass.. didn’t make any damn sense bro

      • Juan Pablo Leal

        Except they are not the same form.

        • Nikkolai Norrell

          that is the same legendary super saiyan form broli was in… and there is no way he could compare to godly divine power… not even close… no way she should be either..

          • Max

            So what? Broly’s form isnt canon. It is very similar, but the forms are named differently. The form is named Super Saiyan Berserk.

            And godly divine power doesnt mean it outclasses pure strength. We have seen that in Ressurection F and Jiren vs Goku.

          • Trench

            It is cannon that’s why Vegeta references it

  • Riko Hitsuya

    why the hell is U6 and U7 wasting their power on each other, Goku and maybe possibly Vegeta are the only ones who can stand up to the main threat to everyone. If they want to fight Goku so bad wait for him to beat the biggest threat 1st!

    • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

      Because Caulifla wants to unlock higher levels of Saiyans potential and she knows that only Goku can help her achieve that. It will be likely another Goku-teaches-Caulifla-achieve-next-Sayians-level-episode.

      • Akash Damle

        yes, and goku is rather happy because he gets time to chill down and buck up for the big fight xD

    • Kevin Robinson

      And gohan although gohan look weak he’s always looked weak throughout the entire z series but at the moment of somones death he roid rage and out power both goku and vegeta

      • Aditya Thakur

        no one dies here, so no rage 😛

        • Erasure=Death i suppose

        • Kevin Robinson

          hasn’t universe 10 get erased already gohan literally stop fighting after universe 10 got erased and honestly i think its going to be something freeze going to set up he is the only one that has the balls to do evil for the necessary good

      • Andres Aguirre

        Just like when gohan. Was a baby and he broke the capsule when goku nd his brother were fighting

    • Nikkolai Norrell

      Golden Frieza is also def one that can withstand the threat of Jiren too.. He has true power and can challenge God of Destruction power like in ep. 95. don’t you think?

      • Andres Aguirre


  • Will Amian

    episode was to short, wake me up in 6days xD

    • AnimeDubbed Version

      Alright. R.I.P buddy.

    • Oof

      You used the wrong form of to, it should have been “too.” kek

  • Max Kay

    My boy cabba is growing up 😭
    Thx vegeta 👍💓

  • Feelmetal Edwin

    Reckless Goku going ssj3 just so he can teach caulifla and waste his stamina.

    • Jonty

      Goku going ssj3 wont waste his stamina as much cos he has already mastered the god and blue tranformation. So going ssj3 wont be much of a burden on his body…..but on the other hand when caulifa goes ssj3 (if she does) she will depleat more stamina cos she has not mastered ssj2 properly.

  • wowlock

    Does Frieza really think Super Dragon Balls can grant a wish that can override Zenoh ? If such a power existed, it would never have been put up as a reward.

    • Rohan

      Supreme kai of U7 once said that Zenoh Sama can’t be defeated, no matter what.

  • Yazan Ahmed

    It will a great idea if the vegeta and goku fuse together I think then they will be able to defeat jiren

    • d3rd3vil

      Everyone could fuse more or less…..lets not waste all the fights with fusion shit shall we

      • Kevin Robinson

        Why not fuse into gogeta it only last like 10 min and they could use that for the last 10 min picking up where z left off hopefully they train off screen and actually learned to do it right

        • Juan Pablo Leal

          Unfortunately, Gogeta isn’t canon.

    • Rohan

      Even potara fusion’s power was used by Vegeto blue so quickly. There won’t be enough time to beat Jiren. Also, Gogeta might still not be as strong as Jiren.

      • labe keebler

        A Good way for fusion then

    • Eggaudo

      Not permitted I feel, even if they could. The ear rings could be considered weapons

      • Trench

        No need for the rings

      • ‏‏

        Knowing Zeno he might think the fusion dance is neat.

  • ‏‏

    Why do I get the feeling that at the end of the series Vegeta will stay on Salada?

    • Vyom Jayaswal

      That would be interesting.

    • Aditya Thakur

      nope, not gonna happen and he maybe hiding new power level but he will still lose one way or another. Remember vegeta vs golden freiza ?

      • ‏‏

        The only problem with Vegeta fighting gold Frieza was that he destroyed the planet, Vegeta probably won’t make that same mistake again.

    • Trench

      Vegetal a good dad will not leave trunks or new born

  • yahiya

    so everyone is gonna ignore the fact that Vegeta didnt give his power to goku ? thats cuz he’s hiding a new form, we will see…

    • Max

      Why would he? Goku was regaining stamina and Vegeta needed it. Vegeta knows there are better forms, but I doubt he is hiding it. He just wants to make sure they win and wasting stamina isnt going to help them win.

      • Trench

        Vegeta wouldn’t use blue so recklessly with out anew form

      • yahiya

        what did i tell you about his secret transformation ? y’all laughed at me when i said it…

    • Kevam

      It would be dumb af to believe that Vegeta’s new form would be any closer or even 1/10th of Ultra Instinct, even if he had a form. He would probably come close to SSB KaioKen X20 which we know, can’t even scratch jiren

      • Wafflepiezz

        I believe Vegeta’s SSB is already a bit stronger than Goku’s SSB too

      • yahiya

        what did i tell you about his secret transformation ?

  • d3rd3vil

    Very average episode as usual….the preview says Goku going SSJ3? Wtf thats a waste of stamina that cant happen….or maybe he just makes Caulifla use SSJ3?!

    • Kevin Robinson

      She can’t just ssj3 vegeta didn’t even have it besides I don’t think they would animate her with even more hair as if it’s not long as hell already

      • Aditya Thakur

        but still she would look awesome with more hair 🙂

      • Trench

        She’s her universes goku

    • Kanji

      I liked it.

    • Max

      Well, merchandising. Besides, U6 needs SSJ3 right now as they dont have the time to master SSJ2 as much.

      And maybe Vegeta doesnt care for SSJ3 anymore since he has seen that it has a lot more weaknesses than gains(besides, they already have ssj3 vegeta in merchandising thx to the games).

  • AndrehS86

    14:20 if you don’t understand, always ask questions 😀

    • Rohan


  • hemo

    so is Hit classified as a Namekian like Pikon was? they seem to come in different shapes and sizes based upon who the tribe leader was, lord slug and king piccolo’s namek brood for instance….

    • Trench

      Pikon is not cannon and not namek

  • Mason Grand

    Goku realizes U6’s Saiyans are naïve and aspire to be like U7’s Saiyans; he notices they’re transforming while not knowing the pros & cons of ascending to new SSJ levels (for those who don’t know; SSJ3 drains stamina rapidly).

    So, since Caulifla & Kale currently have more stamina than Goku, he’s going to show them SSJ3, knowing they’ll naïvely ascend to 3 as well, using that as a way to make them lose stamina rapidly.

    Checkmate for Goku.

    • David Boone

      I’m glad someone else caught that

    • Rohan

      Goku isn’t mean like this.

    • Steffon Cederickk Jenkins

      Kale not turning ssj3. Caulifla maybe

    • Trench

      We’ll see a fusion between kale and Culi. Culi will get ssj3 . Someone will die even Frieza said it don’t matter what happens after their knocked out of the ring . All universes will. Be resurrected by super dragon balls they can do any thing at this point . Goku will get ui and beat Jiren for the wish . It will prolly end up being Kalifuh v Frieza or jiren then Goku will hop in . Pic will prolly die after absorbing one of the othe namek and well finally see the namek egg reproduction again

  • Zeno Sama

    I Will F**king destroy jiren if their universe wins!

  • justiceswarrior

    why vegeta wanted to fight with Jiren after he saw that Jiren defeated Goku and Hit

    • Rohan

      Yeah, he would have been tossed off so easily just like when Vegeta first fought Hit or Goku Black.

    • Nikkolai Norrell

      bc vegeta is a fucking soldier and vegeta is in the highest tear of fighters alongside of jiren hitto goku frieza and frieza

  • David Boone

    I hope everyone knows that if u7 disappeared u6 would too because beerus an champa are twin universe’s

    • Stefan

      An interesting thought, but it hasn’t happened to the twins of the 2 universes that already got eliminated.

  • David Boone

    So they aren’t going anywhere 6 an 7 will live on

  • Solid.Q

    Uhmmm JIREN

  • Solid.Q


  • super saiyan confused 3

    Why has the thought never crossed vegeta’s mind since he’s been on earth to just resurrect planet vegeta in his own universe with the dragonballs if he wants saiyans to live on??

    • dgoku

      Dragon Balls can’t mass resurrect people who died over a year ago. Moreover, he wants the saiyan race to live on, but does not want the bunch of idiots and weaklings (The dead saiyans are pretty weak and cruel) that were his former subjects. Besides, he’s adapted to earth’s life, which means that he doesn’t want another planet back, and he doesn’t want his fellow saiyans to know. I mean, they were brutes, so if they see his family life now, they would ridicule him.

      • Wafflepiezz

        spot on analysis and I fully agree, plus Cabba’s planet may have better Saiyan babes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      • Trench

        Super dragon balls could

        • dgoku

          True, but as I explained, Vegeta doesn’t really want to do that. Besides, I’m pretty sure that Vegeta is the only one on team Universe 7 that wants the Saiyans back. In fact Freeza would probably be vehemently opposed to that. And if anyone is deserving of a wish after all this, it’s Goku, for all the hard work he put in. Him or Gohan for having to deal with a team that never ever listens to him.

  • Suman Sekhar Dash

    Finally a sssj 2 power up in the real way rather than tingly way :v

  • Asaf Ziv

    Why 480p for a while now kinda sucks…

  • TheLightningShot321 “TLS321” R


    • Aliasx24

      I don’t know if anyone noticed , but at the end of the episodes they show little goku and his tail. Hmm what a mystery. I foresee goku going ape here soon or at least growing a tail back.

      • Trench

        Ape no true sayin god maybe that would b why berrus gets salty

      • Trench

        If you didn’t watch dragon ball that’s his original gi that’s why you see grandpa Gohan and a bunch of dragonball chars

      • TheLightningShot321 “TLS321” R


  • TheLightningShot321 “TLS321” R

    I will spoil you all but, everybody will get thrown out but goku’s son, gohan will get ultimate destructive power and save univers 7,goku will fight that girl just to gain power,he will gain ultra instinct 1 more time but sadly he will try to mix it with kaioken and end up losing.

  • Steffon Cederickk Jenkins

    I like how goku and vegeta knew what frezia was doing to cabba and didn’t care. I thought we was teaming up with U6 for a min

    • Cunt Muffin

      They both knew, but unfortunately, they couldn’t do anything about it and interfere. It would be a huge waste of time to pick a fight with Frieza, which is one of their own team members.

      • Steffon Cederickk Jenkins

        Exactly. I liked it Kuz it’s frieza doing frieza stuff. It just made me laugh. Goku brought it up & vegeta was like “and…”

    • dgoku

      When Freeza said fight for me, I was hoping he was going to try and force Cabba and Universe 6 saiyans to actually work under him in the tournament. The throwback would have been superb.

  • Benny Wong

    For all the dragon ball fans – seems like Akira knows many of us dislike ‘fat characters’, so he gonna make another one at this episode lol

    • Trench

      Yes and Zeno is us . Fanboi all the way

  • Leo

    Universe 6 saiyans are too scrawny

    • Andres Aguirre

      True I hate it I just wish caba was buff

      • Wafflepiezz

        yeah even SSJ2 Gohan was buff, Cabba needs to gym it more xD

  • Nanzil Divin

    damn. I feel this ep was so short…

  • Bounmy Bounpraseuth

    11:32 was the best part lol

  • Vegito Blue

    supa sayajin three is back in the house bitches

  • Andres Aguirre

    I just hate seeing the new sayins so skinny looking I mean the girls are ok B.C. They are girls but caba looks so stupid like a naruto character , with no muscles

  • Andres Aguirre

    I honestly don’t like ssj blue and ssj god they are not that cool I thought it would be a lot cooler , like ssj 3 is bad a$$

  • Wafflepiezz

    yoo wtf Super Saiyan 3 is going to drain more of Goku’s stamina

  • xNovaCloudx

    episode 113 will end with Goku changing to super saiyan 3. This Saiyan girl will evolve just like Vegeta’s pupil in this tournament and unlock SSJ 3 thanks to Goku. Watch it happen in 2-3 episodes and she will end up finishing off the Love lady.

  • Dajka László

    why these episodes has such a low volume?

  • Tony the Great

    Freeza is a sneaky Bastard!

  • http://xphantom.com/ xPhantom Cs Go Hack

    it’s been like 30 episodes but only 22 minutes have passed, rofl.

    google xphantom cs go for Legit hax

  • GhoulKiller9001




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  • Lee Walton

    Trigglypuffs EVERYWHERE!!!!
    Is it just me, or is it not obvious Jiren wants Goku to meditate like him? I mean, Kakarot is clearly in a position to ask him to teach the method, if Jiren’s not going to fight him; did he not express that he wouldn’t until Goku’s ready for him?