Dragon Ball Super episode 111 Subbed

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  • Medo

    Post dbs 111 already!! 🙁

  • Carlos Ramos

    wtf is going on? are they gonna play it live? is there even an episode of super being aired today? what’s going on?
    I have so many questions, I’m scared…

  • Abdullah Rashid


  • Beerus Sama

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    • Unofficial Release

      Thanks man it’s save my day

    • Timothy Wiegand

      So instead of watching it here, im supposed to download it instead?

  • shefin mathew

    why isn’t hit evolving

    • Wo

      He can’t Jiren is on another level which he can’t adapt too

      • Divine Shadow

        He was evolving the entire fight did you not pay attention at all? Jiren however was so far ahead of him that he didn’t even have opportunity to drag out the fight to keep improving.

        • Vyom Jayaswal

          Finally someone speaks sense

    • Alvis Lavrus

      Yeh he landed a very good HIT in the end on jiren that almost knocked him out of the ring ,but by then he was too batered he knew he cant last long enough to win, tho why he didnt ask the others to atack jiren or destroy the ground below so he falls is beyond me

  • vasu108

    hatrick awesome episodes

  • SHADOW54312


  • Pulkit Nagpal

    what the hell how many times do i need to tell you tht please upload other links for the episodes, this is last time ,otherwise i am gonna shift to another website from now

  • brianwalker

    this anime just keeps getting better and better this episode is 100% for me

    • Vedansh Shishodia

      it definitely was AWesome…..!!

    • Omark

      yes the 3 last episodes were the best of this series. quite a few disappointments before

    • Benny Wong

      Yes indeed, got a feeling Jiren is not his true identity. Probably someone hide under a mask😜

      • Vedansh Shishodia

        LOL…dude i dont think so!

      • PetesMaGeats

        i feel that Jiren actually is cheating by using god of destruction energy.

        • Nelea Darius

          why would he cheat and using God of destruction energy ? when it was said about Jiren that he is considered one whom powers are maybe even beyond the God of Destruction

          • ssj4gotenks

            But how did he manage to get so strong?
            Since gods of destruction are replaceable i wouldnt be surprised if jiren was a god before or killed a god and stole its power.

            Maybe jiren is a creature that has the power of those universes that Zeno destroyed long time ago. Or maybe jiren is from one of those universes that got destroyed such a long time ago. (maybe a god from one of those?)

          • dbzsuperfan11

            maybe jiern killed a god of time whose power oversteps a god of destruction???

          • Droidboy

            Yeah, it’s very questionable. When he’s about to defeat time, or whatever they said, to me is raises red flags that something is up. He isn’t that strong just because. Because, at this rate, he is going too be stronger than ALL Gods of Destruction, and I doubt that they would allow him to be that strong since it’s a threat?

        • FearTheSponge

          Ultra Instinct > Jiren
          Gods of destruction have much higher stats than goku so if they use ultra instinct they beat him.
          The top 4 universes, Beerus, Champa, and a few others probably have Ultra Instinct. (those were the ones shown when it was mentioned)
          So yeah, higher stats + ultra instinct + god of destruction energy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Jiren

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            Whis said Beerus didn’t completely master Ultra Instinct. Goku doesn’t either anyway.

          • FearTheSponge

            I mean Goku didn’t master it either, mastering it would probably be more akin to being able to use it indefinitely or maybe reaching a higher form of it. The point being that Beerus and others are being with higher stats + god of destruction ki in their base who can use ultra instinct with probably more skill than Goku did, well the universe 10 or whatever the green guy is in probably hasn’t trained it to a proficient level but the top 4 universes, the clown, beerus, champa, and stuff probably have. Stacking ultra instinct with higher stats will make a huge difference, when two people use ultra instinct, the stronger stat user would realistically win and then you are also throwing god of destruction ki on there.

        • Akaalis Aristorenas

          Too be honest Jiren does not only have the appearance of the Grey Alien, but his powers are consistent with the Grey Alien ethos and myth as well. Using psychic-based supernormal abilities…. !!

      • Anono

        Yamcha? 😛

        • PrC

          It’s actually naruto

      • Mateo Kajfeš

        i think Jiren got his power from his God of destruction… they can communicate telephatically, that just doesn’t seem right… how come only he has that kind of power?

        • Maji

          I used to be obsessed with extraterrestrials
          … jirens species is a white gray which are extremely rare.
          From what i learned grays have remarkable telekinesis/mind altering powers.
          Thats how he was able to attack/block off the sprit bomb.
          Im not even surprised that he was able to do those things.
          Not only that u guys question how he gets so strong. Here’s you’re answer he was meditating. It unlocks hidden power and potential hidden within a person.
          If u watched resurrection of f. Frieza got just as strong as ssb just from 6months of meditation..🤔

        • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

          Goku also communicate telephatically with Gods in the past so it’s not something really special.

          • Lerrari


  • Joseph

    This is a spoiler, don’t read it.
    Jiren dropped Hit out.
    Don’t blame me, it’s your fault, you rebel.

    • Alvis Lavrus

      How dare ye

  • geo

    Why gods of DB why is tubby love still in the fight.

    • Omark

      yes wtf man. Total joke that HIT is already out and that fat bitch is still in there

      • PrC

        Bcoz love is stronger…
        Love is stronger… And…bigger

        • Mian Shahroz

          and love has a fat ass annoying voice…

      • João Carmona

        She is the personification of filler, she is what prevents actual fillers from happening

  • John Alvir Bismonte

    Goku is damn pathetic. hahaha

    • Max Kay

      For now 😏
      Enjoy it while you can😎

    • PrC

      He is not worthy

  • ‏‏

    I have this theory that the energy that Goku originally gave to Frieza while on Namek allowed him to become that Gold form in the Super series.

  • Max Kay

    Hit the one character that didn’t deserve to lose 😇 such an amazing guy
    Also thank God someone slapped that bitch 😂
    She’s irritating.

    • Andrew

      That whole universe is lame AF.

      • Divine Shadow

        Even the god of destruction of that universe is awful.

  • Akaalis Aristorenas

    I wonder if Hit regrets not using “team work” ……!!

  • Akaalis Aristorenas

    I don’t know why, but Jiren’s voice actor sounds like Hiroyuki Ikeuchi

  • Haggy

    Anyone noticed that as we saw back when beerus first met goku to reveal the super saiyan god it took 5 to project power into one, totaling 6 warriors…and there just so happens to be 6 on the stage, Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Cabba, Caulifla and Kale….What if with kales secret power she is actually gonna become super saiyan god level with that ultimate power or something and thats the only way they beat jiren, its that or goku and vegeta fuse, lets get real…Any other way would be moronic and bullshit. I also believe in regards to GT (which could be discarded info) as ssj4 fused they couldnt hold it longer than 5 mins…therefore surely at their current level it just wouldnt last?. Kale is gonna come out on top, i can feel it in my balls.

    • Kevam

      Probably this is what’s gonna happen, looking at current situation. Unless they wanna drop another spirit bomb on Goku, or even Vegeta

      • d3rd3vil

        How about Goku regenerating and using ultra instinct? Ofc thats the most probable way. Hope its happening soon. I dont want this fillershit for weeks again now 🙁

    • aky

      nope she doesn’t stand a change even as super saiyan god. you saw goku in the special episode using it (and he was waaay stronger than the first time he became ssj god) and jiren blocked the attack with only 1 finger

      • aky


    • Jens Ingels

      They don’t need a ritual to reach SSJ-GOD, Vegeta reach the form when interacting with Goku’s god ki. So it’s very possible Kale already has it. Gohan already has it but it doesn’t seems he’s able to haverst that power yet.

      • João Carmona

        He literally just did a few episodes back

  • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

    This show becomes so predictable. Even if there is “unexpected” short turns of events, You know what gonna happen next. Hit has little spotline, but it was obvious he was destined to lose against Jiren.

    • Mares Fillies

      Well it is a show for kids…

      • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

        Back then it had quite clever writing… Now it’s only show for kids.

        • Mares Fillies

          Back then… it was in shonen jump which is a type manga serialization for young boys. XD

          • Rodolfo Silva

            even though I like SUPER I would have to agree that the character build up was way better in Z… Z still > Super like Jiren still > Goku …

        • Arvind Sharma

          Back then kids (us) were clever too!

        • João Carmona

          How was the writing better before?
          Unless u mean the original Dragon Ball but that one was just Akira screwing around (hence why it was so fun).

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            Original Dragon Ball was for me like 7.5/10 (quite fun story), Dragon Ball Z like 7/10, but it has bad moments when show drop to 4-5/10 (i.e. Sayaman arc…). We had Vegeta introduced here, one of the most baddass character in this genre of anime. Fights feels more intense and You could really feel impact of attacks. It was just animated smarter way.
            Dragon Ball Super… feels more “colorfull”, less play with shades. It’s like going from Diablo & Diablo 2 into Diablo 3. You’ve had darky atmosphere, pale shades of colors that only highlight terror Your up against. It was really solid experience. Espiecially first Diablo. Then it comes “colorfull” World-of-Warcraft-like Diablo 3 and the feeling is gone.
            It’s just many aspects that I don’t wanna brings here because it’s rather not proper place to make more in-depth review.
            I feel Dragon Ball Super is for me like 5/10. It’s just meh. Nothing special, but not quite bad either. Just nothing that really makes it stand out of the mediocre crowd. If not for title that is widely recognized it wouldn’t have that much of audience.

        • Prysym

          The writing still is clever, just not quite up to the level of Z and the first series.

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            No quite, really. Few examples. Fat Buu goes to sleep before tournament. Why not use Dragon Balls and wish he was awake during tournament? It’s about fate of universe You know… Zamasu wants to destroy all humans because they constantly fighting each others… If they only fighting each others then they will eventually destroy themselves without his help… The dummest motives ever… Again, Zamasu broke rule about time travelling and killing Gods from another timeline yet it was unnoticed by Gods of Destrution? Or Angels or any other higher beeings? Zamasu was no match for 4D beeings as stated later. It’s just one big plothole.

          • Prysym

            Historically Dragon Ball always had had plotholes. There’s still far, far more plotholes in Super than the ones you’ve wrote here. In Z there are plenty as well, as well as the Dragon Ball itself. Plenty of stuff has never made sense honestly. What Super does far more in comparison to others to its detriment is its oversimplification and almost streamlining of some of the characters to more basic personalities. The pacing I find is also off at times as well, the final fight in the Zamasu arc being paramount to that point and pretty much acting as a culmination of plenty of things Super has gotten wrong.

            Although, I will concede that there has been improved development of other characters – Frieza notably improving. The variation of music has been very impressive.

            The last 3 episodes have been excellent, I’ve rewatched them plenty of times now. I didn’t think this episode predictable, there were way more predictable episodes some 20 ago that really, really pissed me off. I almost dropped Super because of how painstakingly predictable it got. Also, it’s not like DBZ didn’t suffer from the same problems with being predictable, in fact I’d say in terms of events DBZ is more predictable than Super. But DBZ’s writing and cohestion still makes it better by a decent distance.

    • gogeta

      its not what happens in the end that matters an entertaining its about the process of how it happens that keeps it interesting this by far is the best fighting series that dragon ball creators have done in terms of action

      • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

        Yes it matters what happens, because You know that Hit “time trap” will fail which takes away overal excitement of battle. Action is interesting if its a bit of uncertain about what happen next and a bit of “what if”. This is what makes it thrilling and excitement. It’s not exactly “what happens in the end” but rather knowing what happens. That’s only what I feel about it anyway. You’re free to like fighting scene without good plot line.

        • João Carmona

          “Action is interesting if its a bit of uncertain about what happen next and a bit of “what if”.”
          I dunno about u but i thought jiren would stay there until late in the tournament and in the meanwhile Goku would be getting stronger and they’d have the epic battle at the end.
          Defo didnt expect him to stay stuck for a couple minutes only, much less for hit to be knocked out so easily.

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            If Hit “time trap” was something more than just “cool action”, some kind of element of a bigger plan prepared with Universe 7 then it might be kinda interesting. I don’t see any thoughts put in plotline other then “show them some cool fighting scene” like gogeta said. It’s just sad and feels like throwing random action at viewers. I wish some smart plotline was icorporated rather. Not only flashy fight scenes which – standalone – are good for immature kids on the long run.

            I am old Dragon Ball fan. I mean, I’m not child anymore. Watched previous series about 2 years ago (so I’m not quite biased by nostalgia) and DB Super is kinda dissapointment in some areas by comparision. Character development and emotional “deepness” was flattened. They render Goku as part mental retard most of the times… Vegeta is like emotionless tsundere in DB Super… Again, it’s sad what They’ve done to his former self. But that’s just too much derail of actual topic.

            I didn’t expect him to stuck there for couple minutes which was obvious after first vibrations of his body. If he can counter Ultra Instinct Goku then he’s obviously 4th dimensional character (which is confirmed that Ultra Goku is in many feats like “shaking entire World of Void with only his presence”). So it was obvious that 4th dimensional character will not be affected by time.

  • Milan Babic

    This was a GOOOD episode! Bit of everything, they mix it up.

  • ‏‏

    I love how they make the sjw trio persist despite the heavy damage and drainage they have taken, while the better more interesting characters continue to get knocked off the stage.

  • ‏‏

    In a way the thumbnail of the video unintentionally acts as false advertisement as we don’t actually see Goku’s new form this time.

  • d3rd3vil

    Nice episode Hit is out. Damn nice. But when will Goku return? December? ….:(

  • Pure Shqiptar

    If time doesn’t affect Jiren this just confirms even more that he must be 4th demensional.

  • Jaspreet Tuteja

    hit saved goku’s ass back there, but in return did not got any help.. damn hit and goku were crused by jiren

    • Danny Raules

      Goku saved Hit against Despo. Despo was hitting Hit against his speed. Goku interfere against Despo and Hit used that extra time again to fight Despo and win.

    • Divine Shadow

      it isn’t that he didn’t get any help it is that Hit does not WANT the help. It is who he is. Only reason he told the rest of Universe 6 to keep fighting was he was not positive he could win.

  • oomniels

    ITs starting to get meeh Jiren is a fcking cheat… prob created by Belmond..

  • Akshay Sawant

    Now this Dragon Ball super series is getting more & more interesting. But at last the Goku will be the winner & he will wish to all the universe to come back that for sure.

    • CoolTsunami36

      or maybe it will be some other winner wishing that wish or it will never come to an end of tournament because someone on some kind of ways will interrupt it,but again the biggest chance is that one you said,which I thought about myself

  • Raghav Sethi

    my theory is zeno energy is so strong that even angels can’t detect it so he’s hid the universes and to create drama hes using ppls emotion to make 100% out of them

    • Alan Valdez

      Plot hole

  • Alvis Lavrus

    At times like this i wonder why da fuk didnt he just tell his allies to blow up the ground below jiren… making him fall while hes barely moving

  • mickey galang

    I want to watch it on HD, can anyone give me site for HD?

  • Samir Banderker

    Jiren you arrogant bastard…

  • http://creowebtech.com Rajendra patil

    jiren already got a lot of importance, now its time for goku 😀

    • João Carmona

      Now goku!

  • Makey Laishram

    When is the next episode coming

    • Alenar

      Next week, as per it usually should

  • justiceswarrior

    it so disappointing that hit lost , he defeated just two warriors and he is one of the powerful warriors in the universes .

    • João Carmona

      I actually like it, this show has not been nearly as boring and predictable as dbz was.

  • forkevbot

    Gogeta fusion in the future? Ultra instinct but with vegeta’s remaining stamina??

    • CoolTsunami36

      or it will bee some kind of a new transformation which they could get only by fused togheter,how Whis said “Vegeta and Goku fused togheter can beat anyone,even you Beerus”

      • Dielon

        Not fused. He said “work together”

    • gg4n0

      gogeta is a fusion of SS4 which neither of them can go SS4

      • Drakirikard

        No it’s not. The fusion dance can be performed without ssj4.

        • João Carmona

          It was done originally without it

  • yahiya

    im just gonna say, when goku acquires the SuperDragonBalls, he definitely is going to recreate all the universes back as nothing has happened.

  • nyuu

    90% of you all have super saiyan bardock pics, it’s confusing

    • Prysym

      It’s the default pic chosen by the website I think for people with no actual profile pic.

  • Akaalis Aristorenas

    LOL I guess Vegeta has adapted to Ribrianne since he’s no longer fighting her in SSJ1…. !!

  • Kelvin Pearce Jr.

    So we got Vegito blue in the last saga, what’s the chance we see a Gogeta Blue/ultra instincts to take on Jiren? Gogeta > Vegito.

    • João Carmona

      I see Vegeta becoming a fatherly figure to Cabba next episode.

  • Yibe Salcedo

    Jiren looked at Goku and said: the enemies that I was here for are now gone. In translation he was actually impressed by Goku and is curious if Goku can come back stronger in time (half time)

  • HellStorm Demonoid

    goku is gonna beat the shit out of him.

  • DK

    But for sure we gonna witness a Bad ass fight soon. Goku will not let it go and he is the main character so something that I know for sure is Goku going to win.

  • Vedansh Shishodia

    Hit looks Awesome…way better than jiren lol, jiren was stronger tho

  • Cunt Muffin


    • Vedansh Shishodia

      What do u mean pal?

  • Taz Cockerill

    Is it possible for Jiren to absorb all the strengths and powers possessed by anyone he has ever fought? Gods alike? That way he can take on pretty much anyone at any level and quickly adapt to their fighting methods to overcome them and beat his competition…?

  • Tony Bland

    Wow this was pretty underwhelming compared to Goku vs Jiren.

  • Recep Şerit

    Hit was should be stay. At least it had to be another fight.

  • ★彡

    If you want a bitch to shut up Vegeta is your guy

  • Ayush Mohan

    I Think If Goku Blinds Jiren , He will be able to beat him . Because most of his energy comes from his eye’s glare …..

    • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

      Bullshit. Now levitating in meditation with closed eyes and random fighters were knocked off with just his aura. He just use eyes as his Ki unleashing method because think that it’s enough. In other words, he don’t think that it’s necessary to be more serious at this level.
      It’s really not something unique, because there was plenty examples of using plain eyes glare to destroy or telekinesis. Goku himself used it couple of times in Dragon Ball Z, but it seems he actually percieve it as an inferior fighting technique and didn’t develop it further.
      Power of techniques are strictly related to Ki in Dragon Ball series so it’s obvious Jiren can use this eyes techniques – even if it’s consider inferior style – pretty efficiently.
      He’s pretty confident in his power, even arrogant at some point as we see in the end, he’s not interested in fight because he don’t see any worthy opponent.
      I saw this eye’s glare more like a toying with opponent rather then main weapon. It’s just like saying: “I don’t even need to move my finger and still will beat You”.

  • Bounmy Bounpraseuth

    bruh why did jiren punch hit he couldve just blasted him away with his power

  • Bounmy Bounpraseuth

    even tho rozie finally slapped that bitch i still hate both of em

  • Jeremy Rodriguez

    Why didn’t the Omni-King grey-out Hit on his tablet when he got knocked out?

  • Jeremy Rodriguez

    Why was Hit not erased from the Omni-king’s tablet????? Was Hit’s phantom image knocked out? and his physical body hiding on stage?

    • Orthanius

      Oh that’s clever, they have shown all the main characters being taken off the tablet haven’t they?

  • ethandelpppp

    am i the only one who thinks hit looks weird in this episode?

  • Eqbol

    Whis said that if goku and Vegeta team they will be unstoppable so mabey in the next episode the will team up and destroy jiren or do some qualteral damage. Mabey they might get a new form for Vegeta idk mabey

  • Eqbol

    Whis said in past episodes that if goku and Vegeta team up ( not by vegeto or gogeta ) they will be unstoppable so they might have a chance against jiren and defeat him and mabey freiza might join in as well

  • Lucas

    Om Namah Shivaya

  • Anthony bond

    maybe zeno isn’t the only one of his level… i think the angels then zeno/jiren then the gods

  • Akaalis Aristorenas

    How come Hit couldn’t throw more of those shockwave punches while he had Jiren locked up and closest to the edge????

    • Orthanius

      Because he was focusing all of his power on keeping Jiren “frozen”.

  • Jason Flauaus


  • Jacky Chung

    when is the next epi??

  • Akaalis Aristorenas

    Stylistically Goku is a more direct head-on fighter while Hit is a more precise, elusive and evasive one, also the way Hit positions his hands and throws his strikes is very resemblent of wing chun i noticed.

  • vegito black

    i hat that fat bitch

  • vegito black

    i think jiren is strong than god of destroy

  • Aman Anand

    Hit didnt back down if carefully watched Zeno didnt clicked the drop down button for Hit….
    Hit must be having some other surprising plan to amaze all the universes…..

  • Aaron

    Jiren so strong he could have beaten Goku and hit both at the same time. That eye power he has makes him invincible. It almost looks similar to Apocolypse’s power from X men.

  • SonOfGoku

    Jiren is in disguise mode he’s real name is Saitama

  • ‏‏

    I love how they make the sjw trio persist despite the heavy damage and drainage they have taken, while the better more interesting characters continue to get knocked off the stage.

  • Jae Reload

    jiren a monster

  • KingAknologia

    pffft i could 1 shot jiren EZ

  • Steve

    Hired is being way to cocky

  • Steve

    I meant jiren

  • http://www.last.fm/user/Grikonen Lucas Peter Paul Munnich

    Why oh why is nobody fusing?

  • jesse

    yo,i sure goku’s ultra instinct was triggered by is zenkai boost from the spirit bomb.

    • jesse

      i’m lmao

  • Nali

    Wtf, why wouldn’t they just push him out when he was frozen.

  • Tony the Great

    They could have pushed him out when he was frozen!! Sigh

  • http://xphantom.com/ xPhantom Cs Go Hack

    As everyone was saying they should’ve least tried to push him off while he was frozen, this is just frustrating….

    google xphantom cs go hack for undetected legit cheat

  • Lee Walton

    Vegeta be like,”If she breathes, SHE’S A THOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!”