Dragon Ball Super episode 110 Subbed

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  • Beerus Sama

    watch episode here

    https://dragonballway. com/dragon-ball-super-episode-109-110/

    • Feedercarry

      it’s legit?

      • Venkat Satish


  • Beerus Sama

    https://dragonballway. com/dragon-ball-super-episode-109-110-subbed/

  • Beerus Sama

    https://dragonballway. com/dragon-ball-super-episode-109-110-subbed-33/

  • Natsuki


  • Huey

    Why are we getting hoe’d right now? Fuck off

  • marc

    Too many people are trying to view and the servers can’t handle it.

  • Aleksa Radulovic

    god damnit, one more hour to wait…

  • Moise Joseph

    wtf is going on

  • Teja Naidu

    It says video is no longer available.

  • Matt

    This is such a load of shit. Where the fuck is our English subbed version?

  • Jatin Kumar

    can anyone tell me the time when we will be able to watch or download the episode

  • divyanshu

    when is it going to air?

  • Wafflepiezz

    WHERE IS IT?????!?!?!!?!!!!

  • jeffrey cardenas

    the countdown is zero,why not yet on air? what happened? what the [email protected]#%^&*)(@!$!

  • Wafflepiezz


  • Tyson Musgrave

    I can watch episode 109 english sub but not 110?

  • Daattori

    Who broke it?

  • Tyson Musgrave

    Hurry up and put 110 up!

  • Ambrose051987


  • Tyson Musgrave

    I’ve seen 109 I don’t wanna get fucked out of 110!!??

  • SHADOW54312


  • gauresh

    Why are their voices so weird and out of sync pls fix this asap


    Badass fucking badass…after very long time I feel dragon ball emotion ❤❤❤ #hellyeah

  • brandon lawrence

    amazing episode

  • dead pool

    “1hour special” what a load of bullshit it’s clearly 30 minutes and that IS INCLUDING 109 with 110 after cutting out all the intro garbage and last episode garbage and ribrianne garbage

  • Hashirama Senju

    Is it just me or the new ending credit song really brings back old childhood memories back when we used to enjoy watching dragon Ball???

    • Akshit Arora


  • TheFishKing

    so what are we calling this form? SSJ Silver?

    • FunkNugget

      Beerus said “Ultra Instinct”

      • TheFishKing

        true but that is the fighting technique not the form

        • dbzfan0988

          Super Saiyan Ultra?

          • TheFishKing

            that’s nice but i like silver it keeps with the color thing

          • Hairy Manwich

            But it’s not a Saiyan Form since gods who are not Saiyans could also achieve that form. Also Beerus didn’t even know what the hell SSB was.

    • Marcelo Esquivel

      Something like “Son Goku Ultra Instinct?” He wasn’t in SSJ form.

  • Abel Munoz

    this episode was probably even better than his battle vs beerus

  • jack

    where’s the other half

  • Steven Devereaux

    Seems Frieza repayed Goku for giving him energy on Namek. I’m really loving the character development of Frieza, I’m really starting to love him more and more.

  • SK007

    two episodes at same day

    but wtf server can’t able to handle this much people 🙁

  • Donnie Cariker

    Why the hell is it deleted? Can’t play is one thing but it says deleted.

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    • Arnab Basak

      Will you please provide the link

  • Peter Rey Tan Dinoy

    jiren too OP haha

  • Marcelo Esquivel

    That was amazing, can’t even front. I wonder how easily Goku is able to transform like that again.

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  • Normy Haddad


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  • msk khan

    how to download this?

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  • emrites


  • Dom Rice

    I think Vegeta has a big part coming. He’s seen Goku go further and he’s going to do the same but better

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  • Joseph

    Why them quality so low?

    • Vla Gen (GucciXJeezyPhiDude77)

      Change Quality settings to 720p or 1080p, then quality will be high

      • Joseph

        bruh I know that. but the highest option is 480. no 720 or 1080.

  • Randy Yang

    I don’t mind waiting an extra week, JUST GIVE ME MORE OF THAT!!!

    No more half ass episodes please!

  • Gamers Ahoy

    is this the 1 hour special ? but its only 22 min

    • Normy Haddad

      no. The 2 episodes were played back to back on stream. It was actually just a 40 minute special, but whatever

    • do ulc

      dragon ball super use to be this good, but they started to drag time literally. Lack of contents.

      This 2 episode combine together let me feel like the old 20 minutes long of dragon ball super episode.

      They have to do this by release 2 episode each week or make each episode 40 mins long to be satisfying.

  • Beerus Sama

    https://dragonballway. com/dragon-ball-super-episode-109-110-subbed-36/


  • mantazzo

    HOLY CRAP, awesome episode. So how we call this form, SSJA? SSJ Awakened?

    Also Frieza… What the hell…

    EDIT: Do you recall beginning of “Resurrection of F” saga (both movie and anime)? Whis mentioned Goku and Vegeta were limited by their senses since they tried to always sense before doing (or rely on senses, something similar). Around 13:10 mark, when Goku attacks he is surprised, and I think it is shown very well – his senses told him that he was walking at the moment, but a moment later he almost hit Jiren…

    • Blue Wolf

      i think frieza gonna give him his energy to stay alive.. as it happened on planet Namek too

      • mantazzo

        Holy crap, you’re right… I need to rewatch DBZ sometime, I almost forgot what happened when.

    • ‏‏

      They say that it is loosely translated to ‘mastery of movement’ but they say it’s called ‘ultra instinct’.

      • Milan Babic

        Every time we got something translated from twitter and got use to that they change it.

    • Bernfried Jablonski

      Limit Breaker Goku

    • The Legend27

      Frieza will give goku power like goku did to him on namek thats why it gives him memories

    • Jay

      This right here.

    • Rainier Ordoñez

      ULTA INSTINCT or Mastery of Self-Movement that Whis told before when he trained Goku and Vegeta. They are curious why they can’t hit Whis, he revealed that it’s because of it!

      • iLike

        Finally someone who knows what’s going on

    • Aguz Cyg Dhian

      Be positive..!! Maybe frieza wanna heal goku…!!! Hahahaha…
      It’s maybe…!!! But frieza kind a evil after all

  • PrC

    Frieza, fucking bitch

    • Milan Babic

      Yeah his smile is sneaky but Frieza will heal Goku, that’s why it brings back memories of Namek. Goku gave him energy back then before he died.

      • Jeremy Rodriguez

        haha i just wrote that before I saw this post.

        • d3rd3vil

          Yeah has to be. Then with a bit of energy Goku can …. well ….. try to get back to this form but still its gonna be difficult to beat Jiren

          • Andre Drakejr

            No it won’t jiren was was having a hard time with goku at that form

          • d3rd3vil

            I dont think Jiren was at full power. I hope its gonna be an amazing rematch with even more power from both 🙂

          • Thebe Smith

            seems this one is gonna call for Gogeta

          • Vergil

            vegeta has enough stamina to give

      • Chris Latella

        That was my first thought also

      • ‏‏

        Since even the gods reacted to Goku’s new power and since Frieza once said that he would rule over Zeno, Frieza might have plans for Goku which must be why he is healing him.

        • d3rd3vil

          Yeah how about surviving….if universe 7 gets defeated its over

          • Andre Drakejr

            Dummy all they have go do is survive to the end not all will be erase the plane of the tournament is to weed out the weakest

          • d3rd3vil

            I mean if Jiren doesnt get beaten then he WILL win and universe 7 is fucked.

        • Makoto


      • Pure Shqiptar

        Why would Frieza do that , the real Frieza would never do that. Super is ruining him.

        • Albert Calvet

          At this rate you can expect him to be hanging out at Bulma’s parties very soon. Remember this.

          • Vegeta Breigh

            I think it was about time that he becomes good.

          • ShadyLoki

            I really doubt he is

          • Adalberto Ríos

            Well, I wouldn’t be too surprised if he does. Let’s be real, this is truly the legacy of Dragon Ball. Piccolo, Vegeta, Buu, the androids… DB stay making enemies into friends and good guys XD

          • ShadyLoki

            Yeah and maybe he’ll start holding birthday parties and doing the mashed potato and nene dance for kids. 😀
            Remember this.

        • d3rd3vil

          But he wants universe 7 to win to survive! It makes sense

        • Placenta Salad

          You have to remember that Frieza is way beyond petty revenge now. He mentioned to Goku when they resurrected him that he has been training himself to be much more patient. He used to just be pure evil, now he’s pure evil while being much more intelligent and patient at the same time. Frieza, literally a monster himself, called Jiren a “monster” once Jiren began to move towards Goku. So clearly, Frieza realizes Jiren is a lot more powerful than he is. Frieza isn’t going to eliminate Goku so soon when Goku is the only person who has shown himself able to land a hit on Jiren, he’s either going to heal Goku or he’s going to injure Goku to trigger more power once he heals and restores his energy. Either way, I think both Frieza and Vegeta are intrigued and want to observe Goku further to see if they can replicate his newly acquired power. I predict it’s going to be Frieza and Goku still standing in the end and Frieza is going to try and stab Goku in the back after his fight with Jiren, since Goku might be too tired to be much of a challenge.

          • iLike

            How is frieza calling jiren a monster a clear point that would mean he thinks jiren is stronger than him? Frieza is the one with the ultimate trump card when that episode comes. I just want to point out that during all that spirit bomb and ultra instinct fighting, frieza along with a few of the gods that didn’t enter were the only characters shown not withered or wavering or in disbelief of this power. Frieza has a form past Gold that could possibly match up against jiren. Also want to note frieza wasn’t impressed when goku came out in ultra instinct mode. Either frieza has a lackluster personality or he has more power hidden.

        • ShadyLoki

          People like you really annoy me. The real Frieza, I’m assuming you are talking about the Freiza from Namek saga, is shit compared to this one. How many YEARS HAS THAT BEEN. That old Frieza believed himself to be among the most powerful. He was extremely arrogant in his own power and had little patience when it came to the important things. This Frieza is WAY better than your definition of Frieza. He’s way more powerful, patient and smarter. You believe or don’t seem to understand that Frieza has surpassed the old him and has become something better, in the sense of his evil and deceitfulness. He doesn’t care about, at least its not his SOLE PURPOSE for living, killing Goku. He sees a greater wall to climb and power to achieve, a greater role to take on, being above the gods. For that to happen Frieza can’t be this reckless vengence craved idiot that gets himself killed. Through meditating in hell, he’s come to learn from his mistakes, keeping his mind stable and thinking more clearly. Yes, he’s still this sadistic ass that loves torturing people, but like a more well written evil/villain/character, he grows, waits, takes advantage and relies more heavily on his intellect. You and others may think he’s buddying up to Universe 7, but that clearly shows you guys learn nothing from Literature class, or comprehend his new being. Do not think of this Frieza as the old Frieza, that guy is gone. If you don’t like super’s Frieza then go watch Z Namek saga until your thirst for old and stupid is quenched.

          • andthebraindamage

            “That old Frieza believed himself to be among the most powerful”

            “You and others may think he’s buddying up to Universe 7, but that clearly shows you guys learn nothing from Literature class, or comprehend his new being. ”

            Frieza knew that Gods like Lord Beerus existed long before the namek saga. Even King Vegeta knew. You are just pretend to know a lot.
            If anyone reads this, don’t be like ShadyLoki.

          • ShadyLoki

            Brain damage, you really learnt nothing in class. AMONG, the key word AMONG, not THE MOST, AMONG THE MOST. Please stop, you’re really not making your situation any better…

          • levi

            You tell ‘m tough guy keyboard warrior

        • andthebraindamage

          Remember when Frieza cut himself in half on Planet Namek with his own attack? Goku gave him energy to escape the explosion. Looks like F returns the favor because he knows that he cant beat Jiren all by himself. F does not do this to really help out Goku, F is pure evil. Dont forget that F was (and stil is) in hell because of Goku.

          • andthebraindamage

            sorry for this, was already said by a lot of people here.

          • iLike

            Why do you assume F can’t beat jiren by himself? Are you thinking the only person that will get an energy boost this arc is goku, even though it was an accidental and temporary boost. Not an actual level up or transformation. Maybe you haven’t contemplated that frieza hasn’t really even fought anyone yet and jiren is already fighting full strength goku and hit. F hasn’t even been shown to be intimidated by anyone’s display of power throughout the tournament so far. But yeah keep sleeping on frieza please do

        • Jacques Jr Roux

          Are you that dumb that you can’t even figure out that Frieza’s helping out so he can be revived? His very existence is at stake, of course he’s going to lend a hand, that’s why he gave Goku energy for his spirit Bomb. Universe 7 loses–> Frieza dies, simple as that. And as has been explained by someone else, Frieza has grown as a villain, keeping his mind stable and working on his patience. Honestly, he’s becoming a way better villain than he ever was, relying on patience, wits and careful planning rather on just pure strength. So, I don’t think Super is ruining Frieza, it’s making him better. A more careful, calculating but still sadistic villain who’s probably going to cause a whole lot of trouble later on, once his survival is assured.

          • iLike

            Frieza gave him energy to be arrogant as he is. That’s why he said “you can have some of my Frieza Lord’s energy.” Because vegeta said no to giving energy and left, I’m assuming you think vegeta wanted universe 7 to lose then? Or are we just calling people dumb to feel better about ourselves online.

        • Medo

          Preservation. He cant come back to life to exact revenge if hes erased. Hes helping out of a sense of self-preservation. Frieza knows what will happen if goku gets eliminated.

      • Austin Santos

        frieza giving him energy just so he can achieve his goal… by him doing that goku owe him a favor. a big one..

        • Neil Singh

          He,s exacting revenge pure and simple…. f can’t stand the fact that goku gave him energy to save his life… so by doing the same back is a form of revenge and one that won’t be hanging over f’s head anymore…. ya see?

          • Rey T

            this makes sense lol – theyre all prideful – saving goku amounts to a slap in the face

          • shade825

            and saving gohan

      • Abhey Ranwa


      • Andre Drakejr

        That’s what I said

      • Makoto

        dank jokes

      • De’Marco

        That’s what I was thinking

    • TETSU

      Frieza gonna give some power to Goku like goku does in namek

      • The Legend27

        Omg i was about to say that

    • Baws

      obviously he’s going to give goku energy, just like goku did on Namek. He gave frieza energy when he was down. Frieza is just returning the favou

    • The Legend27

      Frieza will probably give goku power

    • Skinnytoe505

      hes gonna give him power, watch.

    • Aguz Cyg Dhian

      Let’s be positive, maybe he wanna heal goku…!!! Hahahaha.

    • Arnav Bhatt

      Come on bro. I absolutely love how they have developed Frieza in Super. As many people have pointed out, and I agree, Frieza is much more patient now than he ever was. Frieza craves absolute power, but he’s finally thinking clearly now. The arrogance and recklessness he showed before, the very two things that led to his death twice, those traits are gone. Thought he’s still just as cold, sadistic and cruel as he’s always been, he’s taking his time to make sure he gets what he wants. He’s playing the long game. And it will be awesome to watch.

      • Dave Wickner

        Technically 3 times if you count his death in “Resurrection F”.

      • iLike

        Frieza is still arrogant

    • Ifrinpls

      He is probably going to give him power, just like he “betrayed” Frost, they have used Frieza before for cheap hype so people says “jeez that fucking Fireza did it again” just for it to be a fake alert, everyone thinks he is going to kill him while in reality, if you think 2 seconds about it, the reminiscence of what happened in planet Namek, compared to the scene they showed us, is actually the part when Goku gives Frieza some energy so he can survive.

    • Florisel Gana

      Well yeah… Kill Goku then fail… Eventually, Goku surpasses again what he just surpasses… Isn’t that for real?! Can’t wait for that…

  • Isaac

    new form of goku has two voices

  • Vyom Jayaswal

    Thats one fuckin dope episode ! Loved it

  • Nadir Lazirou


    • ‏‏

      I wouldn’t say it was worth the wait, especially since there was an extra week wait for episode 108 as well. All they did was delay 109 by an extra week so it would be at the same time as 110 while branding it as a “1 hour special” which it clearly wasn’t since each episode is 22 minutes.

      • d3rd3vil

        Which we all knew weeks ago. You just have to inform yourself….1 hour means nothing. It always meant just 2 episodes in one and minus the advertising it sure wasnt meant to be an hour. Every episode is said to be 30 minutes….

      • Gagan Kathpal

        If they didn’t had work off then we possibly couldn’t had that amazing quality


          episodes are actually created weelkly…….. they had time to plan that shit…. that is why they scheduled that date. its not only because its “2 episodes” its because they needed the time. Your point is well said.

          • MEEEEE! ALEX HERE

            *Not created weekly

      • Legendary Trolly

        With commercials it is one hr, like all tv shows.

        • ‏‏

          But commercials aren’t part of the show to begin with. 😉

          • Legendary Trolly

            Isnt it like that in Japan? I cant say obviously because Im not from Japan Lol


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  • saju

    pls provide download option

  • saju

    Pls provide download option

  • Toni

    This two episodes were so thrilling,I was so exided I shaked sooo cooool

  • mark

    That freeza!! But i’ve got a theory. He is actually gonna power up goku by attacking him just like the spirit bomb, so he could go back to that state. Hahahaha. I hope so!

    • Jeremy Rodriguez

      I think Freeza is going to give some energy to Goku. That’s what Goku did for Freeza on Planet Namek. The way Freeza has his hand position, we don’t normally see when he is trying to fire a blast.

      Thats my theory at least.

      • darkracer

        he’s basicly going to settle the debt. repay goku for giving him power on namek

  • wowlock

    I mean..they shouldn’t underestimate Hit…because he can improve without limit as well. The more Hit fights with Jiren…more he will Evolve as well to the point of reaching Jiren’s potential in a sense.

    • Jeremy Rodriguez

      While it takes time for Hit to use his improve technique, maybe he was doing it while Jiren and Goku were fighting. Hit wouldn’t jump in if he didn’t have a chance.

      • d3rd3vil

        Yeah but I dont think Hit can improve limitless ^^ He sure has his limit somewhere and Jiren will win, has to. Hit winning now….mhh no I dont think so.

  • Jaspreet Tuteja

    Fucking super duper mind blowing awesome episode damn goku is one hell of a guy man.. still jiren is fucking sronger wow..

  • Jeremy Rodriguez

    I think Freeza is going to give some energy to Goku. That’s what Goku did for Freeza on Planet Namek. The way Freeza has his hand position, we don’t normally see when he is trying to fire a blast.
    I think hit was improving while he was watching Goku and Jiren fight…
    Thats my theory at least.

    • NADA


  • Pedro Miguel Fernandes Silva

    Waiting 2 weeks to see some unvisable punches… this is really getting to it’s limit!

    • Pedro Miguel Fernandes Silva


    • d3rd3vil

      Thats whats happens when fighters get stronger and stronger and reach the power of the gods. It is what it is.

  • Vegito

    This will be the last season of dragon ball 🙁

    • Bernfried Jablonski


      • pasta12

        Why nope? Is that confirmed? I hope not, but I could see it being the case.

  • Sourav Varuos Saha

    Goku should have absorbed the power of the spirit bomb like he did once in the movie series!

    • Bernfried Jablonski

      Whis explained that Goku absorbed the energy…

      • d3rd3vil

        Which didnt give him that transformation or self movement itself…the resisting of his own death boosted his goddamn ass

  • NiBBa

    How do i download

  • Kamakinto

    that episode was worth the wait!

    Frieza is definitely going to heal goku. why?? Because Frieza has finally figured out a new way to kill a God (his goal). he needs Goku to use it again, that way Goku can master the technique, teach it to frieza, and frieza will then be able to kill a God (since none of them can do the tech).

    Once frieza learns this technique, it will open us up for a new saga.

    • d3rd3vil

      Whis tried to teach Goku and Vegeta for a long time….teaching doesnt really seem to work so no. Frieza just saw Jirens power and that Goku movement is the key otherwise universe 7 is fucked and Frieza as well.

      • Kamakinto

        I see what you mean by it being hard to reach. Goku and végéta worked at it for a while with zero results. But that is goku and végéta. Frieza is a much better study than either saiyan. Just look at his progress when he actually tries to train.

        Although the technique is hard to learn, it is still teachable…otherwise why would whis decide to teach it to the saiyans?

        • Marc Marte

          Why you guys act like you know everything

          • Kamakinto

            tl;dr – relax.

            I dont think D3rd3vil nor myself think we know everything. I just enjoy making predictions about what is going to happen, and the comments section is a nice place to see what others think about those predictions. Half the fun of waiting an entire week for episodes is to guess what will happen next.

  • Usman Butt

    How goku mastwred such a self movement technique suddenly .. when he has not been training for it .. even beerus could not master it after a long time practice .. That looks so annoying & absurd .. Other strongest wariors of Universe 7 should get the chance to shine and had have their epic moment ..

    • Bernfried Jablonski

      Have you even watched the episode? Whis already explained why it was possible for Goku to reach that stage. He absorbed the energy from his own spirit bomb and his body was trying not be get killed and in the result of that he got that power.

    • d3rd3vil

      Nope the biggest moments are for Goku since episode 1 of Dragonball. But no one said he mastered it….and now he is out of power

    • Marc Marte

      I agree, Goku is always the hero, I was hoping to see something like this with Gohan or Vegeta. They did this when Gohan was the first to obtain super sayin 2

      • Prysym

        It wouldn’t make any sense at all with Gohan, at least not yet. Not even close.

  • NeV

    And now to wait a fucking week, goddammit Goku why did you pumped me up so much…

  • Damm

    This wasn’t a 1hour special but the fight was sick

    • Marshall Law

      Okay they cut two episode half but it was one hour on the broadcast in Japan and even online combine two episodes together it will be total 45mins!

  • DonnyDBS

    The technique Goku uses is called ‘mastery of self movement’ or ultra instinct and is taught to bearus, Goku and vegeta by Whis. Although previously non had been able to master this skill not even the god of destruction himself it now seems that getting hit by the spirit bomb has allowed goku to access this power

  • d3rd3vil

    What a FANTASTIC episode. Goddamn beautiful. And Goku didnt really inhale it he broke through the barriers thsts fantastic. And he didnt get defeated he just retreated and now has to get back his power. Thats great. Hit has to loose ofc and he will but he seems to be able to hurt hit a bit thats interesting. Damn DB Super is getting exciting big time 🙂

    The way Goku rose from the ashes, nice!

  • chirag kumar

    how do i download the episodes

    • Jonathan Michel

      I use real downloader. Works for me

  • Akaalis Aristorenas

    Well worth the wait..

  • Petras Nesvarbu

    i think frieza will give energy like goku give freza in namekian planet

  • Moviez Beast

    ➤Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 Subbed Download link available mail me on [email protected]

  • Breakjack

    100% Frieza’s going to lend Goku energy for him to keep fighting

  • DanasLTU

    dragon ball is sooooooooooooooooo cool

  • arinjoy datta

    What is the name of the song when goku fights …can anyone please tell ? The music seems amazing

  • Jens Ingels

    Looks like Freeza is going to become the orochimaru from dragonball. It’s pretty obvious right now.

    I also pretty sure Vegeta has a new form right now. One of the most clear examples was that he didn’t want to give Goku energy to create the spirit bomb. He probally need that power to reach his new form. I have a theory it could just be SSJ Blue 2. That could be the answer against Goku Kaio-Ken. It’s kinda clear right now that this Ultimate Instinct is going to be a form Vegeta eventually will obtain but I do believe it will be a long time before he’s able to get it. This would make sence else a Vegito/Gogeta won’t be so easy to ballance. It would also prevent Vegito/Gogeta for getting even more powerfull since Goku wouldn’t known the SSJ Blue 2 form and just like with Goku SSJ3 their would be no reason for him to learn it.

    • d3rd3vil

      But nothing has to happen during the tournament. He might have a new form or maybe he’ll get it in later episodes. I dont think he has sth. during the tournament but we’ll see

    • filipe

      vegeta won’t be able to reach this form. goku achieved it through help of his spirit bomb, how will vegeta be able to do the same? he can’t create a spirit bomb

      • Jens Ingels

        It’s stated that it’s a form that the gods can achieve (if the translation was correct it would mean that all gods are able to achieve it). The spirit bomb was only a tool that helped Goku to reach the form. Any other technique from that level would have resulted into the same result. If Vegeta ever get pressured into a similar scenario, he would be able to achieve it.

  • Zen

    Its Freaking Awesome! Definitely one of the Best Episode.

  • Vilavong Rasavong

    Did anyone tear up during the fight just rememberin back to when he first used the spirit bomb till now absorbing it… history of the spirt bomb evolved

  • Raj Kishore Tripathy

    Well….according to me……Goku on reaching ultra instinct( according to the gods)…..his body has adapted to it….and since Goku says he has used all his energy….so by taking some of frieza’s energy………he shall be able to regenerate the same form……and history….says….every form Goku has reached before has been permanent for him……..and so shall be this one…….# songoku

    • pasta12

      I agree. He will be able to achieve that form again.

    • d3rd3vil

      Hopefully its not gonna take till 2018 until we see the rematch….

  • Zen

    Watching Ultra Instinct i have a feeling its the last transformation. Seeing all the Gods reaction. Made me think super episode will end soon.. feeling kind of sad yet excited. I Hope i’m wrong. :,) xD

    • Rijaz Keinz

      Brah…its faaaaaaar from over, Universe 1,5,8 and 12 is itching to make an appearance….
      correct me if im wrong…

  • Max Kay

    Beyond LEGENDNEES😲

  • Ryon

    Dam hit better bring his a game jiren is by far the strongest in the whole universe

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    now we need to see ssj awakened form with a kaio-ken x20, that ring is gonna break lol

  • Rainier Ordoñez

    ULTA INSTINCT or Mastery of Self-Movement that Whis told before when he trained Goku and Vegeta. They are curious why they can’t hit Whis, he revealed that it’s because of it!

  • WrathOfTheAlbanian

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    and what is this form called 😀 omg .. it totally was worth the 2 weeks of waiting 🙂 loved it <3

  • WrathOfTheAlbanian

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    Is that unusual?

    • johnny sk

      Not at all… I wanted to scream the whole episode, but my parents are sleeping so I can’t 🙁

  • Marshall Law

    That was a great fight it was awesome the gods were jealous including Beerus lol!

    • Marc Marte

      He was not jealous, you fool

      • Marshall Law

        Then why Beerus wasn’t happy after Goku achieve it idiot?

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    Well, that was amazing! They did great work on the fight between Jiren and Goku. I hope they keep up with this quality!

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    That fight was incredible. I love the way Goku’s transformation into Ultra Instinct mirrored his original transformation into a Super Saiyan.

  • The Legend27

    Goku certainly knows how to make an entrance

  • The Legend27

    I wonder if frieza has the destruction blast still in him he managed to control it and hold it and then throw it into goku i really wonder if he will use that or something sinilar to that

    • Droidboy

      I don’t think so because that’s considered killing, afaik. So they would be disqualified.

  • Samoan Thor

    hell yeah, this is the fight i was waiting for…..cant wait for the nxt one xD

  • Kyle Joultz

    i Think we can all agree that Frieza is now Goku’s boy and is giving him some Energy!

  • Droidboy

    Goku still wasn’t more powerful than Jiren, though. Essentially he just had the fastest capability to move, with the power of the spirit bomb, which was not strong enough to defeat Jiren.

    So Goku still couldn’t defeat Jiren with that amount of strength. He needs even more from there.

    That said, the animations were amazing. They really made sure everything went well. The 1st person view when Goku first attacked Jiren after coming back was really awesome.

    • Cody Thompson

      This episode was Goku touching enlightenment, really. He goes into his suffering after realing his restraint was only creating more (his collaspe into the bomb), then comes back in an incredibly calm, beautiful, pure, almost trance like state – resulting in the extremely natural instinct

      It’s a lot more than the power from the spirit bomb fueling his actions; it’s the buddha’s eyes and Krishna’s heart fueling this happening

      I don’t think he gained any new strength, he simply returned home which allowed his already capable strength to truly flourish in the space of true freedom. Like Whis told him very early on in his training, to move with the heart in battle, not his mind; so that the body then moves more naturally, instead of with the mind dictating

      Goku studied Jiren’s calmness, and through his own training, liberated the self by letting the battle simply “be”

      Goku’s got dragonfly wings now, baby

      Then as he becomes fatigued, he starts to become aware of what the body is “doing”, and the ego takes hold again, finally bringing “Goku” back for the first time since the bomb

      Its an incredible episode. The whole series has had beautiful analogies like this littered throughout, it’s wonderful. They always had that influence, but seem to be really bringing it forward in this new story

      • pasta12

        Good description of ultra instinct

        • Cody Thompson

          I was going off a hunch with what I know of philosophy, my own experience, and the show and it’s influences. Then I googled it a bit more, and apparently “Ultra Instinct” is call, “the key of egoism” in Japan

          So yeah… it is definitely enlightenment

          Very cool episode 🙂

    • Avinash Voor

      The mastery of movement form card of Goku is already released. And in that game every form and card has an awakening mode. So i’m assuming goku is in his base form here because he didn’t master it yet. And it’s gonna get even more awesome once he masters and advances it to it’s true level. Which doesn’t have to be him entering super saiyan in this. But more like the full transformation this mode makes him undergo

  • Derrick Francisco

    INSANO!!!!!! OMFG!!!,and the twist at end and the next preview OMFG!!!!

  • Avinash Voor

    SHIT. For a little while Goku reached Angel level.. With the abilities Whis told them about during training. Stop thinking with your brain. Just react and let every body part react and think for itself during a fight. He explained it childish. But well Goku just reacted here. He didn’t think. He even got suprised after he hit Jiren. And the Gods freaked out. Which confirms the story even more. Since Whis said even Bills didn’t master it yet.

    • ibro

      littt cheers for reminding me about that

    • pasta12

      It’s Ultra Instinct (they called it that in the episode). It’s not necessarily Angel level, it’s a technique (or lack of technique? automatic reactions). You’re right about Whis referring to it in training. But Whis and Beerus can both do it.

      • Avinash Voor

        bills can use it. But on a low level. he hasn’t mastered it. Whis said so while he was explaining about it. And since the angels are basically tutors of the gods i’m assuming they can use it. So i’m calling it angel level xD

      • iLike

        I don’t know if beerus can do it. He seemed shocked by the presence of it. Where are you getting your sources?

        • pasta12

          That’s from the Manga.

  • Jayson Sardan Cercado

    what the heck i thought its one hour………….

    • pasta12

      Did you miss skip the first part?? It’s episode 109 on this site. This is the 2nd part of the hour. Each 30 min episode is 22 mins without commercials, so yea it was an hour of TV time. They call it an hour but it was basically 2 back to back episodes.

  • Arman Nazaryan

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  • mlake32212

    Was i the only one who felt like the episode was over when they revealed gokus nee form. I realized it was only half way and was like oh shit!!! Use to episodes being over and having to wait to see that fight.

    • pasta12

      I definitely checked the episode progress at that point. I remember thinking the episode would usually end on something like this, but wait there’s no way it’s been long enough yet. Was excited when there was a bunch of time left.

  • Sazzad Hossain

    Forget him being lit and shit etc. Why is the Kid Goku in the credits song??? Is this shit connected to one of the movies or short stories, or is this connected to GT, they better not ruin it =(

  • johnny sk

    BEST FUCKING SHIT EVER !!!! Man, that Silver Eyes are too LIT !! Even though I’ma guy, I can’t help being mesmerized by them… Hope Goku gets to use it again fully controlled 🙂



  • TheDendeWasHeavyAsFuck

    so i assume ultra instinct is the ability to move without telling the body to do it. goku is allowing his body to move, attack and defend on its own.

  • HolyCrap

    Holy SHIT! Frieza is reviving Goku’s depleted power with his own just like Goku did for Frieza on Namek when he cut himself in half with his own attack! Mind blown!

  • Ifrinpls

    I bet Frieza is “unexpectedly” going to give Goku some power to keep going, just like it happened with his betrayal on Gohan.

    • pasta12

      Just like Goku did for Frieze on Namek, as Frieze alludes to in the episode.

  • Branimir Zoric

    Frieza want to make love to Bulma

  • Suchiththa Wickremesooriya

    So, this is interesting. Super Saiyan Rose was shown to be a level above Blue, so it’s probably still possible for Goku to achieve that level, yet, much like with Gohan > Super Gohan, this isn’t really so much a SS level as it is a different kind of power/transformation. That’s my take at least – would be really cool if he still continued to progress in SS while applying this skill to it, much like he does Kaioken x 20.

    • pasta12

      Super Saiyan Rosé is equal to Super Saiyan Blue. I agree, I’m hoping he’ll achieve this form again, but use it at higher power levels. So he’ll have the instinct + raw power combo.

      Frieza will obviously heal Goku, and Goku seems to always be able to achieve a form again once he achieves it once, so hopefully he’ll be able to use his own power combined with Ultra Instinct.

      • Suchiththa Wickremesooriya

        How is Rosé equal to Blue? Once Black hit Rosé, the only reason Goku was keeping up was battle experience, according to both the manga and the anime. Black didn’t understand how to use his power as effectively.

        • pasta12

          They’re equal in power, just not in stamina. Rosé is basically the true god from of Blue. So yea Rosé would be a little better because of the stamina. I still wouldn’t call it a level above. I do think Goku/Vegeta could achieve Rosé if they obtained god status.

          • Suchiththa Wickremesooriya

            So are you saying that Rosé is an exclusively Godly aura? Not sure that follows. In the first place, SSJG isn’t a Godly aura, it’s just more Saiyajin power concentrated in one human being – that’s how it was unlocked – not by receiving anything from a God. Blue was a refinancing of that power. It makes sense that Rosé is simply a continuation of that. Also, does it say anywhere that Rosé has better stamina? If so, link please?

  • Rei Hiroshi

    Can someone just clock Frieza’s jaw already?

  • T W

    Super Saiyan God of Destruction is what I’m calling his new form! They said Jiren was basically a God of Destruction, to equal him Goku had to somehow find a way to evolve from the normal blue Godly status to Destruction status. The look on Beerus face said it all, he knew now he is outclassed by Goku. I just think he is out of energy because of the ass kicking in King Kai Fist x20 mode, think about it… his body normally is ravaged from that but the evolution gave him an energy boost. No way he could have a real amount of energy to fight someone of equal power. That’s my theory, and if somehow they all do a ultra energy fusion to give all the Universe 7 fighters energy to Goku or something crazy! Perhaps a Gold Time skipping Hit-Frieza fusion and the new SSGD as Gogeta together? Then when we win universe 6 stays alive too cause they are part of the fusion that won and actually, they say one universe can’t exist without it’s mirror. So in theory, in the show, if they are sticking to the storyline they have used with the universes than even if Universe 7 lost, if 6 won than 7 would have to be un-erased for 6 to exist. Same with any other Universe combo. If they seriously fuck that up in the storyline I’m gonna be annoyed cause that is Dragon Ball GT shit there!

    • Rei Hiroshi

      Uh it’s actually called Ultra Instinct.

      • Uziel Hernandez


    • Uziel Hernandez

      its not a super saiyan form tho xD

    • Cody Thompson

      it’s enlightenment. haha, i’m so stoked on this episode I can’t stop talking about this right now

      But really, this show has a strong buddhist influence. Like hell, they literally showed Goku with multiple arms here, after coming back from the bomb… just as a Bodhisattva “comes back” from nirvana with a thousand arms of knowledge to lead others home

      He isn’t super saiyan because, as they said, too much wickedness can arise in that form. However he is also still insanely strong

      it’s the result of his years of training, and his moment of realization right before the collapse into the spirit bomb – “my struggle is making this suffering worse”. He went in head on, and came out in a trance-like, incredibly natural, calm state

      He returned into the space of pure-being, which allowed his body to move without any influence of the mind. He was acting purely on the instinct alone, from the heart. You could say he was fighting almost in a state similar to deep-sleep, where the ego has no object to grab hold off and simply is

      There was no “Goku” in that moment even. That person didn’t come back until the fatigue caused the ego to go fishing in zion, leading to Goku’s return where he can no longer move so instinctively

      Beautiful episode 🙂 Goku now sees, with the Buddha’s eyes we all have

    • pasta12

      Assuming it’s translated correctly, they name the form Ultra Instinct in the episode


    I love how hard they try to make this look cool, this will only be that way for the younger fans..well and sell out fans. R.I.P. dragonball z..


      Bring it on you dick riders.

      • Cody Thompson

        hmm, well… considering everything you just said comes down to a purely subjective experience, I find it hard to see this as anything other than an immature mind – patting the ego on the back for reaffirming it’s little black and white ideas of this or that

        What kind of respect is it when you call anyone that has pointy objects around your bubble dickriders, and sell out fans? If that’s what I am in your spotlight world for simply enjoying art, then i’m happy. But do not delude yourself in thinking this response will cultivate any real respect, after you so arrogantly disrespect anyone that isn’t in your bubble

        This is just an episode of dragonball brother, are you really this serious, or just trolling?

        Humble yourself

    • Prysym

      How can you expect people to respect your opinion if you choose to label people who think otherwise as dick riders? Also, the fact that you’ve turned notifications off only highlights how much of a pathetic whimp you are. It’s the equivalent of shouting something ridiculous and stupid, before running away as fast as you can so you won’t deal with any confrontation you’ve placed before yourself. Petty and petulant, grow up you spineless manchild.

  • Nicholas Seegobin

    I hate how only goku and vegita get developed throughout this series like none of the other fighters matter anymore smh.

    • DChoff

      I disagree. In DBZ pretty much every character apart from the Saiyans became useless after the Frieza Saga. Super has shown improvement and development in all of the fighters. The androids (17 in particular) have improved substantially and Tien, Krillin and especially master roshi really held their own in the tournament and have definitely shown big improvements. You can really expect the human characters to keep up with the Saiyans. I think the other characters are being used alot better than they were in DBZ.

  • Brandon Butler

    he’s really done it kakorot has reached omega sayian super god 2 instinct purple!!!

  • FearTheSponge

    “the trump card that has always saved us”
    Frieza is literally RIGHT THERE, how could you forget how it failed against him?

  • friendo

    Frieza wants to be voted MVP to get the wish, isnt that how it works?

  • Cody Thompson

    Well this was the most satisfying episode of Dragonball for myself, perhaps maybe even more than his original Super Saiyan transformation – dare I say. This one takes the show much deeper into it’s buddhist influence. He fell into the spirit bomb, as a result of realizing his struggling was only making it worse; only to come out, after having gone into the suffering head on, in a almost trance like, but beautifully natural state. Then Vegata, the most egoic Z team fighter, says “I can see it with my own eyes, yet his actions feel unreal”. Which to me, is a result of the ego trying to define, organize, and grasp the witnessing of another being moving so freely. An “ultra instinct” that Vegata himself has never touched – what, with all that delusional pride and all – which puts it outside his bubble of black and whites, and therefore “unreal”. However, it is actually the most “real” state to be in – hence the calmness and natural instinct to “just be”. Then as he becomes more aware of what he’s doing, and more fatigued, the egoic consciousness grabs into that space of sunyata, fishes back “Goku”, and he no longer moves as buddha.

    Moksha, Nirvana, Zion, Enlightenment, call it what you will, this new form appears to have taken huge influence from that

    Which means his training could be coming back into that space of pure-being somehow, where he’s not fighting in, or with, his mind… he’s simply here, now

    Hell, the fact that some of the gods can’t even reach such a state, you could say is taken straight from the metaphysics of vedic philosophy. Not to mention the slow motion shot of Goku’s thousand Bodhisattva arms

    Very cool episode

  • The Legend27

    If flying is nullified then how the fu*k was goku able to stay in thw air for 4 minutes pushing that spirit bomb and also one of the universe 2 fighters that transforms which got knocked out can be seen inside the stage these are my only questions for this episode everything else was clear

    • Cody Thompson

      You could say the energy from the bomb was pushing him up, but what about the fight after that? They both appear to fly, or just really jump and kind of defy gravity

      haha, which is nothing new with this show XD

  • Mickeybropie

    yooo! how to download this episode??

  • Kwstantinos Krikis

    i wonder what is this Ultra Instinct? first time i hear that…. and from the reactions of the gods must be something extraordinary…. anyone knows??? maybe jiren is in this stage allready??

    • https://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=7591664 cipley

      A state that Whis taught Beerus (not mastered yet), and later Goku and Vegeta.

  • pasta12

    Alternate prediction, counter to everyone’s “Frieza will heal Goku” prediction (not saying I think this will happen, just an alternate. I think Frieza will heal Goku):

    The writers are tricking everyone into thinking Frieza will heal Goku, since Frieza said it reminded him of Namek, and Goku healed Frieza on namek. But Frieza actually takes out Goku. Then eventually Gohan wins the tournament like he should.

    • https://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=7591664 cipley

      eh….but on the next episode’s preview it showed that Goku is fine, watching Hit and Jiren fight.

      • pasta12

        That’s true, I didn’t catch that.

    • iLike

      If frieza kills goku which could happen(21% chance) he gets disqualified vegeta would be the hero not gohan. Gohan already was given a power boost, vegeta hasn’t. I doubt frieza would want to kill goku in that beat up State since it wasn’t his doing, it’s a pride thing

      • pasta12

        I agree it won’t happen. That being said – I didn’t say kill, I said take out. Meaning knock out of the tournament. I could have worded that differently, didn’t mean kill. And I disagree, if anyone were to rise above everyone other than Goku it’d be Gohan.

  • Florisel Gana

    This is getting more exciting… This one’s created with fairness… I assume this is not the end for goku and something will just blew up or even a draw will be fair… With Goku, Jiren, and Hit… Can’t even wait for the following episodes… Really a perfect job well done on this one!!! Freakin’ AWESOME!!! You’ve awaken the excitement on me!!!

  • Anime lover

    I would call it Goku Spirit Mode!

  • WEABtrashMugetzu

    So I’m guessing what happened with the spirit bomb is the same thing that happened in the Android 13 movie, where he absorbs the spirit bomb and gains a power up while in his super saiyan form, but now it’s a canon version and instead allows him to tap into his potential (he’s been training with whis to use ultra instinct), also I believe the heat coming off of him is the power of the spirit bomb/his powered up ki(as he was in SSBKKx20 when he absorbed the spirit bomb) because his vessel/body can’t hold that much ki so it’s being wasted.

  • nate1999

    DBS gone Martix! 🙂 I like it.

  • Prysym

    What a fucking awesome transformation, damn I’m getting goosebumps.

  • Carlos Salazar

    thats quite the mistake there………goky isnt supposed to be able to fly,yet hes doing it when pushing back the genkidama….huh..

    • https://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=7591664 cipley

      I’m pretty sure he’s standing on a raising rock.

  • Haris Saif

    Lol you already know the winning universe is going to use the dragon balls to restore the erased universes

  • tony dinero

    it was awsome thx watched it 5 times so far lol

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  • Bounmy Bounpraseuth

    u guys could be right about the tournament but what if we are wrong but goku and them wish them back with the super dragonballs

  • The Scientist

    super saiyan void

  • sandy

    goku always reaches the next level first everything is for goku because its shows an hes innocent at heart. and vegetas character is always labeled as sidekick, or someone whos always has issues. well being born qualifies as innocent? hes the reason everyone falls in trouble

  • The Legend27

    I watched this episode over 20 times and im still watching it and im still on the edge of my seat

  • Chinmay Samal

    so, another form of goku…how many are they gonna create, untill all the colors used for his hair!!

  • Bounmy Bounpraseuth

    fucken freeza

  • Bounmy Bounpraseuth

    maybe freez will heal him instead

  • iLike

    Jiren fighting all these strong warriors back to back is going to take a toll on him sometime. Frieza has a transformation past gold (my assumption). Vegeta will also be given a power boost sometime (wild prediction)

  • trifos gio

    I think freeza heal goku and after he will struggle he will learn his new powers and control his body

  • Shambles1980TRealOne

    we all know that they will use the dragon balls to wish that no universes get erased.. SOO.. lets just get these episodes out so i can watch them.

  • Michael Bridges

    Something tells me that Frieza is going to give Goku some of his energy, just like Goku did for Frieza after he got sliced by his own attack. Idk if anyone stated this before, but that’s just my opinion,

  • Kyte

    How the hell is Goku flying?

    • Lerrari

      I agree they kind of just let this one go. For the spirit bomb part (after the rock he was standing on disintegrated), I’m assuming the force of Kakkarot pushing on the spirit bomb and the force of the spirit bomb pushing back is keeping him aerial. As for the fight with Jiren post-transformation, they could just be throwing attacks extremely quickly in midair during large jumps. Another theory is maybe Kakkarot and Jiren’s power is so extreme at this point that the world of void can no longer prevent them from flying.

  • Kyte

    Would have been better if he had gotten his tail back

  • Kyte

    How is he flying?

  • Margaret F. Lux

    watch nows hd >> STREAM.4KFULLMOVIE.COM

  • ‏‏

    I get the feeling that Universe 6 will be the winner but Zeno will spare Universe 7 from erasure simply because of his liking of Goku.

  • Lerrari

    I’m just here for the comments.

  • Lerrari

    “We all know Goku is going to wish back all the universes with the super dragon balls”
    This has been said a million times already. Come up with something more original.

    “They are going to fuse and form Gogeta”
    No. Just no.

    “wth 2 episodes is not 1 hour special”
    It is if you include commercials on live tv.

    “They made Freeza nice and ruined his character”
    No, Freeza’s just not an idiot and realizes his universe needs to survive if he wants to carry out his malicious intents.

    • Ali

      ELL O ELL LOL xD
      If u have so many problems with this cartoons … then plz don’t watch 😂😂😜

    • Ryan Nichols

      False. They will fuse. Other than that, your other rants were dead on

  • James Deveaux

    I wish Goku was like this all the time. His usual stupidity and constant old lady yelling can get extremely irritating.

  • Tony the Great

    Did Frieza kill him??

  • Poksu Lajim


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    Why does goku have to lose cool powers =/

  • Grigorescu Tiberiu

    This is epic! I got the chills like never before. This is probably the best DBS episode so far.

  • Inactivity

    i cant wait till this particular episode gets dubbed!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lee Walton

    Ultra Instinct – latent in OP Saiyans, but Saiyans don’t seem to know, not in any universe…. Oh, how fucking conveniently vague!

    • Makoto

      Its not latent in saiyans. its a god like state and its latent in angels. Goku probably the very first mortal to reach it