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  • Roshi212

    Bummed I have to wait an extra week
    But 1 hour special!? this is going to be epic!!

    • Mr. Burns

      What, they are doing this again?

    • Kyle Katarn

      Well that’s obviously the reason why it’s a 1 hour special, so instead of separating it to two episodes they make it one episode delaying the show by an extra week.

  • Beerus Sama


  • Beerus Sama

    admin please allow my link

  • Beerus Sama

    my kind request

  • Beerus Sama

    https://dragonballway. com/dragon-ball-super-episode-109-110/


    • Unofficial Release

      Thanks dude

      • Unofficial Release

        Remove the space after dot and paste it on browser it works

    • paranee tharan

      nice one man

    • Beerus Sama

      Episode here

    • Faggot

      Faggot, the link is false. ^ all the above comments are by the same fag.
      109 ep. is next week

    • rjirurjedjbfhd

      Idiot the link is false I soooooo gonna order a law sue on u

  • Gohashua

    Dubbed needs to catch up.

  • Gohashua

    I hate waiting an extra week. Supposedly it’s an old advertising trick. Smart. Keeps us on the edge of our seats. So one hour huh? Hope it’s a good one.

  • Gohashua

    Watch Gohan….

  • Gohan


  • Gohan

    how are yall

  • DB hero

    watch dragon ball super episode 109 subbed here > dragonballuniverse. club/dragon-ball-super-episode-109-subbed-online/

  • Endergaming plays

    Limit breaker!!!!!!!!

  • http://www2.dragonball-time.com/ DB Time

    No episode this weekend due One Piece Special its on break. 8th October resumes with double episode(Special)👉 109/110

  • Mike Caldera

    fuck this show and its annoying breaks

  • Romz R Gayatgay

    ashole fuck you/..

  • Deny12

    This faggs are slacking!!! Twice in a month no episode!!!!!

  • Deny12

    Anime war is getting better than this!!! Keep up the bad work

  • Deny12

    Also Piccolo has more respect here with namek god level!! He trains gohan which I believe he is at saiyan lvl

  • Michael Gramberg

    it always sucks when there is no episode…. 🙁 japanese people are always late with things, DBS, Pokemon GO etc……

  • Terrel

    Isnt anyoine else suprised the way that Gohan still hasnt even used super saiyan? Piccolo has helped him master ther full ability of his non-super sayain state (Hence the white glow around him), im still wondering whether is he has achieved greater power in his ACTUAL super saiyan stage or not.

    • Mark Sidney Foster

      His ultimate form (the one with white ki) is stronger than super saiyan.

  • John Blaire Barron

    thanks a lot db time 😀 😀

  • Jose Zapien

    They have been having unnecessary delays lately why 2 episode special? No they owe us an extra episode we should have 3 episodes next week not 2:(

  • Rohan

    Is that goku’s new form that we will see in the next episode? It seems like he may absorbed the power of the spirit bomb again and that form is probably not a transformation.

  • Benjamin Ackerman

    Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 English Subbed (copy and past url to watch episode, remove space before xyz)
    http://dragonballsuper2. xyz/watch-video-dragon-ball-super-episode-109-english-subbed/

  • ‏‏

    Goku’s new form does not have cats eyes, it’s clearly just the light reflection covering over part of the pupils which is making them look vertical.

  • Beerus Sama

    watch episode here
    https://dragonballway. com/dragon-ball-super-episode-109-110-subbed/

  • ‏‏

    Goku’s new form does not have cats eyes, it’s clearly just the light reflections covering over part of the pupils which is making them look vertical, it’s just hard to see the white reflection because of the silver/light-grey colour of the iris’s.

    • qwertytwerqy

      But what if I told you Black Goku has that color of eye too? I think that is the color of the real gods eye.

  • Beerus Sama

    https://dragonballway. com/dragon-ball-super-episode-109-110/


    Watch dragon ball super episode 109 english subbed
    >> http://dragonballuniverse. club/dragon-ball-super-episode-109-subbed-online-1/

    • stealthy one


  • Beerus Sama

    Watch 1 hour special episode here……..
    https://dragonballway. com/dragon-ball-super-episode-109-110-subbed-33/

    • dbto tv

      thanks man ill looking forward to it

      • Wafflepiezz

        sick fake account lol

    • mahes h

      nice one buddy ill support u

      • Wafflepiezz

        sick fake account

    • Abhi

      Can’t find it bud

      • Beerus Sama

        bro site is overload coz of two many views

    • stealthy one

      this has a virus on clicking video, then video is 30 seconds

      • Beerus Sama

        no its not a virus

        • stealthy one

          yea the player had a virus if you are the site owner then you need to work on your ad policies

    • Wafflepiezz

      audio quality poor af, sounds like it was recorded onscreen 240p

  • lungset jembut


  • Ethan Eldridge

    Im ready

  • Rajy M El-tantawy

    holy Shittt !! This is EPIC !!

  • Lotto

    Still no subs?

    Ohh but commercials are worth no subs!

  • jeff


  • Ana Soares


    • stealthy one


  • Natsuki


  • Wafflepiezz


  • ethandelpppp

    when is subbed coming

  • karan mahajan

    When is the 720p quality will be uploaded

  • Suraj kumar Sahu

    Link for 110episode plzz

  • Gavin Shepherd

    Think I’ll go elsewhere False advertising fuckwits It aint subbed

    • Scotty DownUnder

      Funny. I”m watching it now, and I see subs…..

  • Anony Mouse

    When trying to view video, I receive error “No video with supported format and MIME type found.” labeled on the video.

  • issac dragon

    this arc has been pure garbage

  • Mares Fillies

    Finally. <3 Kick his ass GOKU!

  • zubin chadha

    where is the download link???

  • paybackwestwick

    This Ribrianne is so annoying..

    • Mohd Ahmed


    • swagatron 5000

      the universal sjw

      • ‏‏

        The fact that the SJW characters are still persisting while some of the Z fighters and other better universe characters are on bench is disturbing.

        • FearTheSponge

          She’s not sjw, she’s a parody off of Sailor Moon, a series that was one of the big series alongside dragonball.

          • StrifeThepure

            Surprised some people still know what Sailor moon is, i hate that fat shit as well. Please try not to involve politics or be serious on a cartoon site.

      • Aaron Soldier

        You kids sound mad ignorant when you loosely throw around the term ”sjw”, everyone has different political opinions, in itself theres nothing wrong with wanting justice and love, I mean either that or you have the clown whos running America.

        • Fadadio

          Shes not an SJW but is a parody on Sailor Moon and Magical girls in general, still calling Trump a clown is overused as well

        • http://blooreview.com/ Asentrix

          Fuck up faggot nigger, hovering over your name says it all
          “the universal sjw”

          Kill yourself or let someone do it for you

      • ‏‏

        The fact that the SJW characters such as Kale and Caulifa are still persisting while some of the Z fighters and other better universe characters are on bench is disturbing.

    • Kyou

      ikr, fucking hate her.

  • Patrick DeVaney

    Where’s the other fucking video? I knew it would not be a full hour special, but two episodes with breaks and openings/endings in between. Even so, I EXPECTED two episodes. hopefully buy Sunday by midnight and I’d consider it 2 episodes. Even though I know shit needs to be translated and such. But what-fucking-ever though.

    • Christian Svendsen

      Yea, where the hell is the video? 😀

    • Milan Babic

      One whole hour would be better, now i need to get out of my comfy armchair and play another part. :/

    • Uziel Hernandez

      There was a 1 hour special. but that one was live so now they are seperate for the people that didn’t see it live

      • ‏‏

        Three episodes would’ve roughly been an hour special.

  • Васил Вучков

    I get it now.He is gonna be hit by that spirit bomb(never happened before) and he will get huge power up boost or new form.

    • Rodolfo Silva

      that goes against canon… in the sayian saga of dbz it is mentioned that the spirit bomb CANNOT hit people that are good of heart that is how gohan hits vegeta with it when Vegeta invaded… but hey… it’s DB Super… so canon has gone through shit I guess

      • Callum Faulkner

        In one of the movies (super android 13 maybe) Goku absorbs the energy of the spirit bomb to power up. Probably irrelevant and non-canon, but thought I’d mention it.

      • João Carmona

        Canon went to shit many times since db

        • levi

          This a thousand times. DBS shits on what is canon or not. Piccolo even ate food! So lazy if you ask me

          • https://plus.google.com/u/0/ Capslock Keys

            IKR! If piccolo loses an arm ONE MORE TIME, I am done! Nooooobody else lost an arm… why does Piccolo CONTINUALLY loses limbs??? At least the Androids are entertaining.

      • pasta12

        Saiyans aren’t good of heart when super saiyan, that’s why they have to be base form to collect energy for spirit bomb. But he can go super saiyan after to try to control it, which he did. He was super saiyan (blue kk x 20 or something, you get the point) when he was hit, so he wasn’t good of heart when hit.

  • SK Sheri Khan

    plz tell me how to download these episodes?

  • vegeta

    Lol that’s not 1 hour special episode

  • ‏‏

    Dub 36 was delayed at the same time as sub 109, but sub 109 and 110 got released together while the dub only gets dub 36 at the same time, this means the dub is being held back even longer again.

  • Callum Faulkner

    Goku cant use spirit bomb while super saiyan…. You what!?! Isn’t that how he beat Buu??

    • Collating

      he went ssj after he threw it at Buu but he can’t gather energy in his ssj form only in his base form

  • Collating

    it was a 1 hour special when they showed it live now split into two different episodes so quit your bitchin and just watch and enjoy

    • ‏‏

      And yet you are b*tching yourself, double standards much? It clearly isn’t 1 hour since it was 44 minutes, 1 hour would’ve been roughly three episodes.

      They made us wait an extra week just to put them together, and they made us wait an extra week for the previous episode 108. So they are still being unreasonable since they are ALREADY supposed to wait a week for each episode and are now making us wait multiple weeks which is a BS thing to do.

  • Samphel Tenzin

    this is so bullshit
    Goku should have died with that spirit boom and Jiren would had been disqualify

  • ‏‏

    Stop removing my god damn comments, there was NOTHING wrong with them, sheesh. It’s nothing but unreasonable.

  • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

    Goku fells amazing powers from nearly every enemy he’s facing. It becomes so boring and the phrase is severly overused making it’s impact meaningless. Besides, he feels like programmed robot with those overused dialogues… I really wish true Goku from original DB and Z returned. That Goku who feels like real thing made from blood and bones, not this fan service, lifeless beeing.

    • luoi sant

      Jiren’s power is nothing compared to what Goku has faced in the past.

      • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

        I’m not talking about Jiren. It’s Ribrianne I have in mind. And nearly any other pushovers in tournament.

  • Bennet Jackson

    Hey mod can you please reupload the double episodes of dbs? On youtube people says that crunchyroll revealed that they reupload it because the previous ones had missing footages. Watch forneverworld he made a video about it last night on youtube!

  • Aaron Soldier

    How tf is Krillen smarter than Supreme Kai all of a sudden and knows information that no one else knows, wtf?

  • https://plus.google.com/106438997055822510250 Retro Gamer

    1st time in years I’ve seen Goku sweat a fight this much! Almost as long since watching a fight where I’m saying,”WOW!!” as much as the fight with Jiren. It’s a nice change!

  • Will Amian

    i’d be the first to say, seeing jiren and goku fighting is better then winning the lotto 🙂

  • Bounmy Bounpraseuth

    ribrianne reminds me of those girls that hit people and expect not to get hit back so funny when goku sends her flying

  • Bounmy Bounpraseuth

    imagine if the zenos lent power to goku for the spirit bomb lol

  • Timothy Stark

    its like the rainbow track in Mario Kart all over again, even the freakin music.

  • Beerus Sama

    https://dragonballway. com/dragon-ball-super-episode-111-subbed/

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/ Capslock Keys

    That’s it … they’re going to have to do fusion…I wonder if that’s legal….Jiren is that universe’s version of Majin Buu. Unless Goku can go supersaiyan 3??? ugh!!!

  • androidnya anto

    kok bisa tiba2 sama jiren ?

  • 🎲Infinite☠ℙaradox🎲

    I came here to watch this cause it wasn’t in the right order on another site.

  • Scrotie McBoogerBalls

    Damn the epic music tho

  • Patrick Nosdrill

    Ribrianne looks like the ugly creepy version of a Russian Matryoshka.

  • Yelbert Gelbie


  • kakakya

    When you get hit by your own spirit bomb 😂😂

  • Indratoashura

    It’s Genkidama, you SOB.

  • Tony the Great

    Kaioken x20?!?!?! wow

  • http://xphantom.com/ xPhantom Cs Go Hack

    How is he that strong, it should of been a little bit closer because right now they made him stronger than gods ..

  • Anthony G

    The music starting when Belmod contacts Jiren is too much! I feel it in my soul.


    Chicken soup

  • Lee Walton


    • James Waldron

      At least they’re done powering up, so we don’t have to sit through that drawn out dumbass transformation sequence.

      • Lee Walton

        Very true. This is why I would mostly shy away from most mecha animes because they have stupid long transformation sequences, sometimes. I never expected DBS to leave us watching a 15 minute primal scream into new forms like dbz did, but welp, I’m wrong about a whole heap of things lol

  • Makoto

    Why older episodes are not working anymore? FeelsBadMan