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Dragon Ball Super episode 108 : “Will Freeza betray?”


  • Micaiah Adedeji
  • Dragon Ball Super Heroes

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  • Beerus Sama
    • Unofficial Release

      Thank u dude

    • Jamie Legends

      Site is offline, error 500.

      • Beerus Sama

        now cleared

  • space_spectre

    Episode 109 also ?

  • U$A_Bandit

    FRIEZA IS A FREAKING LEGEND LMAO. This man played Frost like a damn xenoverse game.

    • Rohan

      Don’t post spoilers in comment section.

      • Flame-LoneWolf

        Then what the hell else is this comment section for? Maybe don’t read the comments before watching the episode…

        • U$A_Bandit

          Thanks for defending me bro. I still kind of feel bad for spoiling it for the DBS community. I wont be making comments in regards to show next time.

        • Rohan

          I get it! But I read the comments before the subbed episode was out. I wasn’t expecting someone to post something like this 😛

      • Jimipolo093

        You’re an idiot. Don’t read comments if you’re here to watch an episode. It’s like giving a murder a knife and expecting him not to stab you to death. Retard.

        • U$A_Bandit

          Thanks for defending me bro. Out of respect I wont make a comment about the episode next time I dont wont to be labeled a spoiler.

          • Pil1010

            You should be labelled a spoiler about as much as McDonalds should be labelled a gourmet restaurant. Where else are you supposed to talk about the episode except for in the comments of the damn episode?

        • Carlos Vincent Frasenda

          He means that you’re supposed to read comments after you watch the episode.. Comments are meant for sharing ideas and thoughts dumbass..
          Of course there will be a bit of spoilers.

        • Rohan

          I know but this situation was completely different.

      • U$A_Bandit


        • Zera Xion

          lol stop apologizing, you have done nothing wrong

        • Gabriel Hackney

          Life should be lived in pure joy. If there is ever a spoiler, then enjoy looking forward to it. I see it like watching the end of the movie. You can watch the end first and then enjoy the journey. It helps you not be let down by thinking that something you hope for happens doesn’t happen. It takes away the surprise, but the enjoyment is not in the surprise. It’s in the journey, like a leaf floating upon the stream. Just enjoy the view.

          Besides, this comment section is for discussion about the story. As a writer (not for DBS), people like me talk about it for feedback for what they liked about the episode. The whole point is to spoil it with each other so that we can see how people react. We need that feedback so that what we work on, whether it’s DBS or other scripts and stories that may be related, we become better aware of what sells. When we learn this, we can then produce more of the same. We make it the same for how we go about writing the story, but we make it better by going about it in different ways while expanding the story in ways that people hope for most to keep it interesting. We are better able to give the people the excitement, enjoyment, and expectation they are looking.

          So, for sake of everything that is good and pure in this world, SPOIL IT PLEASE!!!

          • Zera Xion

            I really hope you were just joking about that for the most part…

            While its true that talking about the episode in comment sections gives good feedback, spoilers ruin the fun for people that actually like little things like anticipation and surprise. Its assumed that everyone reading the comment section has already seen the episode so talking about “spoilers” in this case is fine, but in general spoilers should almost always be discouraged since it does nothing but ruin a large portion of the fun for most people.

            Of course there are some people like you who enjoy knowing the ending before watching/reading something, but for the sake of those who don’t it would be best not to encourage spoiling an episode outright. They are called “Spoilers” for a good reason

          • Gabriel Hackney

            Let’s address each with each person accordingly. I’m a writer. I love a surprise, but sometimes I need to know if it’s a waste of time or not.

    • TheLight

      When the fate of your universe is at stake, you use all the weapons at your disposal to save it. Treachery is one of Frieza’s strongest weapons, in some ways stronger than his physical power. He must have seen early on that Frost was basically a mirror image of himself and posed a greater threat to him winning than many of the other fighters in the tournament.

      • Fused Light

        Silly, fat Japanese girls don’t exist

  • Beerus Sama
  • Beerus Sama
  • Alamgeer Khan
  • Chase

    Hyped af

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    Dragon Ball Suepr Episode 108 English Subbed

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    • Benjamin Ackerman

      you rock man

    • Jamie Legends

      Is no sub so not necessary to post here.

      • Anime ARJ

        english sub has been released check again

      • Benjamin Ackerman

        yeah its working

    • Kristina Watson

      awsome man

      • Kevam

        This comment was deleted. What was so awesome about it everyone is thanking?

  • Chase

    It starts… Now!

  • Mr. Burns

    It’s about time.

  • Mr. Burns

    There is no subtitles.

  • Mr. Burns

    Ugh, that fat woman fighter is insufferable.

    • Flame-LoneWolf

      If you say so, I think she’s hilarious.

      • Jaspreet Tuteja

        get her out man annoying love..

        • Raeef Sabban

          I hope universe 2 get erased with macdonald

    • Bleh

      ikr?! Where is Johnny Sins when you need him? xD

    • Fused Light

      Tbh yeah. I wish Goku didn’t hold all his power in all the time. But nOoo every ki blast counts and nOoo i can’t go super Saiyan just one time

  • Beerus Sama
  • Beerus Sama
  • xazulyn yafino

    haha on frost

  • Baphomet

    these episodes are shit

  • toplineco epic

    watch dragon ball super 108 eng on google drive in http://toanimes.com/episodes/dragon-ball-super-episode-108/

  • Jose Lopez

    last episode was 30 minutes for the tournament to end, now it’s 29 minutes! Wtf all that was suppose to be 1 minute?? can’t even take this anime serious anymore.

    • Marshall Law

      So that all you worry about how many minutes of Dragonball super passed? What about the today episode where Frost got betrayed and erased at the same time? I bet in two weeks of the epic fight of Goku vs Jiren you won’t talk about that but instead the minute pass!

      • Jose Lopez

        nope still think it’s retarded to say 1 minute has pass, this is beyond prolonging

    • Flame-LoneWolf

      Better than all of SSJ Goku and Frieza’s year-long fight being only five minutes…

    • Hasnain

      Lol kid remember the 5 minutes of namek exploding took so many episodes? Its classic dbz timing boy

      • jlovebites

        Namek took like what 15 episodes to blow up in 5 minutes xD

      • MediumKizzle

        That’s because the animators were making episodes faster than they were being written. That’s why certain moments within certain sagas seem so dragged out, because the animators needed to add “filler” in order to allow time for the plot’s continuation to be written within the manga.
        That’s why episodes such as episode 125 (the one where Goku & Piccolo attempt to get driver’s licenses) of DBZ, “Goku’s Ordeal,” exist in the first place . They were created by the animation studio to allow the writing of the manga to catch up.

        • Hasnain

          My point was : “It isnt something new , it was present in dbz so dont cry at the timing” lol . i get ur point but i wasnt the one who ned it

          • MediumKizzle

            It was my mistake to doubt you and assume you didn’t already know, especially based on the fact that you have obviously seen as much as I have.
            But maybe I educated someone… (doubt it)

      • Jose Lopez

        i guess i got no comeback there x)

    • Man God

      Don’t watch that cuz, Goku vs Frieza in DBZ was 10-15 episodes if not more and was only 5 mins in the worlds time.

    • Parker

      Its giving you a clear cut example of how freaking fast the fuckers are…all this is going on in the tournament but mere seconds, minutes are only passing…

    • Anono

      Fast fwd video x20 times
      Problem Solved!

    • Droidboy

      I guess we should have been done with the tournament and it would have been more entertaining to have everyone get knocked out in 1-2 punches etc.

      You’re stupid. Go watch something that will keep your attention, like Barney.

      • Jose Lopez

        Geez so many dbz fans are crying with that comment, not my fault this shit prolonging saything all that was a minute lol…

        Go do something with your life instead of replying to other ppl’s thought and get a life 😀

  • Beerus Sama
  • Cheslan Williams
  • Cheslan Williams
  • A person


  • Marshall Law

    Poor Frost what comes around goes around and it called karma! Frieza got me there I thought he will dump Gohan out of the tournament but I’m not surprise about Frieza blast Frost out of the tournament ring! Seems we learn a new rule if someone that got dumped out of the tournament try to throw ki blast get erased!

  • Stephen Moyer

    His spirit bomb is not his trump card, we’re waiting for his new Super Saiyan form, come on now guys get on with it, enough dragging on this fight. 😛 There’ll be more episodes than actual minutes in this tournament at this rate.

    • epikphael

      theres actually gonna be a 1 hour special episode, then the final battle, or so I’ve heard

      • d3rd3vil

        Hit vs. Jiren in episode 111…Apparently he is distracting Jiren so Goku can get his new form in order or some shit. Damn I hope its gonna be good.

  • Kenshin

    Frieza is a freaken legend and will always remain my fav dbz villian of all time. That shit with him and gohan and frost was epic and funny as hell!! Spoiler* I knew once frost put his hand down he was gonna be eliminated somehow and then to get erased on the spot, LOL! I like frost but glad theres a clear distinction between him and frieza. We’ve had Cold, chilled and frost but only 1 OG frieza

    • João Carmona

      I knew the moment frieza punched gohan, the black edges appearing just caught my attention too much, made it too easy to have as a flashback.
      This was a great episode overall imo, even that plot twist.
      It’s really easy to do a plot twist without any hints, that makes it kinda impossible to fail, but the fact that there was such a huge hint, and still got me doubting, that is incredible.
      Am lovin this arc so far.

  • Sriram Ramesh

    that was a surprise

  • KC

    they gotta stop showing goku vs that fat fuck, he could easily beat her but they just keep on extending the fight while on base mode smh. They could be showing us any other fights

    • Divine Shadow

      if she wasn’t so cringeworthy I could handle it but her mere presence makes me angry.

      • KC

        i know smh

        • epikphael

          well if it was me, I would have pitied her “unique” existence enough to fake caring about fighting her, then when something far more interesting pops up (Jiren, Hit, etc.), I’d smack her out of the ring without giving her a second thought as if she was a uninteresting fly, slowly realize it 5 minutes later during a fight, blurt it out loud, and then probably follow up with something like, “Meh, she’s just a low budget of a joke side character that everyone would forget a week later anyways”

    • Higher Order

      I believe her presence is strategical. They put that nonsense in so that little overweight japanese girls can find something to relate in the cartoon. All being done to popularize the series and show that girls can watch “new” Dragon Ball too.

    • Kavi Amalakumar

      This legit feels like DBZ now. longing out every episode hahahahahaha Next it’s going to be 29 minutes of real time divided into 290 minutes of show time, with 250 minutes consisting for Goku powering up a Spirit Bomb

  • KC

    i mute goku and gohan every time they trade fists with someone. DADADADADADADADADA

  • Gospel Bungsut

    What a surprising episode I really love it.

  • SMT

    I was wondering what frieza was thinking allying himself with a little bitch like frost, i kinda wish goku would stop fucking around and just slap the shit out of that fat chick already though

  • Max Kay

    Wow frost is betrayed by frieza 😂😂😂😂 icant believe this.
    STIL I don’t trust him.
    And finally the fight we’ve been waiting for is coming at last 😎😎😎😎
    CAN’T WAIT 👑

  • Boring

    What a fucking waste of an episode. Frieza is way sttonger than frost he could have easily knocked him out without the need of “pretend” then use a sneaky attack. I guess they just gonna drag it out for another 30 episodes or so.

  • Enix

    Good Christ, Frieza is a genius.

  • vasu108

    why didn’t that goku power and finish it quickly his fights are the most boring

  • Luc

    Awesome surprise ending if goku is about to die and Frieza takes the hit for him causing him to die then another fighter to be disqualified.

    • d3rd3vil

      Goku wont die

  • Jaspreet Tuteja

    Frieza The Badass Of all , loved it the way he used frost damn.. awesome episode 🙂

  • AugustAPC

    While I still find this series to be bad, I can, at least, say that I’m interested in where the plot is going. This tournament is a good way to explore how characters would act in an interesting situation without being too heavily drawn down by all the stupid transformations and insane power inconsistencies.

    • Man God

      No it’s not bad, you just have no taste.

      • you’re an idiot

        No, it’s bad, if you think it’s good you’re the one who has no taste. The tournament is a good way to do all that, except it’s not cause here it’s handled so bad(if you want an example of how a tournament arc should be then watch boku no hero academia). DBS is so fucking bad it makes me actually, genuinely sad. Before you say I’m a hater, I’m a bigger fan than you’ll ever be and have better taste than you’ll ever have, and it’s because of that I want this series to be good but It’s shit and cringe and ok at times.

        • João Carmona

          Essencially a dbz fanboy who can never admit dbs is better.
          Tbh i never watched dbz in it’s entirity, it’s just too boring.
          Between the annoying repeated scenes in fights, to the 4000 eps of snakeway then 4000 eps of frieza and the 4000 eps of filler that followed. I just couldnt keep watching. Dragon ball (the original) was a good show, dbs is a good show. Dragon ball z was just Akira trying to quit, he wanted to stop, but dbz was making too much money for that to “be allowed”. Dbs, on the other hand was something HE decided to do, HE wanted it. Yes, it was originally only supposed to be 100 eps, and it was so that db could have a good last series. But we are going to episode 109 and no clear answer as to when it’s actually going to end.
          The way i see it, he wanted to quit in dbz cuz he saw his work getting worse, and now that he is making a great show again he is having a lot more fun with it so he just wants to keep doing it.
          Ofc db DID gain most of it’s popularity from the teens and preteens of back then and we all know how important ppl see that part of their childhood and how hard they will defend it so making another show HAS earned him a lot of haters.
          You seem to be one of them.
          Not rlly a db hater, more of an Akira hater.
          You just ignore how bad dbz is (just rewatch it without skipping fillers) because it was your childhood, and u try to make it seem as if dbz is OBJECTIVELY good.
          I won’t deny that there are a lot of ppl that liked dbz, but it has to be argued that if dbz didnt exist most would have liked something else exactly as much (maybe inuyasha or fairy tail), meaning it’s not dependent of the show itself, but the time of your life in which u watched it.
          I, on the other hand, am watching this, and THOROUGHLY enjoying it.
          And if this show didnt exist then i simply wouldnt watch any tv show regularly (except rick and morty but i do that anyway) as i dont usually watch tv anyway.

        • Clark Kent

          I’ve watched every episode of dbs and really enjoyed some of it, but it’s no comparison, dbz was true art and will forever be a hallmark of classic anime.
          Dbs has Beerus and Hitt, everything else so far is forgettable.

      • AugustAPC

        Actually, I just have tastes beyond stupid transformations, explosions, lazy writing, awful handling of characters and instant gratification. I enjoy substance. You know (well actually you probbaly don’t), the parts of Dragon Ball that actually validated transformations and gave them meaning.
        I do find it amusing when fanboys like yourself talk about taste, though. Go watch Michael Bay’s Transformers. Right up your alley.

  • d3rd3vil

    I dont believe it….the general episode was good nice Frieza Gohan stuff but really? Goku fighting Ribrianne in his regular state just for fun and no Jiren at the end nothing? I dont believe it……That probably means we will see Gokus transformation at the end of episode 110 as a spoiler for 111….great…..

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjpZBMPO7ny6eb-0FgtBl3Q Footpauler

      dont forget there will be a 1hr special in 2 weeks for the Goku vs Jiren fight so no matter what we will see the transformation and that without being left with a stupid “on the next episode of “DBS”

  • Валентин Хаманов

    Pewdiepie videos are less filler.

  • Steve Myers

    I don’t really understand the point of all of that. Why would Frieza bother to fight Gohan and gain Frost’s trust in order to knock him out when he could have easily done so from the beginning? What did it achieve? Their power gap is so large that Frieza could have easily knocked him out without him getting Frost’s guard down. Was it just for kicks? It’s not like keeping Frost around was benefiting Frieza in any way.

    • Habib Islam

      Frieza probably saw a threat in Frost since he is basically a carbon copy of himself. Frieza was hiding his true power from Frost the whole time so he may have been wary of the the fact that Frost could be doing the same.

    • Placenta Salad

      Frieza just wanted to see the look of dismay in Frost when Frost realized he was betrayed by an “ally.” Frost was scheming against Frieza from the beginning and Frieza knew this, so basically it was just him playing along with it.

      Frieza enjoys playing with people, he’s rather sadistic like that. I don’t think Frieza saw Frost as a threat, but rather I think they both knew he didn’t stand a chance and that wouldn’t be any fun for Frieza. Frieza wanted to prove that he was more intelligent, since Frost already knew him to be more powerful, Frieza didn’t have much of a motive to beating him up to prove otherwise. With Frieza’s superiority complex, he wouldn’t have liked how Frost thought he would be so naive, so telling Frost that he was an amateur is basically saying that he was too predictable, which is an insult to his style of being conniving. Frieza wanted to teach him a lesson, put him in his place, and get him erased from existence so that Frost can never get revenge and will always hold a grudge.

    • Tuan Son Le Vu

      Frieza wanted to test Gohan’s power since he did not see him fight seriously against that jizeme dude. Another theory is that if Frieza tried to attack then Frost would have ran away since it is what he does best so Frieza gotta trick him.

    • Anono

      To completely vanquish him, just imagine yourself as frost.
      And maybe filling him with rage/hate so that one day he is strong enough to challenge Frieza and form an alliance after.

  • skydorhar

    Goku turn fucking super sayan for fuck’s sake -_-

    • Mayukh Mondal

      I think limit breaker form is from absorbing the Genkidama..

  • Pradeep kumar

    Episode was good. Does DBS & Saiyan mean only GOKU. Y can’t u people show some interesting fights b/w some interesting people like Saiyan Prince VEGETA and other universe’s top fighter’s rather than showing some bloody shit. U people never showed VEGETA more than 3-4 EP’s that too less than 3-4 min’s. Is master Roshi a great warrior than VEGETA.????? Plz DBS team telecast atleast 2 episodes of VEGETA with his ultimate self attitude. Plz DBS team..

  • Johnathan Granville

    Time until tournament ends is 29 minutes…. which means at least 29 more slow paced episodes to go -__-

    and at least 476 more times we have to hear “love”

  • NeV

    Am calling it right now, Spirit Bomb is not even going to faze Jiren

  • Higher Order

    Shitty audio quality!!! Thumbs up so that loser encoder can see.

  • https://m.facebook.com/don.m.brooks?ref=bookmarks TheeTruth

    Dbs is taking a dramatic downscaling from Dbz … sorta killing me to watch the nonsense . So gohan had the energy to transform to fight Frieza but not the Lil teleport guy … horrible writing

    • Higher Order

      Pretty much summed up my thoughts. Definitely not the same people are producing DBS.

    • Raeef Sabban

      frieza has a grudge for goku he must know all of his attacks and how to deflect and fight it
      thats why he destroyed the lil tele guy easily
      and dont forget Gohan is Goku son he got the same problem that he dont get serios fast enough

  • Honky Kong

    The fat slut smells like my ass

  • Nipponsei

    Whats wrong with the audio?

    • Tom

      they compress it massively to marginally save on file size, its the same every week but hey, they upload on time with decent subs so I can’t whine

  • Umegames Official

    looking at the next episode preview, I’m willing to bet Jiren is going to catch the spirit bomb and throw it back

  • Fused Light

    Haha! This episode was amazing

    the look on Frost’s face was amazing, and I love how he got point blank erased 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Walter M. Felker

    full anime

  • Word

    Why is no one talking about what the angels in the universes not in the tournament said, even if they were in the tournament the final outcome would be the same. Like something big is gonna happen at the end no matter what

  • Will Amian

    its been non stop battles after battles. loving this shit.

  • Rogério Palma Leandro Silva

    It makes no sence, why the fuck did frieza interrupt Gohan and the yardrat’s fight just to let it resume?
    Like would it not make more sence to just watch from the sidelines and intervine if you’d like?
    *pops out of nowhere* Oh hey I’m here! Oh why?? I have no idea, just keep doing what you’re doing I’ll go there *pops out* *pop’s back in* yup sorry just remembered why I interrupted, BYE *nearly kills someone*

  • sus1

    OMG She Has The Biggest Booty! 😜😍


    • wawa

      Ugly shet.

  • Kshitij Bhende

    8:15 DAFAQ Frieza!

  • Ravi Ravi

    it suppose that this week should continue the next episode what happened

  • Gohashua

    Im expecting some huge moments. If you people remember each character is going through the battle as if they are on their origin planet. Goku picked up on it. Remember the smirk? Anyways why jump to that battle already? There’s gotta be a tipping point for our Saiyan friends that will leave us all breathless and filled with amazement.

  • alex

    when is next episode

  • alex

    i want to watch episode 109 where goku fight jiren

  • Setep Aha

    Freeza…. favorite character from day one!

  • Marshall Law

    One more week wait then double episodes of dbs

    • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

      na only one

      • Marshall Law

        Dude it true you haven’t heard the news have you

  • Paul Wijgerse

    Omg they deleted Frost!

    • Paul Wijgerse

      Also can they delete that fat girl, man that’s the worst character ever in DB universe

      • Baphomet

        but shes beautiful

  • Wtf


  • Damian Abreu – Lopez

    Damian Abreu – Lopez

  • Jayson Sardan Cercado

    why they keep on repeating past episodes?

  • Tron

    chill anime kiddos.

    • Zumar Atta Ullah


  • Çağan Çelik

    If you’re gonna delete all comments why bother adding disqus you fucktard admin?

    • Yung Blaze

      maybe you just commented some dick head shit

    • JohnUFC

      Spoilers jackass


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    frieza savage af lol … kinda like him to be on “our” side, although who knows what he’s up to next
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  • Tony the Great

    Frieza still cannot be trusted.

  • Lee Walton

    “Aye, fuck off, Frost”
    “I’m the only villain in the multiverse! Sit down!”

  • Spookie Boogie

    gotta love Frieza! Frost learned the hard way haha