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  • Sydney Leal


  • Muhammad Ahmad Babar

    when will dbz super air 2 episode in a row

    • Mitchell Castaneda

      Oct 7

    • Brian

      October 8th

  • Creative Copycat
    • Hyper Alpha

      could u just stop uploading that in every episode? thank you.

  • Micaiah Adedeji
  • Beerus Sama
  • Dhruv Dãßás

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  • Saiya Man

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  • Naagin2
  • dead pool

    where is the subs?
    there is no subs

  • Akshit Arora

    vegeta savage as always

    • The_Haunted

      ik he was soo gakkoui!

  • Xavier Lucky

    Fucking hell that was lame as shit. At least one before this was awesome I guess.

  • shefin mathew

    underwhelmed by tien performance

  • Akaalis

    When will Frieza get a challenging fight of his own? All the ones he encountered so far were just pushovers and torture-puppets…

    • Benny Wong


  • hans wurst

    Which american cancerous guy namend tenshinhan “tien”? Pretty much retarded.

  • Abcd

    WTF! This website is getting worse with Ads! Enough with the ads, morons! Greedy bitches added ads to the video as well now! Talk about sluttish behavior!

    • Impuls

      use adblock to stop ads, i watched and didnt see any ads. that is my advice 🙂

  • Jack

    fucking adds every 30 seconds what is this

    • Impuls

      use adblock to stop ads, i watched and didnt see any ads…

  • SegaDaniel

    Im fine with ads before the episode BUT PLEASE no ads in episodes time because that is just annoying, i understand ads but not the ones in MIDDLE OF THE F***KING EPISODE

    • Joshua Pomerantz

      Here here… This shit was completely unwatchable. I quit at about the seven minute mark. What a bunch of cheap whores there are that run this site. Pussy ass bitches. Deserve to be bitch slapped for this shit.

      • Impuls

        becose of them people use adblock to stop this noobs from spawning ads…

        • Freeasabird


    • Davlin Karnadi

      have you ever heard of fucking ad block?

    • https://animotime.com/ AnimoTime

      That was the problem by dailymotion..

  • Cheslan Williams
  • Joshua Pomerantz


    • Impuls

      best to ruining them is to use adblock on there site… they dont get money, you dont get ads but can watch… win for you lose for spawners of ads…

      • Jose Zapien

        I’m gonna do that. It’s a shame tbh. We wouldn’t have to use ad blockers if it was just one simple ad before the episode for us to watch that’s no problem and it’s a win-win for everyone or at least one ad in between the episode no problem but every 3 minutes come on

    • Jose Zapien

      I agree bro

    • James David Swiger III

      Wow you need a life man… i mean i cant say much bc im a dbz fan but really?!…. you have to take ur time to right something so ignorant instead of going to a different site it pissed me off just reading ur comment i get tired of seein ppl write bullshit and start talkin shit bc they cant go to the search bar and leave…. my point is stop degrading and threating ppl over a few fucking ads and im sorry if i pissed u off im not mad at u just ur comment

    • Ethanchin

      wow i like your passion, but chill. maybe it was just a mistake, i got no adds. Is it like every Joshua is a crazy rager because i had one in my class and he went mad always, even by asking a question or teacher talking. Even once accused the teacher how they held him because he ran from a test and wanted to talk to the teacher.

  • gaurav

    you are just ruining the enjoyments of lovers of animes by adding ads. in between the show,
    if you do that again and agian then there are alots of sites where we can watch these animes without any intreptions so if you like to maintain your subscribers then pls. dont do that again , its a request brother.. bcoz you got ads just bcoz of the no. of viewers …

  • Untouchable

    ads every 5 minutes.. I think I almost went super saiyan

    • The_Haunted

      haha ik it was soo annoying

  • Darwin Lee

    ads every minute, this site is getting worst

    • Ekhoenix

      Install Adblock in your browser.

      You’re welcome.

  • Tito Ramos

    Wtf is up the goddamn ads every goddamn 3minutes_? Its crap the video says 23 minutes long and yall turned it into half an hour shit iss annoying please fix

  • Davlin Karnadi

    for people complaining there are too many ads, USE AD BLOCK FOR FUCK SAKE

  • Daniel Martin

    I didn’t use adblock for a while on this site, just to help out, but when you added the ads to the videos, I started using my adblock again. Remove them. Otherwise I’m likely to take watching the episodes elsewhere.

    • Dragon Ball Town

      watch it here no ads :- http://www.dragonballtown.net

      • Daniel Martin

        Already finished watching this episode.

        • gameinformer5429

          Threating to not watch videos on a free site smfh

  • Niaz Alwabel

    For those who don’t want Adblock use fullscreen if no full screen change player or change to mobile

    • stupidity

      who the fck wont want adblock

  • Beerus

    Will Freeza ever be shown during tornament? cant wait tho. I can feel it in my bone he will betray the team. Very much looking forward to it XD XD XD


    dont do the fucking ads i am so irritated i am going to watch it some where else you guys have a good website but dont do it with the ads and now did you guys see the reviuew of epsidoe 107 master roshi vs frost i hope he doesnt die he is going to do the mafuuba again and whe see frost standing on master roshi i hope he doesnt die (gets eliminated)

  • The_Haunted

    oh ho seriously the old man Roshi dies…..naaah maybe not

  • igimat

    Add in every minute? Goodbye

  • Nazir Azzane

    that’s so annoying ads each 5 min !!! 2mviews and you keep get hungry of ads? ads before episode thats okay but inside episode thats annoying think twice …..

  • Will Riley

    Everyone complaining about adblock, I guess i got lucky. I didn’t see a single advertisement while i blocked 67 ads on this page alone. Feelsbadman lol

  • Fady M. Goubran

    you just fucked it up adding the ads , i’m done with this website

  • Jatin Verma

    I am using adblock still I got so many ads which were blank. Remove these ads or I have crunchyroll and other websites too.

    • luoi sant

      For fuck sakes never use crunchyroll. I literally sat through 5 minutes worth of ads before I got to watch the show.

  • The Dude

    So you added even more ads to an already ad infested site. Wonderful

  • André Cesarino

    At 07:18, isn’t that the Pandemic 2 music? Hahahah!!

  • Andrew

    Remove ads or we done watching on this site, it used to be an amazing site, now it’s all crappy because of the ads

  • d3rd3vil

    Well the episode was average at best…next one someone really dies/kills? And we see more Jiren COME ON

    • Bleh

      Even if they do I wouldn’t be surprised if Zen-Oh does nothing about it. He did tell them to go all out and hasn’t really held up any other rules as long as he’s entertained.

      Would be interesting to see a conflict with the rules and someone being erased on the spot later in the tournament.

      • Bleh

        They have a habit of just ignoring or dropping rules partway through tournaments in the series 😛 Zen-Oh might just decide they were boring anyways. I would be pretty glad if he did that because some of the fighters are doing nothing.

  • Jose Zapien

    The episode was good but every three minutes I had to watch this Geico commercial for the record I have Progressive and I’m glad I don’t have Geico specially after seeing the ad it was pointless for me ANYWAYS We need Vegito back 🙂


  • Ayoub Benz

    Please STOP ADS in the middle of vdeos !! I can find another provider or download torrent that’s so annoying.
    I understand that it is your source of income but not in this way!! STOP IT

    • Ayoub Benz

      I don’t use AD BLOCK so u can make money but now I will use it

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  • Cheslan Williams

    Watch you’ll enjoy https://youtu.be/Bt2–UVYRFY

  • Joshua Makler

    I’m interested to see what happens with freeza, its sorta like he just disappeared early on

  • LukeParallax

    well this episode was LIT

  • cameron brown

    1 minute of silence for those who dont have adblock

  • CJ Xander

    This episode is lame as fuck…. these guys are an embarrasment for the sayians from DBZ

  • Philip Solomon

    I’ve always had adblock and there are no ads at all. I can honestly say that this site has the best quality in terms of visuals and audio. I’ve had zero problems with watching DBS it’s great!

    • Marshall Law

      Can you please tell me how can I find adblock and how to turn it on.

  • sun light

    Kindly change the tabs style which you copied by us there are thousands of colors and style, but why are you copying ours 🙁

    • Marshall Law

      What do you mean copy from ours?

      • sun light

        this website copied the tab style from our website which was already using that style, these tabs were created by our website

        • Marshall Law

          What the name of website of yours?

  • sun light

    kindly change the tabs style stop copying from us

  • d3rd3vil

    Change your timer there is no episode this week! Change it!

  • fatniggerdick

    Count your lucky stars you dont have to disable adblock on this site yet many others are moving that direction. It would be so much better if the ads were no intrusive though, fucking pop ups with adware too aids

  • https://youtu.be/I-A8TwsPqlk Kamesenin Butan

    I have a weird dream that my balls become dragon ball four star and seven star…

  • Praveen Kumar

    I want 107 episode

  • Jijo

    Where is the new episode

  • ibro

    why is there no episode 107???

    • angie

      its not out yet….

      • ibro

        i realised :'(

  • danexi perez

    even with adblock it tells me that in order to watch the video i have to turn it off. im confused

  • AAKASH Singh

    Dragon Ball Super leaked episode 106 in English



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  • Aerisot

    Frieza is going to elimate Frost.

  • Adam Jensen

    Why is the content being rejected by unfunimation when all they do is the English dubbing? They are not responsible for the Japanese version of the show itself.

  • Mr. Burns

    Why is the content being rejected by unfunimation when all they do is the English dubbing? They do not own the Japanese version of the show itself.

    • Blaze_pac

      They probably own distribution rights outside Japan

  • Karol Chruzik

    yes tien make 4 clones and get throught that distance 4x slower he won’t shot 4x more times at all! genius technique 10/10 much usefull

  • Walter M. Felker

    movies hd here


  • Ethanchin

    just love the video quality, regret being on kiss anime, no wonder i couldnt finish a epsiode there.

  • Ethanchin

    The plot meh, liked seeing tien aswell as gohan and picolos teamwork! Videl is going to get jelouse..

  • Theo Gilbert-Jamison

    deez nuts

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    Wow those 2 kids are dumb af lol .. love how the priest cathers to them . I wonder what’s their story.
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  • Tony the Great

    That was a nice little battle.

  • Lee Walton

    Tien did well, but I expected him to be more powerful, having trained the whole time, since being brought back with the Dragon Balls. I guess the power-scaling is still suffering, some….

    • Justin Emmendorfer

      lol ur the only one complaining ab hes not strong enough everyones complaining that they couldnt even compare to supersaians and now there fightingpeople stronger than that the power scaling went the other way my freind

  • Hunna Wattz

    Now its killing me.. Whats dr. Rota ability? I need to know!