Dragon Ball Super episode 105 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 105 : “Fierce Battle! Master Roshi’s Burning Spirit!!”


  • Xion


  • Xion

    We’re taking The Hobbits to Isengard.

  • Gul Khan

    Notice me when u get 105epi of dbz super plzz

    • snehasish ghosh

      here, its out

  • Dylan Buse

    Why the fuck isn’t it out yet? It comes out every Saturday right?

    • Ruveid Rizvic

      Look at the countdown, it comes Saturday afternoon, not 1:00 in the morning.

    • Tim Urban

      Every Saturday and you still can’t get the time right?

      • leagueoflegends


  • Beerus Sama


    guys give suggesstion to improve my website Please

  • Lol
    • Tim Urban

      We’re already watching it in HD here, you moron.

      • John Wall

        just a robot

      • HollowfiedSamurai


  • Micaiah Adedeji
  • Diogo Filipe Alface

    It’s not subbed…

  • theone

    tactics vs power nice

  • Naagin2
  • Beerus Sama
  • Naagin2
  • Viperino

    Where da sub be at?

  • Chris Bower

    You have to press the subtitle option button on the bottom (CC) to show them geniuses ha

  • Robert Nuckoles

    it is loading like ballz, if it wasnt ready and working tthen the countdown to subbing should still be going

  • Larix

    I suppose it’s now confirmed that majority of U2 is utter trash.

    • FearTheSponge

      I mean Master Roshi would low diff ss3 gotenks like nothing based on base vegeta’s clone purple slime thing vs ss3 gotenks sooooooooo, no.

  • Xavier Lucky

    Finally roshi can now progress as a fighter again, all this fucking up of the power scaling in the anime might be worth it if fighters like krillin and roshi can become relevant again.

    • DisqusFuk

      It’s probably more likely that U2 is just extremely weak. No offense to Roshi, I like the character but him being able to defeat these characters so easily just makes the tournament fighters look even weaker than they already did.

      • Carlos Ramos

        I gotta admit that they do seem a little weaker now. But I was also in awe at master roshi after seeing his flimsy body crumble that unbreakable material on impact.
        Master roshi’s last attack was the one the required true strength.
        the second attack, I think, can stop an foe. It just required finesse. And he just bluffed his way into winning that first battle. ahah pretty funny

      • Diego

        You forgot that master roshi said he was observing the whole fight and he wouldn’t fight if he knew he’d lose. (sfmbe)

      • Quamitri Tarray Townsend

        ALSO Roshi had been training in his spare time they said. Getting stronger like #17 did. Krillin is truly the only weak one.

        • FearTheSponge

          People underestimate Master Roshi becuase of the Demon King Piccolo thing and after that it wasn’t till frieza’s attack on earth in super/the movie that we saw Master Roshi fight again, people still think he’s back there is strength but Master Roshi has always been someone who never stops training, martial arts is his lifeblood.

          • Quamitri Tarray Townsend


    • Raul

      hell yea

  • malanam

    baliperek.com has the episod subbed

  • Vlad


  • Cory

    Did Krillin and Goku forget about the Dragon Balls? Why would it matter if Roshi died? He’d come back at the end of the arc.

    • Cory

      Or did I forget something?

      • Team X2

        theres a limited about of wishes with the super dragon balls right?

      • Pip

        Seeing your life long master and friend die is never fun nor something you get used to. Sure they could use the dragon balls but they don’t know if they’ll win the tournament to do so.

    • Volt Walker

      well master roshi has been around for a long time so no one expects him to die. i think he is 370 years old or something like that

    • JeffBrian

      There’s also the fact that they’re in another universe. I’m not sure if regular dragon balls transcend universes. ;x Where would he go if he died in that universe? That’s my question lol.

    • Clark44

      He cannot be revived by earth dragon balls.. As he was already revived once during somewhere around king piccolo saga in original db series..

      • WXKFA


      • darkracer

        earth dragonballs changed a while ago. they can wish someone back multiple times now

        • Clark44

          Would you mind telling when did this change occurred..?

          • SuperSaiyanBlueBargainSale

            When Little Green became kami.

          • Clark44

            I thought so…
            You’re misinformed… He did indeed made the new sets using the old model but Dende(little green) was unable to overcome this obstacle.

            It’s clearly written even on this page http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon_Ball_(object)

            “One obstacle that Dende could not overcome for the new set of balls is that, a person cannot be revived more than once.”

          • FearTheSponge

            That was never stated either way actually that I know of, the wikia is made by stupid fans like you or I.

  • Sjm

    Master Roshi is the s#!%. Awesome…….

  • Jiren

    It’d be really awesome if Roshi and the other humans somehow got god kai.

    • Zardock

      They deserve a free training from Whis just for Master Roshi’s performance this episode.

      • Orthanius

        Maybe they’ll get something since it seems as Beerus respects him, or is at the very least impressed..

  • Marc van der Meijden

    i didnt expect it but this episode was pretty cool.

  • Gangmn #300

    I almost cried

    • Andrés Alvarez

      I did… Fuck, man!!! :'(

    • Omark

      so boring episode.

    • SSJameus

      Forget almost crying, I actually cried mayn ;-;

    • Jimmie Rustle

      Why cry? He would have been resurrected with the Dragon’s balls anyway.

      • Troy Jefferies

        let me fill you in
        someone who dies of natural causes cannot be revive by the dragon balls

        • Ayleid

          How was Krillin dying from Frieza’s explosion move in the Namekian saga of DBZ any different?

          • Tyrion4Prez

            That wasnt natural causes lol frieza blew him up. Krillin couldnt get wished back because he already died once in Dragon Ball and was wished back. You cant get wished back more than once with the same set of dragon balls.

          • Adam Colquitt

            Wrong, you can’t be wished back twice with the old earths dragonballs. Even stated on Namek that they’ve never had the problem of wishing back somebody more than once.

          • Gabriel Hackney

            We’ve got super dragon balls. Anything can happen. And besides, he would be chilling with King Kai if that happened while waiting to be revived as Dende reconfigures the Earth’s dragon balls. Can you imagine that comedy duo though?

        • TheLight

          Let ME fill YOU in. Dying in combat is not dying of natural causes.

          • Tatsuo

            though master roshi did not die in combat he died because he used all his energy up so it was a natural cause

          • Baron Krelve

            The Guru died of sadness caused by Freeza and he was revived. The “natural causes” clause doesn’t seem very strict.

    • FearTheSponge

      Seriously, that ending was better/more touching than any scene in dragonball z, like seriously, only idiots trash on super.

      I can see maybe people preferring dragonball over super but super > z

      • noneofyourbussness

        @@FearTheSponge:disqus seriously dude you must have never seen dragonball z and how much is ripped off from z and you wonder why so many trash on super???? super is ok but doesnt make any sense to dragonball world at all you know that right? xD and then to see at last episode it was 34 minutes remaining this episode still 34 minutes and you wonder why people trash on super and female broly like really again wondering why people trash on super future trunks blue hair and goku black wich reminded of turles master roshi whos as strong as a damn supersaiyan suddenly and you wonder???? and super saiyan blue basicly regualar super saiyan then in blue and its called super saiyan god super saiyan and you wonder why? and episode with gohan against universe 10 was so badly animated that it was funny and you wonder why people trash on super…….
        at this point gt was even better even tho story wasnt that good and to dark atleast gt was animated properly and had its own story i mean with frieza like come on let that character die already another frieza battle just like everyone wanted ehm? then a little tournament like we havent seen a tournament before in dragon ball…… goku black (ehm turles rip off?) then future destroyed by goku black ehm like androids did in the future? the universal tournament where we see ehm a elephant yea right lol o mechanic living being ehm witches that are to silly whats not to trash about it???? there is no story in super after all its to silly where dbz was more serious o and dont forget about the little kai wich was taller in dbz.. i wonder what you know about dbz after all cause pretty sure you havent seen it even if you say you have i wont believe you cause any db fan can tell you the same facts….

        • FearTheSponge

          Your English is horrible but tournaments have been a staple since dragon ball, also turles didn’t invent evil goku. Witches and stuff have existed since dragon ball. Dragonballz was only battle porn and edginess. See, here’s the thing, people like you complain because you like to complain but you can’t actually provide evidence. Dragon ball > super > z > gt. Let’s not act like z had a plot, the sayajin saga was the only connecting plot while super is a lot more interconnected and consistent. I mean the androids and buy were literally just random shit made to have cool fights.

          • shashank adluri

            Ask Yourselves,Is there any battle cries in db-super?. The main theme
            for dragon ball concept is elevating over selves with sustenance.You can
            feel that.

          • noneofyourbussness

            @FearTheSponge:disqus really z didnt have a plot???????? xD we see gohan actual growing up in z if you didnt notice it saiyan saga had a great going for nameke saga wich went great over to frieza saga and that led to android saga wich lead to cell wich was supposed to be the final of dbz but then buu came in cause of the many fans and where are the androids random shit??? when frieza came to earth trunks came in and defeated frieza and then told goku what was going to happen in 2 years from then so please explain where androids are random then????? buu was random but only cause of populairity dbs doesnt have any origin doesnt make sense to the world of db do i need to explain it again? i thought so and i cant provide evidence where the evidence is when you actual watch dbz cause you dont even know the start of the android saga………. my english is horrible but its better then your eyes xD but really didnt hear you say anything about what i said about the bad animations xD

          • FearTheSponge

            Wow he grew up? I guess that means Naruto is Shakespeare then since he grew up and stuff, because it takes a real genius to realize that mortals age, impressive, wow, fantastic, incredible.

            Saya-jin saga pretty much was just some strong aliens showing up to fight.
            Then the main saya-jin villain goes “lol well there is a stronger villain out there that I work for”
            Then Vegeta was supposed to be kind of just a hype tool in the next arc but fans liked him even though the author disliked him so he was kept around.
            Then they got back and it’s all like “oh wow, more powerful villains, this is surely a revolution in kids media”

            Dragonballz did 3 things well:

            The undertone of the fight for evolution.
            Villain design.

            Dragonball is all around vastly better than Z and Super is better than Z but people have nostalgia, heck even I grew up on dragonballz back in 5th grade, I probably have less nostalgia than you though since my best friend and I at the time actually preferred yuyu hakusho. (which is genuinely a good series and delves into interesting topics)

            Wow, a character defeated a character who was previously thought to be the strongest and then revealed there are even stronger villains out there? Wow, are you saying the villains don’t get weaker as time goes on? What a revolution in battle porn, wow, such shakespeare, much literacy, beautiful.

            Super doesn’t have any origin? I mean neither did Z, Z was pretty much “lol you know those guys who were demons? Well actually they were aliens, wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww, one million troops, love you guys”

            Super on the other hand has at least kept a consistent degree of power scale, it wasn’t “well the new character was defeated, here are some stronger foes”
            We know for a fact that zeno and grand priest are among the top 6 people in the universe, that other angels reign in strength below them (might be some in between), that gods of destruction are weaker than angels and maybe other beings, and that goku and stuff are weaker than that. We knew about how strong gods of destruction and angels are for almost the entirety of super and we have goal posts to reach out for in power scale without knowing exactly how far those goal posts are from goku and vegeta.

            Then we also fact in that super has better writing and the characters are honestly drawn to have more depth to them + be just more interesting.

            Then we factor in that the arcs have actual stories beyond “lol stop the guy from destroying the universe” and characters like zamasu, toppo, etc etc all have their own justifications that are explained to the audience for being against goku beyond “lel let’s destroy shit cuz I’m frieza and I want perfection cuz I’m cell”
            Also zamasu for example had basis from dragonball, and you could say that gods of destruction did as well to balance the life gods (kai)

            Then we factor in that honestly super has more than just battle porn and writing, it also has pretty amazing comedy added in like classic dragonball.

            See, you are just an edgy man child who wants nostalgia dragonballz, but nope, super and the original dragonball shit on z.

        • Ben Wilson

          You must have never seen Dragon Ball, lmao

          Also; after facing down all threats on Earth from regular humans to spectacular ones & even the “Demon King” Piccolo, defeating a galactic tyrant, self proclaimed emperor of the universe (alien threats), the androids & Cell (technological threats), & Buu, a magical otherwordly threat. Where go from there without backtracking? May as well jump to Godly & universal threats

          Do you not like the tournaments? Do you not like Dragon Ball xD

          • shashank adluri

            Ask Yourselves,Is there any battle cries in db-super?. The main theme for dragon ball concept is elevating over selves with sustenance.You can feel that..

        • shashank adluri

          Youre damn right i hate super being nerfed by goku and the main problem is it just looks like for kids with no blood no sweat no saliva coming out its just not prepared well.Dbz is the best https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a446d8590af2129f42485f075bc50ef657b9e6a2d6e676ef72939cb08e75b75f.jpg

        • Big Bear

          are you trying to apply real logic to a fictional japanese cartoon?

          because that would be stupid

        • Man God

          Iv watched all of DBZ and I can tell you that after more than 15 years since Z I am not disappointed by super. There’s only so much a single franchise can bleed out of a story like amazing moments in DBZ but Super does well to recapture what made DBZ great. The humour, emotion,and elaborating on the story is what super does well and for you to say there’s no story is a bit ridiculous as it’s not even finished yet and I can tell you the story is slow but progressive.

      • shashank adluri

        Ask Yourselves,Is there any battle cries in db-super?.

        The main theme for dragon ball concept is elevating over selves with sustenance.
        You can feel that.The True power lies within.

        • FearTheSponge

          Yeah, just not 3 episodes of screaming.

    • Cleyon Marage

      too emotional……….stil crying i cant belive it bro

  • Carlos Ramos

    Hot fish! This episode tickled my pickle.

  • Blaze

    I liked this Roshi episode more than I thought q.q

  • Parth

    Experience beats everything!!!!!

  • Randy Heetai

    Damn Beerus acknowledged Master Roshi with true respect

    • Segamaike

      I liked that they gave Roshi something to do, but I fucking hate the shitty way this show sometimes still treats female characters. The whole rape insinuation thing against that first U4 warrior and her using her body as a lure.. Is it so hard to portray women like actual competent fighters? None of the male fighters use gendered gimmicks like that.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m really glad with the amount of diverse female characters this series arc has, especially compared to the previous 3 decades of this show, and Android 18 has always been my fave so it’s great that we’re gonna see more of her, but I feel like a lot of the other female fighters are getting treated like plot fillers and joke characters. I just hope they at least have something interesting left in store for Kale and Cauli.

      • samfly 1191

        Yes !!! Need more boobies, like Cauli SS2 boob enlargement 😀

      • Ra1d

        I feel the opposite that they treat men like they can’t toss away their lust/horniness for a second and slap a bitch properly.

      • Jimmie Rustle

        Please, take your SJW bullshit away from here.

        • Segamaike

          Never 😘

        • MEgaman

          Its not a reach to expect the content to mirror the reality of the world out there

      • FearTheSponge

        I mean everyone in the tournament is disgustingly superhuman and I’ve yet to see someone weaker than namek saga frieza even I doubt, the power scale is just huge.

        But yeah, get the sjw stuff out of here.

      • Farrowstrike

        bitch its master roshi, have you not seen any of dragonball in your fucking life?


      • hhh

        in japan, men rulezzzzzz period! dragonball is a japanese anime..so female are secondary character to background character…..main character will always be towards MALE oriented!!

      • Furyous D

        ok one roshi is a perverted old man so the insiuated rape in this episode was to show how he over came his perverted nature for the tournament, 2nd hello have u not see colifla and kale and bulma and chi chi yea hey really treat the female characters badly and 3rd have u not watched dragon ball z or the previous episodes of super for one there the over sexualized zarbon and that guy from the cell saga and more recently that guy from universe 4 i think i cant remember, my point is the womon arent always the ones being seualized in db super

      • lilfatty

        Would you prefer using men to allure female warriors? Do you want them to whip out their dicks and swing em around? I mean, I think it’ll make for some interesting manga but probably not in the best interest of their target demographics.

      • TheTruth

        I see the feminists haven’t died out completely yet. Fuck off with that shit. IT was used as a joke to the “Master-Roshi way” for fuck sake.

    • Bleh

      It would have been nice to see him or Krillin actually go full power and have an extended fight, but at least we got to see some classic Master Roshi techniques and he took some people out on his own.

      We got one episode where he managed to hold his own, but I suspect he’ll be more of a mentor in the tournament from this point on as the weaker fighters are knocked out. Would have been nice to see more small battles instead of multiple fighters being instantly knocked out by the saiyans.

  • AugustAPC

    So apparently Roshi is like stronger than Goku was at the end of the Buu Saga.
    Not even surprised at this point.

    • darkracer

      what are you basing that on? has it occurd to you that maybe the other fighters were just weak.
      and do you realise that master roshi was doing martial arts before even the grampa of his opponent was born? he’s the most experianced of all the mortal fighters in that whole arena.

      • FearTheSponge

        Base vegeta’s clone that matched him completely and had no other benefits no diffed ss3 Gotenks without even attempting to block any attacks, his named attacks literally didn’t do any damage.
        Goku is even stronger than way back then now.
        Goku and this guy in first form were fighting pretty back and forth.
        Master Roshi beat this guy’s ultimate form.

  • Jim Leo S Romines

    I think we still don’t see Roshi’s Full potential.
    I Believe he has more tricks on he’s sleeve

    • Clark44

      Of-course he does… But he is limited by his old age to perform such tricks..

      • Divine Shadow

        I doubt he is really limited. He just hasn’t trained nearly as hard as when he was younger. His body might be old but he could also surpass those limits. He just has to build it up again.

        • Clark44

          Yeah i know… But in the end.. he is a human who is bound by time. You can clearly see he was so much close to his end, just using mafuba once drained him completely. Even so he used full power Kamehameha and he was totally depleted. Goku manages to give him his Ki in time, otherwise he sure was a goner… I have to admit though.. it was the first time for me seeing Goku this much emotional in the entire DBS series. It really saved this episode from being called a trashy joke… like rest fillers.

          • darkracer

            you do know that master roshi has “eternal youth” right. he’s immortal to time.

            he’s what 200 years old now?
            maybe older

          • Clark44

            He is above 300.. “bound by time” i mean his body age.. He cannot go back to his youthful self. And he cannot train like how Goku does or even Krillin does..
            He lacks the required stamina that comes with youthful body needed for training.

    • FearTheSponge

      I mean no character has a strength limit, it’s just about training more.

  • Clark44

    Even i thought he was a goner…. That episode title with such crucial dialogs.. I thought it would be boring episode but it surprised me…

  • Akshith Sai

    i almost cried

  • Janimba

    This episode was one of the very sexist ones. The way master Roshi won his first fight … and how the first fighter was trying to defeat him .. Power to the sexes. Master roshi been chewing on jinseng & tiger bones all this time.

  • Jaki May

    That was my second time getting emotional over this show. Man, DB wouldn’t be the same without Master Roshi and his epic and wisdom-filled moments.

  • Alfie Fallejo

    Master Roshi popped a Viagra and went hard!

  • chris

    great episode. nice to see how much goku cares about roshi

  • firesage14

    good episodes love master roshi hes been a wonderful part of my childhood for years almost cried there


      i think all the true dragon ball fans nearly did

    • Lucien Lachance

      he should have died…that way reality really would have kicked back in.

      • Apathy Venom “Aka Venom”


      • Furyous D

        i was thinking to myself is this what triggers goku into his new transformation as i could most definatley see the death of his master making him transsform as a nod to how he 1st transformed into super sayian and having the new tranformation be a combination of the tranquility of ssj blue and the rage of ssj, but yea if it had gone on longer and he didn’t come back to life i would of cried as master roshi is one of my favorite characters besides beerus, goku and golden frieza

  • Natural Order

    Goku ‘s MASTER…… Don ‘t you forget it!!!

  • Pakshal Oswal

    Go go go master roshi

  • RaveMaster

    The emotional element saved the episode , otherwise it would be kinda dumb .

    • FearTheSponge

      Not at all, it was strategic fighting like in the classic dragonball.


    Damn goku don’t ever leave you maters side.

  • Hank Hill

    Man Super as a series is a joke

    • Divine Shadow

      why? This was 1 of the best episodes in Dragonball history.

      • Hank Hill

        Right because this whole season has had an actual plot or something like that? This is more a comedy

    • FearTheSponge

      Lol are you stupid?
      This is better than any dragonballz episode.

  • idk

    I just wanna watch people try to fight Frieza

    • ashley

      Like Jiren and Goku, this will be among the final rounds, pretty sure we haven’t seen the last of Caulifla either who will probably go beyond SSJ3

  • Wafflepiezz

    teared up ngl

  • Noah X

    34 min 65 episodes whats the diffirence


    i was almost in tears with how roshi nearly died

  • Lakdinu Peries

    if only Goku had taught Roshi instant Transmition as he’s had so much te and hasn’t improved that much. It would’ve been more fun with a Roshi like that

  • HollowfiedSamurai

    Master Roshi is no punk, I thought he was about to throw a turtle shell, AND hahahaha the lil urn for the containment wave is Totally illegal but Zen chan liked it and was hella creepy about it. Around 17:00 HAHAHAHAHAA ROSHIS GENJUTSU!!! He’s just doing some kinda weird magician thing with his hands, def gonna try that 1 hahahaha

    • ashley

      He used all those moves in Dragonball…He was posing as “Jackie Chun” in the first Dragonball martial arts tournament when he used Hypnosis on Goku and nearly beat him with it, I think he took out someone with it in the preliminary rounds too

      • https://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=7591664 cipley

        He took out Goku, only to be repelled by Krillin’s “food is here”

      • HollowfiedSamurai

        O ya! I totally forgot about Jackie chun, also I thought it was cool how they showed his oversized sandals fit perfectly when he muscles up

  • CiscotheSoto

    That’s more affection I’ve seen Goku give than all of his family combined. Master Roshi is my 2nd favorite character, bested only by Piccolo.

    • John Wall

      Master Roshi is first for me because lets just say he’s relatable

      followed by Vegeta

  • TobeehXd

    The sound is horrible.

  • Omark

    boring episode

  • Jorge

    Please don’t try to save bitrate on the audio, it is not worth

    • d3rd3vil

      Thats true watching it with a headphone was pretty painful

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjpZBMPO7ny6eb-0FgtBl3Q Footpauler

    I thought this episode would be dumb but it was actually really good. tbh though, i wish they just let master Roshi die, then Goku went berserk wiping out almost all the opponents except the strongest like Hit, Toppa, and that other universe 11 guy. then he could have ran out of stamina and been knocked off the ring leaving the rest of Universe 7 having to defeat the strongest guys. it would be cool to see someone like Vegeta or even Frieza actually being the ones to be the strongest opponent instead of Goku and Goku getting out earlier than them

    • samfly 1191

      Well, then you actually couldn’t waste 1 episode per 1 minute, could you?

    • FearTheSponge

      Master Roshi shouldn’t be used as a stupid power up boost, it’s overdone in the series + Master Roshi is too good for bullshit power wank.

    • Marshall Law

      To be honest I predicted that Goku new transformation triggered by master Roshi death but guess I was wrong lol!

    • d3rd3vil

      Clear NO

  • Quincy Uzamaki

    man I cried bra master roshi man don’t do that shit again

  • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

    This was good episode and quite nostalgic. It would be quite epic if Muten Roshi will die and Goku got his new transformation through deep grief and memories of old times followed by explosion of unstoppable anger.

    • FearTheSponge

      Nope, Roshi shouldn’t be used for a power wank bullshit.

  • jts

    frieza is hiding

  • Creative Copycat
  • Lukas Kuzminskas

    it’s been a while since i’ve seen freeza tho, did he get eliminated or something ? they made such a big deal when goku invited him to the tournament and now they don’t even mention him, not even a peek ~~ :/

    • FearTheSponge

      Saving him for the big dogs, he already took out someone who was stronger than the guy who barely lost to Gohan.

  • NeV

    This episode was pretty cool, i almost had tears in my eyes, i am a DB fan to the bone, i am here since day 1…. those feels

  • Atul Shiva

    Damn I tried not to cry.

  • Uncle Bear

    I cried smh. Master Roshi is a beast💪💪💪

  • Barry Steakfries

    Why are there so many users on with the same damn pic?

    • Alan Valdez

      Thats because bardock is the default profile picture

      • Barry Steakfries


  • Johnny Djænt

    FUck man, that was so emotional i cri like a pussy!

  • bhaa

    cool momment when master roshi back to life

  • Ryan Nichols

    I predict Tien being the next to get knocked out. He’s weaker than Roshi and barely stronger than Krillin apparently. Krillin was a smart fighter so kicking him out early was stupid but oh well.

  • d3rd3vil

    All in all nice episode gotta say 🙂 Next episode well ok a sniper …well

  • geo

    Roshi in terms of raw power is probably one of the weakest people in the entire tournament but he definitely makes up for it with his diverse range of techniques and experience.

  • Wael Magdy

    Episodes’ titles are such spoilers but I’m glad it didn’t apply to this episode.

  • Yous Sef

    That master roshi is really… a legend !!!!

  • Cameron Kupec

    When Master Roshi gets more character development than Vegeta…

  • Ethan

    I have a whole new respect for Master Roshi

  • Enix

    Goku: takes 4 episodes to knock out 1 character

    Roshi: knocks out 2 in half an episode then takes out a third in the other half

    I’ve been so upset because of how little action is in these episodes, but Roshi just COMPLETELY removed that feeling.

  • Ahsan leo

    IN the end nothing but there is will always respect for dragon ball super . did touched my heart today master and student love really inspired me and thought me something that is OUR DRAGON BALL STUFF. [DB FOREVER]

  • Meko Ocampo

    The chick @04:36 is my waifu.

  • hhh

    what an emotional episode this is! well done!!

  • Gwee

    surprisingly really enjoyable episode for Roshi he was boss about analyzing fights, got beerus’s respect and even gave fans an emotional moment all in 1 ep lol

  • Furyous D

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    • https://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=7591664 cipley

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      Also, Future Trunks used it towards Zamasu and still alive and kicking.

      It’s just ki energy usage problem.

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