Dragon Ball Super episode 104 Subbed

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  • Egg_Runner

    first ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Cassandra Jo

    I’m curious if Kale and Caulifla get erased, can they get resurrected into Universe 7 with the SBD. Would be cool to see them train with Goku and Vegeta.

    • C-los

      Why would you wanna waste a wish on something like that? I would have to say no. They don’t exist. When you get erased that is pretty much the same as never existing to begin with and again WHY WASTE THE WISH ON THEM?

      • Xion

        C-Los, not everyone is Hitler like you.

        With the SBD’s, anything is possible. Goku is just going to wish that all the universes be brought back as if the entire tournament never even took place. Or, a dual wish in which he brings them back and fuses all universes into 1 universe, which is probably the most likely answer. Zen thought there way too many of them, but if they were all one, that’s no longer an issue.

        Get a life C-Los’Hitler and learn to be intelligent. Ignorance doesn’t befit anyone.

        • rabeet khan

          you think to be intelligent but you are not because if all universe got merged in one than the space would be decrease for every one to live in that and the war would be on among all GODS and it will cause a really big trouble

          • fiff

            you just rekt him

          • Goku-san

            Well, they both have a point, but me’s relys on the fact that Xion (supposedly)
            can’t speak english properly. Even so, this doesn’t delete the fact that Goku isn’t evil but on the contrary kind hearted, mostly because of his down-and-out origination. Being able to be so calm and cold-blodded knowing that with his win he indirectly erases a whole Universe indicates that he has the same plan that Xion mentioned earlier. Also, inteligence isn’t necessarily measured by one’s grammar, but from his ability to interprete and understand everything and everyone around him and being able to think outside of the box.

          • Goku-san

            * as Xion mentioned

          • Carlos Ramos

            Nice. I’m glad someone’s awake. Hey, keep thinking outside the box. Do you know what the zeitgeist is? Try to think outside that box, it’s fun. Also some people start to think your crazy ’cause they can’t even begin to understand you.
            Concocting future zeitgeists by melding past knowledge and modern facts makes me feel a little more sane. Even if my theorems make me look like a crazy.

          • Me

            You’ve never seen Wishmaster, have you?

            Either way, an intelligent person would know how to properly phrase such a wish. Furthermore, if the Super Dragon Balls can’t handle a slight paradox, then the dragon would be… well… just another Shenron..

          • darkracer

            what the fuck. you don’t think THE FREAKING UNIVERSE is big enoegh?

      • Carlos Ramos

        Don’t mind me, I just wanna put in my 2 or 3 cents.
        Assuming Goku does get to make the wish and assuming the dragon can do absolutely anything, I think that he would try and save all the innocent lives lost because he was hungry for a good fight.
        Goku has made many wishes before so I think even gokus dumbass would be able to outwit an evil genie.
        Assuming that these universes are suppose to resemble our own, then these universe’s are infinite meaning there’s always enough space.
        But before making a wish he would probably have to ask zeno-sama about how to properly resurrect the dead because making an enemy of the Omni-king would not be a good idea.

        • darkracer

          the universe in dbz is not infinite. but i’m sure it’s more then big enoegh

    • Adam

      Just speculating here… But both universes… Have only lost 1 member a peice… They are teaming up in next episode, Maybe they jump off together…. And cause a draw… Imo

    • rabeet khan

      the wish would be to resurrect all universe which had been erased

    • mellowizard

      they are erased, not dead…
      they can only wish to re-create everyone but in moral sense they wont be them… whats the difference i dont know, its a very philosophical question.

      • darkracer

        it’s them if it’s a wish. would be diffrent if it’s technology. they could simply wish for unerasing

  • Creative Copycat
    • rabeet khan

      truly insane

    • Ayleid

      So, how many more times will you be posting this same video?

  • Creative Copycat
  • rabeet khan

    I guarantee that the wish would be to resurrect all universe which had been erased

    • Max Well

      the wish is form a zeno shenron or from super shenron of the univese that has called him?

    • mellowizard

      i dont think so…
      they are erased, not dead. Goku even told vegeta in buu saga if gets destroyed nothing will bring him back…
      They can re-create all those who gone perhaps, but they wont be them, they will be just re-creations of those beings…

      • Broke toBillions

        What if there is a Tie and they realize that all universes would be destroyed and omni-king decides to bring everyone back because they want to watch more awesome fights.

        Or they could all be Punked and everything goes back to normal

      • FearTheSponge

        The super dragonballs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> regular dragonballs
        The namek and regular dragon balls are literally a small fraction of planet sized super dragonballs.

        They can make any wish come true and are created by one of the highest leveled characters if not the highest.

        • ssj4gotenks

          the super dragonballs are only in twin universes…. how else would champa have found them all in universe 6 and 7? if they are the ultimate dragonballs then shouldnt they be scattered across ALL of them, instead of just two.

          They never said champa visited all universes… it was just the 7th that he visited for the last 3 dragonballs.

          • FearTheSponge

            They never said he didn’t visit all universes.

          • FearTheSponge

            Also there is no evidence that the dragonballs are even in other universes. We however know that a dragon god created them.

          • FearTheSponge

            Or well a god, and the dragon god is zalama.

      • Marc van der Meijden

        wel i would be so smart as to use the dragonballs to whish for a wish from zen oh or just directly ask a wish of zen oh then ask him to undo all the erasing of all the universes this might work. and maybe these dragonballs are strong enuf to undo the erasing?

    • stupidity

      GO watch the episode properly. In the tornament itself the gods/high prist they said “once erased can’t be revive coz their existence itself is erase”.

    • Kamakinto

      Anyone ever stop to think that he is not even erasing these universes? I dont think it is a coincidence that when the first universe was erased, their angel had a big ass smirk on his face. I am confident that their universes, and its inhabitants are just being moved to another location, and the Angels of each Universe are in on it. Take a look at this clip around 0:57.

      I think the only way to get all the Universes to fight their best is to threaten them with erasure. the actual erasure is just smoke and mirrors. A literal game that is being played by the twin gods.

  • Sugi

    i think the wish might be for resurrecting universe 8 since cabba, Kale and Caulifla are from there and they are saiyens. Saiyens help each other 🙂

    • Carlos Ramos

      They’re from Universe 6. 1 and 12, 2 and 11, 3 and 10, 4 and 9, 5 and 8, 6 and 7 are all pairs meaning they’re similar. Goku is universe 7 which means champa’s team is universe 6

    • AbuBakr Akram

      Aren’t Cabba, Kale, and Caulifla from Universe 6? And besides that, Universe 8 isn’t even in the tournament. It’s one of the 4 universes that were excused, remember?

  • Creative Copycat
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  • Max Well

    I think that Jiren is so strong that will have to joing forces Hit with Goku+Vegeta to bring him down and for the end Goku with sacrifice him self and let Vegeta and Hit for the last battle because the deal is if Hit or Vegeta wins , they both will wish for resurrect of all univeses .
    Why goku sacrifice himself and let Vegeta fight with Hit ? Because Hit know that Goku can beat him , and for that the last battle with be more interesting

    • Broke toBillions

      So you dont think freiza will be apart of this equation ?

      • Marcus Shaw

        this guy is a dumbass

      • Max Well

        Frieza and Frost has allready a plan for helping eachother and they will fight 17 and 18 and for the results Frieza is going to be on stage that means 17,18 and Frost are going to drop out ( my opinion). The other thing that i have wrote above is going to be after this ( still my opinion) . What you think?

  • Max Well

    What type of skills do you think have Jiren ? Whe saw him get behind Goku in Instant , maybe he have time controlle ( not like time skip of Hit) like this: can slow, fast, or pause the time for the system he want

    • Marcus Shaw

      stfu u sound dumb

  • Creative Copycat


  • Francies Adams Roque

    3mins nalang ^^

  • Michael Soliz

    I thought this was supposed to be subbed?

    • Carlos Ramos

      Yea, they play it live first. Then they replay it until they finish translating it. it can take about an hour for them to finish subbing it.

  • MrSingle89

    I live in TX and the subs usually is ready by 8p or 830p sometimes.

  • M

    When can you wAtcham subed?

  • Rene Esparza

    So, I’ve been lurking since the beggining of DBZSuper and suddenly I can become a mod?
    What’s the catch here? 😛

  • Eliminator906


  • Zardock

    So much standing around talking doing nothing this episode :/

    • Marcus Shaw

      Did we watch the same thing?

  • Nexus

    I always watch this threw facebook Not here Im in pretty much all the main DBS groups but i can start here if needed. @mod

  • Jasmine Rangel


  • Yelbert Gelbie


  • Akeel Steven


  • Creative Copycat
  • aipersoni


  • Pulkit Nagpal

    why dont you add alternate links of the episodes early i always has to say you to do so

  • ghung123/Keenan


  • Diego

    wtf in the manga,that hability to change from god to blue in a moment was meant to be vegeta’s move. They gave it to goku, IM TRIGGERED AS FUCK

    • OmniGoku

      You, have clearly not read the manga. Goku already went SSG against hit and that was before Vegeta revealed his ability to go SSG

      • Casey Paskel

        I think he’s referring to switching back and forth.

      • d3rd3vil

        What manga shit you talking about? Who cares about anything outside of the DB Super show?

        • Droidboy

          Lmao he’s talking about the actual manga where the tv show episodes follow.
          You’re dumb as fuck.

          • Bob Vaillancourt

            still no one care about the manga . . . and the show dont follow it cause it would be the exact same thing without all those small diference

  • Red Charge


  • Jamie Legends

    So Goku is using Vegeta’s ability from the manga with turning SSB when attacking and SSG when normal. Nice one

    • OmniGoku

      Goku does go ssg against hit in the manga so…

  • http://www2.dragonball-time.com/ DB Time
  • Dexter Fox
    • Himanshu Soni

      Whats its name?

      • Vinayak

        Check the dragon ball super movie resurrection of F

    • Benny Wong

      mystic goku!?

    • Alex


    • d3rd3vil

      Well I dont know what this is. Doesnt look that good hopefully with the right aura it will look nice 🙂 And I hope it will happen soon and not in 2018…..

  • ssjgod.mikey

    Right as the tournament started, the idea that U6 and U7 teaming up against the mighty U11 came to me. I just gotta say they executed it perfectly in my eyes. Soooo, hyped up even more so!

    • Roebi Navarro

      yea but we gotta watch out for frieza hes gonna team up with frost and do some backstabbing shit

      • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

        I don’t get it. Why doins some backstabbing shit while if U7 loose they all will be erased.

      • Marc van der Meijden

        dont think frieza wil do such a thing,its clear by now that you cant switch sides and if youre universe is done youre done,frieza wont do annything stupid.


    I think Jiren will beat Hit and the final fight will be Goku vs Jiren. Just a thought….

    • c16

      Obviously the latest warriors will be Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Frieza, Hit, Jiren, Toppo,

      I think Vegeta/Frieza will go down before the others

  • napoleonic sp007rz

    damn, how much better this arc could have been if they actually show proper battle royale…

    I mean ffs, the so called leader of justice trooper didn’t help their own team when they were literally observing their fight? looking at you toppo and jiren *rolleyes*

    and what the fuck are freeza and vegeta doing?

    • Marcus Shaw

      They literally said they weren’t fighting so they could converse their energy you idiot

      • Marc van der Meijden

        wel goku does fights everywhere and he wil prob stil win,and it doesnt help if you stand by and have youre buds kicked of,in this episodes it becomes clear that topo is just a hypocrite talking all high and mighty but when it comes to it he is just as “bad” as all the people he disapproves of.

  • Akaalis

    DBS Logic always failed to capture my understanding…. Dyspo was able to counter Hitt’s time skip and move beyond sound and light but at the beginning when we first saw him he couldn’t even escape the tentacles of a sluggish huge monster????

    Give me phukin break, someone shoot Toriyama… right now….

    • Benny Wong


    • OmniGoku

      Um someone shoot Toei

    • Goku San

      Lol, he didn’t use all of his power when fighting the tentacle monster, and he probably under estimated him. He was being proud and full of himself (like gohan always is) while fighting the monster hence getting hit by the monster (Just like Piccolo can hurt gohan thanks to his ego)

    • Marcus Shaw

      I knew some idiot would bring this up in the comments. How the fuck does being fast equate to being able to escape the grip of a giant monster? Stfu

      • Akaalis

        It’s not about escaping the grip, its about avoiding being caught in the grip to begin with.

        And why can’t your phukin vaj avoid being gripped?

        You probably got Trump’d…

        • Marcus Shaw

          Was that supposed to be a comeback? How old are you,12?

          • Akaalis

            shut up phuk boi

  • Frieza

    the tourement will truly begin when frieza transform to golden :OOO

  • Broke toBillions

    Ok so there’s a chance that the SDB will be used to recreate all destroyed universes understandable.

    Everyone gets a power up in the tournament where is vegeta’s , I NEED to see this shit please make it happen .

    And what is Freiza up to ? he was envying omni-king’s throne
    is gonna get some crazy power or is goku gonna stop him right before he gets it

    • Benny Wong

      indeed, akira still choose not to talk about freiza in these 2 eposides…..

  • bigboiz

    I see you all talking about the new transformation but i didnt see it in the episode…

    • Casey Paskel

      No shit. It was just shown to us a few days ago. It most likely won’t show up for another 10+ episodes.

  • Orthanius

    Didn’t Master Roshi drink something at the end there? Isn’t that an automatic disqualification?

    • Casey Paskel

      I would think so, however it’s likely that they forgot about that lol

    • pvpbossmatt

      he didnt drink something, he put down a bottle, probably to use the mafuuba or however you spell it

      • Anono

        A bottle also isn’t allowed bcz, it would be considered as a weapon.

        • RIII

          The rules are that you can’t use weapons or healing items. I’m assuming any other item used that isn’t a literal weapon like a sword, claws, poison darts, etc will be excluded from the rule, so mafuba would be allowed, or he did it secretly in hopes no one noticed (if it was an elixer).

          • Anono

            Rethink it bro, cuz the glass bottle can be shattered and it’s shards, used as a sharp weapon, so ultimately the bottle is a weapon and only DQn of M. Roshi can save me of disappointment.

        • Jared

          That’s probably why it’s his sacrifice. Looks like he’s gonna take someone out and get DQ’d for it.

          • Anono

            Yeah, nice theory!

  • Creative Copycat
  • Sanskar Agrawal


  • Creative Copycat

    All times friezas been cut in half

  • Parth

    So much speeeeeeeeeed

  • KingVegeta

    How Goku could transform into Super Saiyan God

    • darkracer

      not sure if you know. but there ARE 5 saiyans on the battlefield. besides goku

      • andthebraindamage

        that ritual isn’t needed anymore. Not sure if you watched this episode or read the manga?

        • d3rd3vil

          The fact of the matter is we havent seen that form since the fight against Beerus. Why didnt Goku turn into SS God in these like 80 episodes? Why SS1, SS2, SS Blue with low power and high power and kaioken….no SS God. The logic behind it from the writers point of view is to surprise us to show sth. new or at least sth. fresh after 80 episodes. The logic behind Gokus move is not there its bullshit. Could’ve used it a lot of times before never did. For me that means the SS God form is absolutely useless.

          Or maybe that switching between SS God and Blue makes sense but turning Blue and back and blue and back doesnt use up energy? …

      • RIII

        SSBlue IS SSGod people, omg. They aren’t different forms, one just has super saiyan added to it. SSB used to be called super saiyan god super saiyan, and it has been used constantly throughout the show and Vegeta even flaunted that he obtaining it through Whis’ training without any ritual.

        Also Goku reused the normal SSG form a 2nd time in his battle with Beerus after it seemingly disappeared.

  • KingVegeta

    It is necessary to have 5 Saiyan’s to transform into Super Saiyan God

    • gokuuu

      read the manga…

  • KingVegeta

    They Should also show that Vegeta also transform into Super Saiyan God

  • Vegeta

    Hope to see Vegeta in action. They havnt show vegeta yet for one full episode.

    • Omark

      yes i really would love more focus on vegeta and freeza instead of goku

    • Eliminator906

      hopefully we get to see vegeta vs toppo

  • William van Helsing

    35 minutes left, SO HAPPY IT TAKES LONG AS FUCK

  • Die

    if all episodes were like this my room would be covered under jizz for eternity. good episode but i want more blood and destroyed limbs like in dbz

  • dbs

    the next episode won’t be much interesting

  • Shadman Ansari

    next episode looks boring….!!!!

  • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

    This episode was solid, I would say even quite good (but maybe my expectation drop because of overly low quality of show). But it was really enjoyable to watch. There wasn’t quite that tension from old Dragon Ball, but it succeded to capture attention and curiosity. So, nothing extraordinary, but thumbs up.

    Too bad the next will be Muten Roshi shit. It wouldn’t hurt so much if it wasn’t one episode per week. But it seems like dragging show this way.

    ps. Also, it would be nice seeing some Frieza action.

    • AvatarDan

      If you don’t like roshi, then you never watched the original db.

      • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

        Well, I watched Dragon Ball from the beggining and that’s why I don’t like Roshi in Super.

      • Bob Franklin

        Y’know AvatarDan, you can watch an entire series but not like a character, it’s possible :P.

        Heck I watched the entire Dragon Ball series up to Super and I still don’t like Majin Buu even if his first appearence was a villain and meant to be detestable I still don’t enjoy his childish personality.

      • LunaSol

        I <3 Roshi

    • FearTheSponge

      Dragonball super is better than z, you’re just a nostalgic troll fucker.

      • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

        First watched Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Z about year ago. Yep, really nostalgic. Your argument is invalid as fuck. Thank You. Go, wank to Your Dragonball super. Brainwashed, mass media consumer.

        • FearTheSponge

          Dragonball is good but Dragonball Z for the most part is action porn.

          Dragonball super on the other hand is more action porn than Dragonball but less than Z, also it has some of the story and comedic assets of Dragonball, more than Z does. Also a healthy amount of fanservice.

          Dragonballz’s crowning achievement is it’s implementation of the alien races being symbolic of evolution with the different species representing reptiles (frieza and his underlings), slugs (namekians), bugs (cell), primates (saya-jin), etc etc and it being a battle for dominance for survival. Also it did a good job at creating some interesting villains like Frieza and Cell (well mainly those 2, the rest are hit and miss and none shine too brightly, not even Vegeta and Buu)

          Meanwhile Super has introduced good characters through Jaco, has brought the one girl who is super powerful and parodies shounen, has brought new characters like Beerus, Champa, Whis, Toppo (Hit is kind of mediocre), Caulfila, and villains like Zamasu.

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            Super is mainly bad imitation of comedy from previous series. It feels forced and dialogues are pretentious. Goku throws old lines in very forced way.

            The storyline of Super? Well, lets introduce new transformation (very original…) and make it look badass. But how? When Dragon Ball Z ends it feels only God is stronger then Goku… Oh yeah! Make him god.
            Now, we should show his new powers. Make old, good tournament.
            Taking in account that first ~30 episodes were rehash of content that already existed in movies then fillers, as it goes for storyline we had only short training sequences, pre-tournament, more fillers (abysmall ones like Gohan fighting Gozilla-esque monster), then it is tourmanemt of power. Not much of storytelling. I know Dragon Ball isn’t for storytelling, but its more then 100 episodes and not much of exciting turns of events. Going back and forth in time fighting Goku Black – yeah, it looks like good storytelling…

            I agree that first Dragon Ball series was better then sequel. Original Dragon Ball was mainly adventure while Z was all about fighting – training – fighting.

          • FearTheSponge

            The comedy is vastly better than anything we have in z. Anyway pretentious lol what the hell? Zeno just failed at counting. Also if you think that’s all the plot to super is you’re genuinely an idiot. Super has had more plot and consistency than z. Also they didn’t plan to make super till after the movies and they wanted those movies to be canon and they couldn’t just say go watch the movies so it was sloppy but needed. Anyway let’s just ignore the whole zamasu, beerus, and tournament of power arcs for plot aye? Anyway tournament arcs are a staple for Dragon ball ad a whole, it’s why they did it in the cell arc for the cell games, it’s literally part of what makes the series dragonball. Gohans little arc was to further parody what his superhero persona parodies. It’s funny and was a breath of fresh air just like when universe 11 fought their villain. Also the goku black thing is rubbish, your point fails. Zamasu saw how violent mortals are and their cruelty through watching that one race to clarify to us as an audience and so wanted to wipe the slate clean. Zamasu is the most sympathetic villain but he goes about it the wrong way even though his reasoning was justified. That race was used to mirror humanity and the creulity. This was after some arcs that involved gods being viewed as bad and greedy by the 6 vs 7 and beerus on his rampage only to turn it around and show the evils of humanity. It parallels the chapter black in yyh when the whole serjes involved demons being villains only for the most fucked up things go be revealed to have been done by humanity.

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            Dragon Ball >> Dragon Ball Z > Dragon Ball Super > Dragon Ball GT.
            Thoughts are maybe kinda “deep” at some points, but poorly executed. Z had boring moments, but proper tension was there. Toriyama had the ability to skillfully portray differences of power.
            Gohan arc was quite shit in Z and is shittier in Super.
            There is little to no tension in Super for me. There’s nearly all time Beruus around (like fight with Golden Frieza). I don’t care what will happen to the universes. I don’t care if Goku or Gohan die. Except Roshi episode which was solid.
            Dragon Ball Super is 5/10 for me. Mainly making money out of fanboyism.

          • FearTheSponge

            Dragonball > Super > Z > GT
            GT arguably being better than Z.

            Also Beerus is supposed to be the goal post, in z thjere wasn’t much tension since it was just every arc someone stronger happening, but say grand priest or a god of destruction becomes a villain or an angel, suddenly we had a whole series up to that point of build up.

            Also honestly it’s because of the goals of enemies and the situations.

            Beerus was toying with goku to get more out of him.
            Frieza was just brought back in the movie because Toriyama liked the song by maximum the hormone apparently.
            Zamasu had plenty of tension and if you watched it week by week ther ewas a lot of mystery going on, something completely fresh to dragonball, who was goku black? It must be zamasu right? Well zamasu just died right? Well Trunks cuz he went back in time created another zamasu every time he went around, this was revealed in a plot point, then goku and vegeta started to really get pushed, also mix this with how many people were dying in trunks timeline + tons of future trunks plot was given to us for fan service like him defeating dabura in a hard fight years before.
            Then we went to an arc that restricts killing.
            And now we are in an arc with no actual villains unless someone crashes the tournament or something. (also there is the hypothesis that left handed zeno is actually zamasu cuz he took over everything), I mean yeah, you aren’t going to fear toppo but relate to him cuz he’s just trying to save his own universe, it’s if anything tragic that two heroes have to fight for the ones they love, it’s not like it exactly but it evokes the same emotions as defeating gwyn at the end of dark souls 1.

            If anything they have done a good job at fleshing out the universes to the point that I find the characters in the other universes more interesting than those in universe 7, I’d honestly be fine if 7 is destroyed and 6 or something becomes the main characters, I’d only really miss 17 and savage Frieza.

            Caulifla is great though.

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            This. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfHBrhMM5bk
            GT better then Z? I guess further discussion is futile. Enjoy the show to your fullest. I have my own taste and aesthetics sense.

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjpZBMPO7ny6eb-0FgtBl3Q Footpauler

      im just waiting for that Frieza action but this show loves dragging things on for an unnecessarily long time. i wish they could just group together fights with the irrelevant characters like piccalo, krillin, the androids, and master roshi into 1 episode. (not gonna lie though Android 17s fight was actually awesome)

  • Marc van der Meijden

    wel topo officialy became a hypocrite,he is all for honer and fair fights,but he lets the little guy fight with the rabbit as 2 on 1 thats not honor now is it topo the hypocrite.

    • Divine Shadow

      He said justice didn’t matter now. Only survival.

    • Droidboy

      Well they are getting pinned against a wall. Goku + Hit clearly could defeat any universe.
      So they’re not gonna be all about honor anymore. Simply defeating for survival. Which puts more brutality into the mix.

  • hakim12

    ysdgf gf

  • Alexandre Brochet L’Heureux

    Why is Jiren standing there doing nothing while his teammates are getting ringed out ? Hes suposed to be super OP

    • d3rd3vil

      Yeah well thats the “filler” stuff before the big fight. Cant help it. We wont see Jiren at his best for another 2-3 episodes?! Dont know I hope its happening soon 🙁

  • Sree

    How did Goku managed to become super saiyan god(red form) without the five other saiyans ? Did he also learnt Super Saiyan God form along with the SSB form?

    • Akaalis

      My guess is he only needed those five other saiyans as a start up, then he just retained it afterwards.

    • RIII

      Why are you asking that question this late into the show? During the fight with Beerus, he absorbed it into himself and then was able to reuse it at will. Then afterwards Vegeta showed that after his training with Whis he obtained SSGod without even needing 5 other saiyans, and Goku showed he can use it at will as well.

      Super saiyan blue IS the SSGod form while adding super saiyan and they go SSB all the time. In the manga at least, Vegeta was shown to use the SSGod form without SSB as the in-between form like Goku.

  • Beerus Sama


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  • Walker Booy

    i cant wait to see jiren fight

  • Anono


  • Chicken Man
  • Dale Chong

    What is be uses the balls to destroy zeno

  • d3rd3vil

    Aw man I hate it when the suspense gets killed like that 🙁 Man what a shame. Hit just adjusts nonstop and fools his opponent and he wins easily again man fuck that 🙁

    And the SS God is really below SS Blue? Also bullshit then dont show this SS God anymore that doesnt make sense. That would also mean that when Goku was fighting Beerus as SS God Beerus was FAR from using his full power when even the SS Blue 10 Kaioken is weaker than Beerus…..what a goddamn power bullshit all of it. Well anyway at least some fighting in this episode not that bad.

    So whats it gonna be: Goku vs. Hit in the end or not? Or Goku vs. Jiren or sth. really shit like Gohan vs. Jiren or whats it gonna be? ^^ I am very much skeptic now that it will be good. I have my doubts. Probably some shitty ending like Goku doesnt stand a chance against Jiren and then he gets help and so no 🙁 We need the goddamn limitbreaker fight now the real full power super fight! Damn this Master Roshi shit next week 🙁 🙁

    • Bob Vaillancourt

      SSG use less stamina than SSG1 (like SS1 take less than SS2 or SS3)
      maybe even SS3 take more stamina than SSG and its weaker
      goku try to save his stamina till the end thats why he switch form in function of the fight for each move he decide to do and alway get back to base form to rest his stamina

  • Chacho B

    Spoiler Alert: Goku always wins one way or another.

  • Creative Copycat
  • Rogue_assassin

    how can the gods of gods not fukin see Dyspos attacks!??

    • Stefan Luca

      Champa is so fat he can’t even rotate his head in time to see the fight

  • Ben Dodd

    I like how champa has a vuvuzela on hand at the tournament d:

  • TheLight

    Looks like a female warrior has deduced Master Roshi’s weakness for beautiful women in episode 105. It looked like she was about to take her clothes off to distract him.

    • Marshall Law

      Yeah look like Roshi need more training for that

  • how tho

    so like how da fuq did goku casually turn god

    • Marshall Law

      Good question and they didn’t show he transform before he fight with alongside Hit

    • AizenSamaKing X

      hahaqh You people obviously don’t read the manga. Kakarot and Vegeta both use SSJG and SSJB interchangeably for the very reasons Whis explained.

    • nicksthename

      what a half ass explanation tho on their part, they almost make it seem like originally goku cant go back until that the ritual

  • Chicken Man
  • AizenSamaKing X

    hahah You people obviously don’t read the manga. Kakarot and Vegeta both use SSJG and SSJB interchangeably for the very reasons Whis explained.

  • N Spade

    Hit’s line before he knocked the short guy out is one of the most badass things I’ve seen in this show.

  • bulmaprotector


  • Deus

    uh oh, roshi is going to pull a Netero from HxH

  • Creative Copycat

    Friezas been cut in half 3 times


  • hhh

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  • Creative Copycat

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  • Mr. Big

    Is it just me that Goku is becoming kinda boring with his innocent childish personality? I just wish they make him more Serious and intelligent.

    The makers of DB should know that most people ho watched first time the DB original and they are watching even now DB, they are kinda grownup now and they expect more Seriousness from the mane character!

    Vegeta character is good, I just wish he should have more important role and even for once to be stronger that Goku and to save the day! :))

    • Muhammad Sajjad Gheewala

      R.I.P grammar and spelling.

      • Mr. Big

        O I’m sorry I didn’t know that old English teacher is reading!!!
        Get a life man

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    Man the music is really good in this one, did they change artists?

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    Watch dragon ball super here no popads


  • Ifrinpls

    It’s ridiculous how the rabbit guy took like 10 times longer to reach the “no comeback” area than literally every other warrior that has fell out of the arena.

    Honestly it would have been way more respectful to the audience to actually make him drop and keep the fight going against another member of the pride troopers, the guy got outsmarted by Hit but they used a cheap “Deus Ex” like tool to bring him back.

  • AndrehS86

    this god tablet thingy though xD

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    Dragon Ball Super 104 English Subbed Online HD


  • xNovaCloudx

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    He banned me for disagreeing with him. He said Super IS dragonball Z, and that when super ends, it’s the end of Z. I said that’s ridiculous, because it is.
    I get banned for it.
    What a bullshit website run by squeaky little kids.

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    Now this was interesting, to say the least. Definitely working the battle-mechanics of DB, and I like that. It’s where the show has the most potential for creative growth