Dragon Ball Super episode 102 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 102 : “”


  • lolgag

    hurry up

  • Egg_Runner

    2nd comment woop woop

  • EG Tomingson

    Were is the countdown?

  • Egg_Runner

    first ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • 3RD Dragon Sama

    Bro fuck vegeta hes nember trash xD lol haha gokus number 1 bros

    • Boogieman

      You do realize Goku is number 1 because he is the main character, right? Another thing to consider is that Vegeta is the PRINCE of Saiyans. He has a stronger bloodline in saiyan heritage than Goku. The only reason Goku and the other saiyans are stronger or on par with Vegeta is because of shitty writing.

      Goku will never truly beat Vegeta. Vegeta is the heart and soul of the saiyan race. If there is a true super saiyan form, Vegeta has the best chance to obtain it. But because of shitty writing, they would give it to Goku, too. Unfortunately.

      • asd


      • Yourself

        The reason Goku is stronger is because he was training much longer and better than Vegeta,i don’t think thats shit writing.
        Vegeta is always complaining when people surpass him.

        • Moe Dur (Shredz)

          ^ Hate kids like this

          • Yourself

            You are way too immature kiddo,just because the narrative does not bend over so you could fap to your Vegeta,you ignore everything else.
            You are saying stupid things like BUU SHULD HAVE DIED,you are stupid if you believe that the big bad should have been killed this early.

            Vegeta failled yet again,Goku bailled him out when Freeza killed Vegeta YET AGAIN.

          • Moe Dur (Shredz)

            lmao ur legit retarded

          • ThisKidDumb

            How shit you’re dumb ….

          • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

            because of shitty writing

          • Yourself

            Wow you are liking your own comments now?How desperate are you?
            Then again thats far from the most pathetic thing you have done in your life i bet.

          • Moe Dur (Shredz)

            Ill take you serious once ur balls drop

          • Yourself

            Yeah no thanks the last thing i need is for a retarded kid like yourself to be serious.
            Kinda impossible anyways,you don’t have any brain cells left for that,as they are all wasted in your stupidity.

        • golden otis

          that’s not true at all. goku didn’t even train for this tournament, while vegita was busting his ass of like he always is. plus vegita spent time in the time capsule before the tournament, so he should be stronger than goku, but according to this show that will never happen.

          • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

            because of shitty writing lol

          • GetItReal

            vegeta didnt train for a while because bulma was waiting for a baby, vegeta even said he wasnt gona participate in the trounmant because bulma didnt had her baby yet which wist solved that by getting the baby out earlier, while gogu was fighting hard on the pre tournmant. common man get it right

          • fallacies

            He trained. Just just didn’t want to leave bulma; he didn’t train with whiz

          • GetItReal

            yes he does trained with whiz… and anyhow this training was just training not like goku trained to death againts hit totally diferent then vegeta training sayan get stronger the more hit they get.

          • Don J

            Chill out with the vegeta stronger than goku bs. Vegeta is like every other opponent in DB… goku overcomes & continues his life with 1 goal: to be stronger. Goku lost to vegeta, roshi, tien, king piccolo, mercenary tao, yamcha, ginyu, zamasu, cell, bubbles, gregory, etc REGARDLESS of the opponent he was able surpass each of them by leaps & bonds at a rate beyond anyone’s expectations. What makes vegeta any different? He’s been behind since Namek Saga- trying desperately to keep up just like the rest of the warriors. Vegeta never went ss3 but he gets to be SSB like goku, be happy He’s that close. It’s the closest he’s ever been & vegeta dk-eaters still aren’t satisfied. Goku trains better & learns at a faster rate, Get over it. It’s been that way for the past 30 years. No hate, Vegeta is my nigga too but it’s MORE than fair -_-

          • golden otis

            no one here is a vegita Dick rider lol, but it’s quit clear that you suck goku’s dick every night. logically vegita should be strong than goku. but because goku loves to not take anything serious until someone he loves get’s hurt or until the die, which is when he gets his strength and surpasses limits.(even though he might be half dead with 3 holes in him). vegita on the other hand in the same situation, gets mad and get’s his ass handed to him and has to surpass his limits another way(by training). see vegita’s power comes from a logically place, while goku’s is as stupid and simple as saying i “have a tinglingly sensation in my back” xD. So give less credit to goku and more credits to the writers. good day sir.

          • Yourself

            Vegeta did train for months because he was taking care of his wife and then trained in the HTC for a few hours.

        • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

          vegeta was training when he was a kid too wth are you talking about?

          • GetItReal

            if you actually listen correctly to the history you will see that vegeta doesnt train when he think hes the best, while goku always look for stronger oponent that make him over train, remember when goku called hit to kill him? thats part of is crazy training while vegeta was just doing normal training with whis…. vegeta never train unless he knows someone surpass him and he always think hes stronger then goku. goku always look for stronger enemies cause he knows hes not the strongest………………. common sense

          • golden otis

            get it right buddy, fighting a training is not the same.

          • GetItReal

            sayan get stronger the more hit they receive just like goke like receiving hit

          • golden otis

            goku gets strong from getting hit vegita gets stronger from training. enough said.

          • GetItReal

            sayan get stonger from fighting harder oponent.. goku even die in hes special training againts hit. while vegeta was just doing the same training as he always those and some training with whis which was not fighting to death. i dont hate vegeta i actually totally love him and feel sad to not see him often in this tournment but common man goku clearly have the right to be stronger

          • golden otis

            you call that training… ok let me make a comparison. A man gets shot in the heart and dies, that is the equivalent of goku’s training. Applaud to that. it’s only logical that he comes back stronger than he was before because that’s how goku gets stronger.

          • GetItReal

            real world? get out that the real world in a anime its a anime world stop comparing real world to anime dude its just dumb

          • GetItReal

            so with that training is less effective then fighting

          • golden otis

            no, no it’s not. In the real world if you “practice” in the real thing/actual game then you’re fucked, ur gonna suck, complete trash. same with fighting, same with basketball same with just about every sport out there. But the logic in DBS is different. Even though this logic has been around since DBZ; goku still had to train his ass off and he trained a lot but in this series he’s just slacking and still some how stronger than vegita.

          • GetItReal

            omg ppl are so ….. its not the real world wake up dont even compare a anime to real world omg….. and yes sayen get stronger from getting beat up no more to say

          • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

            You’re wrong vegeta trains the hardest.

          • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

            Normal training with whis? Whis training isn’t normal lol and you’re wrong again you think you know vegeta so well but you don’t

          • GetItReal

            vegeta wasnt fighting to death as training like goku did with hit if you know the sayan you then know that the more hit they get the stronger they get.!

          • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

            no lol the more they come back from near death moments the stronger they get..

          • Yourself

            He was not training,he was beating up people who were weaker than him.
            I don’t think that counts as training.He started training after Goku defeated Frieza.

          • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

            Whatever you say

      • Moe Dur (Shredz)

        I fucking hate toriyama man, this series has so much potential but he’d rather fuck the whole thing up. This episode 102 was just a fucking joke. Even in DBZ he fucked certain plots so bad, like vegeta sacrificing himself to kill majin buu is where BUU SHUD HAVE DIED. Also gokus “decisive” kamehama to prevent frieza from killing earth while vegeta was about to kill him…. Like.. why…. why???

        • Flame-LoneWolf

          k, can you rant somewhere else please?

          • Meat Boy

            furry ballsack

      • Naakg

        But in any case for every single anime, not even one left out (just for emphasis, not actually true) the main character is always the most pure-hearted of all people in the show. Most of all pretty much all the main characters now weren’t even characters in the original, because the reason they created DBZ was because the original Dragon Ball was a huge success. If Vegeta was even in the original series I would completely support your argument BUT he wasn’t.

      • Matt

        Dude, just because a bloodline is royal doesn’t mean that it is better, it’s made quite clear that bardock has surpassed king vegeta entirely and because of the cells passed down through burdock, goku should, and is doing the same to the current vegeta.

      • GetItReal

        if you actually listen correctly to the history you will see that vegeta doesnt train when he think hes the best, while goku always look for stronger oponent that make him over train, remember when goku called hit to kill him? thats part of is crazy training while vegeta was just doing normal training with whis…. vegeta never train unless he knows someone surpass him and he always think hes stronger then goku. goku always look for stronger enemies cause he knows hes not the strongest…………..common sense

      • Sam Gbadebo

        i understand what you are getting at but lets be real, vegeta’s probably the most arrogant saiyan in the lot whereas goku’s as humble as a dove. Goku sees the bigger picture and that’s the fact that there’s always someone better than you. His carefree personality draws allies to his side, allies that potentially aid him in his growth as a Z fighter. Goku might play around a lot but when he gets serious, his potential truly sprouts.

        To hell with everything i just said, Toriyama’s getting old, dragon balls getting old, no human is perfect. This is merely a passing of time; as much as i love this series, even i know it won’t last forever, nothing ever truly does well in our realm. Goku and vegeta will ultimately be equals, wait for it bro

      • 3RD Dragon Sama

        Omg im so zo sorry you see im only 12 years old pls spare me pls i did nothin wrong im so so sorry

  • Ibta$am

    Fantastic Goku

  • Lotto

    Niiiice commercial tiiime!! Our reward for livestreaming. “T’oh! Tras-fo-mas!”

  • jonic

    and they said universe 9 was bad…

  • jonic

    thank god there’s 17 to skip these scenes

    • Lmayonaise

      To be honest he made it fucking longer since they started all over

      • fallacies

        Posses me the fuck off that these writers are so interested in stretching episodes, that they’d find a way to double a t ranformation time…

        Next episode they will show a flashback event, from someone’s thought or daydream… anything to push the fights apart… don’t they know everyone in 2017 has short attention spans? On-to the action!!!

  • Sus1

    Next Episode Leaked Here http://bit.ly/LeakedDBSEpisodes

    • Leo Jansen

      What the Hell are you talking about you fucking faggot?

      • Emmanuel Umukoro

        appropriate response

  • Moe Dur (Shredz)

    This episode was just the most retarded episode super has ever made.. I don’t get it, they try to make the gayest jokes throughout the entire episode not knowing the audience of DBZ Super is mostly adults from the 90’s that loved DBZ. This shit just pissed me off so much, 20 minutes of seeing pink hearts all over my screen… Shits retarded

    • Skipp Gillard

      It was an obvious stab at Sailor Moon, another popular anime from the 90’s. The humor here is probably aimed moreso at the Jap audience tho…

    • DBLeon

      seriously, it’s like DBZ was serious all the time, and only meant for 40 year olds, no humor nahhh…..not like the main villain of the series was a giant gumball or some shit, give me a break, DBZ isn’t meant for adults, it’s meant for everyone, stop complaining about stupid shit dude, have you not watched original DB, Master Roshi literally turned a wolfman back to human from looking at Krilin’s bald head, have fun with this series, it was never meant to be taken so seriously.

      • Naakg

        I loved the original Dragon Ball for one main reason, and that being though very perverted (not just master rosh) made the series hilarious. And even though there wasn’t great action throughout it there was quick entertaining battles like goku against the red ribbon fortress

        • hammahead

          your a fucken shine

        • MrYeps

          what are you talking about, dragon ball had the best tournaments, the piccolo ark was crazy good. and so was when he met his grandfather when trying to find baba.

      • Moe Dur (Shredz)

        Glad to know you busted a few nuts to this episode, sounds like you really enjoyed it buddy! Im happy for you

        • Naakg

          So I’m guessing you loved a good bit of the Dragon Ball series because it had a lot more dirty humor because this isn’t grown up enough for you then?

      • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

        in DB master roshi also seen bommas pussy or how ever you spell her name..and she was like 15-16 at the time lol

        • Stephen Moyer

          …How the fuck do you not know Bulma’s name? Have you even WATCHED the series you fucking idiot?

          • dbz…….

            i was thinking the exact same thing as you stephen…………

          • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

            You guys are savages. Miss spell a name and you guys go ape shit lol

          • Nelea Darius

            Welcome to the internet !

          • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

            It’s cancerous

          • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

            Idk I’m dumb

          • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

            I’ve watched all of the DB’DBZ’DBS series I’m just dumb. Ig lol. Why you getting so mad? What’s your deal?

          • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

            I know who she is. I was just to sleepy to spell her name. And plus I just didn’t give a fuck. I didn’t realize. You get fucking butt hurt for no reason. Seriously kid. Why tf you mad?

          • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

            Happy? I spelled her name right. Damn lol

          • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

            It’s cancerous that someone els upvoting your comment. 😂

      • fallacies

        He is saying that the audience from DB and DBZ are now adults. We don’t need so many teletubby, childish & time-wasting antics. Who gives a fuck if it was a mock of Sailor Moon, who gives a fuck if it was more catered to Japanese viewers. You think 20-40 year old Japanese viewers are thinking, “oh,,,,how cool,,, sailor moon parody,,,1/2 episode tranformation,,,,side-bar cuts to the Gods to explain the obvious,,,wow,,,yeah,,,best episode by far!” (?) Doubt it.
        WTF do they mean 39 minutes left? This dude needs to get sick and let someone take over for the rest of the Arc. He’s old and antiquated,,,full of fluff and retardation. I get it, he has deals with Toonami & whoever else, so every episode = $$… but you can still have more episodes… just give us more action. Not every character has to become a moron.
        Aggregating, sometimes how overdramatic he is… Kale whimpering every 5 minutes… jeez we get it… fuck Brolly, she’s the new child-Gohan… There goes your fucking manga!

        • man manoman

          A huge audience of Dragonball is the new children ya big dumb guy. I thought it was pretty funny, not hilarious but I got a chuckle out of the episode. Sure the 2 transformations was aggravating for sure, but I like that 17 actually did the logical thing for once in the series. Not to mention Dragonball has always been like this. I’m sure plenty of people liked the sailor moon reference too, I mean one punch man just mocks every anime ever and look how successful that was. And if you don’t know what they mean by 39 minutes left, you just didn’t watch very much of the show, it was explicitly explained at least 2-3 times. The only dumb character even in the show is Goku, which is admittedly frustrating, but besides that everyone is fairly smart. This episode just screamed Toriyama. It seemed as though this was only made by him with very little changed by toei. If you didn’t like this you must not like the original DB arcs, or any other of Toriyama’s works.

          • Sleepy Champuru

            Both of you are wrong -_-. But not entirely.
            Toriyama writes point A then he writes point B. Then he goes to his writers, both manga and anime, and says “hey, You figure out the rest. But, if you could just do this little favor for me.” And you end up with the parodies. Which is well deserved when you consider how ancient the series is, and how silly all of toriyama’s other works are, then how strong this series continues to be while the rest of other manga to anime adaptions in its league just seemed like trends until the series were over. Secondly, Goku isn’t dumb at all, his expertise just lies elsewhere, he’s an environmentalist and a strategist, the dumbest character is actually the kaioshin, he questions and perceives everything incorrectly until the elder corrects him or beerus shuts him up. If you read the manga its blatantly obvious how smart Goku is. His weakness is that he goes into battles thinking he’s already won and has to pull something out of his ass to save his subliminal ego and friends. For instance in this case he isn’t worried too much about universes being erased, He knows he can just bring those people back one way or another after he wins, not IF he wins.

            I expected her transformation to last half an episode. But shit its better than watching freeza stand in place powering up 5-6 episodes in dbz while everyone just stood around and watched. But hey maybe that’s what you all missing from the series.

          • Mak Pop

            you guys going full retard mode on commenting. Simply put toriyama is too old for logics, power level and decent story line and the gap betwheen dbz and dbs is too big + Toie Animation is rich af and doesnt give a fuck anymore

          • Zay

            burn lol

          • man manoman

            I’m talking in the sense that Goku obviously isn’t book smart, there is no denying that. Also, I said it seemed to be like that, I’m well aware of the process they go through to produce super.

        • darkracer

          obviously you know nothing of the japanese culture XD “you think 20-40 year old japanese vieuwers are thinking cool sailor moon”
          ehh YES that’s what we think yeah.

        • Hyg

          And I suppose if dragon ball is still going in another 20 years time they should aim it at 40-60 year olds.

      • Kavi Amalakumar

        agreed. Main thing here is… If they are basing DBS off returning DBZ fans moving into their 30-40s… then they have to take into account how many will actually know about it, how many will actually watch it due to life changes (time) families, jobs, other commitments etc… The studio would never fund something for a niche that needs a decent budget. They have to make it available for everyone to watch. Also they’d have to long every episode by about 10 years, imagine DBS where they load a spirit bomb for 500000 years to kill frieza… They need to take into account attention spans of the youth now too. So this is pretty much as good as it gets I guess.

        • DBLeon

          I don’t mind when people personally don’t like an episode, but now your hating on it because DBS should only be made for adults? imagine if they used that logic for Z, none of you freaking people would have ever watched Z, it wouldn’t be on tonami that’s for sure, 1 salior moon joke makes DBS trash now? really…………come on in Z we had transformation scenes that lasted whole episodes, this wasn’t bad, it ‘s a joke on that formula, -sigh- the DB fandom get on my last nerve sometimes, ya know.

          • fallacies

            Some of you are picking one thing, and over-exaggerating it.

            Not make it for adults, but understand that many and most of the early viewers and adopters are/were adults; just having it in mind. Some of these episodes remind me of baby formula. It’s not that it’s innocent, it’s that it’s unnecessarily innocent. And Toonami was always catered to a High school, slightly more matured croud… so I don’t know why you think they wouldn’t have landed the deal… and DBS is more fairy than DBZ was. DB/DBZ was also on adult swim at night, I believe. And the grudge was mostly related towards how they find ways to waste time in what are already 18min episodes,,, not sailor moon itself,,, did they need to put it in replay, and actually show the WHOLE transformation again? There’s nothing wrong with taking a jab at SM, just don’t waste so much cot dam time!

      • Noctis Smith

        stop trying to justify this fanfic series

        • DBLeon

          So what if it’s more fanfic like? the fans usually do a better job the the creators anyway, I’ll defend Super when I think it’s done nothing wrong, and people only hate on it because they want ACTION, ACTION, ACTION, which DB is not, and even DBZ wasn’t, their must be more, and people need to understand that.

    • Leo Jansen

      This Episode was a paroday to Sailor Moon you Genius, damn you know nothing!

    • FearTheSponge

      What a shit poster.

    • JuiceJune

      Holy Shit people, you don’t always get what you want!, live with it and just move on, its anime, not your life! Dam… Talks about retarded episodes made for kids and proceeds to act like a kid, my God…

    • Zero

      I live in Japan, and the only people who watch the show are children: they love the show. The adults who watched the show as kids here are not watching it, unless it’s with their kids.

      The show is for kids and it shows.

      BTW, when I say “kids” I don’t mean high-schoolers. I’m talking ELEMENTARY school kids.

    • Droidboy

      I found it as a hilarious stab at ridiculous SJW bullshit.

      It’s no coincidence that the “love” enemy is fat, tries to use love as her attack, and then gets triggered at the end with anger and rage.

    • Noobz Threefortyseven

      The only good portion of the entire thing was 17. Took him a while to pull his head out but then again, we’re used to seeing 17 play with his fools before dispensing with them.

      • d3rd3vil

        C17 is a fucking horrible character. Looks and acts exactly like an android even though they became human in DBZ aint that right? This shit is just wrong all of it….

        • Tom Restaino

          People are under the impression that they became human.
          They’re still very much “androids.” (technically Cyborgs as i’m sure your C17 referenced haha)
          They just had their bombs removed.
          “After Goku reveals that he does not want to be wished back, Krillin asks Shenron to turn Androids 17 and 18 into humans. Shenron denies the wish, saying it is beyond his power. Krillin then wishes for the bombs in the Androids to be shut down. Shenron grants the wish.”

    • Roxas and Axel

      i was cringing my nigger i was cringing as fuck good ting i had my room door locked our i would’ve been fucked

  • Michael Levens

    I’m not seeing the translation at the bottom

  • Skipp Gillard

    I sincerely hope that whatever Goku and Vegetas final forms are that they are different from each other. Give them a unique transformation which is different for each individual not just a palette swap that everyone can eventually learn. And give Vegeta some better moves ffs! Why hasn’t he at least learned instant transmission yet? he’s seen Goku do it often enough that, with his skill he should be able to figure it out. Tactically this move is amazing and it’s not like Vegeta to let Goku have the edge for too long. Unfortunately unless he gets a better moveset it won’t matter how much stronger than Goku he can get if Goku has moves like instant trans or Kaioken up his sleeve

    • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

      most likely the only person that’ll have a different from is goku sadly.. btw im a vegeta fan too its just shitty writing

      • d3rd3vil

        It certainly isnt. Goku is numero uno since the first Dragonball episode and that will never change. In a few months during episode 130 or sth. Vegeta can have his own transformation again and come close to Gokus power as always….but thats it

        • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

          I said that because of goku being the MC and shitty writing.

    • hammahead

      ill fuck that broad in your pic right in her shit pipe

      • HellStorm Demonoid

        I will rape your mother brutally untill she pukes blood and dies a painful death.

        • Meat Boy

          I buttfucked your mum so hard my cock came out of her mouth leaving her to choke to death.

    • darkracer

      vegeta would never want to use instant transmission.
      that’s goku’s thing. vegeta would feel like he’s borowing a move every time he uses it.
      have you ever seen him use kamehameha?

      • danexi perez

        But Vegeta has used destructo-disc and that’s krillin’s move.

        • Droidboy

          He isn’t saying that Vegeta wouldn’t want to borrow anyone’s moves.
          He’s saying Vegeta wouldn’t want to borrow Kakarot’s moves.

          There’s a distinct difference there.

        • darkracer

          vegeta never used destructo disk. that was dragon ball abridged.

  • Krisztián Gebauer

    i here week by week just 2 see Frieza and i only get seconds ..still worth it

    • Lashaun P Beazer


    • hammahead

      your a cock sucker

      • Stephen Moyer

        You BOTH type like retards.

  • golden otis

    i’m a number 17 fan now… forget everybody else, after how many episode an entertaining one finally.

  • Carlos Ramos

    I feel like this was just a filler episode. Maybe they’re trying to figure out their next fight. Not many people are left and there are still 39 min left. I hope whatever they got up their sleeves cums hard and rips a hole through the very fabric of time.

    • darkracer

      it just means we will have a decent battle with jiren.

    • https://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=7591664 cipley

      Let’s see….5 minutes on namek ~ 20ish episode
      so 39 minutes equals……

      • Droidboy

        ~156 episodes.

        Damn we’re in it for the long haul.

  • Naakg

    Good episode and all but what about the multiple times in the past couple episodes that the Jiren fight was so close to happening. Thats honestly going to be one of the best episodes yet (behind a few but still up there)

  • SigmaNote

    Henshin a go-go baby!

  • Mary Catgirl Cullenmoon

    Was nice to see 17 in action. but really. . .untill i start seeing blue hair I’m not gonna feel any tension in this.
    I hope we get down to the hit/jiran/goku/vegeta/frieza stuff soon

    • Tribreamhaaaa

      dyspo vs hit next ep haha universe 11 gonna come and save him

  • Brandon Mcfarlane


  • hammahead

    i could use a fucken blowjob

  • ItxHuNK

    i thought she was saying “Vagina Style”

    • darkracer

      i think that was the joke. that it sounds like that

  • Raghul Ganesan

    Download link plz

  • EX㊉ÐIA☥ 💥-={ OBLITERATE }=-💥

    Ribrianne should consider herself lucky Vegeta striked first at her, that attack from Jiren would’ve knocked her straight out the tournament.

    • https://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=7591664 cipley

      And only using SSJ1…an SSB should knock her out also.

    • Divine Shadow

      I wish the attack was from Jiren so I didn’t have to look at her. I was laughing so hard when Vegeta instinctually dodged because of how ugly she is. Brianne has to have 1 of the worst character designs in the history of anime.

  • geo

    17 broke the sacred rule of the dragonball universe. Never interrupt excessively lengthy transformations!

  • Chaitanya Talegaonkar

    Worst episode they wasted so much time all that nonsense no real fight. And let me get this straight all the Jiren hype is nothing but strategy to keep people hooked The Androids together can beat Jiren for sure as they have unlimited stamina unlike JIren who is ”conserving stamina”.

    • fallacies

      Jiren is obviously incredibly strong. Tofu wants them to conserve power, but Jiren seems more than willing to easily handle the lightwaits. He doesn’t fool around,,, you don’t see him making any attacks that are ineffective,,, he calculated and gets the job done the fist time.

  • Ghita Iulian

    probably the worst episode in DBS so far

    • Samnold Telfort

      17 actually has the best fight animation so far in this series.

  • King Drunkard

    Yeah !!! 17 !!! Taht’s how we serious ppl do things !!!

  • Akaalis

    Is it me? or did the rest of you get awkward Sailormoon vibes from their transformation????

  • Darshan Blaze

    this was a plot eat this sleep for the next 6 days and wake up

  • Parth

    Loved the episode

  • WhiteShadow

    Android 17 was awesone in this episode! Bri-bri-anne and her team sucks tho. XD At least their Goddess is sexy lol. Also, I’m hyped about those new two namekians. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7c0ce9d8553e07b23d62ed07573da2d061e35642421b4ed31c9d2dcef3f4fb17.jpg

    • ♔King_Sims♔

      yea I thought that was piccolo at first

  • Technocality

    Dragon Ball has turned super gay. What’s with all this LGBT crap? Lesbos are fucking everywhere.

    Didn’t expect that from the Japanese.

  • Michael

    Seriously I wanna see Gohan fight, not this Sailor Moon crap. I’m getting sick and tired of seeing him and Piccolo do nothing. And what’s with this fucking stupid Sailor Moon crap. Worst episode other than episode 69, which was more gay. These young, new-age writers for Toei are fucking pathetic. Lazy at its best.

  • Aavishkar Singh

    Thought she was gonna say su-suss-sussaano X_X XD 😀

  • Benito Federl

    I swear to fucking god if those fucking faggots don’t get knocked off the stage or brutally killed while fighting I am going to flip.

  • The Scientist

    half of the episode is consumed thru transformation. thank god its not naruto, 3 episode just for flashback, lol.

    • https://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=7591664 cipley

      And probably having his adversaries Talk-no-Jutsu’ed so that they fall off the ring by themselves

  • Wafflepiezz

    fuck yeah 17 beat their asses, annoying as hell transformations imo

  • Sus1

    Next Episode Leaked Here 👉 http://bit.ly/LeakedDBSEpisodes

    • Meat Boy


  • Sus1
    • Meat Boy

      let’s suck each others dick

  • paybackwestwick

    Spending 5 minutes of this part just with dumb transform, so useful..

  • https://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=7591664 cipley

    Very satisfying to see 17 knock out those annoying girls….although I see in several last episodes I think Goku is being dumbed down. Probably saving later to fight Jiren or Hit.

  • 2PAC

    By Far the GAYEST episode of DBZ I have ever saw. Jesus Did Bruce Jenner Co Write and Produce this Bullshit???

    • Meat Boy

      But this episode was GREAT too because of how GAY it is.. I’m now gay, dumped my imaginary GF and regrew my 4 limbs..

  • dbz…….

    that moment when you think fuck sailormoon and 17 makes your day whahaha awesome.

  • Adam Hardwick

    Worst fucking episode eva if you want to see this just watch salior moon nothing good came from this eposide it was SHIT!!!!

  • connectt123

    have you guys ever watched winx?

  • William van Helsing


  • AndrehS86

    am i the only one who loves the androids more than goku?

    • Droidboy

      They are pretty awesome. 17 is a savage. 18 is fun.

      Mostly I like how they don’t have the same vulnerabilities as everyone else.

  • Hollybolly

    That was awesome. Why would u complain about this episode 😀

  • Privij Francis

    Android 17 is like the Jiren of your U7 and Vegeta’s punch line of this episode – **(It was so gross I instinctively dodged XD)**

    Guess you have to watch a boring episode to get to an exciting one. At least we can look forward to Gohan and the two Namekians in U6.

    Ps. Still waiting for Goku’s new transformation.

  • July Fadly

    that’s no.#17 after all 😀

  • Arek Dudzik

    Guess I need to drop the show for few months then maybe it’ll be enough episodes to watch some fight. Now it’s just one episode every week half of which is “cool poses” and “cool speeches” with few minutes of fight from one character at the time.
    Android 18 is quite cool, but at the same time Goku is so lame in comparision. The only thing he’s doing now is just yelling: “good work” and “thanks for saving”. Is he really needs to be saved by other members like 17, 18, maybe Muten Roshi next? I get he’s not serious but might be serious enough to not get pushing around by nearly every other fighter.

  • d3rd3vil

    Bah i am ashamed that these C18 and especially C17 are now that much in the middle and that strong out of nowhere….bah what a shit episode. Thought we’d see Vegeta fight? Damn this shit episode….
    And next episode will be shit too.

    • Boii321234

      I mean they were always strong, unlimited stamina and all

  • Slyda

    no. 17 is the only only one who feels me.. stop giving people time to transform into some cheating ass shit that can possibly take out a few of our members and i dunno, make us cease to fucking exist!!!!!!
    and stop getting so mad at the bullshit in between. if you say you watched db and dbz then you know how many episodes they spent standing around and talking. at least now its filled with content, childish as it may be, still not horrible.. at least ppl are still getting their ass kicked instead of talking about it…

  • Satyanash

    She is love. The true form of love. She represents the craziness of love, where the other girl asks for a chance at her vengeance and she says “Love is on your side.” Damn love’s that crazy. The wild one shows how girls tend to get when they get wild… Nails and teeth… And the flying bitch represents a bff, who flies her girlfriend around to assholes the minute she is “out of bounds”.

  • Jack Daniels

    No.17 is a fucking beast

  • Vegito

    Would be nice if master roshi was fighting those girls

  • Uniqqque

    Hold on a min, they can’t fly or can they ?!?!?!? Look at min 13:56 and tell me I’m wrong.

  • Big Merch

    #17 needs his red ribbon bandanna back #badass

  • Benny Wong

    Don’t get it, how come uni 7 always the one being target? Akira rarely talk about battles between other universe🙃

    • Pixel_ Gh0st

      i guess because they are considered “minor”

  • Pixel_ Gh0st

    8:58 no they did not vegeta is wearing fucking blue

  • http://www.splitmentality.com David Aimi

    What the hell with this sailor moon bull shit lol

  • ViewBoy

    This episode was hilarious. I don’t even care how slow it was

    • Akia Hampton


  • Ramiro Ramos

    17 is a sailor moon hater XD

  • http://KeepingIt100.com Real

    They’re like a Kirkland brand sailor moon

  • Die

    I skipped this one entirely. utter shit

    • Fused Light

      Actually, it wasnt that bad. The universe 2 people sucked, yeah.. but Android 17 got a few hits in so it was all worth it. I’m starting to rethink the coolest guy in this series…

  • http://KeepingIt100.com Real

    I hope Vegeta go ape shit on them in the next episode.

  • Taylor Grover

    17 did what i wanted to do the first time I saw sailor moon!

  • Eldarion

    is this for real? two times the exact same thing in a episode? what the actual fuck has happened to DB.. All those fucking childish characters like toppo and brianne and shit jeez.. And then that transformation in those fat blobs.. did SJW infiltrate the DB studios?

    • Aarya Janji

      Ur ri8…Everyone of r just dominating goku as main character he must be strongest

  • Jordan Trizisky

    While hilarious the first time and when interrupted by 17… why in the unholy name of fuck would you make us sit through that transformation sequence twice… pls just kill us next time

  • Jordan Trizisky

    17 just put himself at the top of my fav chars list right under piccolo

  • Jeff Bliss

    They did tht formation bs to stall

  • Juan Gabriel Martinez Rodrique

    I actually love this episode!, they deconstructed and parody sailor moon. People are hating on this, but this is a good parody. they covered all of the important aspect of sailor moon like shows, like the lengthily transformations, they criticise the standard of beauty, and even made a direct offence at Sailor moon when 17 shot then in the middle of the transformation. They even made fun of themselves when they stated that Goku had to wait and let then finish transforming. This is a more smart episode than what it seems to be.

    • AugustAPC

      Smart? I don’t even watch anime and I know this is a tired trend. Characters transforming into uglier renditions of themselves is hardly a new concept, even in the world of DB (Zarbon). Neither is interrupting a character while they transform (Gotenks). This is just a shallow attempt at satire that’s already been done a thousand times… and it’s done with recycled elements from previous episodes of DBZ.
      It’s like lazy on top of lazy.

      • Juan Gabriel Martinez Rodrique

        They were making a parody of Sailor Moon. They were reaching outside the DB box and making fun of the Magical Girl Genre. Many people love to hate on this episode and deny to see whats so obviously in front of them. And like I previously said, they even made fun of themselves with the “You know Goku most let he’s opponents finish transforming” bit, which is an allusion to a tired trend in Dragon Ball. I’ll admit that maybe the humor was hit and miss, but the episode was done like that purposely in the spirit of fun.

        • AugustAPC

          I can tell English isn’t your first language, but you basically just repeated your first post without addressing anything in mine.
          Just because an episode has satire doesn’t make it smart satire. Dragon Ball has already done these jokes and a million other shows have already parodied Sailor Moon.
          This is over-recycled humor and nothing more.

          • Juan Gabriel Martinez Rodrique

            I entered My disqus account after a few months, and I find to comments berating me for my english from this site. guess I will have to be careful posting here. As for the episode, I think a lot of people could not appreciate the humor because we were in the middle of a arc with a lot of hyped behind it. Do remember that even though episodes like this may be silly and have a few old jokes, they are part of what makes Dragonball what it is. This is’t a series that has taken itself very seriously in the past yet still manage to pull very epic moments. P.S. If I could have worded something better in this comment do tell me please.

  • Patrick

    I was afraid of it only being a few minutes into the Tournament….

    Lmao @ 17 tho. i was waiting for Freeza to laser beam them but he probably secretly enjoyed it :’)

  • pat

    Waited all week for this lesbian love shit tha fuck the worst episode in DB history what a piss take at least if they were sexy characters but some gay ass shit smh this episode literally made me stop eating my food and be like wtf am i watching now DBS or some gay anime.

    • AugustAPC

      Homophobic, much?

      • Aaron Soldier

        Yes I’m very homophobic, ever heard of freedom of speech?? I’M ANTI LGBT, DEAL WITH IT!

    • Yannick Arpin-bouchard

      they were sexy before transforming xD thats the joke

    • Aaron Soldier

      Yeah this episode was Fricken gay!

  • Ryan Jones

    wow, this episode was pretty boss (for android 17), the transformation crap aside.

  • AugustAPC

    …well, at least Gohan and PIccolo do some shit next episode, I guess.

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjpZBMPO7ny6eb-0FgtBl3Q Footpauler

    seems like DBS is on some family guy bs right now. that was the most useless scene ive ever seen in my life

  • Deathstar

    I seriously waited that long for this god awful garbage of an episode?

  • sohaib siddique

    woah guku is fighting the teletobbies this time

  • Micaiah
  • Creative Copycat
  • Creative Copycat
  • Mourad El Mourad

    this is the shittest episode of all dragon ball history

  • bigboiz

    they really shit on this episode. they reused so many scenes in this one

  • bigboiz

    they did my boi 17 right tho

  • Pavlyu Nedved

    To all shit-posters , you are watching this for free. So shut the fuck up.

    • Ayleid

      Just because you don’t agree with someones comment doesn’t make them a shit poster, and just because something is free doesn’t mean people can’t use criticism. All you look like with this kind of comment is a prepubescent child.

  • Cooper Biancur

    You guys so dumb that you don’t realize this is a spoof on magical girls?

  • James Deveaux

    That female God of Destruction is so damn ugly. Wipe off that makeup. You look like a disgusting whore.

    • Aaron Soldier

      She’s hot, you’re the whore

      • James Deveaux

        I would hope I am. But no, she’s not. The makeup is disgusting.

  • Aaron Soldier

    Episode was complete trash. 17 is acting like Sasuke, an annoying emo brat with too many powers and Universe 2 is absolute trash, the females are ugly and gay (I like the Egyptian God of Destruction).

    Can’t wait for Toppo and Jiren team up against Goku and Vegeta! (Oh and the Beerus lookalike)

  • Steve Myers

    This is the longest 48 minutes I’ve ever seen.

  • oberdamujigae

    so Majou Shoujo exists in Universe 2

  • http://xphantom.com/ xPhantom Cs Go Hack

    Honestly, it’s so stupid seeing Goku fighting around in his normal form and getting his ass beat when he could just easily wipe the floor with them if he went full power. He is still having fun when everyone’s lives are at stake ….
    Btw if you play cs go and want a significant advantage in competitive type “xphantom cs go hack” on google.

  • Zack Yen

    why piccolo is there on universe 6? 02:44

    • John Reichert

      Universe 6 has 2 namekians too, one looks similar to piccolo

  • terminallyCapricious

    … Universe 2 truly makes me wish my eyes’d lost their sight before I was born.

    • https://soundcloud.com/broken-mask Broken Mask

      I dunno, Kakunsa and Rozie are kinda cute…

      • Lee Walton

        The FBI will be raiding your house in 5,

  • https://soundcloud.com/broken-mask Broken Mask

    it’s actually kinda funny how laid-back 17 is… he just doesn’t care

  • Danish Khan

    Wow. android 17 flying like a boss xD
    Proper badass!

  • Lee Walton

    Roshi & 17 be thot-patrolling like it’s nothing, now! GOOD LADS!!!