Dragon Ball Super episode 101 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 101 : “The Warrior of Justice Closes In!”


  • Aerisot

    Omg, They are the good Genyu squade!

    • Kyle Joultz

      Pretty much!

    • Saeris

      Self-proclaimed to be good.

  • Urh

    What is the episode before the actual episode on live stream

  • Sparrow

    There’s no sub. The title is lying. I’ll come back when live is over… fucking lame.

    • KameHouse

      Sub always comes out at 8:30 central time. Stop complaining.

  • Azan Akhter


  • Azan Akhter


  • Kyle Laflame

    does ads show up?

  • Pulkit Nagpal

    please add other sources like animotube ,mp4upload faster ,it does not stream directly here

    • https://animotime.com/ AnimoTime


  • Caleb Brown

    I call bs on what Goku said last episode. Kale should not be able to attain ss3 in this tournament. Her rate of growth would just be new levels of BS.

    • J

      She didn’t attain super saiyan 3, she’s the female version of Broly. So she just becomes the legendary super saiyan monster that he did/does

      • ashley

        He’s talking about Caulifla.

        • J

          Ah they musta wrote kale by mistake then

    • Nicholas Burroughs

      Well firstly goku was talking to caulifla about reaching ss3. But as it stands, caulifla stands no chance against goku so I can see her getting some sort of power boost. Maybe Kale gets beaten so she ends up getting a future trunks sort of transformation where he suddenly surpassed vegito after becoming enraged against black

      • FearTheSponge

        Trunks was using god ki without perfect ki control.
        But yeah, she’s able to keep up with base goku so she can use any of the transformations including what trunks used, but she would have to be hit by god ki first to take it into herself.

        • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

          Trunks used some kind of Genki Dama infused into his sword, but it was still retarded anyway.

          • FearTheSponge

            I was clearly talking about his form with blue energy.

    • ashley

      She’s able to transform quickly because her base form is already super strong…it’s not like it takes years to master, if anything Goku transformed into new forms at the earliest possible time, and Caulifla has been way past SSJ1, SSJ2 and SSJ3 power levels without even knowing SSJ existed. No one went crazy when Cabba learned SSJ in 1 fight…you anti-Caulifla people are just showing that you have no idea how Toriyama designed SSJ. You think Goten and Trunks are weaker than Caulifla? They went SSJ3 after seeing it once…don’t be a dumb ass

    • Kavi Amalakumar

      Well dragon ball super can’t be set as slow as DBZ. Attention spans have lowered, most people who watch dbs, are practically from dbz. They won’t be able to make and screen as many episodes, so everything is pretty much crammed. She turns into basically female broly. We grew with the SS transformations over years. Now they don’t have that time, really dbs to me is just a nostalgic watch rather than something I’ll immerse myself into. So they can get away with this bullshit fast transformation shit.

      • ashley

        I’ve watched all of Dragonball 4x, all of DBZ 6+x and all of Kai twice, and literally there is nothing that doesn’t make sense about Caulifla’s transformations, there isn’t a single WORD of contradicting information in the entire existence of Toriyama’s artworks. Also, one of the voice actors as expecting at least another few hundred episodes…

        • AugustAPC

          You must be smoking some sticky fanboy bud.
          Caulifla transforming into a SSJ by making her back tingle is a fucking insult to what was one of the coolest events in fictional media.
          A form that was defined by the imeasurable physical and mental strain a Saiyan would have to endure to force themselves to push beyond their limits is now just “tingly back mode”.
          It’s stupid. It makes no sense in any way and represents everything that makes DB Super the garbage that it is.

    • FearTheSponge

      She’s already well past strong enough, she didn’t reach saya-jin saga goku level when she learned ssj, she just never knew how to use the transformations, she’s able to hang with current base goku and vegeta who can stomp ssj 3 gotenks so yes she’s objectively strong enough, she just has to know how to bring it out functionally.

  • Caviaye Williams

    More like Universe 2’s Little Bitch Warriors! XD

    • FearTheSponge

      Sounds like the big Thanos guy might be their strongest.

  • AugustAPC

    Even though it makes absolutely NO sense for the likes of Roshi and Tien to be here, their team up was sick.

    • Yvonne Quekel-Martens

      Why u think that? U think every warrior is as strong as Goku and Jiren? That kale is getting kicked out soon prob. The fact she went broly mode this early says enough.

      • AugustAPC

        As strong as Goku and Jiren? No. But immensely more powerful than Roshi and Tien could reasonably become? Absolutely. The disparity between Goku and the rest of the cast is fucking cosmic. These are the strongest fighters across universes.
        They’re just ignoring strength at this point. They realized how they’d been neglecting everyone but Goku and Vegeta so they’re just powering characters up now with little to absolutely no effort out into justifying it… and often at the expense of previously established continuity.

  • Batman

    I’m enjoying this a lot 😀 most of it makes little sense but, i like how certain skills actually work and some special skill are unblock-able as should be in roshis and tien case, both of them being only in peak human strength and out of the saiyans league, yet still useful in their own terms. Finally roshi, tien, krillin getting some love from the series and making them all usefull “z warriors” after all so many years spent on training should mean somehting. Unlike in buu and cell sagas, where villains were immune to basically anything lol. No matter how strong a warrior is they should never be immune to everything and especially when their guard is down should take huge dmg, just like in frieza movie when goku got shot by a common ray gun, its only logical if u do not keep up a guard up u should remain vulnerable.

    Power levels may remain a total bs through out the whole db-z-super series, but i like super more,for a single reason that anyone is able to do “something” unlike in dbz some warriors were able to nothing, beginning with frieza’s saga when frieza transformed to final form and took all hits directly in the neck without taking any dmg 😀 thats a proper bs.

    • FearTheSponge

      Peak human strength? Lol what?
      They are disgustingly superhuman, they can bust galaxies probably.

    • Ethan Anthony

      What are you saiyaning? Power levels never truly made a difference it was always about tactics in DBZ, Superior characters were faster and stronger but that never stopped other characters from giving it their all. Piccolo for example got his opportunity to kill Goku vs Raditz, that was two saiyans for the price of one. But Piccolo made a choice to become good knowing that Vegeta and Nappa were on their way his 1 shot kill took him 3 episodes to charge up. Goku trained for a year to catch up to Vegeta and even then Gohan has always been the strongest in our universe.

      • Junaid Hassan

        you put so much thought in this :v

      • rhaer june molina

        i envy you you’re in a same universe with them. lol

  • Deathstar

    God, this is over the top PC that upstart female Saiyans are that OP with no effort getting there at all.

    • Manuel

      Nah this is anime. Japan isn’t affected by all that bs. The mentality here is way different

      • Deathstar

        Where was the same thing done in Z or the original? It’s highly suspect that they are seemingly only just starting to do this with super, and at the same time such a thing has started to go rampant in western cultures.

    • Zay

      does the fact that they are from a completely different universe mean anything to you?

      • Deathstar

        Where was it implied that physics would work differently in the other universes? And furthermore the Saiyans of Universe 6 had it easily since there was no tyrant threatening their planet nor existance.

      • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

        Means that either universe 7 sayians are retarded to need so many training or just ssj isn’t something unique anymore reseved only for elite ones and seems now like something highly overrated if you only need “tingly tangly” in your back. Don’t realise it was just so fucking easy back then to beat Frieza feared by whole galaxy and there was no one who dares to chalange him. The only thing he was afraid was super sayian. It was sign that ssj was something highly unique on the scale of universe and now it’s just easy like buying icecreams – just little “tingly tangly” and boom. 5 minutes later after little sparring with Goku goes ssj2. Simple as that. Retarded sayians from universe 7 need to goes above his limits with hard, long labours and now it seems ssj is something ordinarily common in universe 6.

        • Tom Restaino

          People keep saying everyone in 6 is using the tingly thing.
          Cabba needed to be enraged to go super saiyan.
          Kale had to be enraged to go legendary.
          it’s only Caulifla.
          Maybe she’s just really intune with her ki that she can just pick things up really easily?

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            It’s Cabba that was teaching Caulifla about “tingly thing” so obviously he’s also using that “technique”, isn’t it obvious?

          • Stefan Mosneagu

            even the sayians from universe 7 are using that technique…God dang it what do you think the phrase “you need to keep that feeling in your body” means? it means the tingly thing is also a thing for universe 7 sayians..You guys are either way overthinking it too much.What’s so wrong in just enjoying the show and not giving a fuck about every stupid thing that is in a show?

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            I think it means that sayians transform through great emotions and so this is advise to remember the way Your body overflow with this particular emotion when transforming. Not tingly tangly behind your back… There’s nothing wrong if You’re enjoying show while some simply cannot enjoy it like old series. Maybe some people just expected something more from sequel of quite legendary anime. I’m looking to see what happens next in the tournament but as a whole DBS don’t have it. Don’t have magic of previous series. And it’s not because of childhood memory, because it’s only year ago that I first watched Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.

          • dra6o0n

            Saiyans in Universe 6 is drastically different to 7, numerous, but more varied in growth and power due to a larger population. Only some need to train to be warriors, others are just typical civilians.

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            Even for super elite like Vegeta it have taken hard training to go SSJ and then even harder training for about 6 month to go SSJ2.
            Remember how Goku must have savage training in hyperbolic time chamber before fight with Cell? It wasn’t just tingly tangly and breaking Your limits in just 5 minutes.

          • Dylan Wright

            ^this guy needs a life. You’ve posted like 20-30 comments about this, and notice how you’re the only one complaining? That one dude explained it perfectly about the blueprint, and go figure you ignored it.
            Here’s your problem – you just started watching DB DBZ a year ago, as you said in your own words. You didn’t watch 3 episodes of smoke clearing because you can actually skip that now. Here’s an idea – the saiyans from universe 6 are FEMALES. You think it’d be the exact same? Females are more attuned with their body, and luckily got to see the blueprint for Super Saiyan. They didn’t do it before Kale showed them, whom didn’t do it before Vegeta showed him, whom didn’t learn it before Goku showed him. Its all about the BLUEPRINT. They didn’t have to work hard for it because neither did goten and trunks, whom are not only 1/2 saiyans but are also MALE. Females learn things differently, she even said screw all the anger noise just tell me what I focus on anatomy wise. SHE is going to figure it out differently and perhaps easier because females are also crazier and angrier than men (I wouldn’t want a period either lol).
            People like you complained fundamentally the same about DBZ during Cell saga, World Games saga, Majin Saga, Buu saga… that its “the same thing all Z warriors get whooped then Goku saves the day”. They actually change it up, and the irony that a rare person is still saying that crap.
            So characters like Hit, the Gods, or how about Universe 2’s… whatever they are… how is that NOT original??? Cherry-picking is a phrase you should learn.

            Here’s a thought – instead of complaining, use YOUR OWN originality to come up with a way to make it logical and fun. You’re making it not only unenjoyable for yourself, but everyone around you. “If you never slow down to enjoy the little things, you’ll never enjoy whats actually in front of you.”

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            It’s not only about showing things but also body must be prepared to endure it – at least that was the case with “pure” sayians, and that was for example purpose of training in hyperbolic time chamber. SSJ3 is heavily hard for body so it’s completely stupid that caulifla could achieve it before the end of tournament.
            Tell me what was the purpose of Goku training in 100x gravity chamber before fight with Frieza if going SSJ is just about “figuring it out”?

          • Tom Restaino

            So every single time Goku goes super Saiyan he’s super pissed? He can do it at will. Obviously there’s some trick to it outside of rage.

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            “I think it means that sayians transform through great emotions and so
            this is advise to remember the way Your body overflow with this
            particular emotion when transforming.”

            So if Your body “remembered” those emotion while transforming You can do it at You will anytime. Remember the way Vegeta was teaching Cabba how to go SSJ? He pissed him off then when he transform he said him to “remember that feeling”.

        • Judge_Mental

          But honestly, its like spiritual technology! 30 years ago it took 2 minutes to get on the internet and now, its like your device feels a little tingly, tangly sensation and boom! you’re surfing.. Cabba was pressed trying to find a way to teach them how to go SS and he was just smart enough to figure out a way to explain to them in a way they could understand. I do it all the time lol.. Plus Those girls are NATURALLY stronger than almost all of the universe 7 Sayains, why can’t they have more control of their bodies? Who invented basketball? and who looked at the basketball and just decided to dunk it? The more physically inclined person to do so.. Get my point? No? lol.. Ok. What’s the point of being from a different universe if you have to be JUST like everyone else? Goku knows she’s lit, you should trust him lol

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            It’s like before Goku went SSJ during fight with Frieza no one saw it for a thousands of years. It was more like a legend. So You’re saying no one in universe 7 can go SSJ and it’s enough to tell sayians from universe 6 about tingly tangly and they can go SSJ in like 5 minutes, then another 5 minutes fight with Goku and Caulifla can go SSJ2? Isn’t gap between SSJ and SSJ2 that big because of training and labour sayian must go through for preparing body and mind to achieve that level?

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjpZBMPO7ny6eb-0FgtBl3Q Footpauler

            Think of it this way. Goku was the first to go SJJ in 1000 years right? but then right after Goku learned how to do it, everyone else got it almost instantly. Each time Goku learns a new SJJ, everyone else around him picks it up very quickly because Goku has set the blueprint on how its done or that it can be achieved. its the natural order of life. A real life comparison would be like how back in the early 1900s, running a mile under 4mins was inconceivable. then one day one guy managed to do it and since then. 1000s of other people have easily been able to break that time. its a matter of the first person showing its possible and setting the blueprint, then everyone else who follows will pick it up much much quicker.

          • Judge_Mental

            So what do you call what Kale went through smart guy? Was that familiar enough for you?

    • Dan Mundo

      So I bet you were real pissed off when Goten went Super Sayian when he was like 4 right?

      • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

        Goten wasn’t “pure” sayian to begin with.

      • dra6o0n

        I think the minimum threshold to super saiyan drops the less pure a saiyan is, but the maximum power of the super saiyan in itself drops too.

        This is why Gohan doesn’t rely on stuff like SSJ3 and immediately went to transform into his own ‘separate’ evolution like the Ultimate/Mystic form.

        And pure saiyans can attain SSJ God or SSJ Blue in that case.

        Had Goten seriously trained and evolved his own form, he’d potentially have a greater ‘individual’ power as a lesser saiyan.

        Ultimate Goten fused with Ultimate Trunks would be interesting.

        Though they never really bothered to use the potara earrings on Goten and Trunks, now that they changed the ‘flavor text’ of the potara earring to a ‘1 hour’ time limit per use.

  • Mega Blaziken

    This episode was really good I just have one question
    Why was the picture for the video originally Goku in the new form we saw on the poster with his foot on Jiren saying “You are going to pay for what you have done”

    • d3rd3vil


  • MrYeps

    the video is glitching here and there

  • Silent_Walker

    Remember when there use to be character development?

    • Manuel

      Do you know what character development is? The sayian girls have been getting loads of character development, too much actually.

      • lesly_fox

        Yupp feels good to be a girl

        • SickDaniel

          Haha I love what they did finally bringing very powerful, sexy girls Kale and Caulifa mmmm fap fap 😉 (Arele is a kid and she doesn’t count)

      • Silent_Walker

        They have been getting to character development, they just show up, turn ssj and that’s it. If they fleshed out the characters more so people better understood the characters instead of just back tingles and being able to control ssj just after 2 transformations it might work but this isn’t fleshed out at all and they all lack that character.

        They’re terrible, they could be great characters but they’re not giving them proper development within the story.

  • Bender

    Damn, even master Roshi was able to beat that cell like guy

    • Soryai

      you bitch way to much for your own good. shut the fuck up and enjoy the damn show or move the fuck on!

      • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

        LoL we need more “shut the fuck up and enjoy the show” 😀 Don’t have your opinion guys, just watch brainlessly everything they throw at You.

      • Bender

        Fuck off for God’s sake, I wasn’t even bitching you sick fuck, I was impressed with master Roshi’s power level

  • robin

    this shit is worst work in thee dragon ball series

  • robin

    dragon ball gt seems thousand times better than this

    • LegendaryUub

      than just stop watching if you don’t like it !
      stop whining like a brat!

    • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

      Still think GT is worse but Super is cutting off coupons.

  • robin

    i dont know how long i can continue to watch this

  • Kawal Kumawat

    Gokul is the weakest what is happening to him lame on dbz super writer

    • LegendaryUub

      he’s just conserving strength lmao

      • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

        By beeing beaten by everyone? So maybe she should step aside and no fight at all? What’s the point of it? Either trying to beat way weaker opponent or just not trying to get involved.

  • Kawal Kumawat

    Sorry Gokul

  • Kawal Kumawat


  • umair_ijaz
    • LegendaryUub

      same here lol.
      Ginyu – > Kahseral
      Burter -> Kettol
      Jeice -> Cocotte
      Recoome -> Tupper
      Guldo -> Zoiray

    • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

      Yep, troopers = ginyu force copy, toppo = captain ginyu, jiren = frieza, kale = broly. Dragon Ball Super is repeating previous content.

      • Flame-LoneWolf

        Sentai didn’t start with the Ginyu Force, idiot…

        • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

          Didn’t said that, but it doesn’t really matter. Just pointed out that it goes the same scheme as in previous DB series. Names changed, circumstances are different but it’s just basically similar content repeated in slightly different way. Not much new or fresh content were showed in DBS, theres lack of originality, passion, tension from previous DB. DBS became mailny cash making machine. Toei just don’t care anymore. “Tingly tangly” ssj transformation and learning to go from ssj to ssj2 in 5 minutes, then Goku predicts they’ll go even higher within this 45 minutes tournament. Now Goku and Vegeta seems little retarded if they needed so many years and training to achieve their ssj forms. Their savage training in hyperbolic time chamber and with kami and Underworld / Other World looks now like a joke. Don’t even want to comment bad writing here, because every time something begin slowly dying deep inside me.

      • suck my dick pussy ass bitch

        Well technically the previous movies with Broly were never cannon, so I guess you could say they really didn’t copy it or repeat it. Plus, I’m 99.999999% sure that the non-cannon DBZ and DB movies were never part of the DBZ franchise because they were directed by a different producer. The original producer of the DBZ and DBS franchise is Akiri Toriyama, and the producer for the fan based movie “Broly, The legendary super saiyan” was produced by a different company and not supported by the original franchise. And also, if Toppo is Ginyu, that would only make 4 in the Pride Troopers so it wouldn’t really be the “Ginyu Force”. It’ll be more like “The Ginyu Force Without Ginyu, Witch Make It The Non-Ginyu-But-Ginyu-Force”.

        • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

          These are insignificant details. More important is that we saw similar things earlier. I don’t care if it’s different producer, cannon or non-cannon if I saw it already and it’s simply copied to some extend. The ideas are copied and it’s plain to see. I know some people might like it, but as a series Dragon Ball don’t progress. It’s just digging old content.

          • someone

            so stop watching it

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            I do not need to that kind of advices. I have my own motives for watching it and will have own motives if I stop watching it. Criticizing bad things is natural behaviour. If we don’t have constructive criticizm things would never progress or get better. If You don’t like it then You can also stop reading my comments. Simple as that.

          • Jason Glover

            I see what you are saying, but telling others if they don’t like it not to read your comments, then ignoring them when they tell you to not watch it if you don’t like it, discredits you. Maybe they’re constructively criticizing your critiques? Don’t be a hypocrite.

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            Quality of the show doesn’t have anything to do with my person so I think we should talk about Dragon Ball not me. I am not retarded and if I decide stop watching then I do it without enlighting me in this manner.

          • CrashOver Ride

            actually you critizing things here are not making things progress the makers cant see these post so how can they progress if they dont see ur critizism

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            I’m not the first or the last to point out these things. Maybe my own, isolated comments aren’t going to change anything in that matter, but combined comments of fans in the internet have significant power. They might be noticed. They might be factor that makers will take into consideration. Maybe this is not going to change anything in Dragon Ball, but also maybe it prevent other anime made in future form that kinds of pitfalls of turning show into the money making machine.
            Finally, maybe it’s just for the sake of discussion. Maybe I want to read someone else opinion about it. How You thing about it, why You think I might be wrong etc? It’s called discussion.

            I am not saying DBS is total garbage. It’s enjoyable from in some moments, but it’s average as a whole.

          • Hamza

            People like you are the sole reason our society is in downfall

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            And why is that? Because I have my own opinion? Because I can think for myself? At least I don’t need resolve to insulting person with whom I make conversation, objectively I’m still better then You as a human.

          • Hamza

            Jus to as you can “see” the pros and cons of DBS I can “see ” the pros and cons of a human. First of all by saying that you are better than m based on a single comment shows how quickly and irrationally you judge things. Second of all , I didn’t insult you, I just said that you don’t have a clear opinion and don’t know what you like and hate which is a big reason for society downfall

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            You linked my person with negative phenomenon so it’s enough to call it “argumentum ad hominem”. There was a time on internet when using that kind of “arguments” means You’re less of a human then other persons. I don’t judge you based on Your opinions. Just based on “dirty” ways You use in conversation.

          • Baphomet

            la di fucking da. no one cares.

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            And what’s the puropse of Your comments? Don’t read it then.

          • Cheetah

            I feel the same Damon. I’ll handle it as long they don’t do it too often and stretch episodes way too long (like a 10min transformation). Would be nice to witness some original stuff though.

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            It’s nice somebody noticed it. I will probably watching it to the end of the tournament and maybe a little longer depends if the plot will be interesting. Then might drop it for few months because I predict there will be loads of fillers after tournament which are especially bad in DBS.
            I am not hater or anything like that, nor I am blinded fan. I enjoy Dragon Ball Super to some extend, but I can see it’s flaws. First 30 episodes beeing strictly repeated content from old movies, then as much fillers again. You have not more then 25% of actual content. You can simply see that they’re streching the show to it limits and just plain milking money out of old, good anime name.

      • Abraham Iglesias

        You’re a moron. Even universe has a replica of each character, which means it’s expected to see the ginyu force, Broly, frieza, and every other villain or fighter. Moron

        You should listen better

        • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

          Nope. For universe 7 there is universe 6 as a reflection. Troopers are from 11. It’s just rip-off from old content.

          • ssj4gotenks

            except its not quite… you are not looking at it properly.
            Its like hearing a kid look at 2 cars, one is a super car and another is an old wagon and say they are the same.

            The pride troopers can fight and they are not even close to being as cringy as ginyu force… ginyu force was full of idiots who werent real fighters.
            Recoome for example was a retard, lacked quite a few brain cells.
            Jeice was a pussy who got scared immediately at the sight of someone more powerful.
            Guldo…. a frog thingy who cares.
            And Ginyu himself was weak… maybe not at the time but he had to use bodyswap which is lame, and being inferior in fighting techniques in the end.

            Pride Troopers however… no such thing. They are serious and they seem that way… atleast so far they havent been a pathetic excuse for a fighting force.
            They fight to keep peace in their galaxy, and not like ginyu force who fight as minions of some overlord because they are too weak and stupid to survive alone.

            The differences are huge… wearing jumpsuits and being a team doesnt make them a ripoff.
            They are actually better than ginyu force in every way.

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            The same idea here. The same theme. Just different execution. That’s all. No originality at all.

          • Ifrinpls

            Damn retard ignorant kids, both are parodies of Super Sentai, which is the source material for power rangers, that’s where the ridiculous posses and the smoke behind them come from, you need to really live in a bubble to not notice it, even my 50 years old uncle who didn’t watch power rangers as a kid noticed this guys are a reference to them.

          • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

            The thing is it was already used in this way in previous Dragon Ball Z. Even my 70 years old granpa noticed it.

          • CrashOver Ride

            this nigga here gave us a whole damn essay about the difference the pride troopers and the ginyu force

      • John Duong

        forget the conceptual similarities, Jiren is no Frieza

      • Roxas and Axel

        yehh but they are doing it in a style a fassion way so it dosen’t seem like they ripped the whole thing they used small details not content thats a diffrence you gotta learn

  • SADsaddsadasda

    7:38 Kikyo how you doing?

  • Bartek Włodarczyk

    Sure is pretty Zarbon in here…

    • http://dietetycznyarth.blogspot.com/ Damon Albarn

      Oh yeah, that transformation from beauty to ugly is like Zarbon rip-off 🙂 Well, they add theme of Sailor Moon to it and that’s all. Lazy Toei -_-

  • Marshall Law

    Great episode look like universe 11 next to erase looking forward for more 🙂

  • LegendaryUub

    so the Ginyu Force has returned lmao
    Ginyu – > Kahseral
    Burter -> Kettol
    Jeice -> Cocotte
    Recoome -> Tupper
    Guldo -> Zoiray

  • Jens Ingels

    It was a nice episode. However that Kale suddenly masters super saiyan berserker is just total bullshit. This is a straight out insult against the concept of the transformation itself as well as Broly the original concept. Seriously add least try to make it somewhat logical. Not this bullshit that she suddenly masters the suppressed form. You just removed the whole point of the transformation…

    • Abouu Lucianoo


    • Tom Restaino

      Broly hated goku. his motivation was to kill him. his rage was unbound because of that and he couldnt handle it.
      Kale hated gokue. her motivation was to kill him. her rage was unbound because of that and she couldn’t hand it. Until she hated HERSELF. If the legendary rage is due to hatred of other people, i think it makes sense that when she hates herself, she was able to control it because the hate was internal and not external

    • Marshall Law

      Ah who cares about transformation crap just lighten up and enjoy the show!

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  • Yoda

    Gohan should reach SSJ White at the end. White hair, White-is pupils most powerful shit there is.

    • d3rd3vil

      Yeah Gohan right ^^ The warrior that didnt matter ONE BIT till episode 90 or sth. and that still doesnt get screentime. He will then overpower everyone and win it all. Of course wouldnt surprise me at all 😀 Something stupid will happen soon dont worry

  • Augustus Schkin

    Guys I just realized, Kale, Cabba, Caulifla, Goku, Gohan, Vegeta. That’s 6 Saiyans! Isn’t that 5 that could join together and make Goku or Vegeta a Saiyan God???

    • d3rd3vil

      No one wants that shit. They have to get stronger on their own.

    • Phạm Đắc Hoàng Minh

      then you didnt realize saiyan god <<<< blue super saiyan since blue is higher form of saiyan god lol

  • Benny Wong

    This episode looked pretty well, better than last week

  • J’remy SuckerFree Andrews

    I think it was a good episode.

  • Hasnain

    I couldnt help but notice that Kahseral looked liked an evil commander from metal slug

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/TehDwelleR Moo

    WTF is wrong with this website now? I used to always watch DBS on dragonballtime! Last week or the previous one, the audio was fucking awful! I’m sure the people who are adding subs need to clearly re-render the video after adding subs, they are clearly fucking up as you can hear screeching noises during intense music, and this week not only that, I have started to watch this around 5-7pm on Sundays as it gets uploaded on Saturday I believe, correct me if I’m wrong, and the subs get uploaded at 3-4am on sunday morning. I purposely watch it on Sunday evenings because once uploaded, it’s a cock fest of dragon ball fans and the websites usually laggy, along with the video being 720p, takes more time to process for it to be 1080p, instead of me getting mad, i just watch it later on, more excitment watching it in full HD 1080p quality, today it’s 1080p and the quality is fucked up, along with the fucking audio! You fuckers can hire me if you want and I’ll render your shit! I appreciate the effort they put forth, but if you do something do it right or don’t do it at all, and that is what I live by! Currently, it’s 7.30pm UK time and it’s in 1080p, quality seems downgraded along with the audio! Why don’t they get in touch with Toei Animation and use the same encoding method as theirs. A perfect quality video then re-rendered using shitty settings is fucking stupid! Can you guys please like this comment so they are made aware of! Apologies for my language and the long comment. I made this account a long time ago, but never comment on this site, today I just had to log in and make them aware of this fucking issue! Meanwhile, on gogoanime the video/audio quality is never bad! I also think an episode a week is slow as fuck! I hear the animators and editors are getting paid jack shit, I wouldn’t mind having a Dragon Ball site with monthly subscriptions like £5, providing we get at least 2-3 episodes a week, plus all the fans could donate a dollar each for providing us with entertainment and that would make them provide more for us. I guess that won’t happen, at least give me my fucking weekly episode in good quality, please! For fuck sake!

    • Baphomet

      ur watching it for free. calm down faggot

    • Marshall Law

      Go watch on other sites like kissanime

  • Shabani Weird

    Hey it’s me Goku! What? Some 3 Hot Teenage Chicks from Universe 2 want to show us The Power of Love by fusing together in one body and become 1 Ugly Fat Chick? Why would they do that!? Hi it’s me Android No 18! I got triggered to my PTSD because of flashbacks watching some peoples’ merge. Last time some Bug named Cell absorbed me and my sister! So I start attacking them mercilessly while Goku is trying to stop me. Why? Didn’t he learn anything so far!?

    Next time on Dragonball Super


  • d3rd3vil

    WTF still no Jiren vs. Goku next episode? MAN damn this. Thats exactly the problem of battle royal too many unimportant fights 🙁

    I want Goku vs. Jiren and the others can fight their shit. Vegeta vs. Hit and Gohan vs. Toppo or sth. doesnt matter. Why all this small shit 🙁
    And Broly again this episode was also shit.

  • Uriel

    Who is the guy behind Jiren in the intro. If there is 6 people eliminated from universe 11 and we have Jiren, Toppo and the mouse guy, there is that green guy on the board also when zeno wants to uncheck the guys that dropped out.

  • Pixel_ Gh0st

    4:00 look at gokus face

  • ★彡

    Jesus people stop writing fucking paragraphs we won’t read them try to fucking shortin it

  • Gladiator77

    dammit I thought this was going to be the epic fight with jiren….ughh i was so pumped for it

  • CECorp

    imagine that goku has baby with Caulifla, that power of the baby

  • Kevin Marbella

    Well broly was never cannon. Till now now. So broly never existed in this real version of the DBZ and DBS show till Kale

  • Kevin Marbella

    Jiren was not frieza frieza met the one looks just like him. Jirin would be like the blue guy from Ginyu force

  • A Dweik

    Ay I ain’t even sure why most of y’all mad man .. Some of the cats who watch this show probably nutted when Kale went ‘ultra super’ and dem tittiez went from C’s to DD’s ! #yaheardme #doyouknowwutimsaiyan #buttersvoice

  • Bounmy Bounpraseuth

    18 the savage

  • Ajdo69

    goku respecting waman

  • TheDendeWasHeavyAsFuck

    too bad toei animation is the writers. and no longer akira

  • JT91theFuture

    After watching all the pain and anguish Goku, Vegeta, Trunks and Gohan had to go through to achieve their various transformations, seeing these stupid, poorly designed kids achieve extreme levels with literally no effort is pathetic writing

    • Marshall Law

      Well then we should not see that same pain and anguish from female saiyans we already seen how far Goku and Vegeta achieve it so why should we see the same thing old stuff from Caulifla and Kale? I’m glad they skip that!

  • lilfatty

    Pride troopers with rainbow laser beams. Nothing subtle here. Nope.

  • Slyda

    I hate that they keep making them let their guard down like they’re teaching us to not learn from our mistakes. how many times would it take u to get fucked up by letting your guard down? yet universe 7 cant get enough of it like its fun. speaking of fun, it pisses me off that half of them aren’t taking this seriously and giving chances and showing mercy like their very lives dont depend on it.. this tournament shoulda been filled with the most sneaky disrespectful fighting to date..

  • Ryan Gallant

    18 tossing Cocotte off was savage lol

  • Steve Wood

    Holy exposition Batman, I know Dragonball has always had a habit of dragging out their stories, but the first half of this episode felt completely unnecessary, we get it, the Justice force is a nod to the Ginyu force from DBZ.

    Thankfully things picked up in the second half, and it was nice to see 17&18 get a little of the spotlight this episode.

  • Marshall Law

    What happened to the other comments?

  • Arkidie

    Who knows

  • Arkidie

    how come there is always a blank screen when I want to watch this

  • Rose

    YEAH and there is also always a weird secret password thing that doesn’t let me watch it..

  • A Person Of DB

    wow this site used to b good to.

  • Anti-Cracker Leon

    plz kale just die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anti-Cracker Leon

    im watching this episode only to see if kale loses because i swore to myself that ill never watch db super untill kale dies!!

    • Danny Style

      …but you wont know unless you watch it

    • C-los

      So you don’t have to watch it no she doesn’t. I’ll let you know the episode # when she does so you don’t have to watch. 🙂

  • Liam Oliver

    I swear this entire arc has been ass pull after ass pull

  • Bleh

    The one thing in regards to power levels (at least with Goku and Vegeta) is that they generally just fight at their opponents level at the start. They intentionally let themselves get beat up, most of the pure Saiyans do this in fights. But Kale is just a terrible character with like 2 words of dialogue and is obviously mentally unstable.

  • John Paikos

    The video is removed, can it be fixed?

  • Massimiliano Anella

    I was really enjoying Super thus far… New ideas, more character exploration, old characters coming back and not being a burden for Goku and Vegeta… But then this Tournament begun and it really fell short in two episodes… We had Ginew Force in Z, now those guys use similar, TOO similar poses, yelling their names…
    Kale is just Broly but they couldn’t use him so that’s just a recycled idea (indeed a good one to recycle), the most powerful one, Jiren, has the poorest visual concept ever (not even Hit was so horrible, being a proper dickhead). Since they focus on one or two characters at a time we are left wondering what the hell is doing, dunno, Frieza? The other Z-warriors? Sure, we can’t follow every fight simultaneously but FOR GOD’S SAKE WHEN WILL WE FINALLY SEE SOME SERIOUS GOHAN ACTION??? AND N.17????

  • Jun Poog Kim

    18 is a fucking savage “Then Ill throw the whole thing”

  • http://xphantom.com/ xPhantom Cs Go Hack

    It’s funny how gokus blue ( godlike ) form doesn’t really mean much these days… since these fighters can master supersayian 2 in 5 minutes and become creatures that will not take any dmg from a head on kamehameha from blue form. Dragon ball logic at it’s finest …
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  • Илья Камехамеха

    Goku wants to be smacked

  • Lee Walton

    I’m at a loss for words, just too much entertaining OP stuff going on in this 🙂