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  • MrYeps

    see told you guys that they would extend it past 100 episodes

  • Jah Moe

    DBS 100

  • vegito black

    were fuck is ep 100

    • Rakcoon

      I got it cuh

  • vegito black

    were th

  • Brandon Williams

    How do I watch live Dbs ep 100

    • 4codester


  • eric5
    • Rakcoon

      Is that your mother?

  • RED1onE PG

    Dragon Ball Super episode 100 full hd 1080p
    goo guys https://youtu.be/43rrc-xK3Vw

    • Blank

      at what point you see english sub :l

  • 4codester



    kale basically super saiyan berserker as was broly man i wish goku could go lssj too

  • Christopher Caballero

    So wtf am I watching is this the show ???

  • Abdul Rehman Jaffar

    Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 English Subbed released click below

  • Jmag

    Kale was able so take out Blue that easy? Idk man

  • Someo Nelse

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    • Evan Stanley

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      • asdas

        its free xd

        • Evan Stanley

          I mean sure it is technically free, but you should support the heros that are the people who created Ad Blocker, not to mention how often they update and improve the program for its users!

          Seriously it’s not like you don’t have five dollars to spare, these people definitely deserve it for the amount of viruses they prevent downloading onto our computers!!

          • William van Helsing

            you know they still get money if its for free right, they get it for just downloading it.

        • Marc Marte

          guys your hurting the site to make money to cover cost for our free cartoons

          • Will Amian

            cartoon streaming sites are not going anywhere soon, if everyone turned off adblock, and this site started collecting massive amounts of revenue, how long you think till they shut it down?…. people who use adblock help the sites stay under the radar.

      • constructive interference

        ublock origin(mozilla adon) is free bro xD

      • Will Amian

        you stupid for paying 5bucks. lmao

      • Someo Nelse

        I have been using ad blocker for multiple years now. It’s one of the only sites that I still see ads and pop up for some reason.

  • Akaalis

    The logic is REALLY fukin failing here… Goku struggled to take on Kale in Blue form, Jiren took her out easily and now Goku is supposed to be able to stand up to Jiren??? like WTF???????????????

    • HTahboub

      Maybe goku or vegeta unlocks a new ssj power up. Or maybe Kaio-Ken x 100?

    • Est Air

      personally i think goku hold back most of his power

      • Akaalis

        He did… but the blue GOD FORM is supposed to be a very SIGNIFICANT increase in power but yet it still got downplayed here..

        • Nope

          Super Saiyan Blue is a perfect way to manage Ki. Goku only goes blue if Super Saiyan 2 isn’t enough. It allows him to use as much energy as needed, but also lets him be far beyond Super Saiyan 3, but without the heavy ki usage. When he goes Blue, he’s usually just using enough energy to be at Super Saiyan 3’s level or lower. He hasn’t used it’s true God Powers 100%.

          • ShadyLoki

            EXACTLY! If you had to choose between going super saiyan 3, a form which takes a couple seconds to achieve and drains energy quick fast, and super saiyan blue, a form which takes a snap of a finger to achieve and is the best form atm to have great ki control, you would obviously choose the latter. Super saiyan blue is the most energy and time efficient form. Goku most likely lowered his power to around ssj3, it was at least stronger than 2. People really don’t think and just jump to complaints because it’s the norm for dbs nowadays.

          • Sunny Paul

            His 100% power is Limit Breaker form which he saved to fight with Jiren

          • d3rd3vil

            Lets hope so

    • Donald Zuchowski

      You could watch Anime Live Reactions explaining the form of Blue. In a nutshell, Kale did not defeat Goku in Super Saiyan Blue. In Goku’s SSB, he has more ki control and can vary in that form to many different power levels at will such as the power equivalent to super saiyan 3. It’s pretty obvious he wasn’t trying, but rather only using a little bit more power. He was definitely holding back. A lot.

  • Ted Miles

    I wish that the link they give to download the episodes would work.

  • Rohan Bhatia

    wtf!!! kale walked through a super saiyan blue’s kamehameha :O

  • Rohan Bhatia

    lssj broly wasn’t as powerful as kale is

    • HTahboub

      Kale is like broly x 100 x 100

      • Est Air

        You’re retarded X infinity

        • HTahboub

          Yeah sure, say whatever makes you happy 👍

        • Srekk Rikk

          broly controlled his power, whereas kale couldn’t.

    • Boogieman

      You guys are retarded. They have to make her look strong in order for her to even have a chance. Broly is way stronger than Kale. Lmao.

  • Ryan Maxwell

    we still dont understand blue, goku just merely says im going to let out more power, so hes still clearly holding back because he wants to fight jiren

    • Exodusc

      Dont think too much its just an anime 😂😂

      • Jonathan Da Improved Holness

        Lol lol lol lol😂😂👌🏾

      • http://www.blisscheese.com BlissCheese

        You don’t think the creators have a panel whose only job is to “think too much” about these kind of things? Ur crazy. Toriyama’s reputation and masterpiece is on the line!

        • Willy

          I heard him say one time that he forgot a lot about his story line when we was bringing it back from Z. Its not that square for him.

          • Shambles1980TRealOne

            he forgot totally about launch.

    • Joel Almestica

      Blue is about retain your power inside you. The more you released the harder it is to keep it within your body. That’s why Goku releases power gradually. If he full release his full power in blue the form stamina runs out quickly

    • Omark

      Goku is totally fucked without a new form

      • Short Don

        U need to shut the fuck up and watch the starting theme. Only goku and jiren will be remaining

  • Technocality

    RAAAAAAAARRGGHHHH! Those female Super Saiyans are ruining the canon!!! First, we get a Mary Sue who can just transform into a SSJ after literally a minute of practice, then she can just skip ahead to SSJ2 in the same session, and now Goku tells her she might be able to transform into SSJ3 in this fucking fight. Then, we get a fucking female Broly, whose scene in this episode alone is going to create even more Brolytards who will spark flame wars by claiming Legendary Super Sandwich is stronger than – not just SSJ3 anymore – but Super Saiyan God.

    I am raging so hard right now, I might transform into a Super Saiyan myself!

    No, but seriously. All kidding aside, I cannot believe they went this route, this entire arc has been nothing but fan service, and it just goes to show that Dragon Ball is way past its prime, and should’ve just been left alone, like the masterpiece the original manga was. Toriyama is infamous for screwing up his own canon, but never to this degree. Seeing as how he only thinks up the overall plot outlines, this is entirely the fault of Toei and their incompetent staff. Why did they have to go full SJW? The ecchi-ness – the GOOD kind of fan service – is even entirely gone now. Damn you Toei!

    Still, this is Dragon Ball, and it holds a special place in my heart, so I will continue to watch this garbage regardless, like a masochist.

    • Piske

      Thank You!

    • Piske
    • Daniel Martin

      Just remember though, in the DBS/DBZ/DB universe, there are multiple universes, which are similar, but different. And in particular, they are from Universe 6. Which is the parallel to Universe 7. It’s supposed to be similar, but at the same time, different compared to Universe 7. Saiyans lived and evolved.

    • Luckie Lee-Zann Goggins

      1.) The females are filling in the gap of the “rumors” we heard about female saiyans from back in DBZ (Nappa,Raditz,Turles,Bardock,King Vegeta…back stories) about how females were more ferocious and savage than male saiyans. Pre-Enslavement by Lord Frieza

      2.) Universe 7 (Goku and Co.) were naturally weaker than the other universes when they Whis and Co. (other angels at the exhibition match) gauged Universes 7 at being at the bottom 2 Universes in terms of power levels.

      3.) Legendary Super Saiyan could be on par with Super 3 per the ref. of Broly beating the fusion of Trunks and Goten at Super Saiyan 3 and Gohan having to fight Broly and plus Goku was controlling his Ki like he did with Krillin and Gohan becauze Hit and Jiren are still there.

      Bonus: you can still rage I just thought I would highlight the coverings for these plot holes everyone keep screaming about.

      • LexxxD

        Not all heroes wear capes… Thank you dear sir!!

    • Crybaby

      All Saiyans find it easier to transform a level when they know what they are aiming for. That is cannon. They have all seen and felt blue, ofc they are ranking up quick.

    • Clark44

      So true… I have a lot to say about it but in the end i have accepted it for how it is… This is exactly the reason i will always consider this DBS sh***it as a spin off… I am just watching it to kill time.. I suggest you do the same, trust me you will feel a lot better.

  • Est Air

    Goku held back on Kale for those who are confused. Rewatch the fight

    • Est Air

      he basically gauged her power

      • Super Saiyan 2 Gohan

        Exactly, I don’t know why people don’t understand that. Super Saiyan Blue is a transformation all about perfect ki control and gauging your power to whatever level you want it to be. Like the episode where Krillin sparred SSB Goku, obviously Krillin is no where near the level of Super Saiyan Blue max power. Goku severely held back his power to give Krillin at least a chance to fight back against the kamehameha when they clashed energy beams.

        • Rakcoon

          SSB is a multiplier. You’re wrong.

          • GamePlayer137

            It might be a multiplier, but he isn’t wrong you can hold back still even with a multiplier based on how much of your full power you are using Multipliers go for what your max power would be but not exactly how much you have to use.

          • Rakcoon

            “Super Saiyan Blue is a transformation all about perfect ki control and gauging your power to whatever level you want it to be. ”
            Is wrong. It’s a multiplier. It’s literally going super saiyan powered by
            god ki.

            He used it on kale to increase his power from ssj2.

          • F.E.A.R.

            Yes it’s a multiplier, but 100 “multiplied” by half is 50 .. so you can use it to achieve a level even below an ssj1

          • a

            SSB is not a multiplier, it just has a higher cap of strength, it does give him more control over his ki. It has been shown throughout recently that that’s the case. vs. krillen, vs. android 17, vs. gohan. Just because he’s in his blue form doesn’t mean he’s using his full strength.

          • Rakcoon

            It IS a multiplier. That is a fact.Just because he’s in super saiyan doesn’t mean he’s using his full strength. HE can surpress himself in any form. When he goes SSB, he is going super saian with divine ki. These are not assessments, these are facts.

          • Rakcoon

            You’re completely talking out of your ass. I’m using actual facts. BYE

    • Son Rich Evans

      Not really, considering that he could just be using like 2% of his power

    • Lukasz Gostynski

      Goku is a shit and weak character that’s it haha toryiamas baby wanker haha

  • http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail-2015.php?id=794704 I AM GROOT

    Goku in blue form should’ve knocked her out the ring. Horrible Plot hole

    • William van Helsing

      They made it clear in dragon ball, dragon ball z and even in gt that goku is always holding back till the last moment.

    • Ty

      He is. I read something online from the producers of the show and they teased fans a little before the tournament and said that he may unlock a new form. They said something like he wil have to do something nearly impossible to save his home

      • d3rd3vil

        Well he was holding back but seeing her power he couldnt/shouldnt hold back as SS Blue?! It still is all a mystery more or less. Always SS Blue but still always holding back….its not fun!

        • The Truth

          My god… do something nearly impossible to save his home…well the times we saw him do something impossible that IS cannon is when he fused with Vegeta with the Potara earrings. Only this time…they don’t have those earrings…soooooo

          GOGETA and if we’re lucky, GOGETA SUPER SAIYAN BLUE!!! I’m so hype.

          My reasoning is though, fans weren’t happy that Broly wasn’t cannon, so they decided to have Kale as the new Broly. SO! They are probably going to be bringing back Gogeta! They can’t use the earrings because that is an item and will disqualify him. BUT the fusion is a technique so it would all be fine. No doubt at full power Gogeta Super Saiyan Blue would be something “nearly impossible” to beat.

          • Ryan Gallant

            I doubt there will be fusion. It’s more likely Goku will attain whatever form Kale becomes when doing her Broly thing.

    • troliol trolol

      Have you ever seen an episode of DBS or DBZ? Goku is always holding back to gauge peoples’ power and conceal his own.

    • Obviously

      Well obviously you do not understand.

  • Aditya Sharma

    kale is disqualified or not i dont understand

    • Ankur Jain

      kale is not disqualified.

    • Will Amian

      from the looks of it, her sister going to be knocked out next episode, self sacrifice bs i bet

  • https://youtu.be/I-A8TwsPqlk Kamesenin Butan

    Vegetta’s Super Saiyan Swagger > Kale’s Legendary Super Saiyan.


    how the heck did that nigga walk through super saiyan blue??
    maybe ss should have been acceptable

    please dont mess with power levels

  • Nugger

    Fuck these female super saiyans and their bullshit

    • Omark

      I really like the famales. Something different so it feels refreshing

  • Tsubasa Derrick Yeo

    And here we are to clearly see Kale as a lesbian.She’s in love with Caulifra.

    • Luckie Lee-Zann Goggins

      OR….(NOW FOLLOW ME HERE)….. it could be siblings who don’t like to be IGNORED when their sibling finds a “friend, lover, or interest” that takes away from their sibling bond. Not everything is a hint towards sexual orientation. (hence the 1st time she transformed and this episode)

      • BIGWORM

        Yo im convinced that nobody pays attention to the story line. Im fine with the Female SS .
        1.Kale should have been much stronger.
        2. Goku WAS holding back in SSB trying to figure out how strong Kale was.
        3. Jiren Peeked Goku’s interest by showing his true power .
        4. Goku WILL loose to Jiren / There will be no new transformation from SSB for goku
        5. GOHAN will save the Day Being as tho NOW He’s stronger than Goku .
        6. Gohan has a perfect form now…. He doesn’t not have to transform into a SS to be in a perfect form.

        • ♔King_Sims♔

          4. Not going to happen, there most likely will be a new transformation.
          5.If Gohan wins that means he’s stronger than Goku’s SSB, how?

        • d3rd3vil

          Bullshit from top to bottom bullshit!

    • Chris Kalesis

      she is Caulifla’s little bitch, she likes when she bosses her around and plays with her so yea it gives you that kind of impression

    • Lashaun P Beazer

      It’s pushing liberal agenda. That’s it’s okay to be in love with the same sex, and that women are stronger than men. Kek… What a joke.

  • Scientist Cat

    I’m sure one of the animators was like: “Remember what The Hulk did to Loki in the Avengers. Lets recreate that. ” Xp

    • Angad Chalke


      • Scientist Cat

        Twas funny twas funny. Looking forward to the next episode. 🙂

    • Alex Lai Hon Cann

      Yeah I know right. That was a reference to the Hulk

      • Mithras Kuipers

        It was no reference. It was plagiarism.

        • Alex Lai Hon Cann

          Plagiarism? You sure it’s not similar to The Hulk’s puny god smash. You know the way he smash Loki on the ground many times? I’m telling you man it was really similar to The Hulk.

      • Scientist Cat

        I thought it was funny. XD

    • Daniel Martin

      “Puny God.”

      • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

        meh i dont think so

      • Scientist Cat


    • Cooly


    • Mithras Kuipers

      Yes, but instead we want to have Goku turn into a blurry smudge during the animation. Yes, let’s go for that.

  • Vedant Mishra

    Worst episode how Kale defeat ssj blue if she can how can Goku defeat jerin if he beaten bye Kale shit Goku should be more powerful than than anyone else why they are using good power on lower

    • Super Saiyan 2 Gohan

      She didn’t defeat Goku, he was severely holding back his power. Super Saiyan Blue is a transformation of perfect ki control meaning Goku can scale his power to whatever level he wants within his limit, if Goku wanted to he could have back handed Kale and Caulifla simultaneously off the ring while using max Super Saiyan Blue. But as we know Goku’s only flaw is never taking a fight serious.

      • Hassan Uchiha

        People just need something to complain about honestly

      • d3rd3vil

        And what about Goku SS Blue vs. golden Frieza (their first fight)? He was weaker. Ofc we know how it ended but he was weaker regarding power. So its not like the SS Blue is the strongest there is and he can use all the power he needs nonstop. Its not that easy. Ofc he still has Kaioken but not sure if he could’ve beaten Kale as SS Blue!

    • Omark

      didnt you pay attention. It was said that blue allows more KI control. I assume goku did not want to kill her with his full power so he lowered his KI to also save energy

  • Jonathan Da Improved Holness

    So wassup with ss4? Is it no longer a transformation?

    • Zay

      That’s Dragon Ball Z GT. Another story line from another creator

      • Jonathan Da Improved Holness

        Dam so there’s only 3 then blue 😑

    • FriezaBrotherisCooler

      GT isnt canon anymore so ss4 isn’t either.

  • Donald Zuchowski

    Kale did not defeat Goku in Super Saiyan Blue. In Goku’s SSB, he has more ki control and can vary in that form to many different power levels at will such as the power equivalent to super saiyan 3. It’s pretty obvious he wasn’t trying, but rather only using a little bit more power.

  • Jack Lorenzo

    Pride Troopers and their Ginyu Force resemblance, shouldn’t Freiza be their leader? 😛

  • Absam

    Why they are showing the fights between all the universes in parts. In this episode they chose to show universe 7. Next episode its universe 11.

    • Omark

      yeah fuck Goku. I want to see the other universes

  • Luis Breezy

    Caulifla is someone to watch out for bitch learns quick af

    • Will Amian

      was just gonna say. these sayians adept quick as fccck

    • luoi sant

      She already learned SSJ2 a while ago, she uses it to stop Kale when she was trying to kill Cabba.

  • Angad Chalke

    Its a battle royal to knock your opponents off not finish them off so goku and vegeta has to hold their power back if rhey get serious in asg blue they might end up killing someone goku wasnt even trying in his blue form he was serious when he went full power ssj blue against toppo and you know what happened to toppo he got his ass handed to him by goku

  • John Doe

    love how a standoff between two superpowers in Jiren and Hit ( which i would’ve loved to see ) was about to go down but goku just hope in like “yo”

    • Omark

      yes fucking Goku ruined it

  • EX㊉ÐIA☥ 💥-={ OBLITERATE }=-💥

    Hit was ready to fight Jiren

    • d3rd3vil

      But in the preview we see Goku and the androids and so on to fight the troopers. No Jiren. So maybe Jiren vs. Hit next episode? At least for a bit 🙂 I would love to see that.

  • Will Amian

    can’t believe there was no reference to brolly in this episode, goku could’ve been like, is that brolly’s daughter lol or something.

  • ★彡

    Fuck six days japan get your shit together and make it

  • Parth

    I know kale was in a state of energy imblance but how DID SHE JUST WALK THROUGH GOKU BLUE KAMEHAMEHA,she is delicted to be too strong,if goku learned at the speed of Caulifa then we could be introduced to atleast 100 more transformations of goku

    • Parth


      • Josk

        Goku was nowhere near using his full power in that fight, and as you can see after kale has been affected by that kamehameha. If goku would of needed to use more power he would it was simply just not required.

  • Brandon Dymond

    The writers are not even trying anymore. Screw a coherent plotline and let’s just add a bunch of fan service.

    • Omark

      I like the story but everyone got a fucking power up and that so fast. Total BS

      I mean it took goku many years and a lot of strong opponents to gain his forms

      • Luckie Lee-Zann Goggins

        They already explained that the sayians there evolved over time and plus that universe naturally had a higher power level…

        • Droidboy

          They only said that because it’s the best way to write in some bullshit into the story about how Kale is gonna be stronger than SSB and how they can go SS1, SS2, SS3 all within a minute of each other.

          I don’t care how “strong” they are, SSB was meant to be competing against God’s of Destruction. No matter what, Goku is meant to be WAY stronger than any yellow-based (or green based) Super Sayian form. He learned his technique from a God and an angel for fuck’s sake.

          It’s shitty. And I find it hilarious how people justify the shit writing and story line. It’s still entertaining, and I watch it, but man does it not make sense when you actually sit down and think about it.

          Since Goku struggled to even budge Kale, it’s then determined that Jiren will literally fart Goku’s direction and knock him off the platform.

          • Luckie Lee-Zann Goggins

            Jiren and Hit….it’s a battle royale…no healing….you got to have strategic method not just power through….conserve energy. I mean the conditions for the story make sense.

            …why even set up those rules if 1 episode will break those rules to satisfy “fans” SSB vs. Legendary SSJ fetishes.

            (Broly was never canon) so there was no way to gauge how powerful it really is…plus Kale is a kid just like Goten and Trunks when they went to SSJ 3 Fusion…so it’s not even stable…..like Trunks vs Cell when he sacrificed bulky muscle for speed fighting cell

            ….All referenced in one episode so ep 100 did a great job hitting on the subtle points.

          • Droidboy

            I mean Brolly wasn’t cannon, but could you actually suggest that it is stronger than what Goku has become since? I mean I think Brolly actually has a strength rated on a power level scale, whereas Blue doesn’t even rate on one, or hasn’t been officially, because it’s too ambiguous and impossible to determine with the power of everyone around it (Gods, Zeno etc).

  • Shakir Hussain

    WTF,they are just making everyone look so OP

    • Omark

      yes except goku. His blue form is now nothing special anymore. Total BS

      I really hope Jiren destroys them all

      • Shakir Hussain

        Yeah,Jiren is made too much OP too but everyone knows that in the End Goku or Gohan’s gonna Transform and will kick ass.

  • AnimeDubbed Version

    Why Dragon Ball GT universe are not included in here? that’s suck they should put that too since saying is all universe battle. GT is still part of dragon ball universe anyway.

    • mantazzo

      All this is happening BEFORE GT events (a lot of people forget Ep 1 began a few years after Evil Buu defeat, so this is still happening before ACTUAL ENDING OF DBZ. That’s why Uub is just a small kid and other stuff…), although I’m not even sure if GT is canon anymore.

  • Nikma

    I can understand with kale that its her hidden power within herself but what’s going on with caulifa ?
    First the tingly feeling at the back to go super sayan and then again more of that shit to go super sayan 2 so easily that means all that dragon ball z were showing from years was a piece of shit. All of goku’s traning and the power of rage that was shown to defeate freeza when freeza killed many innocents and vegita’s traning under 100 times gavity and his determind power of rage to go super sayan and to push even further to defeate all the super villians was a piece of shit.

    Don’t u all think that they are rushing things up with the sayan’s of universe 6.
    Remember how vegita taught that guy caubba to go super sayan and what did he teach them. It was also a piece of shit to go super sayan in just few minutes.

    All i can say is that from this episode i am totally upset with dragon ball super. I think they should not have done this kind of thing with caulifa.
    And why super sayan blue’s kamehameha doesn’t work on kale ? Is she that strong?
    Even if u say goku is not being serious with her. If he is holding back then they need to make clear it to fans.
    Remember what goku did with his kamehameha to mersed zamasu.
    If u say goku is not serious then(And why not being serious with her?) Coz of his character? All’s shit
    Its a god power and if she is hit she must have some damage or blown away coz she has just a super sayan exceeded form not a god form.
    Now u are being out of sense and dosent seem to bring goosebumps to me like it used to earlier with each and every new theory of dragon ball.

    All they took so many wasteful episodes before the tournament of power and too much time and then they are showing that tingly feeling for sayan’s to go super sayan in the tournament of power.

    Makes all the fans go like a donkey looking at shit after assuming it as a delicious lunch.

    • Tj

      Don’t know what to say about the Saiyans in universe 6 reaching those levels so fast.
      But Goku is obviously holding back pretty much all of his power vs Kale. When he hits her with that Kamehamaha you can tell it really put a strain on her body and he was holding back. So she is not as strong as probably 1/4 of Goku power in blue. She is pretty strong but you can tell all of her power is just pouring out and she has no control. Even if Jiren hadn’t stepped up I think she would have collapsed soon anyway.

  • Mares Fillies

    Why can’t they make the female saiyans hotter. :/

    • rahul r

      May b bcoz her name is not “Mares Fillies”

    • Omark

      i really like the females even tho their fast learning is pretty shit. It took goku years and lots of opponents to reach that limit

      • Mares Fillies

        I know that feel bro. :/ I was hoping they would compensate for that by making the females at least appealing. I mean come on they look like a budget anime chick compared to how detailed Goku looks.

    • Chris Kalesis

      because they are teenager girls…not women

      • Mares Fillies

        Ahh, yeah I forget this is a kids show. It’s shonen. XD So easy to forget sometimes.

  • Coffee Junkie

    Fuck man, you guys are some strange whiny bitches. I really like that they can power up so fast, this way more strong enemies appear with more interesting fights. You guys ain’t deep enough to understand what Akira is trying to deliver. Please stop complaining and start enjoying, I wouldn’t be motivated to go on with the series if no one is understanding what I’m trying to deliver… If Dragon Ball ends soon, its because of you whiny bitches who can’t understand the greatness of Akiras work…

    • Rakcoon

      Akira…..lol You mean Toei? Akira isn’t writing this shit. and yes IT IS SHIT. Everyone understands it BUT you.
      You know why Akira is even involved in this SHIT? Because they were making a movie w/o him and he thought it was so fucking terrible that he gave them some pointers.

      • Omark

        hey racoon why are you so angry? Was a great episode

        • Rakcoon

          I’m making it clear. It was SHIT.

          • Kyle Joultz


      • Mithras Kuipers

        We can become best friends. I also openly hate DBS. I personally think the S in DBS stands for “shit”. What do you think?

        • Rakcoon


        • Cole Wilson

          Why do ppl watch if they hate it so much lol …and then take the time to right a comment about how much they hate it ….and then next week watch it again and say how much they hate it 😂😂

    • MyName

      I didn’t want to reply and be like you, but my curiosity of giving one else advice has been triggered. It’s quite simple, just don’t give a fuck.

  • d3rd3vil

    Ah damn the Jirenintervention wasnt looking that powerful (it was ofc….) and the next episode is pretty dull looking. Damn we need the big fights!
    And Goku not being able to handle Kale as SS Blue? Damn shit….

    • Josk

      SSB is not a power multiplier like the SSJ forms. SSB is a form based around perfect ki control. Which means that you can control how much power you want to use. In the fight against kale he is obviously holding back and was nowhere near full power.

  • rahul r

    New Super Saiyan with New color Coming up.

    Everyone are right about “ki” “holding back power in blue” and if u watched the intro carefully, goku smiles when he transform to Kaioken n has Big Smile (“hidden power”)

    If u all r true saiyan fans since Dragon ball Z then u knw something awesome to come…

    By the way… I m Vegeta follower 😛

    • Omark

      goku really needs a new form and that fast or else Jiren will oneshot him

  • justforafunpost

    I don’t think Goku was holding back on blue form but he was holding back on Kio Ken attack. Jirin blasted her away with ease so I am guessing Jirin will ruin goku and that jirin will hold back while goku is going all at it. then it is time for Vegito to step in. both vegeta and goku together will still struggle but vegeta’s confidence going to attack hit was not just his saiyan pride, i believe that vegeta would have found a way to counter hits time skip meaning that vegeta has becoming so much stronger. i believe goku and vegeta will beat jirin but will be knocked out in the long run and gohan will pick up the ashes

  • Luckie Lee-Zann Goggins

    All of those die hard fans forgot that “female” Sayians were “supposed” to be naturally more savage and ferocious than males anyway (Referenced to DBZ days when they briefly talked about Sayian culture).>>>>> Plus Universe 7 naturally had one of the lowest power levels naturally combined. So for all of those claiming plot holes…they were covered, y’all just choose not to look at them.>>>> Hit and Jiren is still there so duh Goku in SS Blue form was holding back…like he always does.

  • Benito Federl

    I’m so happy Kale got defeated. She was so annoying xD

  • Nikola Sokač

    bog i zbogem

  • Marshall Law

    Wow 18 is rude to Krillin!

  • Brandon Le

    so next one will be jiren and goku? cant wait

    • Marshall Law

      Not really in the preview showed Goku fight against pride troopers.

      • Lashaun P Beazer

        Most people that watch anime are idiots. Don’t expect them to know.

        • Marshall Law

          Yes they might skipped preview of the next episode

  • mantazzo

    Pretty cool episode. But still, a few pointers:
    1) Caulifla. Seems like Universe 6 saiyans are much more advanced. Remember Universe 6 v universe 7 fight? Also, looks like Goku and her are “kinda compatible” by their characteristics.
    2) Kale. A bit strange, not exactly sure if I wanna comment on the “behaviour”…
    3) Goku. Again, not using full power by far. To my understanding he can control his power much better in Blue, so I guess his Kamehameha was controlled, still, I guess he expected to blast her away… Fail from him as usual…
    4) Jiren. Holy crap. The guy looks powerful as I don’t know what.
    5) Fan service. Yeah, I guess that happened. At around 10:09. (Off-topic, but I guess some people would agree with me if I said that that “power-up” would be useful for some women in real life… Hehehehehe… I know this was a bad joke, sorry.)
    6) Also, some people forget that all events are still happening BEFORE ACTUAL DBZ ENDING, NOT AFTER. Although… I guess after all the action that happened in DBS, it’s safe to say final DBZ episode is way off the charts now.
    7) Remaining fighters. Anyone calculated how many we should have at this point? I guess a safe bet would be around 50-60, since we already lost Universe 9 and some other fighters from other universes (including Krillin, ffs you’re almost useless again >_<) and since we started with 80… A lot of action happened in the ~10 minutes of that fight.

  • Nelly G

    A lot of people are complaining about the saiyans from the other universe transforming so quickly, but look at it like this. It has been strongly suggested that these aren’t actual saiyans but hybrids (lack of tails, -and staying on their original planet, which also had another race) and from what has been shown, saiyan hybrids transform much easier than regular saiyans. Mix that with someone who already has a good base, you could actually have some good fights here

  • Kio Milenium

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    I reckon this is alot to read, but I hope you will ease my worries. Thanks for been so nice.

    • Lashaun P Beazer


  • Çağan Çelik

    What a fucking cringefest crybaby is this Kale bitch is?

  • Çağan Çelik

    Another trash episode. All these tournament episodes were trash with little to no proper duels so far… Tokei Animation has really dropped the ball…

  • muntazir ali

    wait what…? 7 days of waiting and 20 mint dgz dafuq :'(

  • Mithras Kuipers

    Kids, deal with it. The show is terrible. We all just watch the show because of nostalgia. No one here, except for down syndrome retards and people on the autism spectrum, genuinely like this show. The animation and plot is even worse than the first Digimon season.


    • asdf

      Terrible s.

  • Sabatorbi

    i got chills when jiren opened his eyes and when he attacked kale

  • supergixxer

    I think DBS will have an open end where Son Goku and Son Gohan will fight together the last opponent (Jiren or Hit). So we won’t see which universe will stand at last what makes it in my opinion to a good end.

  • supergixxer

    There is one thing I don’t get. DB GT wasn’t really a part of the DB series. But DBS is? I mean DBZ ended with Goku fighting Uub at the tournament and Goten and Trunks were teenagers. But in DBS both are still little kids. So it seems DBS just started after they finished Boo before the tournament. Does it mean that the scene at the tournament never happend?

    • Akaalis

      Yeah I think they disregarded that last part…

  • 214 Resident

    I don’t know why people get mad that Goku was getting his ass whooped, all this does is certifies more forms and training but I do kind of hate how bad they downplay blue

  • Nick Samson

    So many off-model moments.

  • bryan tricker

    I really think they should consider doin smth about Goku’s char. like, atleast a new technique or something if not a new form. This is gettin stupid, i mean Jiren and Hit both kindda got promoted for so long, but nothing special is happening and as far as i’ve seen nowdays, i’d rather watch a Jiren vs. Hit fight than Goku vs. whatever.

    p.s …im not a huge DB Fan (i grew up watchin it tho’), so dont go all cryin all over with stupid comments!
    i rather watch comics-based anime/movies (Marvel my fave.)

  • bryan tricker

    I really think they should consider doin smth about Goku’s char. like, atleast a new technique or something if not a new form. This is gettin stupid, i mean Jiren and Hit both kindda got promoted for so long, but nothing special is happening and as far as i’ve seen nowdays, i’d rather watch a Jiren vs. Hit fight than Goku vs. whatever.

  • CrashOver Ride

    i really like the music when caulifa and goku faught it went along with their fight and kales transformation was beast and when she shot those green energy balls out that was bad ass

  • https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNaL66RYQwqe0rAGtqSRBOGaoqgQh1dgN 芸 ᵴ ʌ ℩ 芸

    I don’t know why everyone is crying about how bad this anime it is. I think it’s good, and i’m a Dragon Ball fan. Everytime the credits scrolll, I get excited to watch the new episode for next Sunday.

  • Zunaidi Yum Yuen

    plot holes.. they can fly.. lol..

  • Ryan Gallant

    I don’t understand why so many of you think that once a transformation has occurred, maximum power of that form is always being used. Are you new to the show or something?

  • OBoy

    That scene with girl-broly getting double teamed made me feel like i should prepare for a rape scene.
    Also, why can the other saiyans fly?

  • wowlock

    Those novice Saiyans shouldn’t be able to even TOUCH Goku and Vegeta who literally train with Whis and Beerus… I mean COME THE FUCK ON

  • ok

    bull shit

  • Mithras Kuipers
  • Meat Boy
  • Meat Boy
    • MrYeps

      man they should have brought back cell instead of frieza.

  • Varvarin

    I liked it,especially seeing saiyans from the female side and Goku’s struggle against Kale,but i guess he wouldn’t use full power against her.Super saiyan 3 would had been enough to deal with her if it didnt take to much energy from Goku wich is a reson he didnt transom to it at all but it would had been nice if did it only to show it to Caulifla.Super Saiyan 3 is still legendary tho

    • luoi sant

      I agree, Goku could’ve waxed the floor with kale at Super Saiyan 3. I think kale is like a Super Saiyan 2.5

      • Ian Figueroa

        She the legendary super sayian from that universe. I’m surprised Goku
        didn’t mention broly considering in this time line he’s already fought him and so has gohan

        • MVent

          brolly is non canon ofc hes not going to be mentioned …

    • MrYeps

      female saiyans shouldn’t exist. the saiyan race never had any female warriors, why the hell does this one? and this is the race without freiza destroying their original home planet and them not being real warriors. fuck caulifa and her she broly, why would goku show her SS3 just to let her imitate it and gain SS3 without any training whatsoever. these new saiyans suck dragon dick. Kale has at least trained 100x more than Caulifa ever has.

      • Avinash Voor

        wtf u talking about. So what, Fasha was a she-male or something?? And if ur even more ignorant. Fasha was the FEMALE on Bardock’s team.

        • MrYeps

          oh boy I’ve unleashed the gates of the faglords.

          • memememe321

            Its just a female sayian, why u so fed up

      • Noerlyth

        If female saiyans should not exist where did the kids come from. Did the males shit them out?

      • Shane Reyes

        Did you forgot the girl saiying in Bardoks team ?

  • Silent_Walker

    It’s like they’re not even trying anymore. Almost one of the worst episodes right next to the back tingles episode, everything about it is bad, from it’s garbage dialogue to it’s use of power scaling.

    • luoi sant

      Fuck the power scaling, just enjoy it for what it is and stop trying to always compare it to Z or Dragon Ball.

    • wajster

      Fuck you bitch this shit was lit

    • Leroy

      Indeed. Dragon Ball Super is a joke. The show is one of the worst I have seen in my life.

  • Mour Sour
  • AndrehS86


    • Shavi Time

      lol ikr

  • wajster

    Seugoi episode!

  • Deathstar

    This episode reeks way too much of PCness and Mary Sue syndrome.

    • Deathstar

      Also the characters weren’t allowed to fly and yet they made that female saiyan exempt, what bullshit.

      • Deathstar

        Seriously, fuck this shit.

  • MrYeps

    i fucking called it, more episodes past 100.

  • MasterWings

    Kale is obviously stronger than Broly only because it fits the plot better but its still BS that Kale withstood Goku’s kamehame wave while super saiyan blue. The whole Dragon Ball franchise is a gigantic plot hole tbh.

    • Shavi Time

      sooooo true

    • thurman hill

      it wasnt full power remember he said ima let out “more” power not full power

    • Mushfiq Syed

      I’d say Goku held back, not to kill her, ya know. It just welded unexpected results.

  • Shavi Time


  • sumanyu b

    Its cringe worthy that neither goku nor vegeta mentioned brolly

    • L


    • AJ

      Well that movie wasn’t cannon, so…Anyone intelligent would have known that it wasn’t going to get mentioned anyway.

  • bungot

    HI dragonball super I apologize in my comment. The episodes of dragon ball super sucks because it is a nonsense story everything and the new characters enemy faces are poor except beerus is cool something legendary face. I still love the old DRAGON BALL Z story I can feel the story, the fight in action there is something surprise, and the sound track is amazing makes me always excited to watch all over again and again. Fuck I love broly character in old but here in dragon ball super broly is a girl fuck! something wrong what is going on here DBS please do revise you make all the characters is a clown fuck! and defeated in just instant there is no legend anymore in saiyans everything can defeat easily fuck there is no sense in this movie. And goku using always the super saiyan blue i think he is a weak there is no stepping stone in power up. This DBS rate of 10 for me is 4! Hope vegeta can do also super saiyan 3 sounds very exicited, saiyan 3 is a legend to see in fighting scene. the aura of super saiyan blue is just like in power puff girls amoeba boys. FUCK this movie is clown. Thank you

    • BossSauce

      lmao stfu

  • Riffqey

    Limit breaker is in episode 102 or 103 or 104 i guess

  • Marshall Law

    People you guys need to calm down about Dragonball Super like power scaling and animation! You guys keep being angry which isn’t good for your health! So go outside relax at the park and enjoy the show alright?

  • Calihydro44

    Aw man, i was so waiting for a Broly referance

  • Manish Rana


  • Manish Rana

    no one is alive here?

  • xNovaCloudx

    Shit is about to go down finally!

  • http://xphantom.com/ xPhantom Cs Go Hack

    See this is what I don’t like about dragon ball super … son goku and the others fought so hard to become super sayian, then 2 and 3 … and this little girl just does it like it’s nothing … makes no sense

    • Super Guest 3

      It kinda makes sense if you assume they were already at a power level that would allow the transformations but just never figured out how.

      • http://xphantom.com/ xPhantom Cs Go Hack

        At a powerlevel that would allow the first transformation but then to make the jump to ss2 so quickly ? Anyway I get your point.

  • Ruke

    Its strange that no one from Universe 7 Saiyans remember about Broly and the legendary ssj power.. I mean Kale is a female Broly and she has the same power aura color.. Strange

    • Cadaklysm

      Goku and friends have not actually met Broly. Broly doesn’t exist in the main story lines of db, dbz, dbs. He is not canon, just like the GT storyline. He’s only a movie villain. My guess is Toriyama added in Kale to make the green hair, berserker status finally canon.
      The only movies that are canon and follow the story are Resurrection of F and Battle of Gods.

  • Lee Walton

    shit just got real 🙂
    DBS is now officially my new addiction, just like DB and definitely just like DBZ were, back in the day

  • Makoto

    So Blue can’t take a fight against Kale in this ep. and crush her more powered up version as Red just before Kefura show up. Logics OKAY

  • KMK All Day

    Talk about cheapening Super Saiyan. How the f does someone go from 1 to 2 in a few days? And the tingly back thing is the worst idea I’ve ever heard. Talk about disrespecting everything that came before. It was bad enough Goten and Trunks learned SSJ without even being put in a combat situation. And I’m sorry but Kale wouldn’t even be able to match Goku in SSJ1 much less Blue with how much he has increased in power from DBZ and the Broly fights. Lazy lazy writing.

    • John

      As you should know, Goku always tests his opponent’s strength, even in blue he barely uses any power. Ofc he can beat here in SSJ1, he just likes to waste time.