Dragon Ball Super episode 10 English Dubbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 10 Dubbed: “”


  • HumanTale Frisk

    And I can’t wait to see how this works out for Goku… well I already know… but it is still going to be interesting being able to watch the anime without just reading some text with sound effects while people talking in another language scream in my ears.

    • Matthew

      Well yeah this is the dub .I’m here to see if it’s decent

  • Norris Kilgore

    wtf are these voices? is this fan dubbed?

  • Tyler Trent

    OMFG I CAN’T WATCH THIS!!! 1 Voice for everyone!??!?!?! LOL

  • AngryBLackWOMAN

    WTF is this shit…. i want the real dub

    • http://gameofthrones.wikia.com/wiki/Jon_Snow Jon Sno


      • John Doe


  • Jon

    I would rather just watch the subbed than this crap

    • http://gameofthrones.wikia.com/wiki/Jon_Snow Jon Sno


  • Addzy K

    Why are the voices so weird?

    • http://gameofthrones.wikia.com/wiki/Jon_Snow Jon Sno


  • Aionwolf

    lmfao wtf is this shit

    • http://gameofthrones.wikia.com/wiki/Jon_Snow Jon Sno


  • Joshua Carnine

    This fan dub sucks ass. Never again please, leave it to the pros

  • Addzy K

    Why have they uploaded Fan Dub?

  • Delaverga Uni

    Omg stupid fan dub, glad I stuck around when they uploaded the real dub.

    • Matthew

      Why did you watch the fan dub .Shessh can’t you wait

      • Delaverga Uni

        There was no mention of a fan dub or the actual dub other than the timer for the actual dub which went off and we got a fan dub shit hole. Can you people understand a man’s frustration? Apparently not.

        • Matthew

          Oh .I’m confused

    • Sarge07

      as of 7 hours ago… there is no video still

    • Arti Dulatahi

      this is the real dub, stupid

      • We Got Deathstar

        You’re likely the only one being stupid here, they upload fan dubs before the real dub is ready to upload.

      • Delaverga Uni

        Give this kid a cookie

  • Addzy K

    Are they ever going to upload Full HD videos?

  • Nick Hurd

    What is everyone bitching about? It’s the correct voices…

    • Addzy K

      It’s correct now. They re-uploaded it. Before, it was a fan dub.

  • Super Dragon Fist

    Point to be noted – Goku is a god in literal sense and on a rank of celestial as whis said.

  • Jacob Aaron Schumacher

    I cant get it to load.. It says file can not be played, anyone else having this issue? with all the episodes it seems like

    • p1xel8ted

      I cant use this site in Chrome anymore, even with all the ad blockers off. Video runs fine in Edge..

      • Jacob Aaron Schumacher

        What a bummer. thank you though lol. that is problem then

        • Anon

          just turn off internet protocol 6, worked for me in chrome.

  • jetkingaj

    yes feel like a kid again

  • Erdonis Sopi


  • Ben Mackey

    Whats Up cant watch anything says file cant be displayed

  • Sophie Belotte

    wtf is up with this episode … everyone is talking about a fan dubbed i cant seem to find anywhere and secondly why the hell doesnt this file play ? all earlier episodes worked just fine up to now…

  • Gene

    So was this the season finale?

    • Arti Dulatahi

      no there’s 81 episodes so far

      • Gene

        81 episodes in a season? I dunno, they should split that up into a few seasons at least.

        • Colin Mcsperritt

          So you mean… instead of calling it Episode 81… they should call it Season 8, episode 1? What difference would that make?

  • Strangelove

    Nothing wrong with this dub. Good episode and I like how Goku’s yell fell more powerful

  • Sarge07

    still cant be played what a useless site

  • Sarge07

    this site is so fucking useless i have talked to a bunch of people and they all get an error… this shit is not rocket science.

    • SargeIsAToolbox

      Fuck off to a different site then. It’s a free service you toolbox, no one needs your bullshit complaining. They’ve been pretty damn good over the last year for me.

      • Sarge07

        i have talked to several people, all say this site is terrible and the vides only work 5% of the time… its free yes but a free service that does not work at all sorry i will find my videos some where else this is pathetic.

        • ssj4gotenks

          Works just fine for me… dont know what you smoking.

        • Luxion

          What kind of backwater internet are you and your ‘several people’ using? I can watch these just fine. If it’s ads just use adblock.

          • Fu-FuCuddlyPoops

            My “backwater internet” is running 70mbps. The video just isn’t working for most people. You’re lucky to be able to view it. It’s not ads, just isn’t working. Try being less of a douche in the future, ok kid?

    • Joseph Sarkes

      even other sites, its a bummer

    • matías

      I’ve watched it without problems too and I’m from Argentina

  • Cody

    seems like the video isn’t working 🙁


    stop complaining about the site little bitches, u shouldve just watched sub.

    • Jtma


    • Super Dragon Fist

      nobody likes annoying japanese voices bitch

  • Joseph Sarkes

    all the sites are the same thing, why cant i watch it

  • blahblah

    what is this obsession with emperor pilaf in DB Super? They barely show him at all throughout Z. His filler scenes really aren’t very funny

    • We Got Deathstar

      I wonder if it’s something to do with him showing up in GT?

      • Luxion

        Wouldn’t make sense because
        1. GT isn’t canon and this is
        2. Mai is old as hell in the beginning of GT and is a kid here. Chronologically she’s the same age as Trunks right now.

        • Chris Peters

          They wished for youth with the dragon balls…hence why they’re children again.

          • Luxion

            Exactly. They wouldn’t be old and wrinkled in GT since they wished for youth.

        • We Got Deathstar

          I am well aware GT isn’t canon, I simply find it odd how they are still including Pilaf after doing the same in GT, I am hoping that they don’t eventually make them connected for any reasons.

  • Jace Lindell

    any chance this may be re uploaded? ive been trying to watch it since sunday but it wont come up.

  • Autumn Klein

    These videos on here are usually so good! Why is this one not working?

  • JJ27

    just use a vpn to change your location (for example the uk). then watch.

  • Lee Walton

    BEERUS VS. GOKU – Never thought a DB fight would ever get so hype! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5722da077de742a060537ec1e84c0fc34000fd546a0638f83beccf33d0f7771c.jpg